Dark Souls’ From Software Acquired by Kadokawa; New IP, Expansion in the West and on New Platforms Planned

During its latest earning report held today in Tokyo the giant Japanese corporation Kadokawa Shoten, that spans every aspect of publishing from manga to games, announced the purchase of the majority of the stock of Dark Souls II‘s developer From Software, turning it into a wholly owned subsidiary of the group.

According to the press release sent by Kadokawa, the plan is to expand both From Software’s and Kadokawa Games’ business and market positioning through synergy and cooperation taking advantage of the two companies’ areas of expertise. The purchase of From Software’s stock was determined by Kadokawa’s board to be the best path to achieve that end.

It’s also mentioned that the company plans to make use of both companies’ planning, development and sales resources to produce new IP using their combined strengths with an eye on the new game platforms and overseas market where growth is expected by using the strengths of both Kadokawa Games and From Software.

The cooperation between From Software and Kadokawa games is expected to spark aggressive expansion in the digital field and on the global market.

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  • theodor70941

    Kadokawa expansion in the west planned… Oh god please tell they’re gonna do localization like NISA does!

  • Guest


  • DeepSleeper

    KanColle + Armored Core = CoreColle?

    • neocatzon

      My coredaughter Nineball can’t be this cute.

      • MrTyrant

        Would buy.

        • neocatzon

          Would adopt ‘w’

          • MrTyrant

            Would raise.

          • neocatzon

            Would pamper~

  • PhantomVash808

    This sucks considering just about every single game this company developed or published was only brought over to the West through another company like NIS or Xseed. The rest of the games were only released in Japan. So unless NIS, Atlus, Xseed, Warner Bros, Sony or another publisher is willing to publish Kadokawa’s games in a specific region you will have to import whatever games Kadokawa makes in order to play them.

    • DeepSleeper

      FROM is a publisher themselves now. It’s possible that’s why Kadokawa took interest in them.

      • PhantomVash808

        They only published a few of their own games and all of them were done in Japan just like Kadokawa games. Just about every game by both From Software and Kadokawa games are only brought to the West from other publishers.

        • DeepSleeper

          That I didn’t know. Shame about that. Thank you.

  • Tengu Buranchi


  • neocatzon

    I’m expecting non-obscure Armored Core anime or manga.

  • Guest


    • Dollow Rlance

      I don’t get it’

  • Jecht_Sin

    Is it me or being a game developer is quite a crappy job? A lot of pressure from both the publishers and the customers, long working hours, always on the edge of closing down or being sold to some other company.

    • MTM2

      Being a code-monkey in any job is pretty crap really

  • Guest
  • They Call Me Senpai

    Next, Sony is going to buy Gonzo and merge with Shueisha. I was joking, but it actually sounds pretty awesome.

  • Somebodyissilent

    So is this good or bad?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Not everything needs to be labeled as “good or bad” 😀

      • notcarolkaye

        Wow, you’ve got a bit of a Zen side. Totally though, it just … is.

      • Somebodyissilent

        So you don’t know? I just hope games keep coming to the Us.

  • CervantesPR

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
    this game series is the holy grail of gaming to me :'(


  • ISISSecretAgent

    i dont know how to feel about this… but can i take this as a Cowboy Bebop game confirmed or is it too optimistic?

  • Hates bad writers.

    Maybe now you can hire more people with vision. A couple extra programmers who know what they’re doing while you’re at it. Maybe the next game will be good, as it stands the hit detection is bad enough to make the game bad, hopefully being bought out with a little extra cash in your pocket will solve the basic design flaws you can’t seem to fix.

  • Ta23 Ta28

    I’m actually delighted by this news.

  • As long as I get Dark Souls 3 on the XB1/PS4, I am all good. It is the one franchise that will take a long time for me to tire from.

  • remly

    I didnt know if I should buy Dark Souls 2, because I’, not really into this sort of games, but my firend reccomende it to me. And now I’m addicted. I bought it at http://www.kinguin.net check it, they have the lowest prices

  • PrinceHeir

    This is actually a good thing, considering they also advertise the hell out of Lollipop Chainsaw from Grasshopper Manufacturer and went to sold 1 million in Japan.

    So i do expect good things from this acquisition. Plus it’s also the company that does manga like Shingeki no Kyojin so we may have a Dark Souls manga in the works in the same vein as Berserk 🙂

  • People calling this good news or bad news, it’s too soon to tell right now. We will have to wait and see.

  • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

    Ok, so what exactly Kadokawa Shoten can bring to the table in improving Dark Souls.

  • Dollow Rlance

    Good on Kadokawa, Nice to see FROM Software have found a nice home.