Sony Suddenly Makes Almost Every PlayStation Classic and PSP Game Downloadable and Playable on PS Vita

In a rather sudden turn of events, almost every PlayStation Classic and PSP game on Sony’s SEN marketplace is now downloadable on the PS Vita including those that previously weren’t available on Sony’s portable console.

Reports from NeoGAF confirm that classics like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon, or PSP games that never made it over to the newer portable like Mod Nation Racers, Valkyria Chronicles 2  and Gran Turismo are now available for download and playable. Phantasy Star Portable 2 is playable as well, but unfortunately it’s not available for purchase anymore due to licensing issues.


Strangely enough, the games still don’t appear as available for the PS Vita on Sony Entertainment Network’s storefront, and there’s no guarantee that all of them will be playable (for instance Pocket Fighter reportedly doesn’t work), or will stay playable in the future. For all we know it could very well be a bug in the system or a mistake.

If you really can’t hold back, you’ll have to purchase them from the SEN web store or from your PS3, but it’s probably better to wait for official confirmation directly from Sony before you start splurging on all that sweet classic goodness.



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  • PhantomVash808

    Nice next up is PS2 classic support for Vita and both PS1 & PS2 classic support for PS4.

    • CervantesPR


    • Raven Nafariea

      WTF? That is funny, good one and this is very cool news. I might get a Vita now!

      • PhantomVash808

        Seen it on Neogaf a week ago and thought it was funny so I posted it here. Speaking of Gaf its funny how many people are salty that games like Crash work on Vita a day after the sale. Those people should of bought the games anyway since Sony would eventually make these games playable on the Vita plus they were only 99 cents. I’m also thinking of getting a Vita soon but I’m gonna wait and see if Sony announces a better bundle because I don’t care for Boderlands.

    • Raven Nafariea

      Sorry, still freakin funny!!! =D

  • Illusive Man

    Only reason I would ever get a Vita.

    • Bankai

      That’s a pretty stupid reason, but to each their own.

      • Ali Hassan

        That’s not a stupid reason, I bought mine so I could play all the PS1 RPGs and Resident PS1 games on the go. Then I got Persona 4 and some other RPG games, happy about it.

        • andy

          But it is kinda as they can all be played on PSP this past number of years anyway and I’m not talking illegally either.
          My main concern about this article is that I could play most of these games anyway since August 2012, you simply could copy them off the PS3 officially.

          • Ali Hassan

            I had a PSP but it broke, I’m saying playing PS1 games were the main reason I bought it early, I mean I don’t care what you say, a year ago PSV had NO games. The point of making them on the PSP and Vita is so you don’t have to play them on the PS3, but on a handheld…where ever you want.

  • MTM2

    Farkin’ ‘ell… very, very nice.

  • stealth20k

    Unfortunately PSN is still missing about 50% of PSP and clasic games.

    • Sora96

      Such as Crisis Core -FINAL FANTASY VIII-.

      • Kingdom17

        And BBS, but with 2.5 around the corner, that isn’t that bad.

        • Sora96

          KINGDOM HEARTS games are never released digitally.

          • Kingdom17

            Kingdom Hearts 3D was I think.

          • Sora96

            Afraid not.

      • Prime157


        • Sora96

          What about licensing? Please tell me.

          • Kenshi Ryden

            The companies who own the licenses to those games don’t want to give PSN the rights to market them again. Simple as that.

            Don’t blame PSN/ Sony, they had nothing to do with it. Blame Squeenix and the others who are holding the licenses to their chests. Basically they must still be making money off the games on PSP or w/e, so don’t want to dilute their sales base. Or don’t want to redevelop/ market the games. Or some s*** like that.

      • Michael Balchunas

        One too many I’s.

    • Hammodi

      50%?. what. more like 95% of PSP and classic games.

  • Vash the Stamped

    good now would you please make crisis core and legend of dragoon playable on the ps4 and vita so i can data transfer.

    • Vash the Stamped

      lol when the pimps in the crib ma

  • Clarence Thompkins II

    Im still waiting for Yugioh psp tag force and not that crappy ps3 version

  • Johnnie

    As soon as I read this I hopped on and downloaded Crash 1 2 and 3. I bought them during the flash sale but they wouldn’t download to my vita via the PS3->Vita copy method. Thanks for the tip!

    • Homegrown

      I can’t get anything to transfer via the PS3 either, but check your download list on your vita. You’ll be able to download it from there.

  • Christian Dixon

    Looking through the PlayStation Store now on my Vita as I type this, I notice no change at all. Nothing is there that wasn’t there yesterday.

    • NeoTechni

      Its your download list. The article specifically says the store front doesnt show the change

      • Christian Dixon

        I mis-typed, sorry. My download list is not any different than it was. I have none of that on my list.

        • Marquis Regalia

          You have to buy the games first from your ps3 or SEN webstore then go to vita download management list and download from there. For example I bought the crash 3 from the flash sale yesterday on my ps3. It wasn’t playable / downloadable for my vita at first but now it is. It’s still a rumor and not all might work so take care of risks I advice

          • Working on mine!

          • Marquis Regalia

            Yup crash 3 is working on mine too. I think its in preparation for the update today. I’ll wait for the update before splurging on some games just to be sure. I hope the next step is even expanding the Classics library. I want the suikoden series on my vita

        • Now showing on mine!

  • NeoTechni

    Sony has graciously decided to let us play the games we’ve paid for? I hope they do the same for VitaTV next

    • bleedsoe9mm

      isn’t that nice of them

    • Kiyoshi

      The games we’ve paid for on a completely different platform?

      • NeoTechni

        Its not a different platform though. Its PSN.

  • Antonio C. R. Murray

    Now we’ll just see how badly the usual suspects (usually always from America) are gonna f’ this up via piracy.

    • Homegrown


  • bleedsoe9mm

    i actually might play some indie games on ps4 if they instill some confidence digital purchases won’t go away on the next hardware

  • Somebodyissilent

    So it’s finally come. I’m happy for those who always begged Sony for this.

    • Natsu Dragneel

      your welcome :), this weekend must have for to them. Me and like 150 others were complaining about it during the flash sale lol.

      • Somebodyissilent

        Welp here you go, enjoy it.

  • coco_wolfie

    This cant be a mistake right 😮 they work, theyre playable, theres no going back if it is XD <3

  • ManagedCorn

    Well, bam. There it is.

  • Franggio Hogland

    This is awesome for my cousins that didn’t have it before 🙂

    Sorry for offtopic question but does anyone know when we Europeans will get back our PS1/2 classic library? I miss browsing them and deciding which nostalgia/old gem to buy and play 🙁

    • Sora96

      And Aussies!

      • Franggio Hogland


        If Sony could just update us about the situation it would feel so much better.

  • HeczTehFinezt

    Say what!? Im gonna go turn on my Vita and check for confirmation

    • HeczTehFinezt

      Holy sheet! It works :’D Im so happy right now, cant wait to play all 4 Crash Bandicoot games and all 3 Spyro games. Sucks I had to delete some stuff off my 8 GB memory card. I guess trophy hunting on the Vita has been postponed.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Space Owl

    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Phantasy Star Portable 2 on PSN ever since Sega took it down…

  • As an Xbox guy, this would be a very tempting method to convince me to get a Vita. Playing the classic Crash and Spyro games in my bed? Add in the first few Tomb Raider titles and then we’re talking!

    • Wheresmymonkey

      Let me tempt you further then. I’ve already done just that on my vita. The roginal crash,spyro and tombraider trilogies all work on the vita.

      • Now I’m going to have to seriously think about this… Cuz that’s awesome.

        • KeeseToast

          One of my friends is also an xbox guy and got a PSVita so he can play stuff like Uncharted or the upcoming God of War HD-Collection. Maybe those games are also interesting for you!

          • Naw. It’d be accurate to say I’m less than interested in those franchises… In fact I dislike them.

            I would, however, be all over Persona 4 Golden and the Hatsune Miku Diva Project F titles. 🙂

          • KeeseToast

            Whats with Killzone, Resistance, Sly, Jak&Daxter, Ratchet&Clank? You can’t hate all the Sony-Franchises! But even if so, there are tons of good vita titles especially for new vita-customers, i can promise you, you wont regret the purchase 🙂

          • Christian

            You’re right: Tearaway, Wipeout 2048, Super Stardust Delta, Foosball 2012, Blackgate, and now Crash is playable!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Sly I enjoy, but the others? Not so much. I’ll be honest and say I never played J&D, but it never interested me, so meh…

          • Would you buy one in these days?

  • Ikechi Onyenaka

    PSP Demoes work too

    • NeoTechni


    • David Michel

      I tried to download them off of my Vita from the Download list, but it didn’t work

      • Ikechi Onyenaka

        DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team, GOW Ghost of Sparta, and Modnation Racers worked for me

        • David Michel

          How exactly did you do it? Did you download them off of the PSP section on the PS Store, or did you use Content Manager?

          • Ikechi Onyenaka

            The feature was just taken away a few days ago. You would’ve had to go to your downloads list and download them from there

  • foureyes oni

    okay next thing on the checklist bring the vita tv over so i can play all those psp rpg games on my tv.

    • NeoTechni

      I have a VitaTV. Its useless. Out of my over a hundred vita games it plays just one. It both locks out US accounts (so none of my downloads, PS+ or PS mobile games work) and us retail games

      • Nuno Marques

        Well it´s obvious it´ll be useless if you´re buying a console that´s not even out here. How can you expect it to function with a US acount? Are you that dumb? Wait for it to come out in UE and US and then complain about it, if it urks you

        • NeoTechni

          There was no need to be a jerk abpout it. No one predicted sony would add territorial lockout to a system that didnt have it before

      • foureyes oni

        my main purpose for it would be to play psp, ps1, and ps2 games right now on my tv although honestly i wish they could just put it on the ps4. If necessary they could always make a tv vita 2 with ps vita type controller for it in like 4 to 5 years.

      • It was said right out of the gate that it was region locked because of the services that are tied to VitaTV.

  • Prime157

    Could be psnow glitch

  • mathMaticks

    and so it Begins.. -& there was L1ght.

  • someguy


  • Marquis Regalia

    I do think though that this isn’t just a mistake. I mean before Spyro couldn’t be played on the vita before it’s not even available at the vita PSN store. But Shu just tweeted teaching people how to map controls for Spyro on the vita for ease of use :p

  • lesrima88

    Too bad the Ps1 games available in the UK psn store suck

  • doom guy

    I love playing my PS1 and PSP games on the Vita.

  • demonv

    That’s strange, most of the titles have been available on my Vita for a long time now, I remember playing Metal Gear Solid and other games a few months back.

  • Guest

    You have to buy them again? Greedy $0N¥ and too bad their emulation is FAR from perfect.

    • NeoTechni

      No. You don’t have to buy them again. This is Sony, not Nintendo. Its buy once and it works on PSP vita and ps3

    • Ritsujun

      Get your deek straight.

    • chrisredfield31

      lmao, you’re the pauperstation guy but you don’t say it anymore b/c it gets you insta-banned. How long is it going to take you this time before you learn your lesson?

  • Dual Analog support for MGSPW confirm!

    • Natsu Dragneel

      That worked for my Peace walker on Vita since day one

  • DougLord

    Wow! That is AWESOME. I might buy one now! PS2 support would really put me over the edge.

    • Don Karam

      I doubt the Vita would have sufficient computing power to emulate PS2. Also I worry that the PS4 might not be able to emulate Vita.

    • Marquis Regalia

      no ps2 games support. afaik its only classics / psp games

  • b_one

    Rapid Angel?

    • Christian

      I think that already worked? There’s a video on youtube of someone playing it on Vita.

      • b_one

        Cant download it on Vita

  • Virdin Barzey

    Nice. Finally a real reason to get a Vita. Always believed this is where BC should be done. This is the best news for handheld, only issue now is the price of these games.

  • cusman

    I immediately went on the PSN Store on my PS-Vita to download Valkyria Chronicles 2 and it is still not there. Maybe I need to wait for the PSN store to get updated later today?

    I will check again tomorrow.

    • Sucka Free

      Yeah, I can’t see any difference right now on the NA store, maybe tonight after the store updates

      • Marquis Regalia

        you can’t buy them from the vita store. must be from the ps3 store if you already bought them before check your download list from the vita careful though since this isn’t really official so there’s no list which games work or not since you’re buying it from the ps3 store / sony webstore

        • Sucka Free

          Yeah, I know. Many of them I had to access from my download list. I’m not really interested in buying any more, I’m just happy that they ones I already own, several of which I bought for my Vita before launch, are finally working. Like I said in another post, after over 2 years, I’m finally able to play, Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot Warped & Spyro – Year of the Dragon

          • Marquis Regalia

            have fun :3 im enjoying vc 2 now

          • Sucka Free

            Right on, I need to buy that now that I know it’s working.

    • Marquis Regalia

      you can’t buy them from the vita store. must be from the ps3 store if you already bought them before check your download list from the vita careful though since this isn’t really official so there’s no list which games work or not since you’re buying it from the ps3 store / sony webstore

  • verity treacle

    RidgeRacer 2 from the PSP would be nice on the Vita…

  • jspillen

    Dong !!!

  • Zee

    I’m sorry to say this everyone but I’ve had the Vita since launch day and the first thing I did was download and play all my PS1 and PSP classics!!!
    This is not news, am I the only person in the world who knew about this feature, it was part of the reason I bought the Vita at launch!

  • Vitosal

    and this is why Sony is awesome! 🙂 God Bless Shuhei.:-)

  • NintendoFan

    Does anybody know how much the games cost?

    • Natsu Dragneel

      PSOne Titles are 1 of 2 prices:
      $5.99 (Standard PSOne Digital game price)
      $9.99 (Price for most multiple disc based games and high profile RPG’s from SE)
      Ranges anywhere from $5 to $20 in most cases, some games have special bundles, like Ratchet and daxter etc. But for the most part it’s cheap as hell buying PSOne games digital, which work on every ps platform but PS4 (surely will in the future I’m sure). PSP stuff is mostly good priced.

      • NintendoFan


  • Sucka Free

    wish this had come a bit faster, if they could have had complete B/C with at least all PSP games on year one, I think that the Vita would have been a lot more successful. Now it’s like they are saying,

    “Yeah, the platform is nearly dead so we’re finally going to give you at least ONE of the things you’ve been asking for all this time”
    oh well, better late than never I guess, now all they need to do is offer cheaper memory cards, and a few must have AAA games while there is still a shred of hope for the system

  • TaliNESS

    I’ve had Crash Bandicoot and PSX games on my Vita for 2 years, in the UK at least, as far all PSP games here….

    • Sucka Free

      Yeah, for some reason EU had better backward compatibility at launch. Finally, now I get to play the Motorstorm Arctic Edge/Twisted Metal Head On bundle that I purchased over 2 years ago

  • Christian

    This probably happened after the Crash and Spyro games went on sale, and everyone on the US playstation blog including myself were crying out for Crash to be playable on the Vita!

    • Natsu Dragneel

      I was in the mob too burning down the post too :).

      • Christian


  • Sea-HAWK fan

    Should have done this a long time ago.. People just gank em as roms and emulators, so why not make money? I for one am not to excited about either ps1 or 2, but there are a couple games I might be able to play for PS3 on my PS4! My daughter will love it tho, she likes games like 102 dalmnatians, rug rats, etc on PS1 and 2.

  • mangoman3000

    That’s great I’m looking forward for SYPHONE FILTER logan shadow, dark miror & ufc psp version. I love those three games and it would be nice to see them come to the vita also metal gear solid

  • sass

    does not let me download crash OR spyro. I’m in the U.S

  • Kane Brough

    PS4 next!!

  • JJ

    This probably means that they will be available on the Vita TV as well.
    In that case, all we need is PS2 support and Vita will finally explode on the market.

  • poch maui

    What about Megaman legend 1 and 2? Best games!

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  • Riley Erik Robert Blance

    still can’t download crash bandicoot 3 warped onto my vita