Square Enix Considering Dragon Quest X Release Outside Japan

Square Enix is holding its financial Earning call for the past fiscal year, and Macquarie Securities Senior Research Analyst David Gibson is reporting on Twitter about the most interesting point. If you’ve been following Dragon Quest X and wanted a western version there are potential good news.

Square Enix is considering expansion of Dragon Quest X to overseas market, said its profit guidance range is “reasonable”

We can only hope that by “overseas” they actually mean the west, and not just China, but at the moment all we can do is to wait and hope for good news soon enough.

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  • Daniel

    Give us DQ 7, 10 and 11 and we’ll be happy.

  • Rob

    they should just DO IT.. are they really that unpopular. more japanese games should be released in the west!

    • theodor70941

      I agree with you they should localize it NOW! But the problem with that is that a lot of people see the art style as childish and won’t buy it for that reason, therefore Japanese companies doesn’t want to damage them selfs in the western market… But the problem with that is if they won’t do it then they’ll never be freed from those stereotypes!

      What I wish people would try things before they hate on it, it would be a better world for everyone!

      • Eric Irving

        It isn’t entirely that. While Dragon Quest sells reasonably well in the west, it has nowhere near the worldwide popular appeal as Final Fantasy does. Of course this is more the opposite in Japan, where Dragon Quest is arguably the best selling game franchise over there. I can understand why SE would have hesitation, because the subscription numbers would likely not be very high. However, it is pretty appealing on it’s own that it is a console MMORPG for the Wii U, which may attract a lot of that audience. Along with a PC port the game offers.

        I can’t predict the outcome, but its definitely something they should pursue. JRPG fans here love Dragon Quest also.

  • Mikail

    make a new dragon quest for ps4, no mmo, just basic single player like the old days, it will sell a lot.

    • Eric Irving

      As much as I love to see that, Dragon Quest has been on a trend with being on Nintendo consoles. So I would put my money down on it being on the Wii U. However I would be much pleased if it made it’s way to PS4 instead. Either way, i’ll enjoy myself.

      As successful as DQ10 is, at the same time it got a lot of criticism from veterans who have been with the series since DQ1. I think we will get a DQ8 quality title this time around.

      • You would put your money down it being on a console that isn’t selling to begin with? Heh.

        • Eric Irving

          Wii U sales would sky rocket in Japan. People in Japan would likely buy a Wii U twice if they had to just to play a new main DQ game.

          Nintendo could always throw in an incentive to SE to develop it on their console, or SE feels the need to keep DQ on Nintendo consoles again. To SE, no matter what you develop the game on, it will sell, and a lot.

          • Optimistic I see. There you guys go. I, for one, have for understood the Wii U won’t have its cake this time, so SE would be better off betting on the platform that is, far as next-gen platform(s) go.

            As for the software attachment rate being higher on the Wii U, I’m not sure that’s going to last long.

          • Eric Irving

            We are not disagreeing how Dragon Quest would be on PS4. I’d personally prefer it on that system. We are just saying that it being on Wii U is more likely than you think.

          • MrFinalgamer

            Nah, my money goes to the 3DS, although it’s definitely a possibility of it on the Wii U, but I doubt it.

          • GemmolLewis

            lol well as long as consoles dont sell it will always have a high attach rate…look at ps2 vs gamecube the game cube had a higher attach rate……but you thinking this is a bad thing its not cause the more systems you sell the lower the attach rate reach because not everyone buys as much games as us

        • GemmolLewis

          no but they will put their product somewhere where it would sell…..Wii U have a high attach rate….look at both Sony reports and Nintendo reports, although sony sold more systems, they are millions behind in software sales…..and before you say well dont forget Digital…..if you read Sony reports they put both numbers together just like Nintendo with their financial reports…….so regardless how you put it they will still get sales……..If I was them, I would say bring it to ps3 and get a disney infinity contract like disney did, where all 3 consoles connect to each other online Xbox, Sony, Nintendo……but in this case make it ps3 and Wii U servers that connect, so everyone can play together……plus more people buy games for ps3 in japan instead of ps4, so thats why I say put it on ps3 instead of ps4………..but I do not mind if they ps4 and Wii U that be cool too

          • They Call Me Senpai

            There aren’t very many Japanese games available for the PS4, so of course the attach rate is low. Dragon Quest would do a lot better on PS4, especially with its install base.

          • GemmolLewis

            when I said attach rate earlier I was talking worldwide, not Japan only……worldwide their attach rate is not high but thats not a bad thing just means a lot of people buying the console and waiting to buy a game…..so no it wont do better on ps4 no matter which region…..ps3 still have more customers

      • Mikail

        As long as they not put it as mobile games ^^, i am happy

  • stealth20k

    I doubt they are. If they were smart they would bring the 3DS titles out west. But if anything this just proves that Square has not changed at all.

    • Eric Irving

      With how successful Bravely Default was in the west, and DQ4/5/6 selling reasonably well , it is pretty crazy if SE decided to not bring Dragon Quest 7 3DS over here.

  • Rickowned

    I was under the assumption that they always came here

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Where is Type-0, you morons.

  • Rasheed Jackson

    Game devs are losing touch. Alienate your core fanbase to attract new ones with generic crap and mobile cash ins then when that fails try to kiss up to the neglected ones. Sad. Anyway, I would love to see more DQ games. 7 and 8 remakes would complete me.

  • Homer Ruglia Beoulve

    Don’t just consider it Square Enix, do it.

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