Driveclub Director Promises No Screen Tearing in Game, Female Drivers, Gives More Gameplay Details

The recently appointed Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky has been sharing a lot of details about the game lately, and today he gave some more information on Twitter.

A few users complained about visible screen tearing in the videos recently published by Sony, but Rustchynsky promised that it’s just an issue with the movie player on the site, and it won’t happen in the game.

In addition to that, we also learn that if you’ll want to be a charming lady driver in the game, you’ll “most certainly” be able to select a female character. This comes in addition to the recently revealed outfit customization. Rustchynsky then promised that more details about character personalization will be shared down the line.

We also learn that we won’t be able to manually turn our headlights on and off, as it’ll happen automatically (presumably depending on the lighting conditions),  and that the first person aspects of the title (an example of which is showcased in the GIF below) that were shown before the delay, but didn’t appear after the re-reveal, are still part of the game, and more of them will be shown in the future.


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  • ipot_04

    this is probably gonna be the best free game for PS+ subs for PS4, at least on this year.

    • Léon

      No doubt… The Free games for ps4 aren’t really that good so far. Maybe except for Outlast. But that scared the shit out of me…

      • Porcu Peth

        they’ve all been good.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Did it scare you? Then it is very good. Objective accomplished. ^_^

  • Guest

    “we won’t be able to manually turn our headlights on and off”

    What!? This is BS! My purchase was based entirely on this feature.

    • Sucka Free

      Lol, No kidding, completely throws off the immersion….preorder cancelled 😛

      • theodor70941

        Why pre-order when you get it free with PS+?

        • mekh_grg

          PS+ Edition is not a full game.

          • theodor70941

            Yes it is, the only thing that isn’t part of the PS+ edition is a few cars and like 2 or 3 tracks… A exclusion of that size isn’t really worth calling “not a full game”.

          • mekh_grg

            Full Game: Cars-50 Tracks-55
            PS+Edition: Cars-10 Track 11

          • theodor70941

            My point still stands since a Demo/beta would never have that much in it, a beta/demo would have like 1-2 cars and then maybe if your lucky a total of 3 tracks… And therefore this is a limited version of the full game, still counts as the full game in my eyes.

          • DIsmael85

            Gran Turismo 5 prologue, which was considered a demo, had more tracks and cars that what you’ve listed and it was only 40 bucks. Just get the retail version of Driveclub it’s only 10 dollars more. :S

          • theodor70941

            Why pay when I can get it free with Ps+?

          • Michael Balchunas

            Your missing out on 40 cars and 44 tracks, thats why. Thats like downloading sky rim with 1/5th of the open world available, when you can buy the entire thing for full price.

          • Harerazer

            Clearly Theodor is not a racing game fan so it doens’t meatter as much to him as it would to a real fan. Saying 20% of something is the “full version” must be the new math.

        • Sucka Free

          Wow! You really have no sense of sarcasm. I was just kidding around, I don’t have it preordered and if I did I sure wouldn’t cancel it over something silly like headlights

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I actually kind of like it in project cars. I can even see how it could be useful in a social game like Driveclub, considering headlights are often used to signal in street racing.

  • RealityCheck2013

    + There better be more than 1 million Trees in the game(i will be counting) 😀

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    i swear this current generation of gamers are such whiny b!tch…..complain about just literally everything. I swear to myself that if i ever had a kid, i will stop him/her to become a game developer.

    Gamer-X: “WTF. Why is the finger nail of the driver so polished? It is not realistic at all!! Also, the lighting on that single nut and 2 bolts are obviously wrong! What’s wrong with these lazy developers? Ep1c f@1L ….!!!”

  • Orichalon Hades

    >Female Driver

    now i know this game is fictional


  • Guest

    if kids of today had to wait for a tape deck to load your game, To find out it crashed and eaten your tape and have to a pencil to wind it back in, they would know what Gaming is really about Kids have it easier now !!

  • Manga Mangakid

    If kids of today had to wait for a tape deck to load your game, To find out it crashed and eaten your tape and have to a pencil to wind it back in, they would know what Gaming is really about Kids have it easier now !!

    • The new Gen of gamers are hand feed everything in life now days. The days of waiting 15 min for a game to load and watching all the fancy color lines on the screen and that god evil sound, for 2 min into the game it crash 😐

      Lets not forget we had to type LOAD also and press play on tape deck, now i know most of this gen would get stuck at that stage.

      • They Call Me Senpai

        You’re actually proud of all that?

  • DuckNation

    Screen Tearing was such a brutal killer for games last gen i hope that isn’t a problem this time around

  • This game is serious. The driver was never a big deal but making it in this game shows the how detailed they went into developing this game. This game keeps sounding better and better.

  • Yisa Yussuf

    Please don’t give me details on a game 6 months away from release.. between this and destiny its depressing

  • doom guy

    “you’ll most certainly be able to select a female character” now its day one confirmed 😛

  • The Real Rick Grimes

    Unreal, what a whiny generation of girly men.. WAH WAH WAH

  • NoNeedToArgue

    Glad that first person aspect is still there. That was one of the interesting things from the initial reveal

  • Dennis

    Can’t wait to see more of the first person mode.

  • Craig Sloan

    I guess they have to go all out on this game because there’s a “free” version for anyone with PS Plus. So if the millions of people with PS Plus don’t like the “free” version they’ve done themselves out of a load of sales. I’ll get the “free” version first before I decide on the retail one.

  • Oh hell yeah! I can play as a girl! Hellow~

  • Timothy Miley

    All you console players cannot see the brilliant graphics in Assetto Corsa for PC!!!

  • Timothy Miley

    Why do so many people buy something that is not next generation like Project Cars and Assetto Corsa???

    • Just making a point

      I have Assetto Corsa, worst buy ever…

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