Sony Quietly Removes Ability to Download PSP/PS One Games Unlocked a Few Days Ago on PS Vita

on April 24, 2014 2:21 AM

A few days ago we reported about Sony suddenly unlocking a large amount of PSP games and PlayStation Classics for download and play on the PS Vita.

Unfortunately it’s time to mourn, as that ability was quietly removed this morning. None of those games is available for download anymore.

Luckily, those that we did download still work, making us wonder why Sony doesn’t just officially implement the feature, instead of keeping that wealth of content locked away from PS Vita users.

Sony Computer Entertainment did not respond to inquiries about the issue, and didn’t offer any explanation on why the games have been unlocked to begin with and then re-locked, but at this stage the most probable theory is that someone flipped by mistake a trigger that was not supposed to be flipped.

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