Sony Trademarks “Everything’s Game” for the United States

Sony has been on a trademarking spree lately, and this time it’s the turn of the MMORPG arm of the company Sony Online Entertainment to file for another trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The trademark filed is “Everything’s Game” and it belongs to the international class 41, that is relative┬áto online multiplayer games and services.

At the moment there’s no information on what the new trademark may be about, but considering how vocal the folks at SOE are, we’ll probably hear about it soon.


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  • Negi Springfield

    Entwined , Kill Strain , Dark Chronicles , Blood Borne , Project Beast , Guns Up and Everything`s Game ?!

    WOO !

    • Project Beast is not trademarked yet.

      • Negi Springfield

        I Know it`s rumored , But i`m keeping my hopes up that its real and Hopefuly a PS4 Exclusive.

        • Yeah, I didn’t mean it is fake, or not real. I guess (I hope) Sony will talk about it next month.

          • Negi Springfield

            We can only hope.

            Oh E3 , Where art thou.

    • Sly Cooper

      Not to mention Arc The Lad was re-trademarked a while back.

      • Negi Springfield

        Hm , By SONY ?

        • Sly Cooper


  • Boerewors

    I’m game!

  • Aria68

    The list of Microsoft’s future exclusive games has been leaked;
    Halo 5, Gears of war 4, Halo XXXX, Gears of war XXXX, Halo 6, Gears of war 5, FORZA 6, Quantum break, Halo 7, FORZA HORIZON 2, Sunset overdrive, Gears of war END OF XXXX, Halo 8, FORZA 7, Gears of war The beginning of an end. Halo 1 (3rd trilogy), Remake Halo 2, Remake Halo 3, Remake Gears of war trilogy, Gears of war NEXT.

    • Prince514

      WTF all I see is Gears,Halo and Forza ALOT.

    • D-Kon

      Pointless trolling….no one in here is mentioning xbox…how about staying relevant to the topic…smh, children these days

  • NoNeedToArgue

    trademarkapalooza over there at Sony