Xbox One Halo and Sunset Overdrive’s Release Not Set Before 9/4; Japanese Announcement Misinterpreted

It has come to our attention that many misinterpreted yesterday’s announcement of the Japanese release of the Xbox One on September 4th, and in particular a Famitsu article reporting the official press release from Microsoft Japan. The rumor is starting to filter over to media sources via the usual mechanics of internet rumors feeding upon themselves, so it’s time to squash it once and for all.

Many misinterpreted a list of titles coming to Xbox One including the next Halo and Sunset Overdrive as a list of launch titles for Japan, due to the way machine translators translate the article. That led them to believe that those titles are set for release before September 4th, but that’s simply not the case.

The original press release and the article on Famitsu simply say that those titles are going to be launched on Xbox One, but it does not say when. Nothing in Microsoft Japan’s announcement leads to believe that those are intended as launch titles in Japan or elsewhere.

So, if you read rumors of a release of said games before September 4th, now you know they’re simply not true.

The only thing we do know is that the new Japanese Xbox One site says about the next Halo: “The Latest of the Award Winning “Halo” Series Appears on Xbox One. An Epic Journey Begins in 2014″

That’s a very similar wording to what’s already included on the American site and leads us to believe that the next Halo game will come in 2014. But what that game will be exactly is open to interpretation.

One thing is for sure. It’s extremely unlikely it’ll come before September 4th, and in any case that hasn’t been announced yesterday by Microsoft Japan’s press release.

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  • Stranger On The Road

    Halo 5, the only XB1 exclusive that I’m really looking forward to; hopefully it won’t disappoint. And I do hope that they will have more news about it in E3; plus a gameplay video 🙂

  • Alkanida

    I gotta admit…telling their customers “An epic Journey Begins in 2014” and there is nothing of the next halo except for that cheap Announcement trailer from back then..I truly do not believe the game is going to come out this year.
    For something that is supposed to be a system seller, there should have been at least 1 real gameplay trailer or anything else..

    • John Joe Silver

      E3 is a-coming why do anything before then? all the major players tend to do it at E3 then release in november…personally don’t see Halo One(?) ,joking, coming this year but the Halo 2 anniversary edition

    • N2O1990

      Like what John said,i bet the Halo game coming Xbox One this year will be Halo 2 anniversary(maybe include Halo 5 mp beta?),Halo 5 will be next year

      • Dennis Crosby

        I think halo 5 we be out on the xb1 halo2 anniversary release on both xb1/ and xb360

      • sony is nearly dead

        Yep, I think this is spot on.
        Halo2:10th Anniversary with Halo5 Beta access (release November 2014)
        Halo5 (release November 2015)

        The one thing I can’t work out is how are they going to do the Multiplayer part for Halo2? With Halo1 anniversary they piggybacked the Halo:Reach multiplayer code, essentially making the Halo1 MP a DLC pack for Halo:Reach(they wanted to keep the Halo community in one place, which made a lot of sense). 343 Studios have to include multiplayer for Halo2, I just can’t see them not having a Multiplayer component. So that begs the question… How?

        How are they gonna achieve this? Could they be releasing Halo2 on Xbox360 only(which I think is unlikely)? If so they could release the Halo2:DLC within the Halo4 framework. If it’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One… then does this mean that the Xbox One get’s a port of Halo4 at the same time or will it use the Halo5 framework? If it is on Xbox One and Xbox360, will we be able to play against each other on the same servers?! Now if 343 could pull that off, that would be something seriously bloody cool.

    • Maurice Wilburn

      Well it’s not reall much different from the announcement of Halo 4, we didn’t see gameplay until the year after it was announced at E3.

  • Andre Crawford

    So this was clarified by microsoft