Possible PS4 Music Player App Revealed by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida’s PSN Profile (UPDATED)

There have been rumors of MP3 playback support coming to the PS4 with a future update, and something found by one of our readers that snooped on Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida’s PSN profile definitely seems to add solidity to those rumors:

Apparently Yoshida-san ran a “Music Player Demo” app yesterday, and it left very visible tracks on his PSN profile, as you can see in the pictures at the bottom of the post:

Of course we don’t have clear information on what the “Music Player” entails, or if it’ll really play MP3 files, but now we know that it exists, and it’s being tested internally at Sony Computer Entertainment.

It’s worth mentioning that normally this kind of unannounced app is kept hidden from profiles, but apparently someone forgot to flip that switch.

We’ll have to stand by and see if the app will be announced any time soon, or if it’ll make it in the upcoming 1.7 firmware update.

Update: commenter Carla Birch that has Yoshida-san on her friend list, provided another picture that labels the music player as “Bungie internal beta”, as you can see in the screenshot and video she provided at the bottom of the post. That’s interesting on multiple levels.

It’s doubtful that Bungie might be developing a music player (but who knows, at this stage?), so it’s possible that an internal beta of Destiny could be causing some kind of glitch and the Music Player Demo to show on the profile. This also tells us that Bungie is possibly running a private beta at the moment, and the news teased for Monday by the studio could be related to an upcoming public test in addition to the fall of a press embargo on a recent preview event.

Update 2: looks like the app, whatever it is, might have a social aspect to it as well.




[Thanks for the tip: Durandal, Carla Birch]

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  • Jecht_Sin

    Well, I doubt any game will be called “Music Player”.. ^_^

    • Raven Nafariea

      This is just Sony’s version of Soda Drinker Pro… hehe

      • 3rdworldgamer

        you serious? lol 🙂

        • Raven Nafariea

          No, I was kidding =)

      • Jecht_Sin

        Sorry for the naivety.. Does that thing really exist?

        • Raven Nafariea

          Yes, it does. Xbox fans will rejoice when this bad boy hits the market putting inFamous to shame I am afraid. =(


          BTW, I am kidding again… =) (Just to be careful)

          • someguy

            I just read that article i almost shit myself

          • HeczTehFinezt

            At least they’re getting a 2nd game that runs 60fps/1080p.
            I had to….

  • It’s a Bungie Internal Beta:

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I see what you did there.

      • I did not do anything, its direct from my PS4

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          That’s quite interesting. The “bungie internal beta” could very well be a glitch, or a conflict, as I seriously doubt that Bungie is making a music player.

          Another possibility could be that some kind of interaction with bungie’s beta causes the music player app to appear in the profile.

          • Here is a direct video recording from PS4 http://youtu.be/Y-374E3v5po

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            oh I definitely believe you. What I don’t know is what that means. It could mean everything and nothing.

            I added it to the post, so thank you for providing it 😀

            The “I see what you did there” was because I thought you were joking about the firing of their sound director.

          • Your welcome 🙂 It’s hard to know what it means when some closed beta’s in the past have had silly code names like “Girl with a Stick” what was in fact Resistance 2.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Lol, I didn’t know about that one 😀

          • yazter

            If you watch it and see her click on the Bungie Beta event thingie, right below the blank pic it says “Music player demo” (at 0:22)

            I do think, yeah, it’s a glitch.

          • crowsticky1234

            Or maybe there’s a possibilty that Bungie’s upcoming IP, Destiny, will have the Music Player support which will make the PS4 even better than it is.

          • colonel179

            If Carla is saying that previous betas had silly names, such as Resistance 2. Then I would believe that what you are reporting is just that: A beta/demo from Bungie (most likely Destiny) with a silly name, which in this case is “Music Player”.

            I don’t think there’s going to be an app to play music. They will most likely add a tile on the main screen and that’s it.

  • mekh_grg


  • Xbox ON

    See what has happened to Bungie? Ever since they decided to go multiplatform and bring their games over to the Ponystation they’ve been reduced to making Music Players.. unreal

    Should of remained exclusive to Xbox

    • Solid Snake

      LOL No, get the fuk over it. Bungie is with Sony Now.

      The PS4 and PS3 version of destiny will also have 4 hours worth of exclusives DLC.!

      • Xbox ON

        You have fun with that multiplatform trash, since that is all PS4 is getting these days. I’ll be enjoying my Titanfall DLC and many other major AAA exclusives

        • Solid Snake

          LOOL you say that so confidently, let me remind how PS3 trashed Xbox 360 in the exclusive department, and the PS4 in the long term will do the same to Xbone. When Uncharted 4 comes out, Microsoft might as well put the RIP sign on Xbone.

          All the big games are favoring PS4 now. Even Activision said the PS4 will be Call of Duty’s lead platform.

          • Xbox ON

            Nobody cares about Call of Duty, and Uncharted 4 won’t have anything on Gears of War, or even Halo 2 on Xbox One

          • Solid Snake

            LOL gears of war wont be out for at least 2 years, and its a dead franchise anyway, and LOL @ Halo 2. A 10 year old game? are you for real?

          • Xbox ON

            Halo 2 will be better than anything PS4 has goin for it this year, and the better part of next year.

          • Timothy Weaver

            Guys. He’s a troll. Stop getting mad because that’s what he wants -_-

          • Alex Boro

            It’s funny cuz ps4 has more games. TITANFALL ISN’T EVEN AN EXCLUSIVE.

        • Mike G.

          Did anyone ever tell you that you’re stupid?

          • Xbox ON

            Words of a pony

          • Mike G.

            Words of an idiot.

          • Xbox ON

            You seem awfully frustrated, is the lack of PS4 games making you angry?

          • Mike G.



            You’re so aggressive. I play games on everything.

          • Xbox ON

            How am I being aggressive? I’m just typing words bud

          • Mike G.

            Your aggression denotes anger, as does your use of silly, childish terms.

          • Xbox ON

            I’m not even angry. I’m just pointing out the facts thats all

          • Mike G.

            I don’t know. You’re definitely frustrated about something. Maybe this is your way to let it all out, so to speak.

          • Xbox ON

            Hey man believe what you will, but I enjoy doin what I do.

          • Solid Snake
          • Xbox ON

            Ponies like flashin off those indie games a lot

          • Solid Snake

            LOl to bad Xbone doesnt have indies it would have filled the void of having no decent triple a games, at least PS4 has infamous second son. All xbone has is dead rising 3, at its average at best.

          • Jecht_Sin

            So FF XIV: ARR is an indie while Kinect Sports Rivals is… Is what apart from being the only Xbone game in April and May?

            The Gameless CableBox 720p. Only for $500!!

          • Xbox ON

            Your first reply to me looked intelligent, but now I see you are an angry pony! haha! oh boy you guys crack me up

          • Jecht_Sin

            How can I be angry? With so many great games to play! And more coming, sure. You… instead.. :p

          • Raven Nafariea

            Still going on? With that dis-proven sheep drivel that you soaked up without doing any research on before you started spreading it all over the net like an idiot?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            And down goes the troll (not you Mike, but I can’t reply to deleted message). There’s no need to turn every post in a console war argument, so please don’t feed em.

            Also, please don’t insult them. It’s not nice. Just ignore them.

          • Mike G.

            You’re right.

    • Jecht_Sin

      If you really wanna know how a publisher (MS) can really screw up a studio ask to Oddworld Inhabitants, It has been thanks to Sony if they are back to life again.

      • SwappingFrom360toPS4

        don’t forget Rare… they’re royally screwed :'( …dem feels

  • Delsin Rowe

    really ? just 2 platinum trophy ? i’m better than you shuhei. i achived 4 platinum trophy so far 😀

  • Craig Sloan

    Damn for a guy so busy he’s got more trophies than I do.

  • Russell Gorall

    So, it is probably the Destiny beta. Great job, Dualshockers.

  • superkarma

    Nice — Hopefully the Destiny beta comes out on or around E3.

  • Gamez Rule

    A record player? Ain’t seen one of those for years☺

  • Necro

    But we want A VIDEO player. We want to play VIDEO files more then music files. I mean come on,

  • Gamist

    I bet one of those platinum trophies is from Hanna Montana. XD

  • Sucka Free

    He & I are about even

  • Dirkster_Dude

    A music player should be standard these days. The fact that the PS4 doesn’t have it is more of an issue than the fact that it may actually get one.

  • dapaintrain

    I would love to have some sort of pandora app for ps4 that could run side by side with games. Sometimes playing multiplayer games just gets a bit boring without music in the background

  • llkkaaii


    • Guest

      Octodad is great, kick rocks you casual !

  • ragnathebloodedge

    I heard Gran Turismo 3 sound effects

  • NeoTechni

    Music Unlimited SHARE Options: With a Music Unlimited subscription, you can easily share your favorite songs with your friends by pressing the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK 4.

    As I predicted, it’s only for music unlimited