Next Xbox One Halo to Have All New Multiplayer Game Modes

The  next Halo game for Xbox One is mostly shrouded in mystery, but more details are gradually trickling down thanks to career opportunity ads posted by Microsoft. Today we learn something more about the competitive multiplayer aspect of the game, thanks to a post seeking a Senior Multiplayer Designer.


343 Industries is looking for a dynamic and experienced creative contributor who has a passion to design the world’s greatest games. As a Senior Multiplayer Designer on the Halo team, you will be responsible for implementation and execution of features within the competitive multiplayer [PVP] experience. The 343 competitive multiplayer team designs, implements, and executes on the player-versus-player experience, including game modes, map feedback, moment-to-moment gameplay balancing, and cross-team collaboration.

We are looking for an experienced designer to support and develop the Halo competitive multiplayer experience. Responsibilities include balancing and tuning existing competitive experiences, creating, developing, and delivering all new Halo MP game modes. As a member of the competitive multiplayer design team, you will help shape the future of the Halo franchise. Candidates should understand how to work effortlessly across the studio with various design, and development teams to make sure 343 Industries aligns to deliver on a quality AAA user experience. This is your chance to join one of the most talented teams in the industry!

– Work with the Lead Designer to understand the vision of the product and bring the experience to life
– Provide direction to test and implementation team to deliver on this vision
-Design, script, balance, and tune competitive multiplayer game modes
– Balance and tune multiplayer scoring systems
– Participate in creative discussions, offer helpful critique, and provide your own compelling ideas
– Design proposals to update matchmaking playlists with new content and a very fast iteration time


The ad clearly mentions that the new Halo will go beyond what the previous titles provided, including “all new” multiplayer game modes.

It also seems that 343 industries is taking the competitive aspect of the game definitely seriously this time. Phil Spencer himself mentioned a couple months ago that multiplayer was a big focus for the team.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about it at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 in June, but if you’re big on competitive multiplayer, looks like the folks at 343 industries are working to release a game you’ll like.

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  • dranzer1

    I worship Halo O_o. HALO Halo halo

  • Jessie Bristol

    I am wondering how they are balancing SP and MP. I would prefer it if they went 1080p30 for SP and 1080p60 for MP. Keep eye candy for single-player and reduce the visual fidelity if need be for a 60 fps MP experience.

    • dranzer1

      1080p 60fps as new sdk and maybe dx12 would be available for them in both modes probably.

      • Jessie Bristol

        I don’t doubt Halo is using DX12, but we won’t know the real world impact of it on Xbox One until we can see the games running.

      • Sumyung

        New SDK? Dx12? So you actually believe the bull crap they shovel your way then huh? Listen bud, no SDK or new api is going to stop that 32mb of esram being far too small for a triple buffered 1080p image with post processing anti aliasing applied. That’s reality. Anyone at Microsoft who implies anything different is simply lying to you to keep you loyal.

        • Laza Amafirin

          I think you’re full of it. Where are your facts buddy?

          • Jackassassin
          • You are flat out wrong

            Damage control. Software is not going to make up for the Xbone’s gimped hardware.

          • Sumyung

            I have to prove they’re lying? No they have to prove its true. Notice they never said once officially that this would benefit the Xbox one? Go back and read the announcement again. They loosely implied that maybe it would but they never said anything direct because that would be actionable. Its all come from third parties.

            And if you want proof they lie, the power of the cloud. Games with infinite processing power thanks to the cloud? Incredible physics simulations etc? Now its been out six months and not one real life example of it at work. And dumb ass fan boys say titanfalls dedicated 12 player servers with ai are using the cloud… Except those are nothing new, league of legends has those, Xbox 360 has those, it’s just fan boy fuel for you to spam all over the internet…

            The are lying to you every time they open their mouths. This isn’t about Sony vs Microsoft, its about you getting screwed and lied to. I don’t care if you buy a ps4, just don’t buy an Xbox. Don’t reward this anti consumer bull.

          • banana breath

            I’ve found, especially recently, that MS is pretty much full of sh$% every time they say something, so I agree. It’s finally got to the point where flat out lying is acceptable in the marketing realm. Honesty does not exist in this world, at least not from those with investments. Truth is hate speech now.

        • Jackassassin

          107 guest votes? C’mon, did you honestly earn them?

          You’re a deluded fanboy afraid that a product you unreasonably hate is improving for the better. You’re the epitome of ignorance. It’d be backwards thinking to consider anything a fanboy dedicated to selfishly putting his own preferences above others when spewing opinionated nonsense to be credible. I know fanboy cynics that even acknowledge this with their own retort being “PlayStation 4 hardware’s more powerful”.

          Roll around in the mud for the short time resolutiongate has left and keep lying to yourself to sleep at night. In a short while, you’ll look like a major idiot. At that point, nothing you say will be credible anymore. You’ll just be that stingy fanboy hellbent on convincing others the only thing he has in life is more than it actually is. In the meantime, I’ll play some Forza 1080p, or maybe even some NBA 2k1080p. On an XbOne.

          • ps4lol

            Dumb, worthless, delusional, malicious, hypocritical, constantly wrong microsoft xbox fanboy shill.

            It’s good to know you’re completely wrong and raging against facts and reality, and nothing you say will happen. I’m constantly right, you’re constantly dumb and wrong. You’re going to be eating mountains of crow when Sony is still around years from now, not bankrupt.

            PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. Sony still has a large number of 1st party studios and they’re all working on PS4 games. PS4 will make a net profit, Sony won’t go bankrupt. I’m constantly right, as usual.

          • Jackassassin

            Dumb, worthless, delusional, malicious, hypocritical, constantly wrong microsoft xbox fanboy shill. I’m constantly right, you’re constantly dumb and wrong. You’re going to be eating mountains of crow when Sony is still around years from now, not bankrupt.

            Holy crap, plot twist. How many accounts do you own, Xtreme Derp? I recognize that arrogant, childish slander anywhere. “I’m constantly right and you’re constantly dumb and wrong”? You come up with these things on your own? You don’t even need me to embarrass you. Someone finding you as a different account in the comments of some article is like a recurring joke in a sitcom.

            Obvious troll, bud. My statement remains unchallenged. Continue making this your life’s work, friendly. I have a life outside of b****ing and moaning to attend to. Enjoy your crow…

          • Xtreme Derp

            PS4 will have the graphics advantage the entire gen. PS4 hardware and software will outsell Xbox globally the entire gen. PS4 will have more dev support and more 1st party games the entire gen. Sony still has a large number of 1st party studios and they’re all working on PS4 games. PS4 will make a net profit, Sony won’t go bankrupt. I’m constantly right, as usual.

        • dranzer1

          So buddy mind explaining me in your own words without copy and paste. I also love those hacked guest votes.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        You won’t be seeing the benefits of DX12 for at least a year. The campaign will likely run at 30fps, while MP will be 30fps.

        • Mike Reaney

          Bonnie Ross already said it would be ‘running at a blistering 60 frames per second’.

          • Andre Crawford

            They confirmed 1080p 60 FPS a long time ago

          • CervantesPR

            source? last time i checked they only said 60FPS.

          • You are flat out wrong

            So a straight port of Halo 2 then.

      • CervantesPR

        dont forget the power of teh cloud!! *sarcasm*

      • ps4lol


    • Andre Crawford

      The game was confirmed 1080p 60 FPS a long time ago…I believe the whole game

      • Jessie Bristol

        I know they confirmed 60 fps, I honestly haven’t heard anything on 1080p though. I was just giving my opinion, I would rather they go all out in SP with 1080p30 and be a bit more conservative and have the MP 1080p60 (with obviously reduced visuals).

  • Jonathan

    I have full faith that 343 can make an amazing game! They undoubtedly know their way around the XB1 and the game will be 1080p 60 FPS.

    • Jessie Bristol

      I hope it is a solid 1080p60, I definitely love Halo. It was the game that got me into online MP with Halo 2.

      Just over a month until E3, then we get to see what Microsoft and Sony have lined up :).

  • Vious

    looking forward.

  • Andre Crawford

    Thanks for this article man was a great read…I can’t wait until the new halo is released

  • Da GeeZ

    So if 343 are still building new MP experiences right now, and are ramping up the MP design team I feel the 2014 release window for Halo5 is pretty much closed(never thought it would be 2014 anyways, but there’s been rumors). A November 2015 release is pretty much locked in for Halo5 : )
    Really hope Firefight is brought back in some form for Halo5, miss that so much. And I hope Invasion makes a glorious comeback to the Halo franchise. I think there’s a stack of potential with the Invasion MP concept that has not been unlocked yet. In the Halo:Reach invasion maps goals typically involved turning off a force field to move onto the next part of the map, before eventually picking up the engine core. For Halo5, the goals for each step could include destructible environments, so instead of deactivating a force field you are destroying walls/doors/force field generators instead, just to make it more realistic. Destroying the environment could involve the attacking team moving large weaponry to the obstruction. I just think there’s a ton more interesting ways to use the Invasion MP concept.
    So if Halo5 is 2015, this leaves Halo2 anniversary for 2014(this also seems locked in now). And obviously Halo2 HAS to include MP. I also imagine that 343 will be releasing Halo2 on Xbox360 and Xbox One. Which begs the question… code-wise, how is MP going to be handled? 343 handled the MP of Halo1:Anniversary by incorporating it into the Halo:Reach MP(‘it keeps the Halo community in one place, rather than divide them’). For the Xbox360, it makes sense to have the MP segment of Halo2 in the Halo4 engine, thus keeping the Halo community in one place. I feel it would be such a major disappointment if Halo2 wasn’t on Xbox One that 343 will be forced to release it on Xbox One. Which also begs the same question… how is 343 going to do MP on Xbox One? The most direct option, all things considered, would be to port Halo4 to XboxOne(would this allow Xbox360 players to play against Xbox One players?). Another option would be to have Halo2 MP in the new Halo5 code-base(if it’s mature enough).
    Really interested to see how 343 are going to tackle this, and really looking forward to Halo2:Anniversary 🙂

  • tubers

    I’m interested to see a “Core” X1 flagship (Halo?) with Kinect 2.0 heavy extra feature.

    I wish i could do accurate, real time, motion captured taunts with Kinect 2.0 during MP.

    • Corey

      haha. that’s be crazy. Like what they’re doing in project spark? Dude……SO much teabagging would occur it’d be hilarious……and terrible. 😀

  • Hates bad writers.

    As much as I’d like new modes, tell me you’re not shitting the bed with the gameplay like you did with Halo 4.

  • Robbie Yarber

    This is the only reason I’m holding on to my Xbone.

  • Corey

    Definitely no way they’re releasing this year.

  • Chon Williams

    I just hope we get a good Halo game.

  • Ryan Tinney

    My prediction is that Halo 5 will be the drop ship for DX12. The show piece of technical achievements in games and will benefit all games going forth. We will find out in a few weeks at E3. I am sure the game will be amazing regardless of resolution.

    • Da GeeZ

      Agreed, good call 🙂

    • You are flat out wrong

      So it won’t be out before December 2015 then?

      My bet is that they’ll show a version of Halo 5 on GTX Titan cards and call it “da power of DX12” at E3 and then the downgrades start coming in and the excuses start coming out.