Driveclub: You Can Still Get Platinum Trophy with PS Plus Edition; Upgrade Price to be Announced Soon

The fact that the PlayStation Plus Edition of Driveclub won’t allow you to complete the single player Tour mode made many wonder Sony Computer Entertainment walked back on its promise made last year of allowing players to earn the platinum trophy without purchasing the full version.

Luckily Game Director Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky took to NeoGAF to clarify that it’ll still be possible to platinum the game without spending a dollar.

And you still can. Nothing has changed.

Talking about spending, the option to upgrade the free PlayStation plus version to the full version will be still made available, and the price will be announced soon, as Rustchynsky confirmed on Twitter.

As we already knew, the PlayStation Plus version of the game will give access to a single country,  which includes five tracks with eleven variants and ten cars. Apparently that will be enough to get the coveted platinum trophy, and completing the Tour mode won’t be necessary.

For the moment only five countries (Scotland, Norway, Canada, Chile and India) have been officially announced, but we don’t know if there will be more in the final game. We also don’t know which one will be included in the PlayStation Plus edition.

The full car list still hasn’t been disclosed (even if the latest trailer included 18 different rides), and interrogated on whether the game will include any Japanese cars Rustchynsky declined to respond, mentioning that he can’t disclose the rest of the car list yet.

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  • demonv

    Some PS Blog manager said it’ll be 49€ to upgrade to full version from PS+ Edition

    • Misha Shevkun

      Go to the store, he mean?

      • demonv

        The PS Store yep.

        • Misha Shevkun

          I mean 49€ is near the full price of DC

          • xXShifftyXx

            Thats the point all the PS+ version is is a demo not ment to slash the price in half or anything its a brand new PS4 game

          • Misha Shevkun

            Upgrade can’t price like full game, it’s stuped

          • neko working

            i’m sure it will be a bit cheaper than retail edition,
            we can’t resell it afterall.

          • extermin8or2

            It IS the full price…. I’ll wait and see what they announce…. Maybe he was mistaken.

          • Misha Shevkun

            Live in Russia, not aware of price of full game in Europe, sorry.

          • Rock Lee

            PS4 games in the Netherlands PS Store are €69 for most 3rd party games (Watch_Dogs, Fifa, NBA etc) and €59 for 1st party (Knack, Killzone). This is pretty retards as the disc based games retail for €50-€65 in the stores.

            If the game really is €49 in the PS Store, than you’ll have a discount of €10 (since 1st party are €59.) Not really a worthwhile discount… I’ll get this game through the US Store anyway. $59 vs €69, easy choice.

            And yeah, we get screwed big time over here. €69 = $96(!)

          • Misha Shevkun

            In Russia most retail games priced ~56-59€, in PS Store 48-50€.
            AAA Third party (Watch Dogs, Destiny, etc.) and First Party 60€, games like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or LEGO series over 47€.

  • bombshell

    Chile and Canada are also known countries, so a total of 5 is known at this point.


    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re right. I fixed it, thanks 😀

  • Loocho

    good news ;O..ummm how can i support this website ?

  • Delsin Rowe

    no need for the ps plus edition. i’ll buy this game in the day 1 😀

  • Boerewors

    This must be so hard for developers, to develop a game which is financially destined to fail, no matter the effort you put in. If the “glorified demo”,as some described it, indeed is big enough for Sony to grant it a Platinum trophy, I can hardly imagine more than 5% of the people going for an upgrade. I think they will go for a F2P model, where additional tracks and cars can be bought seperately or in bundles… That way you’ll probably get closer to breaking even in the end than when you sell it as one, expensive big upgrade. This is one of these things they promised on a high, when everyone was cheering for them, but can turn out a PR disaster of not treated right.

    • You are flat out wrong

      If it’s any good and the price is reasonable, I might stump up for the full version.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      The easy way to do that is to include a season pass or at least a few dlc packs into the retail version. So if you get the PS+ edition you’d have to spend $60 to get the content of the full game but the benefit of getting the full game around launch is more content.

    • SunnyRivers

      Double Platinum! Or better yet, Sony can create a Diamond Trophy! Trophy list can be over 100. Something like that would be great for large games that may actually grow in size.

    • Jecht_Sin

      The PS+ Edition was supposed to be a kind of “gift” for people buying the PS4 at launch, also to push the (mandatory for online play) PS+ subscriptions.

      The game has been delayed, but the offer didn’t change. People very much into racing games will buy the full game, all others will just enjoy a platinum trophy in a “free” racer of modest size (which still counts 10 cars, 5 tracks and 11 variations each).

  • benbenkr

    I soeculate the upgrade would be $40. I of course hope I’m wrong.

  • Harerazer

    How the Hell can you Platinum a game when you only get maybe 20% of it. So you don’t even have to play the damn game to get credit for finishing it? I can see the trophies now: Make a left turn, go 0-60, complete a race. drive a black car.

    • superkarma

      20% of it? Sounds like you need to do some reading before spewing nonsense.

      • Harerazer

        Hi Mr. Evolution PR Guy. Let’s see. at least 5 countries and you get 1. What’s that? 20%. If you can completely Platinum the list (which usually means “Get every Trophy”, you idiot) then the other 4 countries (and there may be more) are completely unnecessary. Whatever you do outside of the 1 country you get is totally irrelevant to the Trophy list. Now while I don’t really care about Trophies there are many who care deeply about them, so much so that they will not buy a game if it has no Trophies. Maybe you should learn to read entire articles and their relevant stories before spewing your nonsense.
        Oh, and “nonsense” means “not having sense” which is exactly what your comment is.

        Stay in your lane, puppy, you can’t run with the big dogs.

        • Somebodyissilent

          Sounds like someone is upset.

          • Harerazer

            After preordering my PS4 solely for this game and then having to wait a year for a neutered version…yes, I’m very upset.

          • Jordan

            I’m just salty about the Ps+ version getting a platinum.. To me it feels like you don’t NEED to buy the retail game to get everything out of the game. If that makes sense. For example.. The kingdom Hearrts 1.5 platinum requires you to do EVERYTHING in the game.

        • They Call Me Senpai

          Have you ever thought that the PS Plus edition comes with its own watered down trophy list? No, you’d much rather fly off the handle an and overreact.

          • Jordan

            It doesn’t make sense… the PS+ version should be a “demo” of the game.. if the consumer likes it enough they can upgrade to the full game. EVERY person on Ps4 has PS+. That’s basically advertising your game for free..unless Sony is paying them. I don’t like it. They should have never released the free version. If the platinum list is the same for the free version and retail version then i don’t see a reason to buy it retail.

          • Harerazer

            Actually the attach rate of PS+ to PS4 was announced as somewhere around 70%, I believe, which is kinda unfathomable. Why would you NOT get PS+ is you have any Playstation platform?

          • Harerazer

            I’m not flying off the handle. If you’d have read my first comment I said they would have watered down trophies since the majority of the content won’t be available. My second comment was basically a reply to someone who deleted their post (as it says in the post) so maybe it seems to you that I’m overreacting towards Evolution and the game but that’s not the case. If you’re implying they would have a completely different Trophy list for the retail and PS+ versions, that’s a bit ridiculous bordering on idiotic.
            Why is it that people don’t read and apply intelligence BEFORE commenting?

  • thelivingdead44

    Anybody got a gameplay of the Indian track of Driveclub.I wanna see what it looks like.

  • Karlo87

    If the free country is Norway I’ll be happy

  • ipot_04

    not really into racing games though i’d still play it but not that much that i would get the platinum trophy.