Project CARS PS4 vs PC Ultra, High, Medium, Low Detail: Graphical Qualty Screenshot Analysis

Slightly MAD Studios recently released a batch of PS4 screenshots of the gorgeous Project CARS, and after our recent screenshot comparison we realized that the both the PS4 and the PC versions look gorgeous, but obviously the developer had to accept some compromises in order to get a good performance on console.

Many asked what PC level of detail the PS4 version compares best to, and today we’re going to answer that question.

We picked up the PS4 screenshot of the BAC Mono, which is one of the most detailed cars in the game, and reproduced it on PC, getting as close as possible to the same location, time of day, weather setting and camera angle. Then we replicated the process for the Ultra, High, Medium and Low detail settings (unfortunately it had to be redone from scratch each time, as it’s impossible to change detail settings during gameplay, so the angles are slightly different), and you can see the resulting screenshots below. Of course  you can click on each screenshot to see them at their full resolution



ProjectCARS_01_PS4 wm


ProjectCARS_01_Low_Wm(Note: the depth of field effect is missing in the last picture because the author forgot to activate it. It can be activated and deactivated with F3 in all settings, mostly for photographic use)

The result is very interesting, and there’s a reason why we put the PS4 screenshot between the “High” and the “Medium” level of detail of the PC screenshots, as the port on Sony’s console appears to be a mix between “high” and “Medium” settings, at least for what the cars are concerned (we don’t have enough detailed screenshots to judge the environment for now).

The “Vehicle Detail” setting, which determines the quality of the 3D models, is equivalent on PS4 to the “medium” setting on PC. It’s especially noticeable by observing closely the headlights and the suspension on the side of the bonnet.

Interestingly, textures are in an intermediate resolution between the high and medium settings. They’re just slightly blurrier than high, but not as blurry as medium. It’s worth mentioning that there isn’t an “ultra” setting for textures for the moment, even on PC.

There’s a caveat, though. On the PC version the quality of normal maps (that simulate additional 3D effects) is bound to texture resolution. On PS4 they’re set separately. Normal maps appear to be a mix of low and medium PC settings depending on different parts of the car. For instance the headlights are definitely on low, tires appear to be on medium.

Reflections are definitely set on high. They’re not quite as smooth as the ultra settings, but they’re less pixelated than medium. This is very visible (if you squint) in the reflection on the lampposts on the front wheel cover.

Below you can see the screenshots used in the comparison gathered in an animated GIF in order to visualize them in sequence. As usual, you should click on it to enlarge it and start the animation:


Ultimately the game looks quite awesome at every setting from medium upwards, and the PS4 isn’t an exception. It’s worth noticing that you’ll need a pretty powerful gaming PC in order to run high details at stable 60 FPS in 1080p (a Geforce GTX 660 is a good benchmark for that kind of detail). It’ll definitely be a pretty impressive feat of engineering if Slightly MAD Studios will manage to achieve 1080p and 60 frames per second on Sony’s console.

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  • Craig Sloan

    Game looks very nice on both PC and PS4. PS4 does seem to be the same as high on PC.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      no its not I had to look cus think you’ve got be looking for stuff to really notice but the tires aren’t as good there a lot cleaner on high, also the shadow gradients are “dirty” on the PS4 if you look on the tires they look a bit rough but on the front tire to the right on the wing the “greyscale” gradients its quite rough whereas on high its much cleaner and works properly. The side intake grill doesn’t seem to be as sharp and more blurred, the lights are slightly not as good as on high. the green section above the intake with black writing on isn’t as sharp on PS4 either… like I said youll have to really sit there staring at each one to see it but when your playing it you wont notice anyway unless you’ve got 2 47inch TV’s side by side one running PS4 and one running PC anyway

      • Fersay Ferrera

        get a life

        • Jeff Maxwell

          love to but busy doing nothing today so aint got the time

          • Andrew

            The system works because you work, stop working helping build the elites kingdom and dream machines. You need to wake up.

      • James

        You need to get laid, Jeff 😉

        • P-IST-4

          Exactly what I thought when I finished reading

          • MellyDanielsisf321

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          • Guest

            If the settings are so important, then how come it’s the low settings that actually has the most visible crowd there is?

          • ROKnockz

            Because Depth of Field is off….Did you bother reading, or did you just look at the pictures?

          • The Wolf 47

            If the settings are so important, then how come it’s the low settings that actually has the most visible crowd there is?

            What, you’re Ultra-High PC can’t handle realistic texture on the crowd in the background? Sony did improve the crowds in it’s MLB the Show 14, granted it’s a baseball game, but still for a PC of 1000$ you’d think there would actually be a significant difference, rather than hiding the flaws with motion blurs.

          • ShellyWixtedipu321

            my mother
            recently bought an awesome green Toyota Avalon Hybrid just by working from a
            home computer… look at here now F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

        • Jeff Maxwell

          lol, thought id get it in there because there is a difference and pointing it out for you all to see so the fanboys cant make the usual excuses cus its there to see and look at.

      • ps4lol

        And a 780 Ti costs 2x as much as PS4.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          lol misinterpreting much… a 780 which is all the game needs costs about £400 but youd know that!! and a 780ti can get one for less than £500 so unless my maths is off doesn’t come close to £700… lies come undone when your clutching at straws and trying to pass off knowledge that can be found to be wrong with a quick look at online retailer… give it up man you’ve lost

          • ps4lol

            780 Ti = $800+, PS4 = $400

            I know you’re desperately trying to cover for your weaker, overpriced plastic xbox toy, but please stop lying and hiding behind twice as expensive GPUs. PS4 Project Cars looks very good for $400.

            I haven’t lost anything, I’m stating facts and you’re an upset xbox fanboy hiding behind PCs. Try not to cry too much when Project Cars runs even worse on Xbox One.

            I can tell you’re an xbox fanboy hiding behind PCs because you specifically attack PS4 while ignoring the even weaker, more expensive Xbox.

            PC and PS4 are different markets with different pros and cons. A high end PC beating a PS4 is not an excuse for Xbox being an overpriced and underpowered console compared to PS4. PS4 is comparable to a mid range PC at 1.84TF. For $400 you get a lot of price/performance, more than a $400 PC would get you. PS4 is better than most PCs.

          • Jeff Maxwell
          • ps4lol

            Are you mentally ill? Pricing is different in different regions, US pricing is the most commonly used as it’s the largest games market.

            Keep grasping at straws and failing, I’m sure someone will be thrilled to buy an Xbox One because you keep attacking PS4 from behind a $1000+ PC.

            Oh wait, they won’t, they’ll ignore you and keep buying PS4s.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yeah US pricing is used… in the US… guess what UK pricing is used… in the UK. Never guess what French prices are used… in France ZOMG lol.
            Point being your argument is invalid because I can buy a 780 Ti for that price in my country… do ya want me go on a plane to buy a computer in America just cus it suits your arguiement?

          • Mikail

            yeah if you included i5 and ddr 3 ram and mini itx board it still verry expensive

          • Jeff Maxwell

            if you had a 780Ti chances are you wont be running an i5 and mini ITX, more like i7 and 2x PCIe 16x slot MB for sli

          • Blockcoc

            The comparison is with pc and ps4. Try not to be such a hammer

          • Michael Walsh


          • Saul Martinez

            lol exactly 400 euros on just a graphics card? Pfff

        • ROKnockz

          And a 780Ti is a top of the line graphics card. The article says you can get 60fps @ 1080p on high with a 660, which cost $200, half the price of a PS4. GG

      • Michael Walsh

        There’s no difference in shadow gradient, most likely the PS4’s gamma/brightness setting in the options menu has been turned down slightly, causing dark greys to merge.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          maybe but even still it uses medium and low maps for stuff which are decoupled unlike PC version, maybe the 2 don’t play well together. whereas the car may look similar (which it should do as its all about the cars) the environment will definitely not be as good cus the power to render the car and run the game at 60fps has to come from somewhere!

          • Michael Walsh

            It looks in between medium and high, not low or medium. Besides this is still work in development, they will fix the brightness, add AF and possibly polish the graphics a bit more making it closer to high or on par.

      • Cassive

        There is a difference, but it’s not a major one, the PS4’s graphics were somewhere between PC’s Medium and High settings, which isn’t too bad

        • Jeff Maxwell

          you seen the real gameplay shots and not these staged ones? very underwhelming

      • Andrew

        You’ve pin pointed it, the psyop trolls say otherwise, so cliche.

    • Boštjan Ivanušič

      The only thing that is different are the reflections, but I couldn’t care less about those.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    damn that’s an insane level of detail youd think it was a real car… I couldn’t tell to much difference from ultra high and PS4 but gets more noticeable on medium and low.. From what ive seen of other screenshots performance will come from lowering the detail in the environment around it as they’ll obviously want to show off the cars they’ve painstakingly modelled so lots of lod scaling on the draw distance and things like that to free up performance. clouds weren’t as detailed on PS4 vs ultra on PC things like that

    • HardRock

      “damn that’s an insane level of detail youd think it was a real car.”

      And there’s a lot of detail under the bonnet as well that you can’t see here at all. 🙂

  • James

    They all look good to me, even the “Low Settings” pic.

    • Escopablobar

      I agree. I can’t see any difference…at all.

      • worryingrash

        If you check out the front of the car, where it says “kerozen racing”, it looks blocky on medium and completely blurred on low – both PS4 and high/ultra look very precise. Tarmac looks dodgy on PS4.

        • HardRock

          The tarmac is blurry because of the lack of anisotropic texture filtering on the PS4. This affects other textures as well, but it’s most visible on the tarmac due to the camera angle. Anisotropic filtering is almost sure to be enabled eventually, as it comes with a minimal performance hit. Remember, the PS4 version of the game is more of a work in progress than the PC version, which has been up and running for years now.

          • Michael Walsh

            True, most likely they will improve the graphics a little before launch, probably only stuff like adding 16AF and possibly increasing draw distance but still an improvement.

  • Negi Springfield

    PS4`s version is around the middle of High and Mid Graphics settings.

    Still goods though.

    • Michael Walsh

      Might be high when they’re finished with it, they still need to add AF, fix the gamma and could possibly polish the graphics a bit more before launch. At the most they will finish on High imo, I doubt the PS4 could run a stable 60FPS on Ultra, possibly High though.

  • Cayal

    Is this coming out on XB1 as well?

    • Jessie Bristol

      Yes; PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Yep, but we don’t have pics of it yet.

      • HustyparmenCZ

        hmm wonder why…ehm ehm 720p?

        • deSSy2724

          What about the Wii U version? eh it would be like low or very low on PC

      • Cayal


      • Gamez Rule

        When you get Xbone pics will you add to these shots? IMO that would be cool☺

      • madbads

        PC low ? (lol)

      • deSSy2724

        Xbox One and Wii U…..

        Wii U version will look like low on PC (or even worse), Xbox One medium i would say, PS4 aroung high.

        BTW i must admit that the game looks very good even on low

  • James

    Pa! Not a patch on Virtua Racing…

  • worryingrash

    The car looks virtually identical in PS4 and PC high – both amazing! You really have to zoom in and look for the differences – which you won’t see at all while actually playing the game.

    Tarmac looks much less detailed on PS4 though, even compared with PC medium. It’d be interesting to see the differences in draw distance as well.

    Whoever set these shots up deserves some kind of medal!

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Kind of hard to judge based on these images since they’re not the exact same shot on both platforms. Some things are easy to spot like the aliasing and poorer texture filtering on PS4. Then there’s the reflection on the bumper that’s entirely missing on PS4 but it looks weird in the PC version anyway so that could be a case of things being changed in development. Then there’s what could look like a lower quality tire tread texture on PS4 but it also has what looks like a dirt shader on it. There’s no doubt the PS4 version won’t look as good as the ultra PC version but it’s hard to judge based on these shots to what extent that will be the case.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They’re as close as you’ll ever get them. Same spot with a few feet of approximation, same lighting, same weather almost the same angle.

      Definitely not hard to judge unless you need extra thick glasses 😀

      • Sexy Mcgee

        I was wrong to phrase it “hard to judge” I meant to say you won’t get an accurate judgement of the entire picture on how the PS4 version will compare at launch. Yeah, some things are obvious and probably won’t change but some things clearly speak to different circumstances behind the picture. Biggest of which is the entirely missing reflection on the bumper on the PS4. Which could speak to artistic/technical choices still being made.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          nah, just a very small difference in angle. reflections in that location move around a lot even with just a couple degrees of difference.

          • Sexy Mcgee

            If anything that just proves my point about how such a minor change in the angle a shot was taken can have such a big impact. The screenshots above give a good sense of what to expect but I’d wait for a Digital Foundry face-off before drawing any conclusions.

        • HardRock

          “you won’t get an accurate judgement of the entire picture on how the PS4 version will compare at launch.”

          Not the least because at the moment the PS4 version is not final. The detail on many things could improve until the launch on all platforms, but especially on the consoles.

      • ps4lol

        Good comparison thanks.

  • Wookie

    The typical xbot drone will argue that graphics don’t matter and that developers don’t make games to look good so where do these comparisons matter?

    • worryingrash

      They matter, but if you’re having to take a static shot, enlarge and really look hard for differences, they don’t matter… much.

      On the other hand, the X1 version could look obviously terrible – we’ll have to wait and see.

      • Michael Walsh

        While it’s true these graphical differences will not be visible in racing gameplay, things like resolution, AA/AF and framerate will. I’m pretty sure SMS do not want to sacrifice 60FPS on console (that’s why they aren’t running ultra – as it would be about 40FPS on PS4) which means the X1 will have graphics lower than the PS4 to achieve the framerate. Considering most devs have simply lowered resolution and AA rather than assets (mostly) to reach there FPS goal, most likely SMS will run this in 720p/900p for the X1 – which will be noticeable in gameplay as resolution/AA affects the whole image beign displayed.

  • Nicholas Perry

    What what the deal is with the banding in the PS4 shots. Capture error or lower precision framebuffers?

    • Michael Walsh

      Most likely the brightness/gamma is lower than it should be.

  • Zac

    the PS4

    • Michael Walsh

      You’re looking too much into it, they just had the brightness/gamma lower than it should have been, causing greys to merge and lose a small amount of shadow detail.

  • pez2k

    I believe both the textures and car models are the equivalent of High settings on PC while on track, and Ultra in the menus. There are no PS4-specific textures currently, but the anisotropic filtering settings aren’t finished on PS4 yet.

  • Gamez Rule

    Is this the wheel / arm? As it’s missing on all the PC shots?

    • Helder

      Its not missing, the angle is different.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      angle is different on it

  • Spencer

    This game looks exactly the same as PC on high on PS4, and there is a barely perceptible difference from ultra. I don’t know what you’re looking at.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    PC is always going to potentially look better (potentially based on how much someone spends on a gaming rig) but the fact that so many comparisons are now being made from the PS4 to PC says a lot this gen, the PS4 really is an amazing gaming console.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      you don’t need as much power as you think in a PC a cheap a £200 NVidia 770 definitely destroys the PS4 in performance even more so with 337.5 drivers id say about a £150 gfx card will be on par with it

      • ps4lol

        PS4 beats PC in price/performance.

        I can tell you’re an xbox fanboy hiding behind PCs because you
        specifically attack PS4 while ignoring the even weaker, more expensive
        Xbox. A PC fanboy would target both consoles.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          because im not a coward constantly going after something blatantly weak… why concern myself with the x1 when the sony hate crowd constantly put it down yet fear the PC which is why you never go after it. The only thing ive ever heard of is steam survey, and only 5% have powerful gfx cards but 5% of 75 million account is 3.75million. That’s a lot of people to cater for

          • superkarma

            Why go after the PC when it’s completely pointless? We all know if you want to have amazing graphics/performance, the PC is the way to go. That’s just common sense. Bragging about PC outperforming the PS4 is hardly something to be happy about.

            By the way, no one “fears” the PC. Lol.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            not bragging about it, why go after the X1? does it ruin your life that it exists… does it hurl abuse at ya when you leave your house? no why bother either

          • superkarma

            I could ask you the same thing. Any time an article pops up about the PC, you find some way to put down the PS4.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            no I don’t actually, im not that bothered its all you lot that get me. Look at sunset overdrive article as an example 158 comments probably all giving it cr@p …and why? cus its a game on the Xbox? any xbox article 100’s comments all sl@gging it off… yeah your right im on every article taking a dig.

            All I was doing is pointing out stuff seeing as every PS4 fanboy and review site and stuff on youtube meticulously go through details at how the PS4 is better than X1 giving screenshots video comparisons etc… guess ive learned from the best… you lot!!

          • superkarma

            Yeah, you do actually. Just look down below where someone said PS4 looks pretty much the same as PC on high. You replied with a wall of text nitpicking any little detail.

            Every review site and youtube video says how PS4 graphics are better than X1 graphics…because they are. Those are the facts. At least that comparison makes sense. Your comparison between PS4 and PC doesn’t. PC will always win out when it comes to graphics/performance. If you want to compare something to the PC, try comparing the X1.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            don’t need to cus Project cars will be 900p medium settings with 45-60fps shaky framerate. framerate more important in this game than gfx so they need to preserve the framerate. Besides Guisseppe pretty much listed the differences in the article but that would conveniently go unnoticed.
            I bet ya if X1 pics were posted in this article with resolution, it wouldn’t be 50 comments it would be about 200 and I wouldn’t even have to say a single word and that’s guaranteed, well maybe 150 it is a sunday after all!!

          • Michael Walsh

            There is no info in its framerate, please stop spewing lies.

      • Jecht_Sin

        And what do you do with a graphics card? You plug it in a $10 toaster? You still need to build a PC around it. And don’t forget that I want my BR drive and the $60 DS4.

        • Jeff Maxwell

          go price up a 6core AMD, micro ATX MB, 4GB ram, 500GB HD, bluray drive 500 watt PSU, midi tower, 270x or get 660ti (NVidia good with new drivers as elements of DX12 in it enhancing dx11 giving big performance increases on all cards) download windows so its free, job done. Prolly be about £4-500, dunno how much a gamepad is but I bet its about half the price of ya DS4

          funny thing is DS4 $60, cost to make less than $5

          • J. Maxwells cousin

            if ya want to do a real comparison you would use a pc set up that cost as much a ps4 does. Thats the fairest thing to do. But you wont do that because for ya its better to compare a nice pc that cost around 800-900 dollars to a console that cost 400. I mean where is the point? To make pc look better all the time. Not even graphic cards compare that way. You always compare graphics whithin the same price range to say which one its better. So why you insist?

          • Jeff Maxwell

            that PC I listed a review site built that (well it had 4GB ram not 8) for $506, a whole system including windows license they used a 2GB 7850 instead of 270x but there about the same price anyway. So it is in the same price bracket. Can get games for like £20 cheaper than Consoles so within 5 games bought got the money back.

            You cant really do a PC comparison that costs the same as a PS4 does cus the PS4 is sold at cost to you, if it had a retail markup it would cost about $600. all PC components have retail markups so the price is inflated compared to consoles. It is the reason why console games have about a 60% markup over PC games to make there money

          • Jecht_Sin

            You really think “consolers don’t understand”? While you keep failing to realize that you guys keep comparing ready to play systems with the nightmare of checking for the best price of 10 different components, order them, receive them at different times, plug them together, hope they works, install the crap Windows OS, hope it works, install the drivers, hope they work and then eventually buy and play the game? Hoping they work, sure.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            not really, I buy my components from 1 place all the time mostly cus its 2 minutes from where I live but you can use this that searches for ya and orders it all at the same time. Its no different than taking a console home and finding out it doesn’t work tbh. Windows always works the drivers always work hahah you install windows, then win updates, the MB software then drivers (that’s the best order to do stuff) then you can start installing antiviruses etc… then your ready to roll. Sure its ready to play but we LIKE building our own systems, if we didn’t we’d buy one prebuilt and ready to go when we got it home.

          • Jecht_Sin

            No, no, Sir. If a console doesn’t work you pick the whole package and send it back. If the PC after being built doesn’t boot you’re f*cked. Good luck finding the burned component in 5 minutes. And that is no fun at all.

            Also what applies to you doesn’t apply to everyone. We don’t all live near a PC parts shop. As well as we don’t all live in US nor in UK, where the mail service is usually faster and more reliable.

            As for Windows always working.. HA!! Tell us the truth, you’re a comedian, right? ^_^

          • Jeff Maxwell

            windows does work well unless its windows millennium that was shocking for me. you can tell whats not working pretty easily tbh so finding the problem is easy

          • Jecht_Sin

            “easy”. There are people saying that learning a new language is a joke. Other saying that the relativity theory is trivial. Some say that they can fix or tune a car for breakfast. I can tell you that the derivative functions are stuff for kindergarden. As to build a PC is a monkey job in the IT industry. As it is indeed. But for people not skilled on HW that can be a nightmare.

            In England I had a colleague, a contractor whom built his own MG car. A friend of a friend refurbished a Jaguar. Do the same no? You save money!! And it is “easy”.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            it is fairly easy if the MB doesn’t post then MB dead… doesn’t detect the ram, ram is dead, no display at all… gpu is dead… doesn’t power on PSU is dead, HD’s don’t show up prolly a dead HD etc.

            I’ll tell ya what ill do I wont mention PC’s again but you have to realise consoles are not good price/performance because sony/MS basically loan you the retail markup and get there interest % back from overpriced games and accessories so pending on how many games you buy the cost difference would prolly equate to the PS4 costing you £1000+ over its life time. Like buying someat on credit, you put the deposit down then pay it back over x amount of months years paying back more than it would of cost you to buy out right.

            Also people moan about PC guys defending stuff… look at you lot you defend sony and the PS4 like crazy then anything xbox related you all maliciously attack it, yet PC guys are the bad guys.

            I personally don’t have any expectations from the games I play really, im hoping there good but mainly I just want them to work… EA!!! so personally consolers are far far worse atm than any PC “defender” has ever bin

          • Jecht_Sin

            Sure. Explain me how I would play Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and most likely GTAV on a PC…

          • Michael Walsh

            Don’t forget Red Dead Redemption, a 10/10 for sure… and not on PC.

          • Michael Walsh

            Windows has never worked well, do not lie. Even Windows 7 – the best Windows had frequent crashes, just like all other Windows like 8/Vista/XP.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            ive had win 7 for years think it may have crashed 2-3 times, so far win 8 and 8.1 hasn’t crashed once… also I forgot what topic I was posting on and said I was done with this topic so if ya want carry on youll have to post on a different article

          • Michael Walsh

            Cool, but it crashes waaaay more than that, never that problem on a Mac.

          • SinisteR

            well, people need to get fkn smarter anyways, this isn’t the 1960’s,
            computers are here to stay, also, speaking of not being the 1960’s,
            that’s why people only talk about how much you can pick up a video card,
            because MOST people living in current times, have a computer already,
            even if it’s a shtty dell or something, all you console guys act like
            anyone that would ever want to game on something besides console would
            have to build a fkn time machine to game if they wanted to pc game. ”if
            i could only figure out the mechanics to the flux capacitor” , give me
            a fkn break, my grandmother has owned 4 computers. Get with it and stop
            being spoon fed an all in one ”i cant connect the color coded spelled
            out dots” box. So what your argument is, is that console gamers are too
            dense to figure out pc gaming…. got it, in that case, go ahead and
            pay the companies to build you a box to play games with the parts we
            used 7 years ago for MEDIOCRE gaming even at that time. If you are a car
            enthusiast, you don’t buy the cheapest piece of crap car, and put on
            the cheapest piece of crap parts…. if gaming is a serious interest of
            yours, and you are going to invest in it anyways, then do it the right
            way. Also, i can still play the first game i even played on PC if i
            wanted to. My games dont become obsolete every 5 years. There are
            definitely pro’s and con’s to both sides of the spectrum, and i know
            both are vastly different purposes really, but i’m tired of hearing the
            ”people are too stupid to figure out stuff” excuses. Just say we’re
            too cheap, we’ll take a lesser experience. It’s like Someone pulling up
            in a Mclaren and you try to point out the good things about your Geo
            Metro to that person. LOL

          • Jecht_Sin

            The BoM of the DS4 is $15-18..And then who the heck spends $10 for mouse and keyboard?! Can you even type with junk like that?

          • Jeff Maxwell

            yep. stupid thing is I used to buy gaming keyboards and kept spilling stuff on them and breaking them, so thought sod it bought a cheap Logitech media keyboard havn’t spilled anything on it yet I don’t think, well even if I have its still working. Im not one of these gamers that needs 100 macro keys to play a game,

          • Jecht_Sin

            I am not talking about gaming keyboards. I am talking about good quality mouse and keyboard. Where it is comfortable to type and the mouse doesn’t lose precision depending on the surface or else. The reviews for the low cost m&k in Amazon aren’t impressive.

          • chipcs

            Never compare a ps4 to a pc. Its ok for you to write down the differences of a ps4 to a pc but people like to have it simple.

            PC is for people who also have their hobby aimed at it. I payed 3.5k€ (only the rig, no mouse/keyboard… ..) for my PC. Both my GFX are 2x the price of a ps4, even one of my SSD drives costs alsmost as much as a damn ps4. Its two totaly different worlds.

            PS4 is not just the system. Its 400 for the System and peripherials. Cables and everything. Plug in lets go. Ofc you wont get the super fast ssd loading times and awesome smooth framerate or crystal clean graphics. But its enough for the “casual” player to have fun!

            I played 8 years earning money with gaming, thats when i realy was an elitist jerk. But when you stop this hardcore gaming crap (15+hrs a day just for money) you dont care for those few steps backwards. For just 400€ the quality ps4 players get is realy good so far. I keep ps4 for exclusives and pc for the rest (pc plugged into my tv + controller).

          • Jeff Maxwell

            have be careful about calling consolers casual gamers, you call them casual they go nuts at ya, say you cant call console players hardcore gamers they go nuts at ya, cant win best to not bother!

          • chipcs

            Wasnt meant like that. I know some realy hardcore console gamers who are not playing for money but are doing some awesome things even i would never be capable of like speedrunning / no hurt runs and so on. There are some realy awesome console gamers out there.

          • Michael Walsh

            That’s because no everyone is the same, people don’t like being grouped into a stereotype that they’re not, that would be like calling PC guys elitists, when only like 1% are like that.

          • WOLF581

            Y said –> “this is the last thing ill post on this topic…a lot actually.”

            you still trying to convice your self that you r not an xbot and that y
            r a happy power high ultra pc owner well xtroll here is my 1 and final
            answer to y and to your kind….

            (even if y have the best pc in the world we have the best games in

            the world and we all know thats truth.think that you cant even play the
            next gen fifa14,nba2k14 with yr ultra pc sucker so y lose because we r gamers not benchmarks idiots go now and
            benchmark yr pc with crysis AGAIN LOL)last dont be anxious about your xtoy future.You know that in 1 year from now you
            will go out trade the xcan with a ps4.Why because its more powerful.Why?
            because even if xbone was at 400 euros without the useless kinect still
            its more expensive.Why? because the more expensive gddr5 and the more gpu-cores the ps4 have.
            OH OH OH wait you dont care about power or
            better resolution/frames/dynamic lightings/draw distance /4xxaa etc.
            Well even then you all hyprocrites you still will trade the xcan, because sony this gen has
            more studios plus more exclusive AAA titles and you ALL KNOW IT…..
            thats why you cry out in all posts every time a multiplatform game is better on ps4 and days after
            you all whisper in your bedtime “”….x1 is better….x1 will have dx12…oh no open gl already do that….zzz…
            oh ms loves us….the cloud the cloud will save us…zzz…1080p is the same with 1080 upscaled…zz…
            yes x1 is better…..we shall wait for a glorius comeback yes…zzz…WELL WAKE UP ALLREADY AND GO TRADE THE XCAN.

          • Michael Walsh

            Can you please not insist that all console gamers are “casual” gamers please, that’s extremely stereotypical and completely untrue, it makes more sense to PC then it does console. You can be a hardcore gamer and only play on console, I play on everything. I would consider a gamer who sticks to one platform only to be casual, I play on them all (will have next-gen soon), therefore experience evey good game to be created, rather than JUST PC games, or JUST Sony games or JUST Microsoft games etc.

          • chipcs

            check my other reply to this misunderstanding of my wording casual. Not all console gamers are casual. I consider someone a casual who just plays the game for fun instead of money and on a “low” level. Meaning > a gamer who isnt going to do speedruns/no hurt runs/ perfect score and so on. Casual gamers just enjoy a game and move on. Hardcore gamers get everything out of the game they can and try to improve beyond the average skillvl by achiving more difficult tasks than the game has to offer.

            Someone plays NinjaGaiden and gets to finish the storymode on the normal difficulty, moves onto the next game. (Casual)

            Another guy plays the same game finishes all difficulty lvls and does a very good karma run including the full mission mode even on MasterNinja (/or nowadays ultimate ninja) difficulty lvl. Thats a hardcore player for me. And to complete such tasks one is bound to play more than just a month on this type of game.

          • Michael Walsh

            Nope, your’e wrong. I have many friends that pretty much have new games every week (AAA and Indie), you don’t need to complete everything to be considered “hardcore”.

          • chipcs

            We have a different PoV for the wording casual. Since we see things so different we would be discussing this forever. Lets just move on.

  • MTM2

    Obscenely pretty

  • Carl

    Admittedly, PC version of Project Cars on Ultra settings looks fantastic, more details than PS4 (but who will care to see a little perfectly rounded light in the front of the car, except if someone’s looking for it). No one will notice the graphics difference, because PS4 games are meant to be displayed on a TV screen 2-3 m from the couch. The only real difference that can be perceived without a magnifying lens would be the frame rate and, to a lesser degree, aliasing.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      this is the last thing ill post on this topic…a lot actually. doesn’t take much to hit high settings… the ultra settings are mainly all the small differences that are far more GPU intensive, better AA like MSAA, what type of Ambient Occulsion your running, draw distance, turning off lod scaling etc. those changes that don’t appear to be much but are far more intensive to run. I doubt a few million own titans cus there to expensive prolly more like 100,000 ppl or less.

      I know what ya saying though, if I do get project cars might buy a game pad get another optical cable running into my sound bar and play it on my 47inch TV (PC is hooked up to it as my second screen to play stuff that I aint got loaded into my media server). It seems like its prolly better cus not much controls needed on a racer

    • Michael Walsh

      Exactly, a lot of PC gamers boast how PC’s have better graphics than console, making out that every PC surpasses them. Truth is only about 5% of PC’s have better graphics (at the same frame rate). Also a lot of them boast about 4K, when the truth is they don’t own a 4K monitor – and if they do, the only cheap ones are shitty quality, also you would need to be spending like £3000 on your PC to achieve 60FPS @ 4K (or even 30FPS for super intensive games like Crysis 3), which not even 0.1% of PC gamers would have the hardware – you can”t really boast about it neither, no shit that a £3000 PC would output better graphics than a £350 PS4, herp derp.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Funny. PC High is missing the red stripes and fonts in the helmet like in PC low.

    • pez2k

      There are multiple different driver outfits, currently assigned at random.

  • Alan Dallas

    I believe once everything is in motion on screen the difference between PC High settings and PS4 will be virtually nil. They’ll be indistinguishable from one another. Now I’m curious how it’ll look on XBone.

    • toddraynerart

      720p, which = super ultra low settings on PC. Good luck with that X-boners. On the other side of the fence PS4 is holding it’s own very well IMO. Day one buy for me. 🙂

  • Martin Elisha

    the shadows seem to be different on the ps4

    • Michael Walsh

      Brightness is too low, they should have increased the slider.

  • Utedude

    PC on ultra looks amazing, PS4 holds it’s own real well though.

  • Rob

    The PS4 version looks like the High PC version to me. But the FOV seems to be more narrow on the PS4 version, and I don’t like that, not at all. I’ve never understood the stupid logic from game developers that console versions should have a narrow FOV because players are further away from the screen. That’s BS!!

    • HardRock

      You can adjust the FOV to your liking for every type of camera in the game (external, bonnet, cockpit, helmet, etc.). The FOV is different between the PS4 and PC shots probably because the settings were different between the two platforms.

      • Michael Walsh

        Can you? That sounds pretty cool if you can, didn’t know that.

  • WellWisher

    PS4 version is pretty much on par with high settings. Not bad.

  • Mike G.

    Definitely a PS4 buy.

  • doom guy

    Looking at these screens, the PS4 version looks more like a mixture of medium and low settings.

    • Michael Walsh

      Clearly not, they’ve been analysed and the look better than medium but slightly less than high, so you’re clearly wrong. Did you even read the article?

  • Guy Jackson

    I can’t see any difference at all! Granted I’m looking at this on an iPhone, but still that’s got to be the best looking “Lowest Settins” screenshot I’ve ever seen. Maybe my old PC can run this after all.

    • Michael Walsh

      What PC you got?

      • Guy Jackson

        Core i5-750
        GTX 560

        I should be able to scale down the graphics (maybe a lot) to ease the strain on my GPU but I don’t know if my i5 will handle the CPU side of things very well.

        • Michael Walsh

          I think you will be able to handle it, it’s optimised pretty well so can run good on older hardware.

  • albatrosMyster

    You guys (dualshockers staff) are getting much better at this! Thanks!

  • Failz

    Is the Ultra PC screen done in 4k?

    • Michael Walsh

      No, 1080p.

  • Michel

    tbh i don’t see ,much of a difference…

    The low settings without the DOF looks cool tho, you can atleast see the audience.

  • Illusive Man

    PS4 gets beat by medium level on pC.

    • Michael Walsh

      Clearly not, as the graphics are better then medium – slightly less than high but still better than medium.

  • Wookie

    Triple monitor support and sli performance is what keeps me from console games unless they are exclusives. No matter how pretty.

    • Michael Walsh

      Move along fanbot…

      • SinisteR

        He wasn’t being rude, that’s his opinion…

  • Moses Lawrence

    PS4 version looks identical to HIGH on PC…which is super impressive imho. I will be getting this for my gaming PC though, 3770k@5.0ghz, 7970 3GB@1200mhz Core/1600Mhz Memory, 16GB DDR3 memory. My Sapphire 7970 overclocked at the number above gives me a rock solid silky smooth 4.4 Teraflops of gpu power, add that to my OC’d 3770k running with 8 fast threads that act as cpu cores….im good to go. I built my rig last summer, didnt go super high end because its a waste of money plus i am a very seasoned overclocked, my Intel 3770k is delidded i currently only run it at 4.6ghz but its rock solid at 5.0ghz so i have extra cpu power if needed in the future. My current GPU OC’d is 4.4TF performance …no need to spend huge amounts of money on a video card if you are competent enough to OC and tweak your rig.

    Anyways…either way, you cannot lose if you go with PS4 or PC version. I do love my PS4 console as well..i believe we will see games in the near future rival that of PC..well heck this game does already but im talking once Sony’s first party dev’s begin to harness that PS4 tech much better i am sure we will see some mind blowing games that will raise the bar in some area’s in terms of visuals that we havent even seen on PC yet. It happens every new generation of consoles but of course PC will quickly counter those new effects,etc.

    I believe a PC and PS4 is the best combo setup you can have this generation. I have a high end 55 inch Panasonic Plasma which i connect my PC and PS4 to it. I have a very nice home theater system as well, Yamaha receiver, (2) 12″ powered subs by Infinity, Polk Audio Front/rear/surround speakers and a Boston Acoustics center speaker. My setup is nothing to sneeze at…over 7 grand invested into the audio system and HDTV…and playing Resogun on PS4 on my setup was a crazy experience…simply stunning and that game was free lol

    All multiplats that are coming to PS4 and PC…i will most likely go with the PC editions…main reason why i got a PS4 is all of their 1st party games…they have way too many games that come out on PS4 that never see the light of day on PC…even some multiplats wont make it over to PC. I cannot see how hardcore gamers refuse to get a PS4 to accompany their gaming rig. Geesh…i couldnt sleep with just a gaming PC….gotta have both guys!

    • Michael Walsh

      Have you got Second Son? It’s amazing, also you should get Destiny, it should be on PC but Bungie didn’t have the resources/time, so I would get it on PS4 – for the best graphics/performance and exclusive content only on PlayStation.

  • sasan maghami

    Ps4 quality is really good here

  • Cassive

    Since Microsoft have been doing PC’s way longer than Xbox, I’d expect them to like, murder off any competition, with the Xbox, I’m perfectly aware PC’s are on another level, no need to remind me angry PC gamers, please…

  • frankandsonscreditrepair

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  • URBAN303

    I take Project Cars on PC (fx-8350/16gb1866/cfx quad gpu) with 2x r9 280x toxic + 1x sapphire hd 7990 to play on triple screens (5760×1080) with my g27s 🙂

  • Jay

    Ok things have changed now, obviously a year later they’ve improved things, so all PC haters sit down