Interview: Blizzard’s Matthew Berger and Julia Humphreys on Bringing the Nightmares of Diablo III to PS4

Diablo made its big return in 2012 with the release of Diablo III on PC and Mac, followed by a later release on PS3 and the most recent launch of its first major expansion, Reaper of Souls. With the game now having been released on PC and last-gen consoles, Blizzard its set to make a big push on current-gen with the upcoming release of Diablo III on PS4.

DualShockers spent time during PAX East 2014 in Boston to get a personal hands-on impressions session with the upcoming PS4 version of Diablo III, and suffice to say, it’s hella good. Our own Al Zamora (DSTV Host) talked with Blizzard Entertainment’s Matthew Berger and Julia Humphreys to talk in more detail about what gamers can expect from the “Ultimate Evil Edition” of the game, and how working with the PS4 made Diablo III even better.

Diablo III releases for PS4 in 2014 – you can check out our full interview on the game with Blizzard’s Matthew Berger and Julia Humphreys below from PAX East 2014:

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  • delsin rowe

    Damn. i was hoping for the specific release date !
    embrace the nightmare guys 😀

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Same here. Haven’t been interested in Diablo 3 until Reaper of Souls but I really want it on PS4. All these features sound interesting and very co-op friendly.

      • Delsin Rowe

        😀 . im suprised that you were not interested for this game before.
        but regardless of the reaper of souls, diablo and diablo 3 is awesome. i played it before on my ps3 , now i wanna play it on my ps4 with reaper of souls. so excited !

      • Al_Zamora

        The coop features are pretty awesome and lend well to the system and couch coop and playing with friends.

    • Al_Zamora

      Unfortunately no relapse date info but we were assured it was this year.

  • Arnold Stallone

    Confirmed: no other consoles. I always thought they would announce a x1 version a couple of months before release.
    This is some serious partnership with Sony.
    The guy at Sony presentation in February 20, last year, wasn’t kidding, when he said their were going to conquer the entire world.
    I absolutely loved diablo 3 on ps3. Being able to import my level 30 character is great.

  • ISISSecretAgent