Rumors: PS4 Getting MP3 Playback Soon, Latest Firmware Build Has Unannounced Features; 1.7 on the 30th

Industry insider Tidux, that is well known for having revealed quite a few features of the PS4’s operating system and UI before they wee unveiled, has been teasing the possibility of MP3 playback coming to PS4 for a while, but he never said it explicitly, until today.

So, some people ask for mp3 playback, that my friends is coming. but I do not know when it will come. #Soon#PS4

The Mp3 Playback is up and running at Sony. #PS4#soon

He also mentioned previously that the latest internal build of the PS4’s firmware has some unannounced features, but he’s not sure if those (or MP3 itself) will be included in 1.7, that he confirmed will come on the 30th.

He also made a quite cryptic statement: “The winter is coming, that’s a good way to put it.” “In a positive way.” Interestingly enough, that echoes something tweeted by Naughty Dog’s Neil DruckmannΒ a while ago, but your guess is as good as mine on this. It could mean literally anything and the two things could be unrelated.

Of course we should always take what’s said by insiders with a grain of salt. We’ll have to stand by and see if this will come true, but considering that Tidux has a very solid track record with the information he leaks,Β there’s a good chance that it will.

Update: The April 30th release date has now been officially confirmed by Sony Japan.

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  • Raven Nafariea

    Nice, can’t wait. =) I don’t ever use the MP3 function on my PS3 but I know some people will really appreciate this.

    • HustyparmenCZ

      so why u cant wait when u dont even use it? πŸ˜€

      • Raven Nafariea

        Ha, no I wasn’t talking about the MP3 although it is nice to know it is there if I did want to use it. I was meaning I just can’t wait for the update period. I am looking forward to being able to save my videos and pictures on a USB drive – hopefully uncompressed. Also the Sharefactory sounds very interesting.

  • mekh_grg

    Nice πŸ™‚

  • DuckNation

    Finally now people can stop whining about not listening there music in game so they can be even less immersed into the game <_<

    • NinoBr0wn

      It was bad enough that so few people used mics on PS3. Now that we have party chat, it’s like a ghost town of a ghost town.

      • superkarma

        Plenty of people used mics on the PS3…just like plenty use them on the PS4.

        • Sucka Free

          I’m actually kind of enjoying the voice commands on Tomb Raider, at least the weapon switching. Kind of sweet when you have baddies closing in on you while the bow is equipped then shouting “SHOTGUN” hehehe

        • NinoBr0wn

          Well I don’t know what games you’re playing. I rarely hear people, and if I do, it’s usually an idiot using the camera mic.

          • jnemesh

            The ONLY people I want to hear talking are my friends. I usually mute the other people talking in most multiplayer games. I DO NOT need to hear teenagers swearing and whining when I frag them!

          • NinoBr0wn


          • datdude

            What’s wrong with the camera mic?

          • NinoBr0wn

            Only idiots use the camera mic. Nobody who actually gives half a damn about serious communication uses that. It picks up everything in the room, there’s echo, the person has to raise their voice to be heard clearly, which you normally don’t with a camera microphone, and any other reasons. Had to deal with it all last generation. With a port on the controller now, there’s no reason to use a camera. It’s just a terrible idea to use it as a microphone.

          • datdude

            Ok, thanks for answering. I was curious what it sounded like as I’ve never noticed it.

      • Craig Sloan

        I agree that’s sad. I spent around Β£30 on a PS4 headset ( the earbud is useless ) and I only talk to the friends I know in real life on it. I have it on in online MP games and I’ve heard a handful of people in 6 months. I think people just use it in their own parties and do not use it when playing with randoms. Even my friends on my friends list who i don’t know in real life use mics 50/50 when I am playing with them.

        • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

          how is that sad?
          that’s a good thing in fact. No whiny kids

          • GlockGuy1926

            I think it sucks because I switched from 360 and have no PS friends. So I’m running around on BF4 asking for ammo or a heal and no one works together or communicates

      • bigevilworldwide

        Are you serious…It was heaven that people didn’t use mics, the intelligence level of the people I hear now keep me and my friends in a party chat just so we don’t have to hear them, or their mom, or their music, or their fans, or the baby momma drama…..

        • NinoBr0wn

          Yea I’m serious, and what you just said is exactly the root. Yea we all know there are annoying people on, on any given day, but the mentality that this is everybody is what keeps so many people off the mics, leaving us with teams that don’t communicate for shit. It’s bad enough that half the team is trash, but communication at least gives it a chance.

    • Russell Gorall

      Speaking of whining…

  • Guest


    • GameDev345


  • Somebodyissilent

    “UI before they wee unveiled”?

  • Jewy McJew

    “winter is coming” must mean that the PS4 will be able to watch illegally downloaded episodes of Game of Thrones! πŸ™‚

    • Raven Nafariea

      My PC already does that. hehe

    • vicky

      you can already do that through PS4 browser if you stream mp4 vids on icefilms.

      • Jewy McJew

        meh… convenience is everything πŸ™‚

        That being said, I plan on being a good boy and subscribing to HBO for a month after episode 7. They earned it!

  • CervantesPR

    ;( enough teasing i want the dam update now

  • Anders

    Mp3 Playback is not surprising. It would have been strange if it wasn’t included now that we all know you can import music to your SHAREfactory videos.

  • ooinaru

    What about DLNA? That’s the only feature Im missing right now, besides sorting games in folders πŸ™‚

    • zpoccc

      yeah, i want dlna and usb video playback. i still use my 360 and ps3 for that – next gen systems shouldn’t have *less* features than their older counterparts.

      • Greg Smith

        usb video playback and video storage are by far the most important things missing. Also mp3’s.

      • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

        It’s really crazy i mean i dont own a ps4 just yet.For the main reason’s is most of the thing’s my 360 does over the ps4 and this is standered thing’s like usb stick’s.or MP3 playback or even CD playback .I mean this is basic thing’s that should of been a out of the box DAY1 for sony.And the fact that ms xbox one does these thing’s and half the world is bitching about 100 buck’s more on xbox one.And ps4 selling 7 million and xbox one selling 5 million or more.That’s kinda good and bad at the same time.Because like i said ps4 does not have basic thing’s that xbox one had day one.So at the end of the day we should just look at this as stuff happen’s.But no were is ps4 or xbox one bad system’s.They just need lot’s of work still.I will give you a good reason i was playing my xbox one and i had to download something.It’s take’s for ever to download something on xb1.It’s need work.ps4 i read the same from a few people saying it’s kinda the same thing.Why cant we have game’s download right away like once the game hit’s 1 percent the game should be able to play with .I have to wait for like 50 percent on most of my xbox one game’s.Just to download.It take sometime 45 min’s to a hour.And buying full game’s on ps4 or xbox one that’s even more of a nighmare.It take’s sometime’s all day for some of my friend’ matter what system.idk these are thing’s that need to be fixed and it will in do time.Hell i wish 3D was built into my xbox one right now because it’s not and i own a ton of 3D film’s on bluray that i can watch in 3D because no playback same with ps4 no 3D too what’s with that bs.

        • datdude

          Everything you say is ass backwards, tired, and confused. Are you a toddler? The misstatements in your long winded rambling are blatant and risible.

    • bigevilworldwide

      I know right cause how else are you thieves going to watch your stolen movies without tripping the cinvida audio protection….God it’s like they actually expect you to go out and purchase movies…….

      Perfect reason to just leave DLNA out completely, I know I don’t feel pitty for the thieves who can’t watch their stolen movies

      • SmarterThanUObviously

        I purchase and make my own movies. I want to watch those on my TV. Leaving DLNA out would be stupid.

    • neko working

      well, my vita finally got DLNA support through naspocket app πŸ˜€
      i can wait for ps4 to support dlna

  • ISISSecretAgent

    it just means we will have an official FIFA app or at the very least Barclay’s Premier League

  • Jake Maze

    Sorry this fake until proven I don’t care who tidux is

    • superkarma

      But I’m sure you believe MisterX…isn’t that right, fanboy?

      • Mike G.

        Has that loser ever been correct about anything?

    • Sucka Free

      Who cares? Wait and see.

    • Jecht_Sin

      I don’t trust you. You’re not real either! :p

    • You are flat out wrong

      You sound upset, Demetre.

  • TZuck

    Could be HBO Go app, could be Game of Thrones Telltale game, could be actual winter seeing how “soon” in sony’s book could very well be 8 months from now

  • V8Supercar1

    It better be a lot more than just mp3. This console should support at the very least every single audio and video codec that the PS3 supported. There is no excuse for it not to.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Hopefully they leave the video codes and the DLNA out…..I really feel no pitty for the thieves that can’t be bothered to either purchase or rent a movie so they steal everything….Clearly only the pirates are worried about DLNA now that Cinvida audio protection is becoming more of a thing

      • V8Supercar1

        Not everyone who watches videos on their devices are thieves. You can legally buy and download drm free movies off of the internet.

      • Jecht_Sin

        DLNA has little to do with piracy. It is just a network protocol. Very useful to copy the media files (music or video) from PC locally to console. Sony may not want to put a video player. But as you mentioned Cinvidia does a quite good job blocking the audio.

  • rothbart

    What are the odds the PS4 ICE team might be working on new firmware features? That fits in with the “winter” comment…

  • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

    This is something i just dont understand why in the world sony would do to everyone.MP3 music is all digital right now it’s one of the biggest market’s in are world.And right now there is 7 million or more ps4 user’s with no mp3 support.

    • superkarma

      Oh no…whatever will they do!

    • MTM2

      Because MP3 support doesn’t make or break a console and sticking MP3s on a console doesn’t make Sony any money – it financially wasn’t a priority within the console.

      • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

        I mean yeah i agree with you on that one.But still if a company like sony want’s you to enjoy there system.They they should give you thing’s that is still usefull.Not always haveing to buy there stuff ONLY.

        • Guiseppe Mario Mazzola

          And yes i know i dont have to buy there stuff Sony is not forceing us.It’s just a little freedom never hert’s the owner’s.I mean were are the one’s that are building sony’s empire we bought all this with are money.If it was not for the gamer’s then were would sony or ms be at .

      • Russell Gorall

        It was scrapped because they are trying to moneygrab from their Music Unlimited service. Which is a terrible service.

        • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

          “Money grab” speaking of money grabs, Gold membership required on xbox just to watch Netflix movies, I mean come on, now there’s a money grab for you.

          • lester perdomo

            everything in my house can strean netflix …people with an xbox have xbox live point blank …


    do people really use a console to listen to mp3s? personaly couldnt care less, having a cellphone and ipod a real stereo and a turntable seems more convenient than using the ps4 for that

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      I agree with you but apparently the vocal minority was loud enough for Sony to hear them. That being said MP3 playback should have been there from day one.

  • Jerry Hu
  • You are flat out wrong

    I’d rather have suspend/resume than MP3 playback, to be quite honest.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Damned if they do and damned if they dont with some people.

  • Mike G.

    I’m honestly surprised at how many people care about DLNA.

    • Yisa Yussuf

      i bravia tv does all these things people are crying for.. new avatars and changing wallpaper im all for.. but mp3 playabck… really…. its 2014 i got like 7 devices in my house i can play mp3s

      • dgarra

        I want it for MP3 playback while I’m playing games, I would love to have the game’s sound effects over my own tunes instead of changing audio completely on the receiver. It works well enough with Sony Music Unlimited but I already have Spotify and frankly that app kind of sucks on the PS4 (slow as can be).