Sony’s Project Beast Confirmed Real By Insiders: First of a Few PS4 Exclusives; Footage Two Months Old

Today screenshots from “Project Beast” a new game made in collaboration between Sony Computer Entertainment and From Software were leaked, even if their legitimacy is still in question due to their source.

A coupleย industry insiders with a solid track record weighed in on the rumor, and essentially confirmed that it’s real.

NeoGaf’s Verendus was the first to speak, mentioning that the leak is real and the working title is also correct. He added that the screenshots come from two months old footage.

Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed also joined, saying that all he heard about it was that Sony was working with From Software, and something about inspiration from the Castlevania series.

Interestingly enough he also mentioned that this is the first of a few PS4 exclusives and described what we can expect from Sony’s future first party announcements:

Sony’s first party efforts going forward will be about delivering a portfolio of exclusives in multiple genres.

They don’t want to be known as the Uncharted box, the FPS machine, or the platformer palace. It’s about diversity.

As usual we should keep in mind that this kind of rumor should be considered with the customary skepticism, since it doesn’t come directly from Sony, but one thing is for sure, E3 is going to be interesting.

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  • themugen


    • themugen

      Also, first. Always wanted to do that.

      • Averix


  • CervantesPR



    • Raven Nafariea

      Calm down, BREATH…. Don’t passout… =D

    • Pedestrian

      it’s 4 in the morning here, all the folks are sleep and all the lights are off, my eyes are bleeding by watching your caps-locked post but it’s so pretty i don’t care.

    • guest

      How do you posts GIFS on disqus???

      • ManagedCorn

        you post the url of it, can’t upload.

    • Negi Springfield

      LOL , Reminds me of alex jones.

      Edit : Fail , Disqus made the gif into a jpg ._.

    • Delsin Rowe

      you should see me right now dude. i love dark souls, i love demon souls, this game, just this game , is a system seller game for me.

  • Jerry Hu

    That’s cool!

  • Raven Nafariea

    Nice, this is what needs to happen. Lot’s of exclusives in multiple genres! I love how Sony cares and respects there gamers! =)

    I don’t even usually care for FPS’s but they are pulling me into Destiny. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how this game (Project Beast) turns out.

  • luvthesnapper

    everything is everything

  • Johnnie

    FPS’ are a dime a dozen and they all seem to use the control scheme modern warfare originally used 7 call of dutys ago…I’m glad that Sony wants to be diverse.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Yeah, I could definitely think of a better control scheme that isn’t provided in the limited options. However, COD’s aiming mechanic is unmatched and one of the reasons I keep coming back.

      • bigevilworldwide

        There is an aiming mechanic in COD….Isn’t it still just pull left trigger, lock shoot, repeat…I wouldn’t really call that a mechanic, since it does the aiming for you

        • Sexy Mcgee

          You’re talking about it’s various aim assists. All games have them, whether they be contextual or always active. What I was talking about was the camera control and COD on consoles is one of the two best in that area.

    • Balalaika

      There were a few articles made by Micro$oft drones that stated even though Sony did make diverse games like (Infamous, Uncharted, God of War) if you combined the total sales of those three Sony best selling games they would still sold less than all of Gears of War, or all of the Halo series.

      The Point they were trying to make besides trying to make fun of Sony was that unfortunately the Majority of “gamers” love FPS games hence billion of dollars are made from selling these types of games.

      • Antonio C. R. Murray

        They left out Gran Turismo. Purposely.

  • Dollow Rlance

    SCEWWS + From Software is a winning combo!

  • theodor70941

    Let’s just hope it’s a hard game. Let’s just hope From Software’s aquassision by Kadokawa Games won’t effect the games development.

    • I doubt it will at all since its a joint feature with Sony. Besides, they have proven that hard games can be very popular.

  • Russell Gorall

    More message board news from Dualshockers.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      If you don’t like it, you know where the door is ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Pedestrian is the door? ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Pretty much ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Russell Gorall

        Great job in gaming journalism.

        • JustGaming

          Like he said, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  • Balalaika


    • MTM2

      Meh to a sequel to Demon Souls?

      • Balalaika

        More like to counter act all the hype and people posting in gifs about how excited they are, someone has to remain calm right?

    • Adlez

      Xbox gamer?

      • Balalaika

        Don’t insult me sir! You can talk about my mother but don’t call me a Xbone gamer!

    • Juan

      FPS gamer?

      • Balalaika

        More like a JRPG gamer myself.

  • Michael Balchunas

    Hell yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ragingmerifes

    Although I kinda dislike the fact that From basically rehashed the same game from 2009 with just different stories and sometimes, different bosses, I’m glad they are trying to change some parts of the atmosphere with the shotgun, etc.

    I mean, it still looks like another third person action RPG with dark atmosphere and focused on metroidvania difficulty, buuuut if they stray a little further from the basic Demon’s Souls formula and do something new, I will be very excited.
    Just my opinion. sorry

    • Matt Dickinson

      Apology accepted.

  • ManagedCorn

    The king is back

  • Karlo87

    Honestly, if Sony come out with an exclusive souls game, Crash, The Last Guardian and 2-3 new IPs at E3, they’ve won it for me. Not even a new Zelda can match that.
    Throw in Gravity Rush 2 and Persona 5 for Vita and PS3 getting some trailers with gameplay and it’ll blow my mind.

    • truthtellerdealwithit

      I think they’d save Gravity rush for TGS

      • Karlo87

        I dunno, they’ve said they’ll be giving the Vita some exposure, and Gravity Rush is the only big first party exclusive for it really.

  • TristanPR77

    E3 is going to be sooooooooooooooo goooooooooood!!!!!!

    Mega Greatness awaits

  • NOTHING to me is better than Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls in the last generation. Nothing. Innovation from multiplayer, design from enemies to levels, to weapons, and so on has this as one of my favorite franchises easily. I am stoked for ANYTHING from From Software. Knowing it takes some inspiration from Castlevania is fine and just means we are going to get their bread and butter in a genre that they are familiar and successful with. ๐Ÿ™‚ am very stoked!!!!!!

    • CervantesPR

      Dark souls is my favorite game if all times :’)

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  • datdude

    And so it begins. E3…Greatness awaits.

  • DemonFenton

    And the lemmings say that the PS4 don’t have games. This is going to be really good.

  • Ritsujun

    I wonder how much MS has to pay NB to make DS3 an Xclusive. lol

    • CervantesPR

      DS3? NB?

      • You are flat out wrong

        Namco Bandai, Dark Souls 3.

    • Sefira

      Never gonna happen because Japanese people hate Microsoft and Microsoft has a poor history with Namco already.

  • PhantomVash808

    LOL what happened to famitsu supposedly debunking this rumor a few months ago. Too bad this leaked I would have loved to have seen a shocking reaction to this game at E3.

    • CervantesPR

      As much as im hyped, your right it would have been better to have a full reaction at E3….:( hopefully nobody pays much atention to this leak so a few people are surprised.

      • PhantomVash808

        This news is like the number one topic on Neogaf.

  • You are flat out wrong

    This has just reminded me that I still have Demon’s Souls on PS+ I haven’t played yet. I really should get to it.

  • barom

    Please don’t use the word “confirmed” when it’s clearly not an official confirmation. It’s quite irresponsible of you.

    • superkarma

      As it clearly says, it’s “confirmed” by insiders. No one said this was an official confirmation. He also then goes on to say at the end that it’s still just a rumor, as Sony hasn’t officially announced anything yet. Before attempting to correct people, perhaps you should improve your reading comprehension.

  • Daniel Lawson

    just for the lolz I hope it’s a MS exclusive… either way I’ll get it

    • Xtreme Derp

      Just for the lolz it will be PS4 exclusive and you’re a dim witted fanboy.

      • Daniel Lawson

        says the sony pony… gtfo of here

        • Xtreme Derp

          Angry that your “lulz” backfired, fanboy?

          • Daniel Lawson

            it’s people like you that make me say this… because nothing is more amusing then the tears of fanboys

          • Xtreme Derp

            Sorry you can’t handle reality and facts. You’ve proven you’re a garden variety microsoft fanboy. Dumb, ignorant, and constantly wrong.

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      How can it be on xbone if its a collaboration between sony japan and from? *spoiler* santa isnt real….

    • Karlo87

      You’ll buy a PS4 for it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sefira

    I’ll buy a PS4 if this turns out to be good.

  • Tmfwang

    Whats the date of this years E3?

    • Dennis

      June 10 – 12. Press Conferences will usually take place a day or two before the actual event.

  • Guest
  • Dennis
    • Daniel Lawson

      these people who do this are pretty awesome

  • Delsin Rowe

    yup. greatness awaits. let’s get this over with. we all know how good from software is, so besides of demon souls, we can have this X guys. have fun with dead rising3 . lol

  • Jecht_Sin

    I suspect this has been the deal to allow From Software to go multiplatform with Demon’s Souls 2 (aka Dark Souls).

    • Karlo87

      Nah, there was no agreement, From just changed the name so Sony couldn’t do anything. Sony only own the Demon’s Souls IP rights.
      Looks like Shu mended the bridges with From after his outburst and not backing the first game, and they’ve decided to go exclusive again.

  • Boerewors

    I’m actually really starting to get worried bout my backlog… I’ve got a huge pile of shame already and i haven’t finished a non- Wii Ugame since DaS1. I just play them 4-7 hours and then I jump over to the next. PS+ ain’t really helping either. There are so many must haves these days that I don’t know how to cope with it… I never figured that a lack of money or a lack of games wouldn’t be the problem, but a severe lack of time. Wish I could split myself up…Well, there is enough of me for 2 reasonably sized teenagers, so who knows in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Shawn

    aslong as it is better then the pos dark souls 2 is there needs to be a true successor to demon souls …

    • CervantesPR

      honestly DS2 is not a bad game but i just dont like it as much…. i want it to be a true successor to Dark Souls 1 not demons souls dark souls 1 is the best they have made.

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