ShockCast Ep. 172 – “Is E3 Still Relevant?”

Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that they wouldn’t be attending this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is the second year in a row that they’ve done this and it got me thinking about the Expo’s importance. Nintendo will now save money and better control their message with videos directed to their fans. Should the other companies follow suit or is E3 something that is still vital for them and the gaming industry as a whole?

We also discuss games that are universally praised but we weren’t exactly keen on and also discuss the future of Star Wars games and the franchise now that most of the stories of the expanded universe have been made non-canon.

As usual we also talk about some of the features that were posted on the site including our reviews for Child of Light and Kirby: Triple Deluxe. We round things out with gaming news and what we’ve been playing.

This week I was joined by my fellow Staff Writers Ryan Meitzler, Thomas Luke and Jorge Jimenez. Thanks as always to El Blanco Niño for our custom intro and outro tracks.

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  • darke
  • stealth20k

    E3 is relevant, the press event? not really

  • smashbrolink

    What kind of ridiculous question is that?
    OF COURSE it’s still relevant!

    Just because the announcements for the games and systems are done
    differently sometimes, doesn’t mean that the E3 show floor isn’t booked
    for demos and advertisement galore by all the big names!
    And if nothing else, the very concept of E3 itself, is an anchor for the industry.

    When you hear E3, you think, “This is that time of year! This is when
    we KNOW the big names in gaming are going to be revealing their next
    exciting ideas for us to enjoy!”

    It sets a solid place and time for these big-wigs of gaming to play their cards and give their fans something to smile about.

    How could that possibly be irrelevant just because Nintendo has started to do it differently?

    I’ll tell all of you the truth of this, right here and now;

    Even if ALL THREE of the big 3, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, decided
    to fore-go press conferences and stick to streaming their announcements,
    show floor would still have their wares for the press to browse and try
    out, and the name of E3 would still be indicative of that one special
    time of year.

    The time when gamers gather to hear about the future of the hobby they love.

    • bobacdigital

      Less relevant to the public because you are getting all your info online better than ever .. maybe 5-10 years ago it wouldnt be the case.. but with live streams and twitter / facebook news is so much easier to get news on.