Destiny’s Screenshots Showcase Ten Things You Probably Missed in the Latest Footage and More

With the update of the official site Bungie released a lot of new footage of Destiny, and apparently it hid a lot of interesting elements we still know nothing about. Reddit user Fuzzle_hc took it upon himself to take quite a few screenshots to showcase ten of those elements and a few more interesting tidbits.

You can see them all in the gallery below, or you can follow this link to read the description of each screenshot more easily.

Looks like the latest Destiny reveal has unveiled a lot, but has also created more mysteries. The official Twitter account of the game teased something for Monday, and maybe some of those mysteries will be revealed then, or during the beta that could be announced.

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  • superkarma

    Can’t wait to try out the beta in a few months. Hopefully Bungie releases some more info surrounding that soon 🙂

  • someguy

    patiently waiting……………….

  • Fersay Ferrera

    I wonder if ps3 version will worth playing. I can`t affford a ps4 just yet, what do you guys think??

    • It is out september 9th, maybe by this time you’ll be able to buy a PS4 ?

    • Yisa Yussuf

      i would liken it to BF4… the skeleton will be the same… just far less meat on the bone

  • Solid Snake

    I want to see competitive multiplayer gameplay footage. Bungie is taking the piss now.

  • metalman5150

    Oh Destiny – testing my patience, one day at a time….

  • Yisa Yussuf

    My top 5 Most anticipated PS4 games:

    1. Destiny
    2. MGS Phantom Pain
    3. The Witcher 3
    4. The Division
    5. Watchdogs

    • Dennis Djoenz

      1. Cyberpunk 2077
      2. UC4
      3. The Order
      4. Evolve
      5. Dying Light
      6. Arkham Knight

  • JimmyHACK

    Press Preview Day, from last week, embargo is up Monday!! HYPE!!

  • Jewy McJew

    I love the art style, pure beauty!

  • TZuck

    Monday is when the press embargo goes up. Bunch of press went out to seattle to try out the game (i think multiplayer) and their previews can go up starting at 10am PST Monday morning. I’m sure some stuff will leak a bit before then. It would be nice to get a date for the beta, then. And I hope it’s before E3, but you never know, they could easily announce that at E3.

    My earlier prediction (6 weeks ago) was that on the 29th there would be some news dropping, looks like i was a day off. not bad if i do say so myself.

    • superkarma

      Yeah, I’m anxiously waiting for that embargo to lift. It would be nice to see some MP footage and more beta details. Like you said, hopefully the beta begins before or around E3.