PlayStation Honcho Boasts PS4 and PS Vita’s Success in Japan, Apologizes for Shortages

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano sent a message to the fans today, thanking them for the support that helped the PS4 reach the goal of seven million consoles sold.

Kawano-san mentioned that in addition to the PS4, the PS Vita is also proving very popular, so much that the supply chain could not keep up, causing some stores to go out of stock. He apologized for the inconvenience, and promised that measures have been taken in order to meet demand.

Finally, Kawano-san promised to continue offering a “new gaming experience,” including the Killzone: Shadow Fall online tournament announced yesterday, mentioning that Sony is planning a variety of those.

Incidentally, the PS4 is indeed sold out at the local branch of Amazon, and deliveries will resume on the 27th, but Kawano-san is probably talking about a past situation, as an online search shows that current availability for both consoles is pretty good at least at major retailers.

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  • Well done Sony

    “Finally, Kawano-san promised to continue offering a “new gaming experience,” including theKillzone: Shadow Fall online tournament announced yesterday, mentioning that Sony is planning a variety of those.”

    If it is streamed, I will watch 100%

  • Nel Li

    I never thought I’ll see Ps vita and Sold out in the same sentence, considering how the launch for it was just lukewarm. Whats the change? Please dont tell me its because it “slimmed” down that it reach sold out status

    • Antonio C. R. Murray


  • Supply Strained? They are selling modestly in Japan unless they are just focusing on Europe and USA which is selling more than 3 times as many. They been selling less than 15,000 a week.

    • MrFinalgamer

      Lol, what? Japan is were it sells it’s best, without a doubt. It was only 1 week in which it sold less thank 20K (17K). The week before that, it sold 24K, and it sold even more before that. The Vita in the US sold just over 10K…in a month.

      • Your going to “lol.” Ok. Mister Smart A$$ I don’t recall any week other than the launch in Japan that it sold better than Europe and USA. It sold 4 times more in Europe and USA than Japan last week. You want to throw some more stupid “lols” my way? How about think before you open your mouth and consider that just might….just might be that I am talking about the PS4!

  • Jewy McJew

    Mr. Sony, I could really go for a $119 Vita light that just streams from my PS4.

    • CervantesPR

      Dude the vita is not expensive. 199 for the borderlands 2 bundle and a 8 gig memory hard is not a vita you will like it, everyone that has a vita loves the thing. Theres a great library of games right now. Heck if you are a plus member you will already have uncharted and gravity rush. Whats the point in owning a ps4 and not a vita? Plus gives you free games you cant take advantage of. Tales of hearts, freedom wars, soul sacrifice delta, ys memories of celceta,gravity rush, killzone, tearaway,litlle big planet,toukiden. Enough said.

      • Jewy McJew

        True, but I have a psychological barrier paying $200 for something that 90% will be used on the toilet! 🙂

        Also, I want dualshock-quality controls which are too big to stick in your pocket. I am imagining something closer to a “Wii U Pad” than a Vita.

        I wonder if a clever third-party can make some type of controller + display + HDMI streamer kind of thing. I wonder if Sony would approve it… probably not but they should!

        • CervantesPR

          Toilet? You can use the vita anywhere. No need to be using it on the toilet only.

        • Axe99

          There’s a quality third-party grip for the Vita that makes it a whole lot more comfortable, if that helps. But if you’re just looking for something for the toilet, I’d probably stick to the newspaper or your imagination ;). The Vita is awesome, but wasted as toilet-only entertainment!

        • neko working

          they would approve it, but it couldn’t see it selling very well

  • stealth20k

    Sorry, but no system is a success in Japan right now. Unless your name is iphone.

    • GameDev345

      Japanese are mostly huge into mobile gaming due to their always on the go lifestyle, so yes PS Vita, PSP, 3ds, mobile phones and tablets are very big in Japan

      PS4 is the only console i can see now being a success there if they release Japanese software, as they are clearly excited about the console compared to the Xbox One (which imo is going to fail drastically there)

      But i guess you know more than the people who actually do the marketing, PR and relations

      • stealth20k

        PS VIta, PSP, 3DS are not nearly as big as they should be. Mobile is taking market space.

        Wii U, we will see how Mario Kart does, should be close to PS4 in sales (both are selling terribly)

        “But i guess you know more than the people who actually do the marketing, PR and relations”

        Most people do. FYI, just because they have a title, does not mean they are 100% right in everything. You sound pound foolish.

        • GameDev345

          Please go and do some research as you know absolutely nothing, i have personally studied this, Mobile gaming in general is big in Japan, only non mobile platforms are suffering because casual gaming is huge there as its industry there is in the billions

          Most people do, lol? Most people know how sales number and how to reach customers compared to the people who are experts at it, lol are you serious now?

          You call me foolish yet you call marketing, relations and PR titles, they are expertise JOBS.

          you are ridiculously ignorant

          • stealth20k

            I know nothing? Is that why 3DS and Vita have sold 50% and 75% less than the DS and PSP respectively. You say mobile has no impact on non mobile platforms?

            Please, your just looking for a fight for attention. You clearly know nothing about the games industry or what is going on.

          • GameDev345

            Yes you do know nothing, good work on using the internet to find out some statistics, thought you were a hopeless cause,

            When did i say mobile has no impact on non mobile platform? Infact that is the opposite of what i said, the rise of casual gaming in Japan with mobile gaming is one of the reasons non mobile platforms are suffering.

            I am not looking for attention, i am trying to correct your ignorance, seems like its working a little

            And you really don’t have to know much about the gaming industry to know about the trend in the rise of mobile and casual gaming recently especially in Asian countries

          • stealth20k

            Wow your an angry angry troll. Mobile has destroyed the traditional games business in Japan, that is not opinion. That is fact.

          • GameDev345

            Before you pretend like you know things others don’t you might want to take a lesson in proper sentence “struncture”

            Oh the irony of this, that spelling though 🙂

            I highly bet you didn’t know casual games were taking a hefty rise. Just like you think mobile gaming platforms aren’t highly regarded in Japan, boy go and do some research for your ignorance sake

  • ZeroFactorial

    Regarding the Vita, I never understood why it took so long for games to start coming out. Sony should have had development studios more dedicated to bringing the console experience to the Vita when it launched. I guess now is better than never, I hope this is more than just an E3 push but something that will make the Vita, last for the remaining cycle of the PS4.

    • stealth20k

      Well Sony basically stopped dev for it after year 1, and third parties are supporting it minimally. Yes, it will get the PS3/Vita game, but exclusives only for Vita? those are hard to come by.

      At E3 I would suspect Vita will be mentioned for 4 minutes. Should be the PS4 show.

      • neko working

        nah, you’re wrong.
        there are many upcoming vita exclusive games,… but i guess it will take sometime to land on western countries.