New Xbox One Update Allows You to Snap Skype While Gaming, at Long Last

One of the biggest flaws of the Xbox One version of Skype was the inability to snap it to the side while gaming.

Luckily, Microsoft just rolled out a new patch that allows you to do just that, letting you chat with your friends on the side while playing Titanfall or using other apps.

All you have to do to enable the feature is to access Skype on the console, and you’ll automatically be prompted to update it.

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  • N2O1990

    About time

  • Dennis Djoenz

    That is a cool feature indeed, but do you need the Kinect to do so?

    • You can’t Skype without a camera lol

      • Dennis Djoenz

        I had a feeling lol. Pff.
        I mean even my rubbish laptop has a built-in mic. This iMac as well.

      • Justin

        No you don’t.

        Skype video chat requires the camera – but voice and chat do not.

        Also Skype chat has always worked in the background from day one. (One of the first things I tested)

        I would think that the snap-to is useful for chat and video – since the voice-only doesn’t really need to be snapped to work. 🙂

        • Dennis Djoenz

          Aaah I see lol!

        • I just remembered you can do Skype chat and voice without the video lol oops.

        • someguy

          The whole emphasis of Skype is to video chat…If i have no camera why would i use Skype at all when you can just set up party chat. That makes no sense when you have other options of chat on the xbox1 already why even bother.

          • Justin

            Ever play a video game while on the phone?

            Kinda the same thing – my Live friends list doesn’t include some people I have on skype.

  • Delsin Rowe

    Finally, some good news about xbox one 😀

  • miamiprodigy

    I don’t care what the haters say…. the Xbox one is amazing…. that’s why I bought one over the PS4.

    • YroBalboa

      I gues it was not your first mistake in your life 😉

      • Jamal

        I own them both

        • kevin

          look forward to owning both ,but am waiting for Sonys other games to arrive.

    • Stranger On The Road

      Nobody is saying that the XB1 isn’t amazing; many appliances are amazing regardless of the existence of other –and arguably better– options in the market. Just like a tea kettle, the XB1 is amazing.

      Jokes aside, it really doesn’t matter, do you like the XB1? If yes, then why does the opinions of total strangers -regarding it- matter? Just enjoy it and hope for JRPGs to come to it 🙂

    • N2O1990

      Alright,but this news has nothing to do with PS4,let’s not off topic

    • MTM2

      You could buy both you know, you’re not limited to one option.

      I don’t know why you had to bring the PS4 into the equation.

    • Mus1ckFPS

      When you say stupid stuff like this, when no one asked or even mentioned a PS4 thats how you start fanboy wars, all it takes is one person

      • YroBalboa

        He is an xboner troll, he also is on ign trolling around like mad

    • V For Vincennes

      “the Xbox one is amazing…..”

      I don’t know. No real Xbox One owner would say something like that. I’m skeptical about you, sir.

      • kevin

        I think its great and am having a blast owning it.

        • V For Vincennes

          Don’t worry. That feeling of elation will pass. Eventually culminating in a long bout of regret.

          • kevin

            Don’t think so , now had I bought a PS4 I would have suffered such a period long ago .

          • They Call Me Senpai

            Yeah, it would be torture just having it sitting there until you got home to play it.

      • Jackassassin

        That’s funny. I don’t know an Xbox One owner who wouldn’t say something like that. I think that’s the reason they spent $500 on it.

        Y’know…you typically spend money on things you like, not things you dislike…

        • V For Vincennes

          I wouldn’t say I dislike it, most of the time. Far from amazing. Still inferior to my 360 in most every facet in terms of functionality. Battlefield 4 is a saving grace, as that was a nightmare visually on the 360.

          The only thing that is superior is the YouTube app. It has effectively turned my Xbox One into an all access Mystery Science Theater 3000 Roku device.

    • superkarma

      That’s cool, bro. Thanks for showing how insecure you are about your purchase.

    • spartan warrio

      Xbox one is for faggs thats why i dint buy one and i buy a ps4

  • DuckNation

    Skype is shit!! never liked it don’t plan on ever using it whenever i decide to buy a XB1

    • Elit3 Nick

      nice use of bots there mr. 77 guest votes…

  • Wasn’t that supposed to be there at launch lol?

    • Redd

      Apparently if it’s a cool feature it automatically should have been a launch day feature lol.

      • Erm what?

        From what I remember they said it would be there at launch…..

        • Redd

          And Sony has things it has yet to deliver which it said it would?

          • Who said anything about Sony?

            Want a cookie?

          • Redd

            No but would like for you not to be a fan boy and just say “cool feature” which it is.

          • How am I being a “fanboy” then?

            Plus what the hell does ” just say “cool feature” which it is.” mean?

          • Redd

            You know you’re being one but ok play dumb.

          • Oh really? look through my comment history. I would do the same for you but yours is private. I wonder why ……

          • Redd

            U only own a ok enjoy your day then lol.

          • You obviously can’t read then. D!ck

            “PS4, 360 and Android gamer”

          • Redd

            Also the comments I found of you on the article for Xbox losing to Sony sales wise.

            Nice try fanboy

          • LOL So because I laughed at peoples comment’s/GIFs and Microsoft’s mistakes I’m a fanboy even though I have an Xbox and Xbox 360 (which I still have and got at launch)? you sound stupid. PS4 is my first PlayStation console since the PS2 get your facts right and you might sound less like a d!ck rider…..try harder next time.

            Like a give a f*ck about who’s winning HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


          • Redd

            And yet you’re a fanboy, no you didn’t just laugh you posted a GIF about PS4 running Xbox at E3.

            I’m done, you’re clearly a tool.

          • V For Vincennes

            You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

          • “And yet you’re a fanboy, no you didn’t just laugh you posted a GIF about PS4 running Xbox at E3.”

            SO?…..why are you so butt hurt by a gif? I like what Microsoft are gonna show at E3, I also like what PS are gonna show at E3, I just found the gif funny lol.

            Like I said. TRY HARDER.

        • Vious

          no I don’t remember them saying it was a launch day feature. if they did then it wasn’t.

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  • Jamal


  • V For Vincennes

    I wasn’t aware you couldn’t use Skype in ‘Consume 1/4 of your Screen’ Mode. Hell, I had forgotten Skype was even something on the One. I deleted that worthless s**t the first day I had the console.

    • Vious

      that’s you, as I’ve always maintained: not everyone is the same and not everyone likes the same things/games/features.

      I use Skype all the time, on my phone and PC and xbox…..
      here’s a pic of how much I’ve used Skype on my PC
      my browser uses a lot too because I stream a lot of videos and DLNA it to my xbox to watch on the big screen.

      • V For Vincennes

        I don’t play games to associate or talk to people. Therefore, the last thing I care to do is associate or talk to people while I play. Knock yourself out, Skype is all yours, pal.

        • Vious

          so you play games to get away from reality. I get that.
          but I play games to enjoy them and my life still goes on while I play. so if i’m playing and my sister or girl or bro or friend is calling me I can still interact with them while playing.

          I guess we have 2 different approaches to gaming.
          some play to get away from reality like some drink alcohol to do
          while others play games to have like others do when having a fun night out. there is the difference.

          • V For Vincennes

            I enjoy myself plenty when I play. I’ve gotten a big ol’ lifting of my spirit while killing Nazis in Wolfenstein tonight in fact. My girlfriend had to come in just to see what I was laughing so hard about.

            I just don’t need anyone bugging me through Skype or another means through whatever it is I’m gaming on. I have a phone; I occasionally check my Facebook when I’m taking a break. if anyone desperately needs to reach me for whatever reason, they can do so. I just don’t need such things on my console.

            Plenty of years spent across countless systems without that sort of idiocy, and it isn’t necessary now. I fired up my old Genesis today and was enjoying some Castlevania: Bloodlines without the bother of Skype calls coming through. Wonderful piece of hardware that 16 bit beast is.

            While I appreciate your assumption in comparing my gaming to some sort of Leaving Las Vegas-style alcoholism, I respectfully say you’re wrong on that one.

          • Vious

            I’ve already pointed out the difference.
            you like to game a certain way, I game a different way. not everyone is the same or like the same things.
            while I don’t mind the multitasking or the Skype etc, you do.
            you just like doing one thing at a time and there’s nothing wrong with that.
            stay safe. keep gaming.

  • oSHINSAo

    Next step, allow full screeen gaming with little window on a corner, as twitch does… much butt pain here… Support FTW

  • Vious

    hey Nelva are you sure you didn’t jump the gun?
    usually I’d get beta updates and the real updates the same night they are released…..but I haven’t seen this update yet and my xbox is showing “no update available”

    edit: just double checked and it’s there, didnt’ know. sry, should’ve checked first

  • Vious

    i’m glad I can snap Skype now. this is great.
    awesome feature. now that Skype snapping is out the way make way for exHDD…i’m guess this is going to be in out around the time E3 gets here

  • Vious

    I read down in the comments and realized that there are so many people on here hating on xbox features. smh.
    well the rest of us who can appreciate the features will do so

  • zastavia .

    Oh how exciting. When I turn on a games console, it’s for playing games. I guess I’m forgetting an XBONE is not a games console but rather an entertainment hub.

    • Vious

      and i’m guessing when you turn on your phone its ONLY to make phone calls…..amiright?

  • Thats Mr. Smoove
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