Star Citizen Flies Past $43,000,000 in Unstoppable Crowd Funding Campaign

It was just a matter of time, and today Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen passed another milestone, overtaking $43,000,000 in its unstoppable crowd funding campaign, supported by over 440,000 valiant backers.

Of course the achievement comes with its customary stretch goal unlock:

  • Omni Role Combat Armor (ORC) mk9 Manufacturer: CDS (Clark Defense Systems) The ‘standard’ Marine armor for almost twenty years, ORC armor is prohibitively more expensive than standard-issue infantry body armor used by Army Ground Forces, but the Marines boast far fewer numbers and tend to make compelling arguments to get what they ask for. Clark Defense Systems’ ORC armor is created of composite mesh of fibers reinforced with ablative plates, offering a modest protection against both energy and kinetic weapons. While it doesn’t offer the same protection of the Marines’ proprietary Nail-armor or their SpecOps variants, ORCmk9 armor is a baseline solution for any number of situations the average Marine will encounter on any given day. Besides, in the words of Lt. Col Armin Trask, “you wanna know the best armor? Not getting shot.”

In addition to the news about this unstoppable train full of money, we also get a new episode of “Ten for the Chairman,” in which Chris Roberts himself answers ten questions from subscribers.

You can check out out below, and you can still pledge your own support on the official website.

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  • Balalaika

    Good God when will the funding for this game stop!! (Probably never!)

    • Axe99

      Hopefully never :).

      • Balalaika

        I hope so too, the Alpha demo looked really good.

  • Kreg

    This game better be the second coming of gaming. Overall, I have a bad feeling about it.

  • Inccbus

    I hope EA won’t put their dirty, grubby hands on this. Big companies buying out kickstarter products been happening a lot lately.

  • erwinanciano

    It’s by Chris Roberts. Of course it’ll be bad. Chris Roberts stopped making good games after Wing Commander 2.

    • Axe99

      Wing Commander 3 and 4 were both great, as was Privateer. I was sans suitable PC for his other PC games, but they reviewed well and have good followings. Emotional baggage isn’t the same as truth ;).

  • Gamez Rule

    $43,000,000 crowd funding and still no word of when we will see the game. How much more is needed……

    • Grimmest Dawn

      What else is needed? Patience from the community. A large portion of the community prefers that CIG take their time to build the game and not release it before its ready to be released.. this is how it should be done.
      By the way, we have already seen the game extensively.. if you watch 10ftC and Wingman’s Hangar, we’ve been provided with their progress WEEKLY.
      People like you need to be quiet.. if you can’t wait for the game that’s YOUR problem, not CIGs. They will release their game when its good and ready.. nobody forced anyone to pledge, and most people who have are more than happy waiting for what appears to be an amazing looking game.

      • Gamez Rule

        I’ve been looking forward to a game that really pushes my PC hardware but come on now, how much more does this game need before Chris says, “ok guys let the fun begin”.

        He has more than enough now to release the game, and could use the extra money still coming in for adding new content after releasing the game.