Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Video Shows UI, Games, Loading, Connection Test and More

If you’re not in the PlayStation Now beta (or if you’re not American like me) but want to see what the service looks like, a reader that opted to remain anonymous sent us a real treat in the form of a full fledged video walkthrough of the current beta.

The video starts from the launch of the service and basically goes through everything there’s to see, doing a connection test, browsing the games catalog and even loading and playing a couple games (Puppeteer and Saints Row: The Third).  Incidentally It’s also very well made (kudos to the author, really). If it wasn’t recorded off screen it could almost be mistaken for an official trailer.

You can check it out below, but remember that, as you can read at the bottom of the screen, what’s shown in this sneak peek is for testing purposes only, and is not indicative of the final service.

[Thanks for the Tip: Megalocrab]

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  • Onlive 3.0

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      More like gaikai 2.0 😛

  • Looks awesome especially the Saints row demo. Gives me hope for cloud gaming…

    • Jecht_Sin

      Cloud gaming? Not related at all.. This is streaming, a totally different beast.

  • Lemondish

    I received an invite into this bloody thing in my e-mail, but when I fill out the required information I never receive the key. Its frustrating 🙁

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Yeah, I have a friend that’s still cursing because he didn’t receive his key from the very first wave. I know you’re not alone there.

    • Jeremy Jacinto

      just got mine 2 days ago

  • Averix

    It it only on PS3 or have they got a PS4 version yet?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Only on PS3 for now, from what I know.

      • Daniele Fabbiani

        è stato detto da mesi che PSNow sarà su PS4, anche perché è stato fatto principalmente per far giocare i giochi della PS3 sulla 4. Disinformazione…

  • i have a feeling that video is terribly sped up. it has the same exact interface as the PS Store, and the PS Store can move like a snail sometimes

    • Kamille

      the PS Store on PS4 it’s as slow as it is on PS3? Because I logged to it yesterday on PS3 after a very long time only to buy Persona 4 and was baffled by how stupidly slow and choppy it was. It was simply ridiculous.

      • Gamez Rule

        Agreed. PS-Store really needs to be sorted out. I wish it had the new look BUT with the older stores speed.

      • superkarma

        Yeah, that’s my only complaint with the PSN store on the PS3…it is incredibly slow and choppy. The rebuild they did to it was simply not meant for the PS3’s hardware.

        But the store on the PS4 is perfectly fine. It runs nice and smooth. It’s only on the PS3 that you will begin to hate yourself if you have to go into the PSN store lol

    • redd214

      Its blatantly obvious certain portions are sped up. Still looks good nonetheless to me. The ps4 store is much faster than on the ps3 in my experience.

      • i typed that comment as i was watching the video. i wasnt at the part where he purposely sped up and you can tell.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It is sped up (not the loading part, I’ve seen other videos of that, and the gauge moves at the same speed). Probably the author wanted to put more stuff in less time.

  • Aria68

    Soon it’ll be advertised as, ” SONY THE NETLIX FOR GAMIN’ ”

    you heard it first here folks!

    • HyperHicham

      Thanks, apple.

    • SunnyRivers

      That’s been said almost as soon as Sony mentioned game streaming.

  • RealityCheck2013

    Looks COOL 😛

  • Luca

    Giuseppe, grazie per questo sito molto curato e intelligente.continuate così!

  • Kalax03

    Does somebody know the song of the video?

    • Stranger On The Road

      Yah, me like that type of music, but I could never look them up since I don’t know what to look for! The closed I got get was the games sound tracks 🙁

      But man, I enjoyed the music more than the video 🙂

      • Kalax03

        Really like the piano, would sound good in some of my video’s. 🙁

    • ManagedCorn

      Seems like stock free music, Shazzam couldn’t’ get it D:

      • Kalax03

        Yup, something i already was afraid of. My Shazam did not recognize it either, thanks anyway.

    • Jeremy Jacinto

      have you tried google now? it’s like shazam now too…….. The music is FIRST TO LAST by Gunnar Olsen …. it’s a stock Youtube audio library lol…… and you welcome

  • Stranger On The Road

    Loading time, I guessing that is the amount of time it takes to duplicate the game on your remote machine. More popular games would be duplicated on more storage devices and be closer to the remote machines. While unpopular games would need to travel a longer distance on a pretty condensed network.

  • Snake eyes 211

    I hope they make PlayStation now part of PS plus even if PS plus has to get a $10 increase

    • superkarma

      I hope they don’t. Why should I have to pay extra for something I may never use/want? It should (and I’m sure it will) be a separate service entirely.

      • Snake eyes 211

        Then it will be a failure because the attach rates will be too low

        • superkarma

          I’m sure people said the same when PS+ was introduced. Yet, here we are. I doubt the attach rates will be too low, as I can’t imagine this service being all that costly.

          • Snake eyes 211

            That’s a very silly response saying that Xbox had proven they charging for that type of service was feasible as for PlayStation now being a rental service. Rental services have not been doing well in the last few years

          • superkarma

            What? PS+ is nothing like the XBL subscription. PS Now doesn’t even exist yet, so not sure how you could say it hasn’t been doing well in the last few years. If you mean PS+, I’d say it’s doing perfectly fine, considering that’s straight profit for Sony.

            The point is, PS Now will be on 4 platforms…PS4, PS3, Vita, and Bravia TV’s. They will likely not have any problems with attach rates. It’s certainly too early to call it a failure, simply because they won’t include it in PS+. Now that’s just a silly response.

          • Snake eyes 211

            First off PlayStation now is only launching in North America a big market but not the biggest and shortly not the place with the most PS3. all the other devices you mention it is unclear when PlayStation now will arrive on those platforms

          • superkarma

            I’m looking past the actual launch. I’m not expecting millions and millions of people to sign up for it at launch. I was referring to the attach rates in general and over time. Also, when it launches in the US, it’ll be for PS4, PS3, and most 2014 Bravia models. The Vita will follow probably later in the year, as they haven’t been too clear on that yet.

            Sony has larger plans for PS Now…far larger than just Sony/Playstation devices. They’ve said multiple times how they want it on many connected devices. Obviously, it’ll become available to other regions as time goes on. That said, it’s not too far fetched to believe attach rates won’t be an issue.

          • Snake eyes 211

            You bring up some good points I would just hate to see Sony fail in any PlayStation department as that is the one shining light right now as many of Sony’s endeavors are all in losses right now except for PlayStation I just wish them the best

          • superkarma

            Same here — I wasn’t trying to come off as a troll or anything, was just saying (and hoping) PS Now doesn’t fail. If it doesn’t, it just means more money for Sony, which means we all benefit.

          • dandrefalcon

            Here here..

          • Snake eyes 211

            I was talking about rental services as a whole have been down for years. and PlayStation and Xbox be nothing the same it’s a paid service so it is the same you pay for services rendered Xbox proved you could do it and PlayStation followed suit with a better proposal and incentives and everything I tell you I see you’re just trying to troll me so please don’t answer me back

          • superkarma

            Lol, how am I trying to troll you? I’m simply saying how it’s silly to call it a failure, merely because it won’t be included in PS+. And no, rental services as a whole have been booming over the last few years. Netflix is an absolute powerhouse..and the competitors aren’t having any problems keeping pace either. Rental services will always be around…especially digital/online rentals.

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Redbox and Gamefly have been doing very well these past few years, so PlayStation Now should see similar success – especially once it moves to mobile/tablet.

          • Suliman العمر

            Do people still buy Bravia TV’s? I only got mine because they were doing a clearance on Sony TV’s and ended up getting a kickass 55″ 1080p LED TV for 499.99$.

            On an other note, I don’t think PS Now will even fail, they’re stretching it into big platforms, I always wanted to play PS3 games on my PS4, have way too many titles I have yet to touch :c.

          • superkarma

            No idea…I personally never favored Bravia’s lol..but damn, you did get a great deal. I was just pointing out that it’s just 1 more platform for it to be on, which certainly doesn’t hurt. 🙂

          • Suliman العمر

            A very great deal!

            Any other Samsung or a good brand tv would have costed me more.

          • thelad

            If you haven’t been looking @ Bravia’s the past few years you’ve been missing out on some great TV’s.

          • Suliman العمر

            I just got one 9 months ago… for 499.99$…

          • thelad

            I read that, and it is a great deal you got. I was just commenting on your “Do people still by Bravia’s?” statement, I read that as a ‘dig’ but I now see that it might have been nothing more than a genuine question, in which case fair enough. Further to add to my original comment the HX series of TV’s from ’10 & ’12, the smaller CX’s from ’11 and the W9’s from ’13 are all quite rightly award winning TVs that deserved the sales and attention they received.

          • Snake eyes 211

            And by the way what do you think would be a fair price ?

          • superkarma

            I don’t know. We don’t have enough information about it yet to really say. It could be similar to the PS+ model and go for about $50/year. It could be similar to other streaming services (Hulu/Netflix) and be closer to $100/year, or about $8/month. “Fair” is subjective to the person. To me, I think the $100/year price is pretty fair, considering what the service will offer.

            It’s too early and we have too little information to go on. Either way, it’s certainly not going to be included in PS+. If anything, they’ll give PS+ members a slight discount, but that’s about it.

  • Somebodyissilent

    Trust guys it’s fine. I know a guy who knows a guy who can confirm this.

  • Alex King

    I hope they do it as a service and not the rumored costs per allotted time thing.

  • Jeremy Jacinto

    i’m in the beta… i load a game puppeteer…. i only waited less than 30 seconds till i got into the main screen menu…. the service is really smooth… i live in nyc : my download speed is 40 Mbps and upload speed is 10 Mbps

    • Somebodyissilent

      Are you even allowed to talk about it?

      • MTM2

        I suppose that explains his sudden anonymity haha 🙂

        • Somebodyissilent

          Thought that was the case.

  • bj,

    I’m in the beta if anyone has any questions

    • Christopher Jones

      Can you check and see if they have Urban Reign. It was from PS2.

      • bj,

        no Urban Reign right now

    • P.T.

      yeah what are the pricing question they have asked ? i know they said that part of the beta was going to be asking and finding out what they should charge? so can u give a what your options there was?

      • bj,

        there is just a little survey they give you after you play the games basic stuff like how it ran not sure if i remember them asking a price….. right now you can’t play wireless there is too much lag right now everything is free so it’s kinda like netflix not sure what to think if they want to charge for every game you rent

  • Christopher Jones

    Can somebody advise if Urban Reign is included? It was a great PS2 game.

  • Thomas H Sisk

    I am lucky enough to be a beta tester. the service works wonderfully over my wireless service. My son is playing it ask the time.

    • What do you test on? PS4? If so I see that Saints Row is an option is it the full game for free? Or just the demo?

  • parrotcam

    I hope they sell this on the Netflix model of pricing because I wouldn’t want to rent games and pay for a certain rental time. I really want it to be around $8-10 per month, that’s the perfect price imo.

    • I highly doubt that I mean HOW would you get games? They won’t give you a library of 100’s of games and say HERE PLAY EM’

      They gotta make money it’s a company.

      • Jeffrey Kuhl

        Why not? Netflix gives you hundreds of movies and tv shows for $8 a month. They aren’t exactly hurting for money either.

  • Dave King

    I’d like to know how much they’re planning on charging for this service too? And also whether or not all PS users will have access to the same library worldwide? I hate that we cant get some of the titles that the rest of the world gets on the PS store here in Australia.
    And will we get access to the entire back catalogue of PS games?

  • Adam Acuo

    What would be absolutely amazing would be if Sony were to eventually allow the streaming of PS4 games on the PS3. It sounds crazy, but if you can stream PS4 games to the Vita then there shouldn’t be any problem doing it on the PS3. It would increase the size of the market for Sony and frankly subscribers paying a monthly fee for Now are worth more than those that buy the PS4 hardware without a subscription.

    • MTM2

      Nope, it would make buying a PS4 pointless drastically damaging the PS4 install base and ruining it’s third party support.

      Plus PS4 games on the vita are processed locally and sent through Wi-Fi, PS Now would require the PS4 games to be processed externally and streamed from a server which would be more of an issue with more intensive PS4 games but also costly for Sony. It’s cheap to build a PS3 now, it’s still pretty expensive to build a PS4 – so Sony would have to up their PS Now prices to the point nobody would use it.

      In short, bad idea in every sense. You don’t release a console then release another product which renders it useless.

      • Adam Acuo

        Yeah, I disagree. I stream games from my gaming rig to a pretty crappy Linux based notebook with no problem. I grant you that if the processing is done remotely that the experience would be compromised, but not much more than if you’re streaming a PS3 game to a PS4 – the processing there is also on the remote machine since your PS4 is incompatible with the PS3. What matters in either case is the size of your pipe and Sony’s pipe. On the business end of it, a subscriber at say $10 per month is worth over $1000 in value to Sony (that’s ten times revenue) if we use other comparables – for Netflix each subscriber is with $4000 for example). A purchase of the hardware by comparison is worth maybe $50 in gross profit times say 6x on th upper end for a value of $300. The subscriber is worth more than three times the value.

  • DannyB10u

    This looks pretty cool but I think in practise most will have serious problems with lag #PSNow