PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets New Trailer Featuring the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

I’d say that when a car manufacturer use your game’s footage to promote its cars, you must be doing something right, and in fact Mercedes Benz just released a lovely video of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub featuring the sleek Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series that will appear in the game.

The video is fairly brief, and some of it was already included in the trailer published a couple days ago, but it includes a few new shots. besides, the SLS AMG Black Series definitely deserves its own trailer.

You can check it out just below and bask in the beauty of all those shiny polygons.

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  • JustGaming


    • You are flat out wrong

      in b4 someone says Forza 5 looks better even though, well…

      • MTM2

        Still haven’t forgiven Adam Sessler for giving it 5/5.

        Literally the most average racer I’ve played.

        • theodor70941

          He made a payed review…

        • Jecht_Sin

          Adam Sessler? I think Adam Sandler is much more reliable. 😀

        • Delsin Rowe

          that stupid moron is mad at sony. you know why ? because sony didn’t give a shit about him and didn’t send him a ps4 before lunch.

          • albatrosMyster

            yes before lunch time, so he got hungry and had to eat the xbone instead!

          • Guest

            Exactly. Everyone knows you can’t wait until after lunch for a ps4, the hunger just isn’t there anymore… (maybe you meant launch? ps4 hunger is still very much real!)

        • You are flat out wrong
          • Negi Springfield

            What an Idiot , This Adam Sessler guy is definitely a stealthy xbox drone.

          • HustyparmenCZ

            ,,was” 🙂 he’s gone now

          • albatrosMyster

            Yeah, that whole speech (the games situation won’t be clear until the end of 2014) is the MS PR line, it’s not completely false in the sense that a very powerful console is useless if there are no great games on it, but the sub text is that somehow the xbox one will have “superior” games by any account.

          • Xtreme Derp

            The gaming “media” downplaying PS4’s better hardware didn’t seem to stop PS4 from outselling by millions.

        • albatrosMyster

          That’s like a lot of important gaming sites when comparing the PS4 and XB1’s hardware completely downplaying the obvious hardware/software benefits of the PS4 (they were very tangible from the start) and giving MS points for the potential future media features or even their non-existant eco-system… pretty bad, really, then you have articles claiming that gamers should not be upset at them and show the gaming press the respect they deserve!

          Well, when I see a good article, I usually try to leave a comment to encourage it, but when I see an “analysis” that is essentially re-printed MS PR piece… well why should I respect that?

      • Thesofien

        The only screenshot that you can choice fanboy?

        nice try. Forza 5 looks better than DriveClub 30FPS

        • Negi Springfield

          Shush drone.

        • Xtreme Derp

          Cool bullshot.

          I’ve played it myself and actual gameplay looks like an upressed Forza 4 with larger textures and near zero AA.

          DriveClub is technically superior to Forza 5 as it’s running on more powerful hardware.

        • You are flat out wrong

          That’s nice. Got a gameplay screenshot? Last I checked I can’t control the car looking at it from the front.

        • TomaszSzkudlarek

          Honestly, this screenshot again proves you’re wrong; Cars are beautiful, indeed, but the surrounding is ugly, it looks very like previous gen, if not even worse, you can’t deny it.

  • Sticky Notes

    Looks great

  • RealityCheck2013

    😛 😛 😛 NEED 😛

  • albatrosMyster

    an Instagram video, that’s like the worst possible platform for videos :-/

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Picking between which to get first, Driveclub or Project Cars, is going to be brutal.

    I might go Driveclub purely because it launches first and I’m desperate for a racing game.

    • Boerewors

      You’ll probably end up buying both… I know I will. I think both games can easily coexist and will offer different experiences.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        I will but I’m going to have to at least finish the career mode of one before moving on to the next.

  • James Brown

    This game should be out now it’s crazy we have to wait a whole yr for this game and it still going to be locked at 30 fps while there’s no driving games out now…nfs rivals was trash this game will be out when their going be 2 other driving game at that time this shit crazy smh

    • You are flat out wrong

      On the plus side, if you’re a fan of racing games you’ll be drowning in them by November.