Xbox One Day One Edition Now Available at Amazon

If you’re looking to buy an Xbox One, but would like the perks included with the limited Day One edition released when the console launched, you may be in luck, as availability of the sleek black-boxed version has popped up on Amazon.

The console is being sold at standard price, and it includes an unique achievement that cannot be unlocked in any other way.

If you’re interested, you can find it here, and you’ll have to click on the “day one” option to find the right listing.


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  • DuckNation

    Must have that “unique achievement”…… <_<

  • megablast16

    A limited edition that’s still available 5 months later? Sound like it wasn’t limited enough.

    • Guest

      if i were to buy an xbone, i won’t buy this edition. well, it feels like lying to myself when in reality the purchase date is not even close to day one. lulz

      • datdude

        Well, technically, it would be day one for you. Day one in a long line of days full of misery with dat bone.

    • Garrison Shields

      At this point, it’s like tagging yourself within Microsoft Headquarters as “I’ll buy ANYTHING you put in a box”

  • superkarma


  • Michael Norris


  • Johnnie

    MS be like:

  • desponent

    Year one edition? I hope that one is at least true lol

  • CervantesPR

    wow, so a day one edition is still available??
    so the first batch of xbox ones arent even sold out yet?
    all i can say is….

  • Boerewors

    I reported earlier this week that a mate of mine, who imports Ones out of France and Germany, reviewed his latest batch of Ones with at least 25% of them being day Ones. And not just that, the price cuts he’s been giving are extraordinary for a console this early in its life cycle.

  • Xtreme Derp

    Day Ones still available?

    • datdude

      The last time I saw a face like that my golden retriever was looking up at me with certain expectations.

  • Ritsujun

    Don’t ever give up, MS!!!!

  • theodor70941

    “Day-One Edition”

  • truthtellerdealwithit

    A moment of silence

  • IncognitosX

    Day one left overs

  • PhantomVash808

    They could always allocate these models for the launch in the tier 2 countries later this year than it could still actually be a day 1 edition.

    • Garrison Shields

      That’s the problem with stuffing the channel. This likely isn’t Microsoft themselves pushing these out on Amazon but smaller retailers. MS has no say in what is done with those units now. LOL!

  • Raven Nafariea

    No Freaking Way! hahahahahahahaha

  • Yisa Yussuf


  • Yisa Yussuf

  • Yisa Yussuf


  • I would assume these would be leftovers but if that was the case, why didn’t they or don’t they save them for Japan?

  • shogunknight

    They seem to have overstocked the console. They are selling them all off, it was kind of telling when i saw xbox one titanfall bundle at 350 pounds in amazon UK (same price as a ps4 without any bundled game)

  • Gamist

    But, but, but, the day one patch and achievement, aren’t those worth $100. C’mon guys, it’s steal. xD

  • Guest

    Typical Dual Shockers clickbait for the low IQ paupers that believe it. The link is for the Xbox One “Standard Edition”. Perhaps Amazon uploaded an old item description by mistake, could that have come to your low IQ minds? Of course not, to dumb to take a sh*t.

    • Rickowned


    • Sucka Free

      Wow, that would really upset you if it were true, huh? Don’t worry, you are probably right but if you are wrong, it doesn’t really mean anything. Stock falls though the cracks all the time. I’m sure that somewhere there are probably a few day one PS4’s hanging out in some warehouse. Happens all the time.

      Here, let me put on some smooth jazz and pour you a nice relaxing cup of tea….

    • Garrison Shields

      You are wrong. Click on the button for Day One and there are clearly units for sale. You fail at damage control, schill.

    • superkarma

      Annnnnd…another deleted comment from you. Go figure.

      This time, I can understand why you deleted it. Had you actually read the article, rather than scrolling directly to the comments section, you would have realized it says “you’ll have to click on the “day one” option to find the right listing.” Very interesting how you talk about low IQ minds, but you failed to read that.

    • truthtellerdealwithit


    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      And yet here you are on the site crying like a little b!tch about it.

  • Garrison Shields
    • Gamist

      I’m thinking Minecraft even though I have never played that game.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      I feel bad for that poor unfortunate soul who bought row one column two. Definitely regretting it right about now I’m sure

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    More like Dead On Arrival edition…

  • ant1248

    It wasn’t that hard to get the link that directly does to “day one”

  • Failz

    Hey look everybody, the PS fanbabies trotting on news they shouldn’t care about lol. If there logic is correct then the original NES brand new on EBAY must mean the NES was a complete failure… Damn my guess is nothing is successful lol go play some games.. oh wait I forgot.

  • Kamille