Naughty Dog Working on “Two Brand-New Experiences” Besides The Last of US Remastered

Apparently Naughty Dog has something more in the pipeline in addition to The Last of US Remastered and the new Uncharted, as explained by Creative Director Neil Druckmann in an interview on Edge.

We’re working on this re-release, but at the same time we’re working on two other brand-new experiences. 

One of those two “brand-new experiences” is obviously Uncharted‘s PS4 debut game, but what about the second? We know nothing about it for the moment. We might hear about it at E3, but it could be too early for that yet.

One thing is for sure: my curiosity is piqued. What about yours?

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  • Blackmaile


  • Raven Nafariea

    AWESOME! Can’t wait, instant buys for me no matter what they are, Naughty Dog is amazing! =D

  • YroBalboa

    New Jak and Daxter confirmed? 😛

    • Alrightylol

      Crash Bandicoot!!!!!!!!!

      • Hwoarang

        I completely forgot about that. Despite everyone trying to crush my dreams I am still a believer that Sony has acquired the rights of Crash Bandicoot back from the evil clutches of Activision, and it’s all a ruse set up by Sony to make Activision pretend that Sony hasn’t. This image just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

        I would guess that Sony Bend or Media Molecule would be working on the next Crash game though, fret not though because as long as it’s in Sony’s hand it cannot possibly go wrong, they all know how much we love that little Bandicoot bastard.

        • Jarbloko

          i hope so.
          what another reason have sony to put that hint in the trailer…

      • Negi Springfield


  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Game of the century incoming… Meanwhile TLOU and Uncharted MP still riddled with problems…

  • Dennis

    E3 can’t come soon enough.

    • Jordan


      • ShellyWixtedipu321

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    • OMG the epicness of that GIF AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Raven Nafariea

      Ha! Hilarious and TRUE! =D

    • Stu Pearson

      This wins!

    • metalman5150

      That ^^^ was awesome

    • Mus1ckFPS

      LMMFAOOOOO I can’t deal, This GIF wins this year until E3 GIFs starting showing up

    • Matt Doria


    • JustGaming

      What the fudge, lol!

    • Michael Balchunas

      Hahaha this is great.

    • HustyparmenCZ


    • Suzaku Kururugi

      Not gonna deny the hilarity of the gif, but how can you win e3 with already announced games?

      • Karlo87

        There’s a few in there that aren’t announced, and a show-halting uncharted 4 gameplay reveal could easily win it for Sony

        • Sucka Free

          I expect a announcement and maybe a cutscene but I would seriously be shocked it the brought some gameplay, I think the building could explode…

          • Skeeter49

            They’ve said in interviews that there would be gameplay at E3 for Uncharted. But that could have changed after Amy and other people leaving, who knows.

      • islan

        This gif exists outside of time.

      • Hwoarang

        It’s a gif. It’s not supposed to make sense, it’s supposed to make you laugh and apparently it did. Plus like 5 of those games haven’t even been announced at all.

    • Sucka Free

      epic gif!

    • Matt W

      wtf is this from? so confused…..but LOL

      • Sucka Free

        looks like some televangelist

    • Jarbloko

      “crash bandicoot”…. +1

    • WingsOfChicken

      I see my gif I posted on Neogaf has made its round to other sites

    • drzfr3shboialex

      Best Sony gif

    • Best GIF ever!!!!!! xDDD

  • Jamal


  • Xtreme Derp

    Bu bu bu microsoft fanboys told me everyone quit Naughty Dog because Sony is broke and going bankrupt next week. They couldn’t possibly be working on multiple projects and hiring new people.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      has ps4lol bin banned or you just giving him a rest for a bit?

  • Matt Doria

    Hoping it’s either The Last Of Us 2 (if this is actually announced, interacting with me could potentially (will) pose a serious health risk due to physical explosion due to excitement) something completely new, or a Crash Bandicoot reboot with a new approach. Whatever they’re working on, it’ll be perfect!

  • aldnoahzero

    can’t wait

  • Karlo87

    One of them is U4 obviously, but I really hope the other is not TLoU2.
    Totally new IP please, it’s the Naughty Dog tradition for a new gen after all.

    • Kingdom17

      Or an older IP that we haven’t seen for ages might be awesome to, yeah, just saying

      • Karlo87

        I’d go nuts if Jak or Crash got announced, but I’d rather another studio develop it and Naughty Dog just assist

        • Kingdom17

          Could turn out like how Sly did, which would be nice, I’m sure there must be a dev who would love to make a Jak or Crash game and stay true to the game.

  • TristanPR77

    I have a feeling that Sony’s E3 conference will blow us away and will leave the competition in shame.

    • YroBalboa

      This, or they fail huge, but i hope that the conference blow us away!
      But to be honest i only would be speechless if they announce FF7 Remake (exclusiv) and Shenmue 3 (exclusiv)

      • Negi Springfield

        That…. Would just be too good to be true.. Even though I want it to happen 🙁

    • MrSec84 .

      Same, I’m more excited for Sony’s conference than anyone else.

  • Alex Rowley

    Hopefully “Experiences” means games.

  • truthtellerdealwithit


    • Sucka Free


  • Cayal

    But wait, how can this be? Everyone is leaving Naughty Dog. Something is wrong at Sony/ND. They don’t have enough people employed to wash the dishes. How can they make 2 games plus TLoU remake?

    • Karlo87

      They’ve cloned Druckmann

    • MrSec84 .

      I’m assuming this is meant to be sarcasm, but if not, ND still has a staff of 250 people.
      A small team is working on TLOU Remastered, they probably have plenty to be working on Uncharted & another new project.

      Personally I could wait for TLOU2, would rather have a new Jak & Daxter.

      • Cayal

        It was most definitely sarcasm my friend 🙂

  • MrSec84 .

    It seems pretty odd they wouldn’t include Uncharted in that sentence, like “we’re working on a new experience besides Uncharted & The Last of Us Remastered”.

    It was previously stated that the bulk of ND was working on Uncharted, with a smaller team working on TLOU Remastered.

    Hopefully this is to tease a new announcement alongside TLOU remastered & Uncharted at E3.

    Perhaps a new Jak & Daxter game.
    I could wait for TLOU2.

  • Cry_Zero

    Please let one of them be a new JAK game

    • Kingdom17

      Yes! This is all I would ever want from Naughty Dog again.

    • Negi Springfield

      Crash Bandicoot too please.

      • Sucka Free

        Anyone remember this?

        • Negi Springfield

          Yes !

        • YroBalboa

          Yeah but activision still owns the rights 🙁
          I think it was just a joke / hommage for the first hour Playstation fans…

          • Sucka Free

            That’s what people say, but still….

          • YroBalboa

            About the rights? Activsion and Sony denied it, that Sony bought the rights back

          • Sucka Free

            yeah, I know about all that, I’m just saying that we have no idea what may be in the works, maybe Activision plans to make one or Sony is still in negotiation. Who knows what could happen

          • YroBalboa

            Thats right, but i gues sony is not that much interested by a crash comeback… especially not for a multiplat crash

        • Cry_Zero

          I loved Crash back then, but I wouldnt want another Crash game to be honest since its “just” a jump n run. Jak on the other hand started as a simple jump n run an became much more. Jak 2 and 3 were amazing. Great looking, amazing story and a nice open world. I just love these games 😀

  • CervantesPR


  • The Real Rick Grimes

    TLOU sequel!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    I don’t think these “Two brand new experiences” include Uncharted 4. I think these two brand new games are something completely under wraps.

  • Carl

    Guys, the “two brand-new experiences” Druckmann talks about are obviously Uncharted 4, and a The Last of Us sequel. No Crash Bandicoot, and no Jak and Daxter. Those two sadly are long forgotten and dead.

    • MrSec84 .

      Crash I agree is probably not coming back, unless Sony’s bought back the IP rights, but why not a new Jak & Daxter game?
      Sony still owns the IP right?

      When did ND or anyone from Sony say that J&D was dead?

      TLOU2 is probably more likely to be held back a while because the last game only came out last year, plus TLOU Remaster comes this year.
      TLOU 2 could start production when the Remastered edition goes gold.

      • Carl

        Jak and Daxter is a franchise left behind. In comparison, Ratchet and Clank is still alive, and Sly Cooper even got a good sequel (Thieves in Time) after a 10-year hiatus. Apart from the Jak and Daxter HD Trilogy I doubt we will see a new Jak and Daxter game any time soon, if ever.

        Naughty Dog is a two-team studio which can only manage two active projects at any time. That’s why I believe they are just working on Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us 2.

        • MrSec84 .

          In other words it’s all a matter of your opinion, but not fact that Jak & Daxter definitely won’t get a new release.
          Heavenly Sword is also getting a movie, yet that sold nowhere near as much as J&D as a series, which regularly went platinum back in the day.
          It’s also highly requested by fans, if TLOU remastered proves anything, it’s that ND wants to appeal to the fans.

          I’m well aware of the details surrounding Crash, so I agree that’s not likely to be a PS exclusive, if anything it’ll be a multiplat game in the future.

          ND is actually a pretty large team, they have 250 members of staff.
          Currently they’re actually handling 3 active projects.
          A full 85 person team isn’t likely needed for TLOU Remastered as this is a remake, not an entirely new project & that only takes months, rather than years to make for PS4.

          Uncharted 2 took 85 people by the end, but PS4’s easier to develop for & the third game has already been in development for over 3 years, it’s likely that ND has the manpower to handle more than 2 full projects at a time.

          Hell Media Molecule is a tiny studio, with only 47 people, yet they managed to make a full Vita title & are working on their PS4 game at the same time.

          Right now the actual orientation of Naughty Dog isn’t that well known, so they could have divide off into another team.
          Just because they may have 2 official teams, that doesn’t mean they can’t have more projects on the go at once.

          We’ll see though.

          • Carl

            I write my opinion based on facts Isee, because I am no insider. Sadly I see no Jak and Daxter news of any kind, that’s all I can say.

            Don’t be overoptimistic about Naughty Dog working on multiple projects at once. PS4’s ease of use is one thing, but the required manpower is another. Developing 2, 3 or 4 AAA games simultaneously requires more than ND’s 250 people (and not all of them are actual developers, a studio has executives and operators, too).

          • superkarma

            Lol…no. It does not work like that.

            “Don’t be overoptimistic about Naughty Dog working on multiple projects at once.”

            There’s nothing to be overly optimistic about. They just confirmed they’re working on 3 projects at once. TLOU: Remastered, Uncharted 4, and another one yet to be announced.

  • superkarma

    This is why I laugh at the trolls/fanboys who bash them for porting TLOU. Naughty Dog has hundreds of employees. They can easily do multiple projects at the same time.

    Good on them. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us at E3 🙂

    • MrSec84 .

      Hell even Media Molecule, a 47 staff studio can make Tearaway & work on their PS4 project at the same time.

      ND’s been making Uncharted for PS4 for over 3 years, it’s not exactly unbelievable that they could be working on TLOU Remastered, Uncharted for PS4, TLOU2 & another project.

      Depending on the scope of the projects, I mean TLOU Remastered is a pretty small affair, even though the game will be more than just a 1080p 60FPS version of the PS3 game, with DLC included.

      Given that PS4 is so much easier to develop for compared to PS3 the studio should be much more productive than they were last generation.

  • Aria68

    1. Uncharted (PS4)
    2. Crash Bandicoot

  • EdwardKenwayAC

    ND i want Jak IV! 🙁

  • PhantomVash808
  • CJ Fitzsimmons

    crash bandicoot please!

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