Thomas Was Alone Supasses 1 Million Sold Copies

Developer Mike Bithell announced on Twitter that Thomas Was Alone sales have suprassed 1 million copies sold.

While the game was originally released for PC in 2012, sales really started picking up when Curve Studios and Bossa Studios ported it to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita last April.

According to Bithell, the majority of game sales spiked when it discounted, in a bundle or in through other promotions.

Bithell also explained that the 1 million figure does not include PlayStation Plus downloads, which would have increased the numbers significantly.

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  • superkarma

    Wow, that’s indeed great news for him and indies alike. While the game is incredibly basic on its face, it really does have some awesome aspects to it. The art style, music, voice-over, lighting, and even its simple (yet, sometimes complex) gameplay…all executed very nicely.

    I’m generally not into many indie games, but some of them do stand out from the crowd and this is one of them.

  • I bought it during the Easter sale, what if I was the millionth purchase?! D:

    • dana

      you never know