Black Desert Online’s PS4 and Xbox One Ports in “Initial Study Phase,” Developer Clarifies

Back at Gamescom last August, I had a conversation with Pearl Abyss COO Jaemin Youn and CFO Brian Oh, during which they expressed the interest in bringing Black Desert Online to PS4 and Xbox One.

Since the lovely-looking MMORPG has now entered its closed beta phase in Korea, I reached out to Mr. Oh asking for an update on the possible PS4 and Xbox One versions, and today he replied explaining that the ports could indeed happen, but console gamers will have at least to wait a while before they’ll be able to play the game.

Yes, we have interest in converting Black Desert into console platform.
In addition, we had got already an initial meeting with Sony and MS.
However, it is very early to mention the possibility of conversion at this stage, because we are carefully study the technical and business issue.

To summarize, we are very initial study phase at this time.

There you have it, straight from the Lion’s mouth. The possibility is definitely there, and contacts with the first parties are in place, but it’s still early to call the ports to Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles in the bag.

Of course we’ll keep you updated on any new development on this front here at DualShockers.

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  • Stranger On The Road

    I have to admit that the game is looking very good, their character creating video was impressive on its own right. The game world video showed a very nice and detailed world, although they do need to do something about the elements pop-ups in the actual gameplay.

    While I’m not into playing MMOs, I have to admit that I want to try this game and its character creating screen….. and then watch that character play on the screen 🙂

  • Lord Akki

    I need more MMOs for my PS4 and this one fits the bill perfectly, bring it quicker Mr Oh! 🙂

  • Rickowned

    WELL THIS WAS ON MY RADAR FOR PC! This hopefully this will come to PS4 and XBO as I have sold my PC that I wasn’t really using anyways!

  • Rick ಠ_ಠ

    Honestly I just want to see this come to the west period. In any form. PC, PS4, XBONE, whatever. Just bring it over…

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’ll come, no worries about that.

      The devs invited western journalists (me included) to this beta. That’s a telltale of the intention to localize 😀

      • Rickowned

        WOW a Korean game doing this?!
        Nice to see a good looking game looking at releasing here… Blade and Soul is dead in my book

      • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

        Say Giuseppe, any news from other Korean game studios? I miss Magna Carta so much.

  • =Tc7_GaMmeRz

    can u guyz pls put it on xbox 360

    • s4ndm4n2006

      I doubt it will come to xb 360 or ps3 at all. likely only current gen consoles..

  • Davonne

    It’s remarkable, the Koreans have outdone every single game i’ve ever seen in terms of character customization alone! I’m very impressed!

  • Ivor Bushidou Sheppard

    Black Desert PS4 version will come out in the first quarter on 2016.