New PS4 Exclusive Game Announced: Without Memory, a Thriller in Unreal Engine 4 by Dinosaurum Games

Russian Developer Dinosaurum Games recently announced the development of a new PS4 exclusive game, Without Memory, set for release in 2016.

The game, currently in the concept phase, will be an “interactive thriller” based on Unreal Engine 4.

The story follows an ordinary girl that wakes up in a forest with no memories left. The player’s decisions will influence the plot, and there will be “tens of endings.”

According to the founder of the studio Arkady Kulikov, while Without Memory is inspired by Quantic Dream’s games like Beyond: Two Souls, it has the ambitious goal to surpass them in giving the player the ability to radically influence the course of the story. Kulikow also mentions that he aims for the game to be world-class and that the studio has a suitable team for that goal and the resources necessary to create “stunning graphics” on par with the other games that will be released in 2016.

The title will be semi-open world and the point of view will be third person, while the touch pad of the DualShock 4 will be used to select actions. PS4 exclusivity was chosen in order to best use the capabilities of the console and “make a breakthrough in graphics and animation.”

The folks at Dinosaurum also released a batch of concept artwork and a mock-up of the box art, that you can see in the gallery below. According to the studio, we’re going to see the first actual screenshots this summer.

Dinosaurum Games was founded in 2013 in Moscow, and considering that the thriller genre isn’t exactly the most widespread on consoles, I’m quite eager to see what they’ll be capable of. Their official site is scheduled to open on May 24th.

For the moment I’ll leave you with the concept artwork, that definitely sets an interesting mood.

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  • Delsin Rowe

    I have no idea what the game is ! is this some of kind game like david cage work ?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You could say the genre matches.

      • D’shawn

        On their facebook page, you can also find test screns of unreal engine 4 for the game. A scene they’re trying to make, it looks very interesting

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          They say pretty clearly that it’s not for the game, just an UE4 test 😀

          • D’shawn

            Do you think this is fake? Not sure..

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Never said it’s fake. I said that the posts say clearly that those Unreal Engine 4 tests are not for the game. They’re just unrelated tests.

            “Possibilities the Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games. Screenshot of the test scene, which has been put together with the engine (not our game)”

          • D’shawn

            I know that, I mean the facebook page looks legit and the supposed site says it launches on May 24th. I’m cautious but optimistic here. Did some research, and some info is given out on this post:

            Looks like they signed a deal under SCEE

      • D’shawn

        Also on their facebook page, it seem like they are planning on showing up at E3. They will have a booth and will officially announce the game with an in engine demonstration of one of the game scenes. It will supposedly be added to the playstation youtube channel’s coverage.

  • Batnut1992

    Sounds like what Quantic Dream does with their “Interactive Drama” Games, not a bad way to go but I hope they do better than what Quantic did with Beyond.

    • Delsin Rowe

      yeah i don’t like beyond either. but i’m a huge fan of heavy rain. that game was awesome 😀

  • PhantomVash808

    Interesting I’ll keep an eye on this game.

  • PS3_PS4

    Hmm…Quantic Dream 2

  • luvthesnapper

    if it’s anything like beyond, get rid of it now.

    • alok

      But if it’s anything like Heavy Rain go ahead

      • ChatWraithGamma

        If it lands on a green space, go ahead 3 spaces.

  • Really? Why are people mentioning Beyond when nobody knows what the gameplay is. All because you see a female character??? I see no other similarity in such an early stage of development.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually I found more info. The Studio’s founder mentions Beyond himself 😀

      • Averix

        Has this studio made any other game?

  • ChatWraithGamma

    Jesus christ those character concepts are terrible.

    • So where Black Desert’s, and see how good the game looks now.

      • ChatWraithGamma

        were* and black desert is a derivative, 4 character korean mmo factory game. Comparing a game to shit like that before it’s even out is jinxing it to be terrible.

  • Pedestrian

    it’s too early to say but i’m not interested in this game just yet.
    i admit it if this game have telekinetic powers i have to get it regardless.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    I like the multiple endings…

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I strongly oppose them-95% of the time they’re never done right, at all.

      • Hates bad writers.

        Mass Effect 3, dear lord that was an abomination.

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          Yup exactly

      • Come on! That Silent Hill Dog ending was glorious!

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          well that’s why I said 95% only, since the other 5% is actually done right, which includes Silent Hill.

          • That percentage though!

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Well there a lot of games in the industry-thousands really so I’d say that’s pretty accurate since the remaining 5% would be hundreds upon hundreds of remaining games that do get it right so that number isn’t as bad as it sounds.

    • MrSec84 .

      Me too, provided they’re handled well.

    • ChatWraithGamma

      The game doesn’t look like it’s had a line of code written yet. It has zero endings at the moment.

  • MrSec84 .

    Clearly a lot of the exclusives being announced for PS4 at E3 will be for release in 2015 (Uncharted is likely going to be a 2014 release, given the release schedule for past games in the series, Uncharted 1 released 3 years after the last Jack & Daxter on PS2), so it’s great to hear official news that Sony’s developer partners are thinking even further ahead.

    This sounds intriguing, especially the semi-open world, but inspired by games like Beyond 2 Souls.

  • James Darkly

    is t his a joke?

    • jujubee88

      Are you laughing?

      • ChatWraithGamma

        I’m laughing nervously, and with contempt.

  • Lord Akki

    This is how it should be! More devs needs to develop exclusives for PS4. I’ll except all, 3rd party, 1st party doesn’t matter just make sure it’s EXCLUSIVE to the KING 🙂

    • Dakky

      dat fanboy level over 9000000

    • Marcus

      Does not necessarily have to be PS4, but I do believe developer’s games are better when they focus on one platform. They get more mindshare from the community, they are able to push the hardware, and they incorporate platform specific features.

  • Gus

    So, would this be considered AAA?

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ
    • D’shawn

      Lol same here!

    • Dennis Djoenz

      Haha that dumb ass birdman lmao

      • jujubee88

        It looks like something from the Chappelle Show! xD

    • Reefer Sutherland

      hell yeah pleighboi

      • Mucksony


    • Cassive

      LMAO I feel you bro, PS4 gonna be doing some stuff

  • themugen

    Well, I love the genre and am not afraid of trying games from new studios. Bring it on!

  • Dennis Djoenz

    This almost has that blade runner feeling just looking at the concept artwork.

    • Raven Nafariea

      I didn’t get that when I fist saw them but now I can see that. Man, Blade Runner is a great movie. =)

  • AlexFirth91

    Looks awesome.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    2016? wth?

  • doom guy

    Bring on the UE4 games. Still 2016 is kinda faraway.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    So this is like an early early early announcement. Hardly seems necessary.

  • Cigi

    2016 LOL – WTF why are they even showing this shit now .

    NOTHING here folks ,,.. keep walking.

  • Игорь Суров

    Unfortunately, this is fake. Children just downloaded UE4, they are not making games. Just look at the level of concept art.

    • ChatWraithGamma

      rofl, all these bad photo manipulations and paints. It looks like they took hermione grainger, stuck a new woman’s face on it, and then tried to paint over it to make it look like they made it.

    • Игнатий Колыско

      Игорь Суров absolutely right. They are Russians. People understand nothing about development of games. They at all don’t know that this such. They are ordinary students upstarts.

  • Dakky

    slow news day? The game has a uknown developer, there is nothing to show just a concept with no game footage and overall you overselling this guissepe.

    I laughed when i read they sign with ps4 for high quality visuals and that they have the team that can get them top notch quality.

    Seems like this is indeed fake after all.

  • donnydutchman

    is it a new trend to announce games 10 years in advance?
    can they please stop doing that? too me it works counterproductive.

    and after some years I do not even feel like playing them anymore,

    because I have become immune to the images and advertisements on the Internet. and do not even pay attention anymore. until I find it somewhere in a bargain bin for 12$.

  • Marcus

    Ya ya, they announced their game really early. Look at the positives. Backing for a Russian development team, new IP, and focused on one platform

    Since they are going with the PS4, I could see Sony making a tie-in series or short-film that could easily be released next year. Gain hype and brand recognition in 2015 and release a stellar game in 2016.

    I would have liked a surprise reveal say at e3, but given the internet and social media these days, have no problem with the ‘actual’ team announcing the game and releasing art.

  • Cassive

    al engine 4