BioShock Triple Pack on Sale for 75% Off this Weekend on Steam

If, for some reason, you’ve never played a BioShock game and you’re a PC gamer then you’re in luck. Steam is having a 75% off sale this weekend for the BioShock Triple Pack. This contains all three games: BioShock, BioShock 2 and of course, BioShock Infinite.

To say that these games are critically acclaimed would be a severe understatement. The first BioShock showed the world that first person games could be more than just mindless shooters and created a captivating and dark world. BioShock Infinite won equal acclaim with its twisted plot and fully realized characters. Out of the three games in this pack, BioShock 2 was the one that people didn’t take to as much although it was a solid game in its own right.

To get in on this deal make sure to follow this link here.

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  • Temjin001

    Thanks for the heads up Tony. I have been one of those who never played through a Bioshock. Right now I don’t have the time until closer to Summer. But when I do have the time I’ll be sure to pick up one of these titles. Any recommendations on what the first game I should play be?
    I assume it would be the first… but seeing that gaming standards have risen somewhat since the first game I wonder if I’m better off just starting with Infinite, then playing them backwards from there if I like what I play.

    • MTM2

      Bioshock 1 first, no doubt.

      Without trying to spoil the series, the entire series has references within itself from games forward and back etc. It only makes sense in the order they were released – plus for Bioshock 2 at least it’s assumed you’ve grasped some understanding of the game mechanics introduced in the first.

      Boy am I envious you get to experience Rapture for the first time.

      • Temjin001

        Good to know. Thanks

    • Tony Polanco

      You know I got you, son! 😀

      As for what order to play these, play them in order. BioShock Infinite (my personal favorite of the bunch) has more of an impact if you’ve played the first one. Not saying that it’s essential but there are little things that have more meaning/significance if you’ve played it.

      Let me know what you think of these games when you eventually play them.

      • Temjin001

        Thanks Tony. I look forward to playing them.

  • frontiermarine88

    tony posting about a steam sale ,did i just wake up in an alternate universe??

  • HeyShockers

    For how much was this? In € if you can.

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