Nintendo’s Results for FY 2013 Are Out: Wii U Reaches 6.17 Million Lifetime Sales, 3DS 43 Million, Worse than Expected

Nintendo just published its financial results for Fiscal Year 2014, and they don’t look overly positive, proving worse than what indicated by previous forecast modifications .

We also learn that the Wii U has sold 6.17 million units in its lifetime as of March 31st, while the 3DS reached the much more flattering amount of 43.33 million units. Wii U software sales now total 32.28 million, while 162.92 million 3DS games have been sold.

Hardware sales in fiscal year 2013 were 12.2 million for the 3DS and 2.7 million for the Wii U. In the past year 3DS software sales reached almost 68 million, while Wii U game sales stopped just short of 19 million.


Here’s the full breakdown of sales for hardware and software divided by model and region:


We also get some data about the sales performance of key titles as of March 31st:

  • Pokèmon X & Y: 12.26 million
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 3.8 million (this year, 7.66 million overall)
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon: over 2 million
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: over 2 million
  • Mario & Luigi: Dream Team: over 2 million
  • Super Mario 3D World: over a million
  • New Super Mario Bros. U: over a million
  • New Super Luigi U: over a million

The company promised to strive to continue providing key software titles for the 3DS in order to generate “robust profits.”

On the Wii U front, the press release mentions that Nintendo intends to focus on efforts to stimulate the platform, by providing games that take advantage of the GamePad, utilizing its built-in capabilities with near field communication. In addition to this, Nintendo DS virtual console titles to the line-up of the Wii U. The company will also “seek to enrich the value”  of the GamePad itself, which is seen as the most important differentiating factor from the competition, and to proactively improve the digital distribution business via the eShop.

An extensive  statement about the future management policies for the company was also made:

In the belief that the true value of entertainment lies in individuality, Nintendo continues to provide unique products and services by positioning as its core management strategy the dedicated video game platform business of hardware and software integration, in which Nintendo can best leverage its strengths. In addition, by introducing Nintendo Network IDs and taking advantage of smart devices, for example, Nintendo strives to strengthen its efforts to build a long-term relationship with its consumers and expand the market of its own platforms.

Moreover, by redefining entertainment as something that improves people’s QOL (Quality of Life) in enjoyable ways, Nintendo aims to deploy a new platform business that improves people’s QOL in enjoyable ways in a new field that is different from that of dedicated video game systems. The first theme will be health, and Nintendo plans to capitalize on being an entertainment company in devising a unique approach of its own.

In addition, Nintendo strives to utilize its abundance of character IP more actively, providing its IP with more exposure in places other than video games, while achieving a certain level of profit from its licensing business at the same time.

With its mission to pleasantly surprise consumers and put smiles on the faces of everyone it touches, Nintendo will continue to offer new and unique propositions and contribute to the development of the home entertainment industry.

The negative difference with the previous forecast was chalked to the fact that Wii U and 3DS hardware sales did not reach expected levels. The increase of operating loss was mentioned to be due to the increase in inventory write-down and higher research and development costs in addition to the decrease of net sales.

Nintendo 3

We also get some forecast for the current fiscal year, ending on March 31st 2015:


Nintendo predicts to sell 12 million 3DS units and 3.6 million Wii U consoles in FY 2014. On the software front the forecast is of 67 million 3DS games and 2 Million Wii U titles moved.

The overall results are pretty bleak, but it’s interesting to read about an increase in research and development expenses. It’s pretty obvious that Nintendo is gearing up for new hardware, and while we don’t know when it’ll be announced, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what it’ll come packed with.

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  • Guest

    Abriael posting Nintendo news? Oh wait it’s bad Nintnedo news. No shit. This guy needs to be fired.

    • JustGaming

      I think it’s fair to say, at least when it comes to financials/sales, that most Nintendo news nowadays isn’t overly positive. This is no surprise either, but hopefully they will actually show some games around E3.

    • ps4lol

      Abriael runs this website. You’re probably going to get banned for that comment. Unless you were talking about Iwata.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re very free to petition our editors to fire me at

      I’m sure they’ll appreciate a free laugh early in the morning.

      • Guest

        Dear Editors at,

        Fire Abriael.



    • joel

      He is reporting important stuff here, wtf is your problem. Stop being a fanboy.

    • NeoTechni

      Would you prefer he bias it up to ignore the negatives?

    • Mikail

      “Iwata is doing Bad with Wii u and Nintendo s Overall ? Oh wait it’s just an an usual bad Nintendo news like always. No shit. This guy (Iwata) needs to be fired.”

    • You are flat out wrong

      No problem with them posting good reviews of their games though, right?

      You can be a fan of Nintendo and still recognise that the Wii U is flopping hard.

    • Raven Nafariea

      You have got to be kidding. Giuseppe is an awesome reporter! He is the main reason why I started posting on this site. You have got to be mental my friend. lol

    • desponent

      Reality is harsh

      Let’s all sing together in the holy wii wii land instead


  • ps4lol

    Is that 6.17 sold-in to retailers or sold through to consumers?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s not specified, all the press release mentions is “sold” and “sales,” which normally means sold-in. The difference is irrelevant for what financials are concerned anyway.

      When something is sold to retailers for what Nintendo and its investors are concerned it’s sold, period. Money is in the bag.

      • megablast16

        I know that’s how companies look at it but I’d have thought it would be better for consoles to be in homes being used and having games bought for them rather than sitting in stockrooms and warehouses, But, as you say, ultimately it’s money in the bag.

  • NeoTechni

    I’m glad to see they’ll refocus on the gamepad. The last report was the other way around.
    I could not care less about NFC though. Importing the Pokemon rumble figures to Canada was a big ripoff

  • justaplayer

    damn it Nintendo if only you were Listening to Your Customers….

    • NeoTechni

      They’ve always been about telling us to want what they give us instead of giving us what we want

      • neko working

        p-please u-u-under-pants.. whoops.. u-undestand.

      • Gamez Rule

        Nintendo should release a console people want that has specs on par if not better than what’s on the market now, and allow a 50% money off trade in with the Wii U against their new console.

        It’s bloody clear it’s not selling OR wanted by gamers and for PS4 to out sell Wii Us total sales in just a few months shows that to be the case.

        Nintendo NEEDS to get their heads out the clouds and see what’s going on, and get back up to peoples demands and not what they think we wanted from a console.

        • Orichalon Hades

          they can’t release a new console now AND keep up with the current gen. Even the R&D alone going to devastate Nintendo even more. Also do you think the people that bought a Wii U that will be abandoned by Nintendo gonna buy the new console?

          The perfect scenario imo, and im going to get a lot of flak for this, is for Nintendo to leave the hardware race altogether and just release game for multi platform or just focuses on the 3DS as that seems like the best option atm.

  • CervantesPR

    well whats new? nothing much, wii u is still a failure, no nintendo hate intended, just saying things how it is.

    • Orichalon Hades

      you know what sad is? in my local EBGame, the WiiU is getting shafted to the back of the store, even with Mario Kart 8 coming out soon.

      • Sir Elton Pr0n

        Can’t blame the retailer really. They need to promote products which actually sell.

      • joel

        In the US a retailer named sears had a clearence sale Wii Us for 100$ and still nobody bought any.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Yeah, I see Wii U shoved to the backend, stuffed in with the Wii games. To a casual observer it doesn’t look like a new console at all.

        3DS gets a decent amount of coverage though.

      • PachterStation

        Argos in the UK are about to ditch the Wii U.

  • Mus1ckFPS

    Normally Stealth20k would be here damage controlling this, surprised he isnt

    • ps4lol

      What is there to damage control? Nintendo fans can only grit their teeth and hope Nintendo’s next hardware announcement isn’t a bunch of shark jumping “lifestyle accessories”.

      • Kumomeme

        still better than kinect

    • NeoTechni

      Give him a few minutes.

    • stealth20k

      Sorry, I do not give angry trolls the satisfaction

  • Orichalon Hades

    3.6 M Wii U for a whole fiscal year?
    Wow, Not very optimistic is it?

    • Guest

      2.7 M says there. You are being generous.

      • Orichalon Hades

        no no i mean Nintendo prediction for FY 2014, which start now until March next year.

        • Guest

          My fault i read it wrong. But yea 3.6 M with Mario kart and smash coming really says you have no faith in the Wii U.

  • You are flat out wrong

    A shame about the Wii U. I do hope it picks up when MK8 and SSB are released.

    On the plus side, this means that the Xbone is still dead third in the sales race and at the current rate it means they won’t catch up for at least three months!

    • Orichalon Hades

      to be fair, Wii Uwas released almost 2 year ahead of XBO.

    • NeoTechni

      “I do hope it picks up when MK8 and SSB are released.”

      I hope it doesn’t. I don’t want them buying/bribing their way out of failure like they did with the 3DS. I want them to actually fix their mistakes. THEN let it sell.

  • CervantesPR

    Sucks to be a nintendo fan these days.

    • justaplayer

      why? if they having fun with their consoles why should they ?!

    • NeoTechni

      “WII U” and “THE ONLY GOOD CONSOLE” don’t go together
      Not while it has territorial lockout, no ethernet/TOSlink, no dvd/bluray player, no proper account system where I can own 2 Wii Us without rebuying digital games for both, no achievement system, no cross-game chat capabilities, etc.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        “Not while it has territorial lockout, no ethernet/TOSlink, no dvd/bluray player, no proper account system where I can own 2 Wii Us without rebuying digital games for both, no achievement system, no cross-game chat capabilities, etc.”

        That also goes to show that they don’t care about what gamers want and seemingly strive to make a “shitty PC”. As for games, I would say that if they really cared, they’d stop rehashing Mario and slapping “new” on it.

    • neko working

      Why the anger against ps4 ? because it’s better LOL
      I can’t go back being nintendo gamers since PS1 + FF7 and those moments.

    • They Call Me Senpai

      “Sonyggers” was all I needed to see in order to conclude that that person is ignorant. They further proved this by saying that the Wii U is the only good console.

    • JustGaming

      Holy crap, he’s mad.

    • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ
    • jcnba28

      He has a point.

  • Guest

    That quality of life thing has failure written all over it. They really need to fire Iwata and get some young blood in there.

  • Guest

    its not that hard, Just release more games and people will buy them dam wii u . You cant expect to sell a console with 3 games a year.

  • Axe99

    Looks like they’re forecasting 20 million Wii U games for FY 2014, rather than 2 million. Would be odd to expect to sell more systems than units (and I suspect Mario Kart 8 will do more than 2 million in the year all by itself).

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Nintendo should stop Making Consoles, Rest in Piece Nintendo

    • Raven Nafariea

      They should make a console to rival the PS4 and stop making just good enough consoles. But that will never happen unfortunately =(

    • JustGaming


    • NeoTechni

      Agreed. Their coinsoles are lazy. Wii u’s cpu being weaker than 360’s is pathetic. Their online infrastructure is so lacking in functionality that id count psps as superior. If they stopped making consoles we wouldnt have to put up with such mediocrity. And id imagine their games would get better too

  • stealth20k

    These financials are pretty bad. Wii U need to see improvement due to Smash and Mario Kart pronto.

    3DS continues to sell well, and software continues to sell, so it is smart to double down on 3DS.

    Nintendo does a lot right, and a lot wrong, like every company. Shame to see so many fanboys here.

    • Sucka Free

      I think they need to just cut their losses on the Wii U and make a true next-gen (read current gen) console. Give current Wii U owners some kind of sizable trade in discount and full backward compatibility and they could have a real shot at turning this whole thing around. If not and it’s not the hardware, then they need to think about just going handheld and make their other games multiplat

      • stealth20k

        PS4 and X1 I do not even consuder true next gen…………..They are just lower spec’d PC’s. That is not what will make this industry interesting.

        Nintendo should never go multiplat. Nintendo’s software sales are up. Sony and MS are down. Maybe they should go multiplat.

        • Sucka Free

          Whatever is considered to be “true” next gen isn’t determined by you.

          And if they cannot sell their hardware, software sales will follow, that is inevitable. But I think a new console will do the trick. Nintendo has some great IPs, some of my favorites in fact, but if their hardware (and I stress the “IF”) then I would rather see them go multiplat than to lose those IP’s altogether, wouldn’t you?

        • Eric Irving

          That is one thing I will still give Nintendo is that the Wii U still feels like a pure gaming console. PS4 and X1, while I love my PS4, is pretty much a glorified PC. Nintendo is brilliant at making timeless games that still play very well to this day. Both Sony and MS’s first party titles while very good, do show their age over the years.

          • Sucka Free

            That’s because Sony/MS have no real iconic mascot IP’s anymore. Nintendo games are timeless because they use the same characters but change up the gameplay to make games that feel fresh but still have a nostalgia factor. I still love Mario, Super Mario 3D Land was just awesome. Zelda too, Link Between Worlds was among the best Zelda games I’ve ever played.
            Disappointed that Metroid seems to be stalled though

          • Eric Irving

            Pretty much. It is much easier to go back to Mario 64 than it is to Crash Bandicoot. Love the Crash Bandicoot series, but it feels aged to me now, but still play them for the nostalgia factor. I don’t usually get that feeling with Nintendo games. Nintendo just has such a high dedication to making high quality game play.

            I am hoping Retro picks Metroid back up. Make a new Prime game for Wii U and make a side scroll one for 3DS.

          • Sucka Free

            That’s only because there hasn’t been a Crash Bandicoot game in a long time. I took advantage of the short window of opportunity a few weeks back to download a bunch of my PS1 and PSP games to my Vita, among them was the original Crash Bandicoot & Crash Bandicoot Warped, still as much fun as they ever were. Spyro is another one that could do it too. The only reason those IP’s feel dated is because they’ve been neglected so long

          • Eric Irving

            There are a bunch of classic titles that have been neglected that have aged very well.

          • NeoTechni

            I disagree. I prefer crash 2 and 3 to mario64

      • Stranger On The Road

        Note going to work; Nintendo had no experience with HD graphics until the Wii U came out, their current problem is that HD graphics and effects require a lot more of work than SD graphics. So their existing developers -who had no previous experience with HD graphics- had to learn it from the ground up. But they are getting their, Mario Kart 8 is HD… by its own standard.

        Nintendo have always been different; so trying to compete with the PS4 and XB1 in terms of graphics is the wrong move IMNSHO.

        To put it in a different way, the previous generation of consoles sucked in terms of graphics and functionality when compared to a mid-range PC. But hey, we enjoyed playing on those consoles never less, right? So graphics [while admittedly, a very nice extra] wasn’t their best feature, and that didn’t stop us from playing on them instead of the PC.

        The Wii had few JRPGs, with Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story being able to hold their own against any JRPG released on PS3, XB360 and PC. As a Wii U owner, this is what I think Nintendo should focus own, releasing games that don’t have Mario in them!

        I don’t care about graphics [although, it is really nice to have], so the weakness of the Wii U’s hardware isn’t an issue…. just let them release more JRPGs and just make them better than what we had on the PS3… this is all I want from them!

        • Sucka Free

          I agree to a point, but what choice do they have? Their current approach is good if all they want to do offer first party games, but they are losing 3rd party support mainly because its not profitable for them to make games for a single platform anymore.
          I did enjoy those older consoles and have no problem with the weaker graphics but without 3rd party support, the thing is doomed.

          I don’t own a Wii U yet, I want to buy one as I love my 3DS but I don’t want to spend $300 on a system that so far only has a couple games I want to play

          • Stranger On The Road

            I won’t lie; I do sometimes regret buying the Wii U right after seeing the Monolith’s ‘X’ trailer. While the money isn’t the issue, the fact that they kept us this long without it or even news of it is a bit pissing.

            I wonder if they are betting on ‘X’ to be the 3.x million unit seller for 2014 🙂

        • Eric Irving

          They could of given the Wii U the hardware capability of the PS4/X1 and let the 3rd party developers make their games for it and Nintendo could still go at their own pace for HD games. Besides games like Zelda and Metroid, most of Nintendo’s games go for a more cartoon approach and intentionally don’t have the level of texture and detail, because they are not needed. Even then, Nintendo is good at making up for graphical quality with a unique, timeless look like Zelda: Skyward Sword. The biggest thing with hardware limitation was mostly the game pad itself. Nintendo being innovative to a fault.

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    Well there you have folks Pokemon is more of a system seller than anything Nintendo establishes as software on their current Platform’s and I’m actually part of the problem. Pocket Monsters X is the only game I play on my 3DSXL, I should probably put some time into playing the other games I have on it.

  • Eric Irving

    As much as I like my Wii U, it is pretty abysmal how Nintendo approached it.

    First off, the name itself. After the incident with 3DS’s first release, people thought the 3DS was just another iteration of the original DS. It took Nintendo time to convince people that it was actually a brand new system. Over time people got the picture. The same mistake happens with Wii U, the difference this time being that it isn’t being helped by its poor marketing, which is still very poor today. I remember the commercials in the 90’s, while pretty cheesy today, definitely let you know the the Super Nintendo was the next big console and a whole new and better system than the original Nintendo. If Nintendo was so set on using the name Wii U, it should of advertised the hell out of itself to make sure people knew that the Wii U was in fact a new system and not just an add on (which a lot of people think it is).

    Second. Lack of system seller titles at launch. Even back during the NES, Nintendo had one game out that was a must have that made systems fly off the shelf. We had Super Mario Bros. on the NES, Super Mario World on the SNES, Super Mario 64 on the N64, Smash Bros. Melee on GC, and Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii. Despite New Super Mario Bros. U being a good game, it was not a system seller title. From Day 1, there wasn’t any title that said “I must have a Wii U when it comes out.”, more like “Ehh, i’ll wait till something good or more games come out.”. It baffles me, because you all excelled at making just one game make systems fly off the shelves. I can imagine if something like a new Mario Galaxy was a launch title or if Super Mario 3D World was included (I know it came a year later, but just making an example for the hell of it). I guarantee a lot more Wii U’s would be sold at launch.

    Third. Hardware. I will start by saying, I love the game pad. Its light, feels good in your hand, and depending on the game, the touch screen feels like a new extension of the controller. It is awesome that I could access items so easily in Wind Waker HD. Made the experience feel more convenient. That being said, it was a horrible idea to make this without the consent of 3rd party developers. A lot of 3rd party developers now don’t even look at the Wii U anymore because of it’s hardware limitations and having to use resources to not only port their games to it, but program the game pad features also. At initial design, Nintendo should of made sure that the system was still relevant in terms of specs with their competitors. I know Nintendo likes to do their own thing, but they need to make sure they had their ducks in a row before deciding to innovate. So many options Nintendo could of approached, but they decided to make a system that they should of made back in 2006.

    All that being said, I don’t think the Wii U will ever reach the success that Nintendo wants it to. Best thing to do is to get those first party titles out and get as much as you can out of the system. When five or six years or so go by, make a new system and learn from the mistakes of your predecessor. Nintendo is making some smart moves with the release of Mario Kart 8 and it’s bundles with the Wii U and Smash Bros. coming this Winter. I hope at E3 this year and upcoming Nintendo Directs, they pull a fast one and present games that will make us scream that we have to buy one.

    Sorry for the long rant, I just care about Nintendo enough that I want to see them get back on the right track. >_>

    • Stranger On The Road

      A good rant; job well done.

      Regarding the name, I fully agree, the name is confusing and the logo is even worse. The logo looks like Wii with square to it top right; I’m not sure if people are even able to read the ‘U’ in it [the design might make them miss it].

      Perhaps they should consider re-branding the console; just call it Wii 2 while keeping everything the same. Who knows, it might work!

  • Nintendo needs to work with From Software to make the new Zelda. They outsource other properties like Metroid and Donkey Kong to Retro Studios and Smash Bros to Bandai Namco. They even had Capcom do a Zelda title. If they want to sale Wii Us than a badass game mixed with Demon Souls/Dark Souls style (a bit more light hearted) with Zelda would be incredible.

    • Eric Irving

      I think Mario and Zelda are two titles console wise, Nintendo won’t let other companies touch, at least not again *painful memories of Faces of Evil*. On the handheld side I think they are more lenient on letting other companies help develop it. They are letting Tecmo Koei make a Dynasty Warriors Zelda game on the Wii U. Not a main title, but just something cool to add to the Wii U title list.

      • Zelda had already been touched by Capcom.

        • Eric Irving

          Right, but how many home console titles has Zelda been given to 3rd party developers besides the CD-i games? It has always been Nintendo’s in-house developers making the games.

  • Galen Nycroft

    The Wii U has the same problem as the other ‘new’ consoles, there are no games to make people buy the system. I will say it until I am red in the face…THESE SYSTEMS NEED RPGS!

    RPG fans tend to also play other genres, more than any other group. So if you get an RPG fan on your platform, you basically have won the battle. That there are so few RPGs on these systems is pretty abysmal, and it shows that nobody has been paying attention.

    Nintendo needs a major RPG or two in order to bring things back into balance. I would be wining and dining RPG developers like ATLUS, Square-Enix, and I would even try to convince Capcom to dust off Breath of Fire and Konami Suikoden.

    RPGs are the key!

  • PachterStation

    Iwata’s white gloves jinxed the Wii U. He’s far from a magician.

  • PachterStation

    All talk of Nintendo releasing a new console, it won’t happen for years. No need to jump ahead of Microsoft and Sony. Gamers, developers and publishers just want a powerful console with all the bells and whistles and more so plenty of games. Bells and whistles: a hard drive, 1080p support, DVD and Blu-ray playback, a standard controller at an affordable price. That’s all. Fingers crossed Nintendo can at least do that with their next console.

    • Christopher McNair

      Developers want hardware that justifies the huge budgets single games add up too these days. No one wants to make a $100 million game on Wii U when no Wii U owner will buy it, but instead call it “crap” and “half done” just because its not Mario.