Gamestop to Focus More on Phone and Tablet Market, Will Reduce its Video Game Market

Video game retailer Gamestop made a surprising announcement today: it will close more than 120 locations while increasing the number of its Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores, all within the same fiscal year.

CEO Paul Raines calls it Gamestop 3.0, which will be a new phase in the company’s history that will herald an aggressive entry into gaming-related technology markets. GameStop plans to open between 200 and 250 Spring Mobile stores, more than doubling the 164 locations it had last year. Simply Mac will see another 20-25 stores added in markets to its already 23 locations. Due to this change, the retailer will scale back about 2% of its 6,457 nationwide retail stores.

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  • Marquis Regalia

    The less GS has anything to do with console games the happier I am.

  • Sexy Mcgee

    They’ve been horrible as far as I remember. Before GTAV the last thing I bought from them was the Dreamcast PGR game (forgot what it was called) and they’ve gotten worse since then.

  • superkarma

    Damn, was hoping they’d be going out of business.

    • doom guy

      That would be A LOT and I mean I A LOT of people would be out of jobs. But off course you don’t care about any of that.

      • superkarma

        If it means killing off a company that is bad for the industry, nope I sure don’t.

        If unemployed people mean so much to you, surely you’re doing something to help them find another job, right? Surely you’re not just acting like you care about people losing their jobs, but then sit back and don’t do anything to help the situation, right?

        • doom guy

          What proof do u have that they are bad for the industry? I mean actual proof, not the usual story about how GS is crap cause u had a bad experience. Nice try, but It’s not my job to go around helping people find new jobs. What makes you think I live in the same country. I just don’t want them to lose their current jobs, that’s it nothing more. Unlike you I don’t rejoice in others loosing their lively hood. Simple as that.

          • superkarma

            They take money out of the developers/publishers pocket. They hike up their own prices to take even more out of the developers/publishers pocket. That’s one of the major reasons why they are bad for the industry. There are countless others, but you’ll just deflect and dismiss those as being solely “bad experiences”.

            Unlike you, I don’t play the internet whiteknight. Like I said, if you care so deeply about them being unemployed, surely you are doing something to help the situation. I don’t rejoice in them losing their jobs, but that’s the way of the world. People lose their jobs every day. It’s crappy, but again, that’s the way of the world. If it means one less company is gone that hurts the industry, so be it.

            Continue being that internet whiteknight, though. I’m sure you’ll do quite a lot helping those unemployed. If not, please don’t attempt to take the moral high ground, because you failed miserably at it.

          • doom guy

            You talk a lot but have absolutely nothing to backup your words. If you are so confident then show me proof, but off course no have none.

            Again, learn to read. I just don’t want to see anyone lose their jobs. Nothing more. Stop with the white knight BS. Go use that tactic of more gullible people. You actively wished thousands and thousands of people lose their jobs just cause you don’t like a company. The difference between you and me is, I never want a company to go out of business and have millions lose their jobs just cause I don’t like them.

          • superkarma

            I didn’t realize I needed to break this down for you…but I guess for an uneducated whiteknight such as yourself, you need things spelled out. When a 3rd party (the retailer) enters the mix, they take a cut for themselves. Not only that, but when a 3rd party (the retailer) sells used games, that’s 100% profit for them. The publisher for that game sees none of that money. Considering GameStop wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for their used game business, that’s quite a lot of profit never seeing the publishers.


            As per that article and the studies cited in it, the industry would not only be better off without GameStop and the likes, but everyone wins…the consumer and the publishers. The consumer wins, because the game prices would drop. The publishers win, because they would make 19% more profit due to lower game prices.

            See, the difference is, I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. Unlike you, I realize GameStop going out of business would benefit the industry as a whole. I also realize we don’t live in a perfect world and people lose their jobs every day. Like I have said before (and you simply dismiss) if you care so much for those unemployed, stop being a keyboard warrior and do something about it. Stop being a white knight and help those without jobs. But, you won’t. You would rather take the moral high ground using your keyboard.

            Protip: GameStop going out of business would not result in millions losing their jobs…lol.

          • doom guy

            This has been going for very long time. Why are suddenly bringing this up now? also that above statement applies to most retailers, not just GS or in the video game industry. If GS is hated so much like you say, then why do consumers keep buying games, and publishers still make pre-order and exclusive deals with them.

            You only want GS to out of business for your own selfish reasons. You don’t give a crap about the video game industry. But I guess an uneducated selfish person like yourself doesn’t care at all. You pretend you give a crap about others and say its best of the industry when all you do is hide behind your screen.

          • superkarma

            Hey, go figure…when faced with the proof you kept demanding, you simply dismiss it based off of other retailers being the same way? Lol.

            Why don’t you take a look at another article about why retailers like GameStop are bad for the industry:

            Also, I’m so glad you have the ability to tell me what I’m thinking and what my intentions are. I provided you proof of why GameStop is bad for the industry and why it would benefit the industry as a whole if they were gone…but I guess I’m just selfish. I guess I don’t care about the industry. Lol. I must say, your backpedaling and deflection is adorable.

            Anyways, continue being the whiteknight and taking that moral high ground of yours. I’m sure you’re losing sleep over those currently unemployed.

          • doom guy

            “Anyways, continue being the whiteknight and taking that moral high
            ground of yours.” Right back at you. If you really think GS is so bad for industry, why don’t you do something about it, instead of having a pointless argument with me. But sure, you won’t do a thing, just keep trolling the site and say random statements like GS is sucks, hope they disappear. Just hopping the problem clears itself up.

            Also, your attempt to make me feel bad about not helping others is admirable. I actually help people that need real help. I don’t want them to lose their current jobs, THAT’S IT. They are perfectly capable of finding jobs on their own, there is a difference between helping and mouth-feeding.

          • superkarma

            Sure thing, whiteknight.

          • doom guy

            Nice response. Just cause I said I feel bad for losing their jobs doesn’t mean I have to find them new ones. I don’t wish anyone any ill-fortune, that is it. If you truly believe in what you said about GS. I want to see you outside you outside GS protesting against their bad practices. Go ahead prove me wrong.

          • superkarma

            Neat story, whiteknight.

          • doom guy

            Sure thing, Hypocrite.

          • superkarma


          • doom guy


          • superkarma


          • Eric Irving

            Kind of late here but ohh well. Why would you want to see tons of employees out on the streets because some guys in suits make bad decisions? It isn’t that GameStop needs to go out of business, far from it. It does however need a major shift in it’s business policies, ideals, customer/employee care, and relations with publishers. Believe it or not, there was a time when EBgames/GameStop didn’t have shitty business policies, it just needs to go back to that.

            Sure people have gotten bad experiences from there. Most of the time the employees hate having to shove it down your throat. If that said employee doesn’t meet his expectations in preorders and magazine subscriptions, the consequences can be severe on him, to the point that getting fired can be a possibility.

            Don’t believe the solution is getting rid of GameStop. All that will happen is someone will take it’s place. Used game policies will still be an issue with or without them. Yes, GameStop needs to make a deal with publishers on selling their games used. Mostly because there will be a day when publishers do find a way to cease GameStop from selling used games and it hits them harder at the end of the day. Making a deal now where it won’t hit them in the ass later is a good thing.

            The video game industry in general is a much bigger part of the economy than it was a long time ago and GameStop is contributing a large chunk of it. Hate the company, that is fine, most do and I don’t like how they run their corporation myself. However, don’t take it out on the employees. No one likes losing their job.

  • theodor70941

    The less they are in the video game market the better!

    The last thing I bought from them was my PSvita, when I placed my pre-order they said that it would be 10€ cheaper for everyone who had payed before the launch and bought it day one! And guess what… I had to pay a additional 20€ fee to get it out of the store, then the employee at GS told me that I should be happy since I got some extra stuff free that was exclusive to the people who pre-ordered!

  • IncognitosX

    Bad service, non competitive prices . . . ya, see ya later.

  • Guest

    They open their games and sell them as brand new for 60+ dollars… to hell with gamestop.

  • stealth20k

    Big mistake

  • Ki EuKiTo

    A bunch of managers & employees better polish up their resumes, because they’re all about to be canned for apparently no reason other than “the company is changing formats”.

    It’s a good way for them to purge & hire newer, less experienced employees for much less salary (aka: the exact opposite of logic).

  • CervantesPR

    They now they are going out of buisiness soon with the sad gaming future being digital only.

  • Nicholas Perry

    And yet somehow gamestop has exclusivity for Tales of Hearts R…

  • Rickowned

    I find it funny how quick people are to say that gamestop is hurting the industry by how they handle used games…. used games will never go back to the devs and publishers. If gamestop goes then some other company will become the main middleman like ebay or even amazon

  • Darrin Tyler

    this is by far the dumbest thing I ever heard….wow….just wow….its good thing I dont pay for games anymore….I wouldnt be caught dead in a gamestop if they are doing this….