Watch_Dogs on PS4: 12 Minutes of Leaked Gameplay Show Driving, Hacking, Minigames and More (UPDATED)

Yesterday a  sizable chunk of Watch_Dogs gameplay footage was leaked via a livestream, and today two more videos from the same source surfaced, showing 12 minutes of gameplay.

You can enjoy the two videos below, and while the first four minutes of the second video are the same we saw yesterday, the rest is new, including driving, hacking surveillance via cameras, a chess minigame and more.

While the videos are recorded from the PS4 version, remember that they include streaming compression, so they’re representative of the gameplay, but not of the final graphics of the game.

Update: added a further video at the bottom with the full 20 minutes livestream that was done yesterday. Part is the same footage but there are additional snippets. Unfortunately it’s just in 360p, and the framerate (of the video, not the game) is nasty.

Videos are courtesy of YouTube users James A and MotherFragger.

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  • superkarma

    Not watching the videos, as I don’t want to be spoiled. I’ve already read/seen/heard enough about this game to realize it’s going to be awesome. 🙂

    • Cayal

      Yeah, I havent seen much but from what I’ve seen (such as hacking bollards) if it is real I am sold.

  • Drakes

    i cant see this video!!
    what i doing??

    • I’ll tell you what to do : wait until may 27th, buy the game, and play it.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    tbh its pointless watching the videos in a compressed state anyway cus it’ll look rubbish and detract from the experience. 1 1/2 weeks left to anyway but typical me ill be doing stuff all day so cant play till Wednesday 🙁

    • superkarma

      Ouch, that blows when crap like that happens. Luckily, my schedule worked out perfectly (even my work schedule) so I’ll be playing it when it drops at midnight. I normally don’t even care about playing new releases at midnight, but I’ve been waiting for this game for far too long lol

      • Jeff Maxwell

        im hoping it arrives a day early on Monday cus ive pre-ordered it then I got all day :d

    • Chuck Green

      I was thinking the same thing. The jaggies around the car are REALLY bad. I’m just trying to decide on ps4 or xb1 version. I’d like to have the xb version just because I know most of my friends will be getting it on xb but after the frame rate drops I’m getting on thief for the xb1 I’m not so sure…

      • Jeff Maxwell

        depends if you want to play with your friend or slightly better gfx but seeing as Ubisoft said x1 + ps4 will look similar… prolly due to the fact both have to be upscaled to 1080p so neither of them are going to be crisp and there will be aliasing on both of them… upto you. You could always wait till release day and see the reviews cus I bet review sites will be testing both games a few days to 1 week before release with the final build and release there findings on the day

        • Chuck Green

          Does anyone know if the game rate is locked at 30? Frame rate drops are my main concern with the xb1.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            I think its locked at 30 but if it significantly drops below that for any reason, youll know about it for sure

    • mwalker

      Actually, my buddy works at a local gamestop and always let’s me come and check out games before release. Granted I have both next gen consoles…I WILL NOT PURCHASE this game on either one. He showed me the ps4 version “supposedly the high quality one”. And it look like a PS3 game. This is a MUST buy on the PC if your debating on the purchase. Trust me, no BS…I would be ashamed to show a friend this game on a next gen console.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        it is the high quality console version to be fair!! I’ve heard alot of bad stuff about the consoles. If it is that bad its cus the dynamic stuff weather simulation all that stuff that can’t be calculated much on a GPU its going to stall the CPU, stall that and your entire system goes down. I’ve got a 280x going over lock for watchdogs but glad I held off buyif anothr for xfire cus saw project cars actual gameplay screenshots…unimpressive so going see how watchdogs performs

  • TomaszSzkudlarek

    I hope, it’s that compression, because this looks even worse than GTAV on PS3 ;-P

    • Ali Khan

      It is. It was caught from Twitch’s livestream.

    • Hwoarang

      Both VODs from Twitch and videos on YouTube all suffer from massive compression issues. You could watch the best looking game on earth and it would look awful if it was watched via one of the previously mentioned methods. Even with screenshots, you won’t notice the beauty of something when you are actually in the thick of it, having a gunfight or driving at top speed through a busy street. People care too much about graphics. I can understand people wanting a consistent FPS though.


    Bad GTA clone

    • truthtellerdealwithit


    • superkarma


    • Hwoarang

      So because you can drive around an open city and shoot people it’s a GTA clone? You know absolutely nothing.

      This video was my initial reaction to your comment.

    • PaNos VoulGaris

      i think that this game will be better than gtav!!!

    • Aria68

      This game has it’s own concept or trying hard to go on it’s own route, certainly no matter how much they try a lot of thing/scenarios might happened to be inspired heavily by GTA … and it’s no shame, GTA is a master piece. There’s nothing wrong with making game that has certain things in common with GTA, after all it’s a game that occurs in city, naturally there will be cars, motor cycles and many things.

      • incendy is dumbass

        master what gta 5 is a broken peace of shit and gangsta wannabe simulator

        • hesoyamdonMonster

          hahaha go tell that to 33 million gamers who bought GTA5

          • They Call Me Senpai

            High sales don’t mean a game is good, just as low sales don’t mean a game is bad. Personally, I thought it was terribly overrated and refuse to finish it.

          • hesoyamdonMonster

            i still havent bought GTA5 on ps3, i will wait till it release on ps4. A game that sell above 10 million wont be ‘broken peace of shit and gangsta wannabe simulator” !!! haha !! lol ! 😉

        • V For Vincennes

          Use a period in one sentence. Just one. Prove to me you’re not as asinine as you seem.

    • mwalker

      I very unimpressed with this game thus far. I’ll wait for it to get to the “bargain bin”.

  • Simon Merdmann
    • superkarma

      Ewww…last gen copies? Put those away!

      • Jecht_Sin

        Meh.. They will look about the same anyway. :p

        • ipot_04

          it will look slightly better on the next gen consoles + some additional online multiplayer games which is not available for current gen consoles.

    • Raven Nafariea

      WTH is a PS3? hehe kidding =P

  • Kush

    Compression has got nothing to do with what makes Watch Dogs complete garbage.

    • superkarma

      You’ve played it already to come to that conclusion? Very interesting. Then again, you did just create that troll account, so yeah…

      • Kush

        I’ve been an avid player of video games for two decades to come to that conclusion.
        The account is new because it’s Dualshockers and what else would I want a Disqus for?

        PROTIP: A troll isn’t just anyone who’s opinion you disagree with.

        • Marquis Regalia

          Not agreeing or disagreeing but it would have been nice for you to actually explain why you think a game is garbage instead of just leaving at that

          • Sucka Free

            you don’t really think he has a valid answer do you? The game isn’t even out yet.

        • Dadrixx

          True. A troll is somebody who talks shit on something without having any valuable proof what he says is true.

          Oh wait.

          • Kush

            That’s not even close to what a troll is. The masses these days don’t understand the term and throw it around with reckless abandon like so much stale confetti.

            A troll is someone very clever and calculated in what they do, very elaborate in how they wind people up. Not just someone who says something you don’t like.

          • Raven Nafariea

            I would not use the terms “clever and calculated” to describe trolls. I have never seen a troll yet who was ever “clever and calculated” just mostly imbecilic and delusional.

          • Kush

            Then you obviously joined us here on the Internet long after the term troll was coined.

          • Dadrixx

            “Hurrr you’re so new”
            Oh my god, what is this, 4chan ? Get lost, o great internet scholar.

          • Jeff Maxwell

            delusional…careful xtremederp/ps4lol may sue you for copyright infringement!!

          • Xtreme Derp

            You’re delusional, man.

          • Dadrixx

            You are really dense, aren’t you ?

            Plain and simple, a troll is someone who will try to start an argument.
            You have all the rights to have a different opinion. But just saying “This game is complete garbage” without giving any explanation is exactly how you start an argument.

            So two possibilities:
            – You did this on purpose, and thus, are a troll
            – You’re too dumb to understand that saying “This is shit” is not giving your opinion.

          • Kush

            Attempting to attack my mental capacity isn’t really going to fly when you’ve just shown that you don’t know what the term troll actually means or where it comes from – and when my comments are some of the most articulate you’ll find anywhere.

            The fact that this has devolved so quickly without provocation into personal attacks shows just how little you have to say.

            I’m far from dense.
            But you already know that.

          • Dadrixx

            Actually I’m not so sure. For example, you still haven’t explained how Watch Dogs (basically, a game that neither you nor I have played) is “complete garbage”.

            You may say whatever you want, that was a stupid comment, especially if you don’t explain why you think it is such a bad game.
            So maybe you’re a bit more dense than you seem to think.

            “How little I have to say” ? Do you have that much stuff (interesting stuff, I mean) to say ? Because just saying “Lol that game is shit” can only prove one thing: you’re a troll. And not a good one at that, according to your definition of the term.

          • Kush

            What are you, sitting on your Disqus waiting for me?

            I’ve given my opinion below in other posts, all you’ve succeeded in doing so far is appearing very upset. This game means a lot to you, huh bud?

            I’m not a troll. I’ll never be a troll. And most of you have never encountered a successful one.

          • Kush

            Your argument thus far amounts to poor attempts at condensing my fully articulated sentences into “lol hurr opinion I dun like durr he talk like dis” as if that in any way invalidates or even devalues them.

            At no point have I said “lol the game is shit” or anything close. I made an observation.

          • philip navarro

            ok great. Now tell us why the game is garbage?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          PROTIP: Someone that calls a game he didn’t play “complete garbage” can be nothing but a troll 😀

          • V For Vincennes

            This right here. Comment of the day. Your trophy, sir.

    • ipot_04

      that’s definitely the compression.
      just look at the gifs, even though it’s not big it’s clearer than the videos.

      • Kush

        While the GIFs are indeed a great deal improved from YouTube and the like, my gripes stem not from the visuals alone but the whole package. I’m someone who was utterly lukewarm about this game from all the way back at E3 2012 – visuals were perhaps the only thing keeping it out of the trash.

        Besides that personal opinion, there’s the subjective fact that those GIFs are compressed to a high pixel density due to their size. Put it next to a similarly pixel dense GIF of something like GTA V and all of a sudden it’s shine isn’t so bright.

        • ipot_04

          i’m getting Watch Dogs because of the hacking gameplay. i didn’t expected the graphics to be great on PS4 anyway but it’s still good.

          • Kush

            Remind me again what the “hacking” gameplay amounts to?

            ‘Press button X to view camera angle Y’.

            I’m good, thanks.

            They really got you lulzsec wannabe kids with that buzzword hook line and sinker, didn’t they?

          • ipot_04

            i don’t really care what others say or how disappointed they are about the game, visuals are not everything.
            still better than nothing.

    • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m

      then what makes watch dogs complete garbage?

    • Kush

      I guess the people who are up voting me are delusional trolls too, then. The game is awful at face value, it needs no further exploration. This isn’t the cover of a book we’re talking about.

  • Delsin Rowe

    so guys, how’s the game looking? it’s awesome isn’t it? 😀

  • Jamal

    The game looks good

  • JJ

    does it matter people think it’s like GTA, can’t you just enjoy a game without people bitching about it! get a life

  • Lookey

    Can’t freaking wait!

    • Maria Mcrae

      SO CUTE, You can’t wait for this game even after Ubisoft mislead you.

      • Sucka Free

        So, graphics aren’t the most important thing when it comes to making a good game.

      • ipot_04

        I wanted Watch Dogs the first time i saw it’s trailer on E3 2012, sure the graphics shown in that trailer were amazing but the thing i liked most about Watch Dogs is the Hacking gameplay.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        yeah I hate Ubisoft they mislead me with the E3 2012 trailer and have forced better gfx on me with upgrades… why ubisoft, why!!!!

      • superkarma

        Why would I purposely miss out on a game that looks awesome and fun, just because the developers handled the PR terribly? Sorry, I’ll leave the “vote with your wallet” to others, while I enjoy a great game.

  • CervantesPR

    yeah im going to wait for reviews first. if the multiplayer is fun with replay value then i will buy.

  • Jan Compaf

    i hate it how easy you can break light posts in gta games, why ?
    its so unreal and i see its the same in WD
    can the character walk normal like in gta?
    or you have to run around town like an idiot all the time?

  • joeydapanda1

    this game is gonna ve super awesome cant wait for the zombie one i wish we can play poker online they really should change it

  • MTM2

    Hmm, definitely a ‘wait for reviews’ kind of game.

  • Looks great!

  • Pedestrian

    i’m not gonna go hipster and not play one of the best third party games of the year but i’m kind of disappointed with how they handled pr and how they lied to us constantly, i kind of used to it but that doesn’t make it less frustrating.

  • theodor70941


  • Melissa Rossetti

    Def The Wii u Version

  • incendy is dumbass

    ubisof why this game is not 1080p 60fps on ps4 the last of us remastered is 1080p 60fps

    • Jeff Maxwell

      I’ve seen pics of last of us remasteted, x1 can handle that 1080p 60fps. Watchdogs is on a completely different level and did a quick search on the engine and its bin created in house so its a custom engine so well unless its built upon unreal or cryengine then must be a good engine. Why have a problem with ps4 900p 30fps and minimal AA and weak ambient occlusion unless your scared about how much PC hardware will own it up??? after seeing real project cars screenies I was going upgrade but ill see how watchdogs performs which will be much better than consoles but prompt not enough to warrant an upgrade judging fom project cars…east I can upgrade with 1 day delivery yes it will cost the samead a PS4 andit is value for money but want the best.. Ya pay for the best!!! Well MasterCard pays for the bes
      But I know the high ends push this but consolets cant be mad cus without pc there is no innovationin pc hardware and without consoles there’s also no innovation so they help each other… For example the 290’s wouldn’t have 8 ACE queuae without Sony (I think) so help each other out

    • Vious

      the cut scenes in remastered last of us is 60fps….not the whole game, well at least that’s all they said about the game.
      not sure why they would just single out the cut scenes though

      • YroBalboa

        The whole will be 60fps and 1080p!

        • Vious

          ok buddy, if you say so

    • Xtreme Derp

      It’s an open world game and last of us is a corridor game.

  • supersungin

    pc version are going to be epic

    • incendy is dumbass

      pc is for virgins

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    Wow looks pretty good to be only running at 360fps..

  • Poop Doop

    Ps4 people before the delay of the game: Omg the graphics are so much better than xbox and what makes a game good is the graphics.
    Ps4 people after the delay and the downgrade: It’s not the graphics that make up a game, its the gameplay.

  • The Real Rick Grimes

    I think I’m going to stop reading press on this game, I’ve gone from being super excited to not knowing how to feel about it. At this point, I’m just going to pick it up upon release and check it out myself.

  • Darrin Tyler


  • philip navarro

    The graphics on GTA V were amazing. The huge issue with that game was the frame rate and lack of anti-aliasing (especially while driving). If they lock the frame rate on Watch dogs and have a tiny amount of anti-aliasing then I will be a happy camper.