Rumor: New PS4 Firmware Update Coming Soon

The 1.7 PS4 firmware update has just been released, but apparently a new version is on the way according to industry insider Tidux, that has proven several times to be privy to what is going on at Sony.

According to Tidux the firmware update will mainly focus on fixing bugs introduced with version 1.7.  He also revealed in a direct conversation that those bugs include discs being randomly ejected, party chat glitches and consoles locking up.

He also mentioned that the implementation of friend list notifications isn’t far off, but he doesn’t know if it’ll be included in this next update. According to Tidux they were to be included in 1.7, but they were removed at the last minutes due to bugs affecting the feature.

As usual, like all insider information, this should be considered a rumor until we hear an official announcement from Sony, but Tidux’s solid track record chalks the possibility as quite likely.

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  • Wierd. Last night I had none of those issues but the the day of the update it was non-stop…

    Looking forward to the fix though, bugs were driving me mad.

  • zero issues so far but firmware updates and bug fixes are always welcome

    • theodor70941

      They fixed the remote play issue in 1.70


        How do you mean? Like the consistent “lag” that old pop out of nowhere for no reason? Or is it something else with remote play you’re saying?

        • theodor70941

          What I meant was that it now works with my mobile 3G network without failing to connect.

  • Pedestrian

    i hope they bugfix the bugfix update and the 1.8 update won’t introduce new bugs, i didn’t get any bugs from the update but then again i just bought my console 2 days ago and i just play games in it.

  • Delsin Rowe

    can i say something ? i have friends notification already. when my friends join a party , a notification pops up in my screen. is it wierd or not?

    • i think you can turn this off..its annoying already

      • Delsin Rowe

        this is not the friends notification ?
        plus. my console locking up for about 10 seconds when i enter some games.
        i hope they fix this problem

        • Raven Nafariea

          wow, I guess I was lucky. I haven’t had any issues at all other then it took a really long time to save some videos I had taken of game play to my USB drive.

      • Neil Riley

        Imagine how annoy it’ll be when you have hundreds of friends !

    • Asif Bashir

      No this new update now tells you when friends join other peoples parties, so if you have friends that are jumping in and out of other peoples parties it will keep flashing on the screen telling you. However you can turn this off luckily.

  • Solid Snake

    LOL you don’t need an insider to tell you a new update is coming soon, its a bit obvious there will be coming one, that’s how it works. LOL

  • Neil Riley

    I’ve had a few Friends list issues but nothing major.

  • Asif Bashir

    Party chat has been ruined, previously when on the dashboard or playing Warframe creating a party used to have the options to make it private whilst in the party. It also had the option to switch between game chat or party chat. However since the update these options no longer appear. However a friend tells me these options seem to re-appear when playing BF4 so perhaps its a bug with the update causing a conflict with the party system?

    • prioritize party chat warning pops up occasionally now and wont stop.

  • MTM2

    No issues on my front, just a couple of issues loading the friends list the day of the update but all the issues seemed to have stabilised.

    Anybody else notice the subtle change to the trophy list? When you click on individual trophies, the trophy image is now larger, liking it!

    • Raven Nafariea

      I thought it was different also but wasn’t sure. Glad it is just not me and yes, I am liking it also! =)

  • Reason Freeman

    You are still quoting this guy?? LMAO Dualshockers reported a quote from this idiot a few days ago before the patch hit where he claimed this was PS4’s biggest patch ever. “I went ahead and asked Tidux whether that comparison includes the very sizable day one 1.5 patch (that weighed aa rather hefty 308 Mb) and enabled critical features like remote play, sharing and the ability to play games while downloading, and he replied “for sure.””

    QUESTION: HOW BIG WAS THE PS4 1.70 PATCH??? 194mb.

    And you are still quoting him. Give me break.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Wow, to blow something so small out of proportion. And I think by biggest they meant feature wise not file size wise.

    • MTM2

      I think you’re look at ‘big’ in a literal sense.

      I think he meant in terms of features and tweaks.

    • Raven Nafariea

      Bad name choice. There is no Reason behind Freeman.

    • Redinferno124

      And I think Amazing Spiderman 2 is the best game ever. Now were both full of sh*t.

      (Game is actually really decent)

    • DemonFenton

      You think quoting MisterXMedia that clown is better? Good god your a lemming.

    • You are flat out wrong

      ShareFactory, part of the update, is a 1GB file.

      Crawl back to Gaming Bolt where you help keep Xbot peckers up.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Hopefully it will get rid of the bugs i got yesterday & the day before that :-/

    This is what i said before –

    ‘3 times so far i get a blank blue screen(twice once hitting the PS button to exit a game) & another time just browsing the main PS4 menu(think i was looking thru the Settings) + 1 of those times i couldn’t get out of the blue blank screen at all(i pressed every button on the DS4 pad) & i had to switch off the PS4 via the mains & this morning the PS4’s blue light kept flashing & the PS4 wouldn’t go on so again i had to switch off the PS4 by the mains :-/ Never had these problems before the update to.’

    Now today it’s been o.k tho the PS4. Played FIFA14 a bit & moved around the PS4 main menu o.k with no problems + tried the Star Wars Zen Pinball Tables & all seemed o.k when i quit the games(disc game & downloadable game) Seems random for me. Oh well.

    • ISISSecretAgent

      so that was a bug of this update? i had that blanking screen when i pressed the ps button to get out of a movie(dvd).

      i have to report though, the problems i was having with friendlists and party chats are gone now. it fixed itself the next day

  • DarthDiggler

    Your guys headlines give away the whole article when the article is super short.

  • Krakn3dfx

    MP3/DLNA support cannot come soon enough.

    • NeoTechni

      Exactly. It shouldn’t take six months to do what vita had at launch

    • Manoj Varughese

      yeah c’mon I have a ton of videos in my USB I either wish to have playback like the Ps3 did, MP3 and ofcourse DLNA for my mkv format playback.

  • Russell Gorall

    Can you please stop doing this?

  • Riley Freeman

    that friends list online/offline notificaton is deperately past due. One of the features i feel the system should have shipped with and its extremely annoying that it has yet to be included

  • Manoj Varughese

    usb video playback…I wan’t the USB video playback.

  • John Edwards

    for the love of god, please fix the share button issue where “save videoclip” doesn’t appear. I’m glad ps4 finally records the correct gameplay footage instead of crap from 2 hours prior, but it’s useless if I can never save that footage.

  • Almighty-Koz

    my only issue with 1.7 is my dualshock no longer vibrates unless i turn it off and back on (ds4 that is) until i do this no vibration.