Sony Shows Off Revolutionary PS4 Augmented Reality Technology Introducing Realistic Lighting and More

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia is scheduled to introduce a new PS4 Augmented Reality technology today at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 event, and they just released two videos titled “PS4 AR Fluid Simulation” and “PS4 Dynamic Lighting”  to show it off.

The technology, fruit of the efforts of the Lab Mirai Research Division, is able to correctly simulate fluids and recognize real light sources. It can then apply natural lighting to models displayed by the Augmented Reality engine. In addition to this, actual shadows can be cast by the models themselves on the environment.

The revolutionary aspect of the technology is that the AR models won’t look anymore like they’re out of place in the environment, buy they will naturally blend in it.

On top of the demos that you can see in the videos below, three more are being showcased on the show floor at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 3. The first enables the PS4 with high speed recognition of trading cards to display characters belonging to the Hatsune Miku franchise corresponding to each card. It could be the base of future trading card-based games.

The second is the “Narita Airport AR Diorama.”  It involves a reproduction of the massive Tokyo Narita international airport, and by looking at it through your PS Vita you can see planes taking off and landing based on the real schedule of the hub.

The third comes with the tentative name “VitaHoloPop” and turns the PS Vita into an holographic box projector, letting it create decorative holographic projections into a transparent box. The technology is being studied to go beyond decoration and further content is currently being developed.

And now, without further ado, I leave you with the videos. Especially the second is extremely impressive, so check them out.

“PS4 AR Fluid Simulation” Video

“PS4 Dynamic Lighting” Video

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  • Delsin Rowe

    trolls coming in 3 , 2 , 1…..

    • D-Kon

      Maybe not…not every article has to be a battleground

      • Boerewors

        Oh, but this has !! PC is doing this since 1973. No way a PS4 can properly render any decent form of….. (Add rest of typical pc master -race rant).
        Ha, console peasants… 😉

    • JustGaming

      They can’t troll AR, especially if they are XBox fans. That seems to be a direction they are heading in, if reports are to be believed.

  • JP

    It’s a good thing an American was in charge of making the PS4.

    • James

      Let me guess… You’re American right?

      You do realise there’s other markets out there other than just the American market, and with Sony selling their console to a worldwide market – which all have a wide and diverse range of taste – Sony have to cater to them all… No matter how weird they seem to you.

      • albatrosMyster

        Americans are not weird, they’re just war mongers… I would take weird over war mongering a million times.

      • Guest

        He was making a joke. I’m pretty sure he and everyone else understand the range of countries/cultures the PS4 has to sell to.

      • RoadShow

        You don’t know what it’s like being in the US surrounded by a bunch of ignorant xbots relying on lies and disinformation to better the look of their position.


      It sucks that they are made in China though, right? ‘Murica!

    • Ta23 Ta28

      An American who has spent a long time working in Japan.

  • Dennis

    Can’t say I’m a huge AR fan. Is there even a market for it, I wonder…

    • Guy Brohski

      It’s a useless gimmick, along the lines of Kinect. VR is the only tech I’m interested in using, so I’m hoping Project Morpheus turns out to be good.

      • Voice of friendship

        Yes but think of the applications of VR and AR in conjunction then it goes from being a gimmick to being something exciting!

        • Guy Brohski

          Yes, if a VR headset was combined with the functionality of AR, then it would truly be something special I agree.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        It’s a useless gimmick because you say it is?

      • DAS692

        AR is NOT a gimmick. Quite honestly, AR is the true future of information techology as a whole. Who wouldn’t want a Google Maps overlay of the real world? All of that information, being streamed to your Google Glass device. AR’s span is much larger than JUST gaming applications. Look at the big picture. Imagine seeing QR code billboards designed to project an image onto the world you live in through your Google Glass device. Imagine an ACTUAL trading card game application. Instead of the same BORING visuals you see in Pokémon games today, imagine an ACTUAL battle happening right before your eyes. Expand your mind. Use a little imagination and brain power.

  • Gannicus

    the first is pretty weak tbh cus its just recognising an image and put something on it, theres already tech where you can have a QR code on the walls in your house and a buyer could come in read the QR code with even a smartphone I think and make changes to the colour of walls add furniture etc to see if it would suite them all through augmented reality. so nothing to look at there

    Also aren’t there Virtual bands in Japan im pretty sure one of the best band in Japan is a virtual girl cant remember if that’s done by lasers or not watched it on a program Cpl years ago, seems like its just an extension of that so nothing particularly new there. Only difference is maybe PS4 and its camera have the power to do that stuff

  • Neural

    Wonderbook says hello

    • andy

      Hmm E3 2005 PS3 Unveiling says hello. go to the 2.30 mark.
      And that was with Eyetoy tech remember.

      • Neural

        Exactly. I referred to Wonderbook just because it’s an actual product that allows everyone to do on PS3/EyeToy what those videos are showing. You can find that kind of fluids simulation in the Book of Potions Wonderbook, for example.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Methinks someone missed the second video.

        • albatrosMyster

          This is the best duck ever!

  • Por Hawj

    is this also for North America USA ?


    I thought AR was the Xbox Ones thing.

    • Stranger On The Road

      AR is an old technology, it works with any device that has a camera, processor, display and the right application.

    • NeoTechni

      Why? Ps2 did it first

      • Sucka Free

        I think that Nintendo beat MS to that. IDK, was the original Kinect capable of AR?

        • punkchobit

          DSi and 3DS did AR before Kinect. But PSP and PS2 did it before them too.

          Sony was first on many things they don’t credit for/somehow Nintendo does…

          • Sucka Free

            That’s what I am saying, I remember the Eyetoy on the PS2 (though I don’t remember anything for the PSP cause I never bought the cam) but my question was, was the Kinect 1 even capable of AR? My son in law has a 360 with the Kinect and I’ve seen the little screen that shows what the Kinect sees, its all black and grainy, doesn’t seem like it would be any good for AR

    • JustGaming

      And you would be right….. Maybe.

      MS (allegedly) have AR glasses in the works. That would be very cool if they work the way I expect/hope that they work, but I suppose we will see come E3 or there abouts.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Sony has been doing AR for a while now, more so with the handhelds then the consoles.

  • Ta23 Ta28

    Demonstrating AR tech with Miku? Sony knows what’s up.

  • desponent

    Never see the point of AR, sorry Sony. Please focus more on Morpheus’ content instead.

    Req #1:
    Work with sega to provide a Morpheus compatible virtual Miku concert stage that let player choose where he want to be on the stage or become the choose-able camera.

  • Guest

    This will fail even more than Morpheus. What a waste of time and resources. Sony’s in desperation mode with their bankruptcy hanging over their heads.

    • Xtreme Derp

      Your favorite piece of plastic is getting dominated by PS4 in sales, games performance, and dev support, causing you to harbor fevered delusions about Sony going bankrupt. Sorry, won’t happen anytime soon.

    • superkarma

      Awww, why’d you delete your comment? If you’re going to make blanket fanboy claims, at least stand behind them.

  • Fake_of_Silva


    • superkarma

      Please elaborate. Be as specific as possible.

      • Fake_of_Silva

        I don’t like and I thinks it’s lame.
        All the world now can live with that!!!!!

        • superkarma

          Ehh, that’s not elaborating or being as specific as possible…but sure!

          • Fake_of_Silva

            There’s no space for specifics, AR is more ‘like it’ ou ‘hate it’. There’s even less utilities then the kinect and sony is hypeing it for much more time then kinect exists. Sorry, it’s just my opinion…

          • superkarma

            So…no specifics? You just hate it for the sake of hating it. Gotcha.

          • Fake_of_Silva

            Yeah, just that. I’m not here to gather villagers for my master console, so that is specific enough.

    • MTM2

      Your dad does what?


      • Fake_of_Silva

        Nice joke, please do tell me when is your next stand up!

  • NeoTechni

    You posted the same video twice

    • superkarma

      Two different videos…

      • NeoTechni

        Now. Before they were bot lab 0, the fluid video.

        • superkarma

          Ahh, gotcha. Didn’t notice that the first time lol

          • Sucka Free

            I missed it too, they must have fixed it fast

  • RoadShow

    That is very impressive.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Cool tech, does nothing for me really but I’m sure it will have its uses.

  • Very cool in deed.