Groupon Currently Selling Killzone Shadow Fall for $29.99 with Free Shipping and Returns

Online retailer Groupon is currently selling the PlayStation 4’s flagship first person shooter, Killzone Shadow Fall for half of its original price. This sale includes free shipping and free returns.

The “free returns” part of this sale is important if you’re anything like me. I bought this game when the system first launched and returned it a week later due to its lackluster (I’m being nice) single player mode. The game does have a robust and ever growing multiplayer mode however and that alone may be enough to make this sale a real deal for some.

The sale is only for this week (ends on Sunday). There is also a limit of three per customer (two more as gifts). Head over to Groupon to get in on this while it lasts.

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  • dranzer1

    Lmao dual shockers guy returned his copy of the game.

    • superkarma

      Such a failure of a troll. Really sloppy work. Please improve your techniques before hitting that post button again.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      Many people return many copies of many games, it’s nothing new.

    • SO :-/ ??

      I returned my copy after 1 day, each to their own.

  • Temjin001

    I played this through for it’s single player. I was let down by it. I hope GG get’s it right next time.

    • Sucka Free

      Same here, I’m not a MP fan. KZ:SF’s single player experience was a major snorefest

  • megablast16

    Went into my local CEX the weekend, they had loads of pre-owned copies of Shadow Fall at just £12. Just saying.

    • This +2014

    • superkarma

      Yeah, same goes for Titanfall. Went into some of my local stores and they were selling them for under a dollar. It was funny. Just saying.

    • Sucka Free

      So what? it wasn’t that great of a game and being a launch title, just about everybody bought it. Simple economics Supply>Demand = price drop.

  • Yisa Yussuf

    I like this game.. i play it more than BF4 and Cod put together so i’m not a hater. But Sony are really living off false hype for this game. In my local CEX there are STACKED high, 2.1 million sold is great but 2 million of those are sat on pre-owned shelves. I play everyday and there is an average of about 1000 people playing at any one time, pathetic, and 500 of those don’t have a clue and spend 90% of the match in 10% of the map trying to get loads of kills while 2 or 3 people battle for the beacon and try and capture points. I hope sony don’t use the sales as confidence to make another one… Kill zone is well and truly a niche game

    • They Call Me Senpai

      There aren’t close to 2 million used copies on shelves, please stop overly overexaggerating. As for online player count, you’re once again overly overexaggerating – you’re just throwing out false numbers.

      That said, there will definitely be another sequel because Killzone still has a large fanbase.

      • Yisa Yussuf

        how is it false numbers? 2.1 million copies sold and i play it everyday and there is an average of about 1000 people (it actually shows you how many people are playing each game mode) so where are the other 2 million odd people??? I hope there isn’t another one.. the only way their will be another is when ps5 launches.. guaranteed sales. I Play killzone everyday, im not hating, im disappointed