Driveclub’s Canada Track Has Over One Million Trees; Evolution Working “Flat Out” to Polish Visuals

on May 16, 2014 11:00 AM

Today Evolution Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment released a new gameplay video of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub (that you can enjoy at the bottom of this post) showing off the Canadian track included in the game, and the developers shared a few interesting details on Twitter.

Global Product Manager Chris Brown shared that the map’s forest comes packed with a whole lot of trees:

I see people on Gaf trying to count the no. trees in the Canadian Direct Feed. Good luck – there are over 1 million!

He also confirmed that the video is fully made of gameplay footage:

100% raw gameplay.

On the other hand Game Director Paul Rustchynsky mentioned that he was the one at the wheel, and also promised that the team will still polish every aspect of the game, including the visuals (since apparently some complained about the Anti-aliasing solution shown in the gameplay videos on NeoGAF and other discussion environments):

We’re going to be working flat out to polish everything we can up until it ships, and that definitely includes the visuals.

Rustchynsky also shared what nation we might get to see next:

We’ll be showing off more locations and tracks as we get closer to launch. I think Norway deserves a showing next though ; )

…and finally, he described the kind of tracks we’ll encounter in the game:

We’ve got point to point, road circuits and race tracks, a good mix.

It’s definitely hard not to recognize the painstaking visual work that has been done on Driveclub, and if the game is going to look even better than this in the end, it’ll be even harder not to be impressed.

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