Wildstar Creators Claim They Have “The Best Damn MMO” During their First Devs Unleashed Video

Today was a big day for the upcoming MMO Wildstar. Its 10-day open beta kicked off, giving anyone who wants to play the game access to it. A series of TwitchTV steams have also started. In these, the developers talk directly to fans about the development of the game.

During this particular Devs Unleashed episode, product director Mike Donatelli said: “We have the best damn MMO that you’re going to play this year. Period. End.”

That’s a pretty bold claim but considering all of the things that the game will have in it: 40v40 Warplot battles, 40-man “almost impossible” raids, Arenas, Battlegrounds, MOBA-style Adventures, insane housing, and “combat that will cramp your hands”, this claim may just be true.

There is a six hour stream planned for tomorrow at 11:00am PT so if you’re interested in that make sure to go to Wildstar‘s TwitchTV channel to see it.

Wildstar will be released for the PC on June 3. Make sure to check out Megan Smith’s hands on preview of the game.

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  • Hwoarang

    I really want to play this game but I would love to play it on my PS4, I need to upgrade my PC and I just don’t want to 🙁

    • Kingdom17

      Who knows? Lot’s of MMOs have been coming to Playstation as of late, mostly on part of SOE though, but with an actual presence perhaps we might see more MMOs like this 😀

      • Hwoarang

        I think in time most MMO developers will bring games to the consoles, it’s only another form of profit to be had and consoles aren’t lagging behind anymore, the PS4 and Xbox One have more than enough power to handle most MMOs out now. I would gladly trade ESO for this though 😀

        • Jeff Maxwell

          you should be ESO in the bin on the way past to get any other game. What PC have ya got?

  • Jeff Maxwell

    guess ill download it when I get home give it a go seeing as its free but 3rd June is to early as think alot of ppl will be playing watchdogs. The problem with the consoles aren’t lagging behind anymore is kinda true cus if nvidia/AMD elreleased there new GPU’s soon it would completely destroy the consoles in gfx cus they will be that much more powerful, ya lucky there delayed till most likely 1Q 2015. For example a 2300 core Maxwell 880 = 3450 Kepler (780) at half the power.. NVIDIA gunning for 4k single GPU gaming I reckon with these. The power gap will be massive

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