Watch_Dogs on PS4: 12 Minutes of Leaked Gameplay Show Driving, Hacking, Minigames and More (UPDATED)

on May 17, 2014 4:20 AM

Yesterday a  sizable chunk of Watch_Dogs gameplay footage was leaked via a livestream, and today two more videos from the same source surfaced, showing 12 minutes of gameplay.

You can enjoy the two videos below, and while the first four minutes of the second video are the same we saw yesterday, the rest is new, including driving, hacking surveillance via cameras, a chess minigame and more.

While the videos are recorded from the PS4 version, remember that they include streaming compression, so they’re representative of the gameplay, but not of the final graphics of the game.

Update: added a further video at the bottom with the full 20 minutes livestream that was done yesterday. Part is the same footage but there are additional snippets. Unfortunately it’s just in 360p, and the framerate (of the video, not the game) is nasty.

Videos are courtesy of YouTube users James A and MotherFragger.

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