PlayStation Now Beta Gets a Lot of New Games, Raises Quality; “Rental” System and Screenshots Leaked

Looks like Sony is applying some very fast iteration to the games offered as part of the PlayStation Now beta test, and one of our readers took upon himself the task to deliver a few snapshots showcasing the new catalog, which shows an arguable improvement in the quality of the titles included since the last update.

Here’s the full list of the games currently available:

  • Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear
  • LUMINES: Supernova
  • NIGHTS Into Dreams…
  • Retro/Grade
  • Sacred Citadel
  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Skullgirls Encore
  • Sniper Elite V2
  • Puppeteer
  • Eat Them!
  • PixelJump Racers 2nd Lap
  • PixelJunk Shooter 2
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
  • Ben 10 Omniverse 2
  • Contrast
  • Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
  • Catherine
  • El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
  • FUEL
  • GRID

Another very interesting elements we can see in the snapshots below is the “rental” system present in the beta (the actual games in the screenshot have been obscured in order to protect our tipster’s identity). Basically when you decide to play a game in the beta you can select to do so for 30 days, 1 day or 7 days. It pretty much works like a rental.

At the moment, of course, there are no price tags attached, and it’ll be interesting to see how this will translate into the final version this summer. Of course we have to remember that this is indeed a beta, and it doesn’t represent the final list of games that will be offered by the service.

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  • YuriFan

    More ports? WTH Sony I thought the PS4 was a Next gen system but you are having us pay more money for ported games.
    Why should I even upgrade if you are just going to pretend PS3 games are PS4 games.

    • zeuanimals

      Did you read PS4 anywhere in here? Do you even know what PS Now is and what it’s going to do?

      • YuriFan

        I understand that’s its a Port system.

        • MTM2

          Well then you don’t understand what it is…

        • Sly Cooper

          It isn’t a port system fool. These games are intact of how it originally was, no upgrades or downgrades. They’re just being streamed from the cloud for the Sony Ecosystem of electronics.

          • Duke

            Just a side note. Sony also want this to be widely available for everyone so they are looking to bring it beyond just Sony products, it’s the smarter move in the long run.

        • zeuanimals

          It streams games. Devs don’t have to port anything and Sony isn’t touting this like they’re new games. This isn’t going to be just for the PS4, it’s for all Sony devices.

          If you don’t own a PS3 but want to play PS3 games, PS Now lets you do that. Sony is still going to be making games, they don’t have the most 1st party studios for nothing.

        • Sticky Notes

          Its a rental service. You do realize that PSNow is also on PS3. You don’t need to port from PS3 to PS3.

        • Austin McDowell

          Then you don’t understand jack then.

        • Morganfell

          You are explaining simple matters to a person that has a history of not only attacking the PS4 but also referring to it as the Portstation. Knowledge is not his goal but rather disruption and libel.

        • You are flat out wrong

          This weekend’s been so bad for you your ability to read and think has crashed and burned. Sort of like the Xbone’s prospects.

    • MTM2

      I think you’re failing to understand what PS Now is…

      It’s not porting to PS4 in anyway, it’s a service letting you stream PS3 games to different devices – not just the PS4. i.e. you can play PS3 games on the Vita, Bravia TV etc

    • That’s the whole point of PS Now.

    • Bilal Prince- Ali

      you are LITERALLY a moron lool.. like you CANT be serious!

    • Bankai

      Trolls these days.

    • Kingdom17

      And quite a few of the Xbox One’s exclusives were originally meant for the 360… your point? And this is only available via beta on the PS3, so you don’t even make any sense.

    • PCS4-Box U

      these aren’t ports, they are ps3 games but they are not being played locally and the PS Now Beta is only on PS3 right now, not PS4 so…. worst comment ever.

  • Sticky Notes

    Looks great so far

    • Kayoss860

      I hope Sony does not screw this up. A rental system is good but a subscription system is much better in my opinion, similar to Netflix.
      I’m also willing to pay a little more for my PS+ subscription to get PS Now too.

      • themugen

        This. Totally agree with! Or even have different tiers, one for renting, one subscription. IDK, hope they get it right.

  • DemonFenton

    I see more of PS Now like Netflix except it’s for the PS3 games catalog. Now the question is besides it’s how it works and how well, what can be ported to the PS Now that can be ported and which titles they can’t get from IP Limbo.

    • extermin8or2

      anything on ps3 should be possible, as their servers are running on ps3 hardware streaming video.

    • Daniel

      It works very well if you are running on a wired connection. Wireless fluctuates. On wired connection the games play with little to no latency. In theory every single Playstation game ever should eventually be added to the library.

      • DemonFenton

        Well I do want anything possible yet problem is during the last era some companies did go under and some of those iP never did find an home. So basically IP Limbo. The companies/devs who do own the IP can easily get there. As for servers most likely not. Heck GhostBusters The Video Game MP for instance got taken down without warning and Atari right now selling off IPs and such. That’s another problem. Still we all want all games on there but some will have to go through hoops. If some servers do return and some games appear on PlayStation Now than yeah people should enjoy. Still stand by word that PS Now is going to try to be like NetFlix and NetFlix is hotter than ever before right now.

  • sonyntendosteam

    My PS Vita is going to be very very happy!

    • Daniel

      It’s currently only for PS3, but will be coming to Vita later

      • chrisredfield31

        the BETA is only for PS3. The actual service is for a wide variety of platforms including Vita.

  • Nice additions!

  • Raven Nafariea

    Nice, just getting better and better.

  • joe

    so who’s taking bets on prices? I say $7 for 7 days $10 for 14 days and $15 for 30.

    • Xytan4

      Only $15 a month to play the entire PlayStation catalog? Yes please!

      • Mad Max

        i think the prices are per game!!

      • joe

        ya I was talking about per game. a subscription will probably be around $20 a month.

    • TZuck

      its going to vary greatly by title. some of the games on here arent even worth $7. but if it was an unlimited play service, i think no more than $20/month. would love to see it closer to $10/month or $100/yr though.

    • Enry

      Read somewhere that subscription prices would be identical to PSplus…

      Let’s hope 🙂

    • Sucka Free

      I’m betting $14.99 a month, just like an MMO, or some sort of discount on an annual sub, something like $99 a year…but I suspect that wont be for every game on the service, there may be premium games that you will either have to buy or rent by the game

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    The fact that sony has to make use rent are old ps1 ps2 and ps3 game’s when we own disc’s of all these rental game’s.And have to pay money to rent then and not being able to keep them is the main reason why i will not be useing these rental servise.I feel this is a bigger hit in the head then what the whole world was give ms crap about there DRM bs.This to me is bs havieng to rent a gameing for a price tag that game’s we played most of are life’s.BS is you ask me .

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Let me ask you this. Can you go and use that old phone you traded in to get a new one? Can you still use the car that you traded to get a new one? And if you say that oh I still have the games so why can’t I play them on the PS4? First of, if you have ALL!!! of those old games in good condition, which is achievement in itself. Then what do you have to say about micro$oft making you pay for office every year now even if you have it before??? What do you say to that?

      • Xytan4

        Don’t waste your time replying, Xbots are mentally handicapped.

      • cusman

        Excellent reply

    • superkarma

      No one is making you do anything. If you wanted to keep playing those old games so badly, perhaps you shouldn’t have gotten rid of the old consoles than. No one forced you to get rid of the old consoles, just like no one is forcing you to rent these games.

    • You are flat out wrong

      There are a fair few games on that list I don’t own, actually.

    • Jecht_Sin

      You can still buy a PS3. While PS1/PS2 emulation should come on PS4, hopefully with the option to read the discs (yes. It would be very lame otherwise and we won’t miss to inform Sony about it). Then PS+ would pay itself the cost for a PS3 in games.

      • Judgephoenix

        Its the only reason I want it is for the PS1/PS2 games. I just don’t see the service doing well for any Online Multiplayer Game. Just too many variables to worry about I think.

    • chrisredfield31

      You’re not very bright are you? This service is not made for you. This is not made for owners who have a big collection and who still have their older consoles. If you want to play those games, feel free to hook them in and play them. Otherwise, they’re for gamers like myself who no longer own those systems and loved those games. They’re for gamers who want to play the game now w/o having to download it. It really shows how much of an Xbox fanboy you are when you say that PS Now is worse than Xbox DRM which was THE worst thing in gaming in A LONG time.

  • Xytan4

    I don’t know if I should buy a PS3 or not since PS Now is coming out very soon.

    • cusman

      It all depends on what you want to be playing now. If not the PS3 then what? If the PS4, then which games?

      I think PS-Now on PS4 will take a little bit longer since PS-Now is still just being Beta on PS3. I think the controller being different is part of the reason PS3 is ahead of PS4.

    • Serialmania

      PS3 is getting cheaper and there a lot of good games still coming out for PS3. Don’t forget online play is free whereas PS4 does not. Well worth your money.

    • Daniel

      Here’s where you have to weigh a few options:
      Do you have good internet? If you don’t have good internet than I’m sorry but PS Now will not work for you.

      Are you using wired or wireless? Currently lag with wireless setups is extreme. Sometimes it’s really bad, sometimes it’s not bad at all. But if you’re playing a game and it lags right at a critical moment it’s super frustrating.
      Are you ok with renting games? There doesn’t seem to be any option to actually purchase your games at the moment. Maybe this will be implemented later, but currently the only option is to rent.
      How much are you willing to pay? Sony and Microsoft both have a history of not understanding digital sales. Often times digital copies of games are the same price, or more, than a copy of the game at your local Gamestop. It should really be the other way around as digital is easier, no manufacturing fees, no shipping fees, and no royalties have to be paid out, but Sony and Microsoft don’t quite grasp how to price digital games yet.
      And Finally
      Are you ok with waiting? Right now PS Now is very much in Beta. There’s no release date on when it will be coming to all platforms, and no news on how often big name games will be added. It could be months before a big game is added to PS Now. The games have to be optimized to work over a streaming network. Does that fall on the developer or Sony? And multiplayer games have additional trouble as you’re uploading and downloading twice as much. First you to the machine that hosts the game, than from the machine to the server and back to you.

      I’m not being a naysayer. I have a PS Now beta and am really enjoying it, but these are my worries and things that you should think about when making your decision. As with any new technology there will be problems at first. Are you ok with dealing with problems but being on the cutting edge, or do you want something older but with the problems ironed out?

  • bj,

    the lag kinda sucks right now but shhhh

    • TZuck

      lag on wi-fi is real. no problems with ethernet yet.

    • Daniel

      Use a wired connection. It’s much better. Trying to stream games without a wired connection is going to always be a problem.

    • chrisredfield31

      get better internet

      • bj,

        get a girlfriend

  • stealth20k

    I agree with Michael Pachter, that right now I am not convinced this service will be able to maintain a giant library of games at a price the average consumer will find acceptable.

    • Jecht_Sin

      What? You know that only one single copy of each game per datacenter needs to installed, right? In the same datacenter multiple players will all load the games from the same single installed copy in the SAN (Storage Area Network) via fiber optic. Also giving huge benefits in terms of loading times, because the same part of the game can be already loaded by another player and cached in the SAN buffers.

    • chrisredfield31

      if you want to look stupid along with Michael Pachter than be my guest. Just to let you know, both of you don’t make any sense.

  • jdp12

    trophy support?

    • Jecht_Sin

      The games are exactly the same, and people will play them in virtual PS3 with their PSN IDs. Yup, it will be there. I just wonder if the trophies will be immediately synched each time a new trophy is achieved.

      • TZuck

        no auto sync. it’s hard to describe. very easy to do though.

    • TZuck


  • AnonymUce

    still haven’t received by key yet. been weeks since i signed/agree to the link they sent me.

  • Tim

    Were do find access to this at on my PS3 is it something that needs to be downloaded?

  • Benjamin Stroud

    there is going to be ps1 and ps2 games on ps now but i think they wont be added untell the privet beta testing is over with i just got my code today to start my ps now privet pbeta testing and i am not to happy with the game play so far it says my conection is good quilty at the beging of the game start then 5 mins in to the game play it goes to pur quilty conection and this is with eathernet cable pluged in to my ps3 not on wifi and i have a 100 mbps speed from time warner cable

  • Cesar Jaramillo

    Ok! I’m Beta testing the PlayStation Now on PS4, I was happy to see Saints Row the Third, but why do I have to pay to test these games?