Watch_Dogs’ Director Clarifies Next-Gen Exclusive Features, Xbox 360 Installation and More

Watch_Dogs is just a little more than three weeks away, and the game’s Creative Director Jonathan Morin still seems to have a lot of questions to answer, and he did so recently on Twitter.

First of all, he explained that seamless online invasion and tailing will be available on every platform “releasing soon,” which he clarified to be PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360. He also mentioned that the only two next-generation exclusive (including PC)  features are data decryption and the bonus free roam online options.

The wording about “platforms releasing soon” is a bit strange, and could arguably indicate that the feature might not be on Wii U. I asked Morin himself and sent a request for a clarification to Ubisoft, and will update if I receive any further information. Don’t take it as confirmation for now, because it could be simply vague wording.

Moving on, Morin clarified the exact installation requirements for the Xbox 360 version, which will come in two disks. As we already knew you’ll need to install the first disk, and the installation size will be 7.5 gigabytes. If you don’t have a hard disk or don’t have enough space, you’ll need a 8 GB (or more) USB key with a data transfer speed superior to 15 mb/s.

We also learn that the now iconic blackout hack is a “crafted” consumable. You’ll lose one each time, but you’ll be able to remake it.

Finally, Morin explained why there’s no way to manually set the weather in the game. Watch_Dogs has always been about dynamism, so it did not seem a priority to add features that didn’t support that idea, and ultimately the team had to stop somewhere.

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  • superkarma

    Do people really care about manually setting the weather? I’ve always preferred when a game had dynamic weather, as it’s random and forces you to adapt. I’m also glad they balanced out the blackout hack. I was hoping for a bit more next-gen exclusive features, but oh well. There’s already a lot to this game, so I can’t wait.

    • Raven Nafariea

      I like you can set the time of day but changing the weather to your liking just takes all the immersion out of the game. I really don’t see why people would want to do this either.

      • Rasheed Jackson

        Maybe a feature for those who want to create videos of their game play or take pictures.

      • Jecht_Sin

        I am all the other way around. I love the time to be dynamic but I don’t mind the option to set it always raining. Especially in Chicago where they get some quite amazing thunderstorms!

        Still, one of the options could be to leave it dynamic. I don’t see the big deal implementing it.

        • Raven Nafariea

          A menu option would be cool for that. I just don’t want to see it integrated into part of the game play. Like for example when going to sleep in your safe house and you set the time to take up but it would also have an option to set the weather to how it would be when you wake up as well. I think that would be a little ridicules and immersion breaking but a menu option would be nice also.

      • ipot_04

        Infamous SS got it though it needs you to complete the game and it has photo mode.

    • XbotsAreCorporateScumbags

      Exactly, most of us would prefer dynamic weather.

    • Sankalp Gulati

      Why would a game have a weather controlling option? Who even cares about it. I don’t know but it sound to me very very silly of them to mention it.

  • Delsin Rowe

    well, i think we should respect to all of the fans. there has to be an option in the menu for the people who wants to change the weather.
    but for me, i like dynamic weather.

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    please don’t tell me that the weather will be scripted like second son -_- , i really don’t want games to be like that , if devs want a realistic looking game they should make the weather dynamic …
    i have a laptop and a 360 so ill get it on my 360 , i hope they will release some videos for current gen to at least make me preorder it …

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No, it won’t be like second son.

      • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

        hope so 🙂

    • Pedestrian

      well infamous is known for it’s scripted weather, if you played infamous 1 there is a mission when cole have to kill alot of people and it’s really pain to have to do it, but it’s raining and he get’s the power of lightning and you could use it as long as it rained (in that mission)
      now as for watch_dogs i’m sure it’s like gta v, the devs don’t cares what time of day are you playing but if the story needs to tell you this bit in afternoon they make you go to sleep and wake up afternoon (or like how gta v did and change the time of the day before the cut-scene started)

  • Jonathan

    Watch_dogs is going to be AMAZING! It’s a great game coming to all platforms! gamers rejoice!

  • Josh

    Just to make things worse for Wii u, please clarify that because the more they keep making Wii u looking like a look over the more closer I become to being done with Ubisoft. They say this is a big test for 3rd party support and I honestly think that is unfair. You can’t blame people for thinking twice about buying a game full price that has already been out for months, or provide the same game to Wii u with missing features and no DLC. I feel bad for Wii u because it isn’t bad at all and I play that and my Ps4 back and forth. NO HOPE FOR 3RD PARTY SUPPORT

    • superkarma

      Sorry to say, but you should get used to this treatment from 3rd parties. Wii U is simply not on any of their minds…and quite honestly, rightfully so.

      Wii U is essentially a failed product, whether people want to admit that or not…it is. From a developer standpoint, it doesn’t make much sense to put much of their resources towards a platform that won’t get you much in return. Because of that, I can’t really blame 3rd parties from limiting a games features or avoiding the platform altogether. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the reality.

      • smashbrolink

        A failed product would be off the shelves with no notable releases, so what you’re saying makes no sense.
        It’s only a reality if you’re underestimating the potential of the Wii U.

        • superkarma

          Well, you’re obviously in denial. Like I said, whether you Nintendo guys wanna admit it or not, it is a failed product. A successful product actually sells units after being on the market for nearly 2 years. A successful product that’s been on the market for nearly 2 years doesn’t get outsold by a product that’s been on the market for 4-5 months. A successful product gets support from 3rd party developers.

          I didn’t mean to bash you Nintendo folks, but as I said, it’s just the reality. Moving forward, you should expect less and less support from 3rd party developers, which in turn will cement the inevitable demise of the Wii U for good. This isn’t the 80s/90s when Nintendo could survive solely on first party exclusives. They NEED 3rd party support for their home consoles to survive.

          • smashbrolink

            You’re saying that it’s failed based off of sales?
            Fine, let’s play the sales and profits game; how much profit was PS3 making Sony when it started?
            How long did it take to even make profit?
            And was that a failure?
            Thought so.

            Here’s the truth of it; 2 years is too soon to call a system dead, when a lot of its best IP’s haven’t even been given an entry yet, and that’s not even counting the new ones that will obviously come to be on the system.

            And as far as units sold, 7M is not a small number for a system with as little advertisement as Nintendo has given it.
            In retrospect, it’s surprising that it’s reached its current number with the level of advertisement the system has gotten.

            You’ve also conveniently ignored the amount of growth that it has seen on the indie side, in terms of both quality AND quantity, as well as the quality of some of its better third party games, when trying to formulate your opinion.

            I’m not in denial; you’re ignoring the bigger picture for the sake of a point that doesn’t even make sense.
            It has third party support.
            Whether or not that support is AAA like Witcher 3, or suits your tastes at all, or even whether it’s better or worse than the others, is irrelevant; you’re passing on what is essentially a false stigma about the Wii U.
            It doesn’t need to be beating all the others in third party support, to HAVE third party support that is worth taking note of.

            Unless, of course, you just hate the system and want it dead…

          • superkarma

            Again, denial. You can argue about this all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a failed product. Sales prove that, developer support proves that, quarterly reports prove that, the huge drop-off from Wii to Wii U sales prove that, etc.

            I’m not talking about profits. I’m talking about units sold…something the Wii U is failing miserably to do. Nintendo has been forced to do price cuts on a console they were already selling at a major loss. Not only that, but the Nintendo president was forced to take a pay cut due to the awful state of the Wii U. Again, this is all reality…something you don’t seem to be living in.

            Also, the Wii U hasn’t sold 7 million…it has barely sold 6 million. Mind you, that’s after 2 holiday seasons, 2 black fridays, and being on the market for a year with literally no direct competition. The Wii sold 435,000 units in the US 2 months after launch. The Wii U sold 57,000 in the US 2 months after launch. That is a HUGE drop off. Console successors are supposed to outsell (or at least, keep up pace) with their predecessor…not fail miserably by comparison.

            I’ll say it once again: The Wii U cannot and will not survive without 3rd party support. And yes, I mean AAA 3rd party support. Indies are all fine and dandy, but in order to compete (aka be successful) you need to offer something for everyone…and right now, the Wii U only serves as childs console and/or a secondary console to those who already have an Xbox/PS.

          • Branden Thomas

            If the Wii U is failing in sales then what in impeachable hell does that make the Xbox One lol? It’s not even half of what the Wii U has sold to date lmao.

          • That’s not even a little true. Given the consoles shipped to retailers and the NPD reports, the XBox One has, at minimum, already matched the Wii U’s lifetime sales.

          • Gamingfan

            lol no. The Xbox One isn’t close to 6 million sold.

          • superkarma

            Sorry…but that’s incorrect. Microsoft proved how much the X1 is struggling with their quarterly report. Not only that, but how does 5 million shipped to retailers translate to a little over 6 million sold to consumers? In the past 5 months, X1 has only sold a little over 1 million to consumers, which puts it at ~4 million sold.

            The X1 is about 2 million short from Wii U sales and about 3 million short from the PS4. That said, we all know the X1 will obviously rebound and start picking up sales sooner or later. But right now, there’s no denying it’s struggling.

          • smashbrolink

            You still haven’t proven anything, and you’re calling it a failure based off of false information and the presumption that AAA third parties are the most important, when they’re not.

            You’ve also been continuously denying the reality that sales slumps have never, not once, killed off one of Nintendo’s big home consoles, in your continuing efforts to say that I’m not living in reality.

            Face facts; low sales have never killed off Nintendo before now, and that’s not changing.
            From a business stand-point, you aren’t making any sense, either.
            It’s currently under-selling, but the recent quarterly reports say that they’re not longer selling at a loss.
            They’ve managed to do that in a timely manner, and now they’ve got big name games coming out to sweep things away.

            I’ll keep on saying it until the truth sinks in; you’re denying the reality that you’re calling it dead too soon.

          • superkarma

            I’ll say it one last time and then that’s it, since you’re blatantly clear you’re in denial. The Wii U is dead and was a major failure. Nintendo has all but come out and said it. Literally every analyst in the industry has said it. Just about every gamer who has common sense has come to that realization.

            Not sure why you think I’m saying Nintendo is being killed off by Wii U’s low sales. I never said/implied Nintendo was being killed off. Nintendo isn’t going anywhere. I simply said the Wii U is and will always be a failure. It will not rebound. It will not get mediocre sales due to its “big name games”. It will not “sweep things away”. It WILL continue to fade away and get pathetically depressing sales as time goes on.

            Also, congrats on the Wii U no longer selling at a loss. That means absolutely nothing as far as it being a complete and utter failure. All that means is that hardware prices have dropped, which is always inevitable as time goes on. Now Nintendo will finally make money on each unit sold…awesome. Too bad there will relatively be hardly any units being sold.

            Anyways, I’m done wasting my time with a fanboy who’s in denial and simply refuses to accept the facts that literally everyone in the industry has admitted and/or come to the conclusion. You can continue living in your fantasy world where you think those “big name games” will “sweep things away” for the Wii U and everything will be happily ever after. Have fun with that fantasy.

          • smashbrolink

            Sorry, but the only one here in denial is you.

            The plain truth is that you’re unwilling to accept the FACT that you’re calling it dead without any compelling evidence, and the hypocrisy in your tone and words is abhorrently obvious.

            Here’s the facts; Industry analysts have been calling Nintendo AND its systems dead since the SNES.
            EVERYONE in the Wii’s generation was saying it would die off early.
            Same for when the 3DS first launched.

            You’re ignoring history and telling me I’m in denial when you’re obviously too stupid to learn from history; the system’s not dead, it’s still got games and support coming, the analysts are wrong about its fate, and so, much to your obviously hatred-driven ire, are you.

            I look forward to seeing your face when the sales a few years from now force you to eat the crow you’re so obliviously fattening up with your self-delusions and lack of research into Nintendo’s own console history.

            And yes, please do stop.
            It makes no sense to continue when you’re that far behind on common sense.

          • superkarma

            Ok. Later, fanboy.

          • smashbrolink

            Yeah. Later, blatant in-denial hater/hypocrite.

          • Xtreme Derp

            Well it’s still outselling the Xbox at least.

          • smashbrolink

            I’m sure both it and the Wii U will be picking up in sales sometime soon.

          • Frederick Vazquez

            It’s fail consoles but has most exclusive s smh lol

          • superkarma

            And yet, no one is buying it…so what does that tell you?

          • Daniel Lawson

            4 million plus people = no one… nice logic

          • superkarma

            Figures you would take that literally…lol. Nice retort.

          • Branden Thomas

            Well technically the PS4 and the Wii U has sold the legitimate numbers that have been reported. The Xbox One on the other hand has been factoring in every literal unit sold including those to retailers. Sounds like they have a lot more problems than Nintendo especially when Nintendo is still financially comfortable unlike Sony.

            It’s just ironic how people hated the Wii yet it sold so much that the PS3 and 360 could barely keep up for the longest time. Goes to show that anything can happen.

            Nintendo’s main issue is marketing. It sucks. Nobody really knows about the Wii U and without really explaining much, the system does look wack but it’s not. Lack of 3rd party support is absolutely their second biggest problem though. They have good games on the system as of right now but lack of marketing is hurting the chances of gaining potential customers.

          • superkarma

            Agreed. The Wii was a powerhouse as far as marketing and sales…but it was also a fluke. Something like that is highly unlikely to happen again. The major selling point for the Wii was motion gaming and how it appealed to the everyday family. That’s what got the initial sales, but how many people actually stuck with the Wii long-term? Probably not many. I jumped on the Wii bandwagon as well…but soon after, it started collecting dust and now it sits up in my attic collecting even more dust.

            Like you said, Nintendo’s issue is marketing. I have no idea how a company can come off such a high from the Wii and then just seemingly not care about the Wii U. Because of the little to no marketing, you get low console sales. Because of the low console sales, you get lack of 3rd party support, since developers aren’t going to be making profits off that platform. Because of lack of 3rd party support, you get even lower console sales. It’s a vicious cycle that Nintendo should have done something about, but apparently just didn’t care.

          • Frederick Vazquez

            Cus everyone Bitch in that it not selling just buy shit lol.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Its been out for over a year, so of course it does.

      • Gamingfan

        I guess the PS3 was a failed product after a year or two as well.

        • superkarma

          Not sure why you Nintendo guys love to compare it to the PS3. That comparison makes absolutely no sense. Just because both products struggled at launch doesn’t make them comparable. Not only that, but the PS3 launch was miserable due to many factors…the cell CPU, the $600 price tag, and the lack of supplies available being the main ones. Not to mention,

          That said, the PS3 rebounded due to its games and obvious developer support. The Wii U will not rebound if it doesn’t get AAA games from 3rd parties. That’s just a simple fact. It’s not like I’m saying something completely out there. Do a quick google search and everything I’m saying has been plastered on literally every website talking about the Wii U’s failures. This is all common knowledge…except apparently to Nintendo fans.

          • Gamingfan

            I have a Wii U and I’m getting a PS4. That’s some nice damage control though. lol fanboys.

          • superkarma

            Lmao…damage control? It’s proven facts. Why the hell would I need to do damage control?

          • Gamingfan

            I suppose you think Sony is fine financially as well aye. 😉

          • superkarma

            Lol, typical fanboy deflection. What does Sony’s financials have to do with anything being discussed here? Did I imply Nintendo was hurting financially? No.

            We all know Nintendo is doing awesome as far as money goes…no thanks to the Wii U. Just like we all know Sony has obvious financial problems. Again, that has nothing to do with this…but of course, that’s the fanboy go-to defense.

          • Gamingfan

            I have no interest in Super Smash Bros. That kind of owns you in every way. A fanboy defends everything about a company. Kind of what you are doing right now.

          • superkarma

            How am I defending any company here? Lol, you really are a fool. Please, go back to IGN.

            I’m simply talking about the obvious Wii U’s failures. No one (including myself) was even talking about Sony or any other company…that is, until you came here and starting spewing nonsense and deflecting from the main argument.

            Just stop.

          • Gamingfan

            You attack the Wii U all the time whether it being on IGN or here. You clearly worship Sony.

          • superkarma

            I haven’t been on IGN in probably 5-6 months. I remember your name from there, though. You were the blatant Nintendo fanboy. I also haven’t even mentioned the Wii U on this site in probably…ever…until tonight.

            Anyways, as I recall, arguing with you is a waste of time and goes nowhere…so enjoy.

          • Gamingfan

            Well you must have a clone of some kind over there because I saw your exact username on IGN less than a week ago. A blatant Nintendo fanboy because I say good things about the Wii U? and I’ve even said I didn’t like the Gamecube or Wii. Enjoy worshiping a company knowing you get nothing in return.

          • superkarma

            I was actually IP banned from IGN for calling out the mods on their crap…so yeah, that’s definitely not me over there. But you can believe what you want, I suppose.


          • Gamingfan

            I actually prefer the Playstation but I do like some Nintendo games. I grew up with Nintendo on the SNES and the N64 but I’ve also had every Playstation console.

          • collegemusicbaby

            were you banned chump?

          • Gamingfan


          • collegemusicbaby

            Yes you were, stop the damage control. You haven’t posted in 8 days.

          • Gamingfan

            I’m not banned. How am I posting then?

          • collegemusicbaby

            From IGN

          • Gamingfan

            Banned on IGN. This is Dualshockers. I’m not posting much anyway even on this site.

          • collegemusicbaby

            You WILL be missed

          • EverAlwaysRealLife

            You sound really bitter, you have to deal with the fact that the wiiu is a flop and a mistake by Nintendo, Iwata knows it, gamers and analysts know it, it’s just delusional fanboys like yourself can’t grasp the fact..when the CEO of your company says this product is a flop then yes it is serious… Expect a new console by Nintendo in 2016

          • Gamingfan

            Yeah I’m a fanboy when I’ve had every Playstation console and I’m getting a PS4. How much is Sony paying you btw?

          • They Call Me Senpai

            You are a fanboy, you’re vehemently denying facts about the Wii U and attacking Sony for no reason other than the fact that you’re desperate. And saying you’ve owned every PlayStation means nothing, you could be lying in an attempt to cover your ass.

          • Gamingfan

            Denying what facts? I never said the Wii U was doing fine.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            For the most part, Sony is fine financially. Evidenced by the millions they put into R&D, games, TV shows and movies.

          • Gamingfan

            In denial.

        • They Call Me Senpai

          The PS3 sold 10Mil units in its first 7 months, the Wii U is only at about 6Mil after 18 months.

  • birdman jr

    why manually adjust the weather.. it would make the game less playable and less interesting…

    • Pedestrian

      well people like to have options when playing the game, that’s why gta have a cheat to change the weather because more options is always a good thing.
      now i’m like you and i like to have dynamic weather and i trust the devs make any time of day enjoyable to look at and play on.

  • thelivingdead44

    Nobody notices the weather.Move on.

  • orangpelupa

    its MB/s not mb/s.
    15mb/s is less than 2 MB/s

    i wonder about watch_dogs resolution and performance on last-gen console. on current-gen console it already runs in 30fps…

    • Guy Brohski

      Last gen will probaby run between 30-24fps, with lower detail and resolution.

  • Pedestrian

    i’m glad that EMP is not re-charge-able thing, it’s one of those things that are very special and using it left and right ruins the fun of it, i’m gonna use it if i’m absolutely stuck and literally have nowhere to go.

    i have a feeling they prompt you to use it at least once for advancing in story.

  • Josh Boose

    I find it complete bull that next gen has data decryption and online free roam. I don’t have the money for next gen and I prefer current gen anyway. I was really looking forward to those 2 things but nope its next gen exclusive. Thanks Ubisoft…

    • Jason Mozak

      You’re lucky to even be able to PLAY the game on your antiquated hardware. We don’t have “next-gen” systems, YOU have a last-gen system.

      • Josh Boose

        Well sorry that some people can’t afford a new console. The hardware ran gta 5 no problem and it did it well. Watch dogs isn’t that great of graphics. All they have to do is tone the graphics down a small amount and then it becomes very playable on ps3. The hardware is not that crappy…

    • superkarma

      It’s likely an exclusive feature simply because it can’t be done on last-gen hardware…at least, not without performance issues.

  • Ritsuko Blue

    This sounds good. I’ll get it used for Xbox One.

  • Henk van Kaasbeeld

    No multiplayer freeroam on Ps3 and Xbo360?!
    Why Ubisoft?! Why?! Are they out of their minds?!

  • dpgg

    Why is there no free roam for old gen consoles? There’s a reason for everything