Nike Reveals Limited-Edition Lebron11 Basketball Sneakers that Only NBA 2K14 Players Can Purchase

In honor of Lebron James gracing the cover of NBA 2K14, Nike Basketball, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts came together to make available a real pair of Lebron11 basketball sneakers to people who completed milestones in the game; making it the first-ever physical basketball shoe that could be earned through game play. Sneakerheads rejoice.

With a production run limited to 2,014 pairs, the only people to get the opportunity to buy the shoes would be a special group of NBA 2K14 players.

Those milestones included playing a minimum of 60 games in the MyCareer mode, earning an elite ranking, creating a shoe inside the game’s Nike Innovation Kitchen and choosing the Nike sponsorship path.

According to Nike, the goals required a total of about 80 hours of playtime. Players who fulfilled the requirements had a chance at being part of the group who could pre-order the $220 pair of shoes.

Designed by Nike, the LeBron11 features a jungle print and a crimson upper portion that are meant to “[symbolize] the heart of a lion.”

Nike is notifying the 2,014 lucky individuals, and the sneakers will ship out soon.

Check out the sneakers in the gallery below.

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