Review: Drakengard 3 – Discordant Melody

The Drakengard series is one of those franchises that I’ve never heard of even though it has been around for about ten years. Despite my relative–excuse me–complete ignorance of these games, I was quickly able to guess what type of experience I would be getting myself into with Drakengard 3 judging from the product description. “Action RPG that isn’t mainstream, eh? I bet this is a hack n slash game,” I said to myself as I did a bit of research for this review.

Sure enough as soon as the main game began I was faced with about 15 guys who all had lifebars over their heads and who were all charging at me. Yes sir, this was indeed a hack n slash game. I’m not exactly a fan of the genre because of how shallow and repetitive it can be but I held out hope that this wouldn’t be as bad as some others. Then I started to attack and killed every one of my enemies in seconds. Sigh… this is exactly what I feared and from that point onward things never really picked up.

Before I gained control of the main character named Zero, a beautifully crafted CG intro (Square-Enix still excels at these) told of a world ruled by women called Intoners who came to power after they helped saved it with the power of their songs. Zero’s goal is to kill her Intoner sisters in order to gain their power. Introductions to games are supposed to hook us in but this one confused me more than anything. This confusion would continue as I progressed.

Drakengard 3 review 01

Before I get into the characters and story, I want to talk about the actual game itself. While I’m not a fan of most hack n slashers, most notably anything from the Dynasty Warriors series, that isn’t to say that I think the entire genre is a wash. Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden are prime examples of how to do the genre right. Drakengard 3 falls into the Dynasty Warriors camp unfortunately.

Battling even large numbers of foes just isn’t as thrilling as it should be. Zero can slice through most enemies like butter so the majority of them never really presented much of a challenge. She wears all white and gets soaked in blood during battles. This is nice but even then it didn’t add the visceral feel that I would like when fighting and killing so many foes. Even after taking down big enemies I never felt a sense of satisfaction… just a sense of relief that it was over.

Zero eventually gets four weapons to use: Sword, Spear, Chakram and Gauntlets. To the game’s credit, each weapon does feel different but that doesn’t help much. The weapons offer up a large number of combos to use but I found myself doing a basic normal attack x3 + special attack combo with some careful dodging for most of the game. There is a block button but I never really used it since dodging was more effective.

Drakengard 3 review 02

The weak combat was bad enough but camera angles that prevented me from seeing any of the action was even worse. Locking on to an enemy didn’t help the camera angle situation either. I tried to fight enemies out in the open whenever I could but in situations where I couldn’t, the camera always seemed to want to show me the walls instead. The problem was exacerbated during boss battles since they loved to stick by the walls for some reason.

When not killing off thousands of disposable minions you get to control a dragon. These sections were a bit hit or miss, mostly because of the camera angles. When you could freely control the dragon, things were hard because there would always be obstructions in the way that impaired my vision. During the parts where it became a rail shooter I had a better time since it reminded me of games like Panzer Dragoon. The dragon was also helpful during some of the ground combat sections, but not by much.

By this point you might be wondering where the “RPG” part of this Action RPG comes in. Combat is the main focus but there are some light roleplaying game elements to be found. You gain experience after completing each chapter which… does something. Seriously, I have no idea what the character’s experience went into since I never felt myself getting stronger or more resistant to damage. It seemed pretty arbitrary to be honest.

Drakengard 3 review 03

Weapons on the other hand can be upgraded and I definitely felt a difference when I made them more powerful. There are a lot of weapons that can be bought using money found in the levels or found/unlocked along the way. Items that restore your health or give you a strength/defense boost can also be bought from a menu screen. These last two items definitely came in handy during boss battles.

Now, I’m known for being a bit “blue” with my sense of humor. Cursing, sexual innuendo, jokes about bodily functions, I like all of that stuff. With that said, this game went over the top even for my tastes. It seemed like the writers wanted to throw as many curses and profanity in any given line of dialogue as possible. Zero’s disciples were horndogs and they all wanted to have sex with her and were pretty upfront about it. It got to a point where I could predict the next dirty thing they would say to Zero who was herself pretty prurient.

While having all of these juvenile things happening, the game is also trying to make you feel something for the characters and the story. It didn’t happen though. I never once cared for any of the characters or their respective plights. I actually hated every last one of them except for the dragon Mikhail, who was the only one I could identify with. That’s right, the only character I liked wasn’t even a human.

Drakengard 3 review 04

As far as graphics go, this game is definitely on the ugly side of the spectrum. I’m not the biggest fan of the Unreal Engine but it has performed miracles in the past. Not here. The game has this pervasive “fog” to it and that isn’t because of the story either. I found myself squinting at times because of how thick this fog could get. It reminded me of playing games on a Nintendo 64.

Perhaps this fog was added to hide how ugly the world of the game looks. Textures were drab and lifeless. None of the generic environments had any kind of personality to them. Destroyed cities, forests, deserts… they all looked equally as uninspired. The level designs themselves were fine for the most part and I did like some of the light platforming elements but overall the environments were just really dull looking.

Drakengard 3 review 05

I should note some of the technical issues I had with the game besides the camera angles. Whenever there was a lot of chaotic action on screen, most notably when Mikhail would reign fire on the battlefield, the game would get really choppy and the frame rate would drop considerably. It not only made attacking enemies difficult but also made it easier for me to be hit since I couldn’t tell what was happening. The other notable issue was lip syching, or rather, a lack of it. Whenever characters spoke it was like watching an old Kung fu movie since their lips didn’t match the dialogue at all.

The main campaign isn’t the only thing available. There are a host of side missions which are unlocked as you progress the story. These typically have you killing enemies or obtaining items in a specific set of time. These side missions were the very definition of repetitious but they were useful for earning more money. There are also post campaign missions that show alternate versions of the story. These only really served to make the plot even more confusing than it already was though.

While this game may be for some people (the franchise has been around for a while) it certainly wasn’t for me. The makings of a good game are hidden somewhere under the boring combat, murky graphics and juvenile and confusing plot. If you’re into mindlessly killing hordes of enemies or hearing sexual jokes then this is right up your alley. If not then it’s best to skip Drakengard 3 and play something else instead.

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  • Hwoarang

    A 4? Daaaaayum! Is it anything like Nier in terms of dialogue?

    • Dialogue is pretty good, vulgarity, some nonsense here and there, and in your face which caught me by surprised knowing it’s a game made by the Japanese. First time in a very long time they tell themselves to go f*** themselves and etc, I was like whoa, this is awesome lol.

      • Besides Suda 51 that makes crazy shit as a Japanese developer.

  • doom guy

    Being a fan of the previous games. I will pick it up once it goes a little cheaper. Want to play it mostly for the story and characters.

  • Porcu Peth

    Honestly sounds good to me.. i’ll get it

  • Marquis Regalia

    I’m still getting this game. I personally am not that big of a fan of hack n slash but I’ve played enough SE games to know to just ignore the story

  • I got it a day early in the mail from ordering it from Best Buy’s website and I’m enjoying it. Typical Japanese hack n slash game with terrible camera and using the dragon doesn’t really do any justice for it. I can understand the score but if you really like genetic Japanese hack n slash games, you might really like this. 50 bucks was well worth it for me because the story is interesting, the dialogue is aggressive with vulgarity and sexual humor, kinda like Killer is Dead, but other than that, it’s a pretty decent fun game.

    Upgrade weapons, buy items, buy weapons, and side missions too. I’ve been playing Dynasty Warriors since the PS2 so I’m use to this lol. I love the CGI animation movies though, typical Square Enix, it looks awesome and it’s pretty violent too. Game graphics are okay but with this chick in the white dress covered in blood is awesome though haha.

    Regardless, wait for it to be 20 bucks or less, I’m sure it’ll drop to that price in a couple of months. I bought it mainly because I couldn’t hold out anymore till Watch Dogs comes out and plus, I need more of a backlog when the summer comes.

  • Mario Porfírio Souza

    Judging by the comments it seems to me that the review was poorly done

    • For someone who doesn’t like this type of genre, stay away but this is def. not a 4 out of 10 game. Average at least for someone who isn’t a fan, a 6 but if you love hack n slash, at least 7.5. I give it an 8 even though I haven’t finished it but so far an 8. Destructoid loved it, gave it a 8.5

      • Tony Polanco

        I would have given the game a 5 but the technical issues i experienced forced me to knock a point off.

        • Budgiecat

          Play trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

    • kurbstar

      They’re always poorly done. Western reviewers have a heavy bias against Japanese games because they refuse to cooperate in whatever SJW flavor of the month is going on right now.

      • doom guy

        Wooooah, hold your horses mate. Generalizing much!? I don’t agree with review myself but to say western reviewers have some secret agenda against Japanese games??????? WTF are you smoking!?

        • superkarma

          He’s a pathetic troll who wears a tinfoil hat. Don’t mind him.

      • Tony Polanco

        Please refer to my reviews for Strider, Lightning Returns and Escha & Logy. Also, I mostly watch anime on TV and think Anime movies trump Hollywood. I don’t have a bias against Japan. I have a bias against subpar video games.

      • MasterofMidnight

        In the past, I’ve complained some sites have rated anime Japanese games too high for being simply anime. So your comment comes off as quite ironic.

  • Derrick Otto Kunstmann

    If you don’t like the genre as a whole why the hell would you review it?….

    • Tony Polanco

      It’s my job to do so. Also, would you have preferred if I DIDN’T say that? I want to be honest with you guys.

      • Starlord

        Personally, if it’s not your genre I wouldn’t even review it, and even if I had to review it on a professional level, I would at least see the game as the genre shows it, not for my personal taste, but the taste for the genre as a whole.

        • Tony Polanco

          For the genre it’s pretty weak. Look at DMC and Ninja Gaiden. Those are also Japanese games in the genre which are EXCELLENT.

          • Starlord

            Personally, I am having fun with Drakengard 3. Review mean nothing to everyone’s personal taste. Those games you mentioned are “okay”, Drakengard3 is not a 10 and most def. not 4, it’s an 8 or a 9 personally. It all comes down to everyone’s opinion of the game. 2 “user reviews” gave it a 10, but I gave it a 9. it’s not 10 worthy.

          • Tony Polanco

            If you’re enjoying it then that’s all that matters. I really am glad you’re digging it.

          • MasterofMidnight

            Regardless as to whether Tony enjoys the genre or not, he still has a right to point out his opinion, as long as it’s what he considers to be logical, fair, and objective i.e. is not biased in his wording.

            Fan of a genre or not, if we play enough of them, we can still distinguish which ones pull the main gameplay off better than others.

            I’ve pre-ordered this game on the strength of Nier, but I’m under no misconception that this game has gotten some pretty mixed reviews from people. Even Japanese gamers have criticised this game.

            I’m still confident I’ll like this enough, even though I too don’t like Hack n Slash (and I think DmC is a pretty poor series too), so long as the story keeps me engaged. Nier got some really bad scores in places, but I enjoyed it more than any of the AAA games of the last generation for its story, atmosphere, and unique gameplay elements.

            I’m just hoping Drakengard 3 has even a fraction of that some style.

          • Tony Polanco

            Thanks man.

            I realize I didn’t give this a glowing review but I was fair to it. Every game deserves that.

          • Joseph Dougherty

            DMC and Ninja Gaiden are NOT hack’n’slash.. they’re character action. There’s a difference. Drakengard is more akin to Dynasty Warriors, Sengoku Basara, Chaos Legion, etc. I’m with Starlord, if its not your genre then have someone else review it. I’ve been enjoying the game a lot so far, reminds me of Nier. Which was a fantastic yet under appreciated game and one of the best of last generation.

          • Michael Lowther

            I was going to say this. Dynasty Warriors, Drakengard etc is not part of the same genre as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden.

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          • Ritsujun

            Well said.

      • brian

        I think the idea is you should have let someone else do it that is a fan of the (musou) genre, so fans of it could gauge if they’d like it.

        • Tony Polanco

          No one else was available to do it. This is how gaming journalism is sometimes, ESPECIALLY independent gaming journalism. Better to have it reviewed than not have a review at all.

          • Likou

            “independent ”

          • Tony Polanco

            Why is that funny? We’re independent. We don’t get paid for this, bro. I WISH I was. lol

      • miyamoto

        That only made your review a waste of time.
        Desperate for hits,eh?

      • miyamoto

        I have mad respect for DualShockers but are you trying to burn this site to the ground?
        Your excuses are ridiculous and lame. And same with your review should not be taken seriously. Don’t ever pull this stunt again. Get enough rest and re-think your life for a moment, take a deep breath and clear your mind.
        Then redeem yourself.

    • Considering most of the reviews are bad, I don’t think it matters if he is a fan of the genre. The consensus is the game is not that good.

    • Weisse

      Here is a concept that nigh sound new to you. Journalist sometimes have to review things that they might not perticulary like. You could argue it both ways, if a reviewer reviews a series or genre they enjoy or vice versa it can be construed as bias.

      You need to chill and take reviews with a pinch of salt, as it is the reviewers OPINION, that word cannot be stressed enough. If you want to get a general consensus about a game, look a more than just once source, as I think most people do. I have read reviews on games I love, only for it to be torn apart by some reviewers I enjoy.

      If this was some half hearted famitsu review, which basically a paragraph then I would understand some of the anger.

  • You

    Did you even play the first game? Also, you already admit that you don’t like these kinds of game. Why should someone take you seriously if you say that you don’t like this kind of game.

  • blahblahblahtidalwave

    the review is spot on
    this game is only for those who either really enjoy anime story and/or dynasty warriors gameplay that plays worse than dynasty warriors with big technical issues.

    • MrTyrant

      But I enjoyed it more than Dynasty. At least the characters move faster and aren’t that stiff like Dynasty. Frame and camera problems just kill it most of the time sadly.

  • Somebodyissilent

    I like the game. It has some frame rate issues but it’s fine otherwise. The only thing I did not like was that cover. It has less blood than the Japanese version. All the blood on the Us cover is on her bottom. Makes me feel like Zero forgot what time of the month it was.

  • PrinceHeir

    I think this is for the fans of the franchise itself and those who are trying this for the first time.

    I don’t mind the other technical difficulties since I managed to enjoy them without being hinder(except for really rare cases of games slowing down or not loading at all)

    It’s funny how most of the technical difficulties is similar to Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut which coincidentally is also developed by Access Games. Didn’t stop me from being my 2013 Game of the Year or possibly Game of the Generation.

    Also what about the censors? I haven’t played the JPN version yet, i want to know some of the censors or any changes in the story?

    Can’t wait for my Collector’s Edition this Wednesday!!

    • Budgiecat


  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I think the biggest issue I have with this review is not only have you not played previous games in the series, but you admitted that you really don’t like this genre of game, even calling the style shallow and repetitive before even playing it…while also revealing you are not a fan of the Japanese style of story and writing.

    Other than the lighting and graphical issues, I can’t take anything you say seriously. I wish someone who was familiar with what to expect in a game like this reviewed it.

    • Tony Polanco

      80% of the stuff I watch on TV is anime. I like the Japanese style of storytelling but it wasn’t well done in this game. Also note that I said this genre does have good games: Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. Those aren’t shallow at all.

    • themugen

      Sounds like you want a fan of the series to review it. You don’t have to like something to give an unbiased opinion.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Why would you review a game in a genre you already don’t enjoy? Not only that why would you review a game in a series if you haven’t played the previous two installments? As someone who hates almost any type of shooting game that would be like me going out and reviewing uncharted 3 without ever having played the first two! If you are going to review a game you damn well better have invested some time in the series if it’s part of one and you damn well better either enjoy the type of game that it is or at least be non biased towards it.

    • Tony Polanco

      “Why would you review a game in a genre you already don’t enjoy? Not only that why would you review a game in a series if you haven’t played the previous two installments?”

      This game needed to be reviewed so I volunteered. While for the most part I can pick what games I want to review, it’s also my duty to help out as best I can and review stuff that’s not in a genre I particularly enjoy.

      Also, there wasn’t enough time for me to go and play the last two games before reviewing this one. Even then, that doesn’t matter. A game should be able to stand on its own. A reviewer doesn’t need to have played every game in a series to review the latest one. That’s unrealistic as no one can possibly have played every single game under the sun.

      • Shigeru Miyamoto

        That’s fair but I would never volunteer to review a game that I know nothing about. As far as Drakengard goes in general its a rather niche game and more or less has a cult following so I’m not really mad about that. I just find it irritating when reviewers in general review games that they aren’t suited to review.

        • Tony Polanco

          I see your point but I had the time to review the game and it needed to be reviewed so I went for it.

          I still believe every game has to stand on its own even if it is part of a series. For example, I reviewed Escha & Logy and I’ve never played a game in that series either. I really ended up liking it because it was a solid game. As a game, Drakengard 3 is not that good. I seriously doubt playing the previous two games would have changed my mind if they offered up what this one did.

      • Starlord

        It really doesn’t do the game justice to review a game that is not in your genre of liking. For the people that are on the edge about getting this game and they love this genre will see this and get turned off.

        • Tony Polanco

          This is why I said that it’s not a genre I like. I want everyone to know where I’m coming from. I think it’s better to be upfront about that instead of hiding it like a lot of other sites do. You feel me?

    • Eric Irving

      In all fairness, a good sequel is one that can stand on it’s own without having to play the first two. Uncharted in particular, you do not have to play the first two to enjoy the third title’s story. It helps in some background references, but Uncharted does a great job of keeping it an independent story.

  • Tyrannikos

    My Collector’s Edition will be here today and I couldn’t be more excited.

    Unfortunately, this review is poorly written. I can’t take a review seriously when the author openly admits they are not a fan of the game’s genre. If you are not a fan of the genre, you likely don’t know what to look for. This series IS average at best in terms of gameplay, to be fair.

    It’s just that most of us play them for the twisted characters and story.

    • Tony Polanco

      I’ve played a lot of games in this genre, believe me. I know what makes a good one or a bad one and this one leans more to the bad.

      • Budgiecat

        Play Berserk PS2

  • Jorge Greenwood

    First of all I’d like to thank you for taking the job to do the review since it will pass under the radar to most people, nevertheless I have to agree that it’s not the best Idea to review a series that you know nothing about and also a “genre” of game that you personaly dislike. I know you’ve given some points on why you did that, nevertheless the drakengard series has some very specific ideas behind it, it is designed for a very narrowed spectrum of gamers. You have to understand that before diving in the experience since it’s what people want to know about the game, if it lives up to the name drakengard, most of fans have made up their mind in buying it anyways, nevertheless if a review came and said “it’s missing elements like…” then that would be a point to take into account.

    You’ve made some very good points regarding technical issues that are relevant to the review, but other than that, most of the review is heavily biased, since the first lines anyone can read a personal discontent you had even before playing the game. And even though reviews are a reflection of what a work communicated to someone, and are meant to be somewhat subjective, the fact is that this review feel like you didn’t even give the game an oportunity to communicate anything to you.

    From playing Nier I’ve gathered that the intention of this games is not being an stylish and pure hack and slash games like devil may cry, god of war or whatnot, but to be somewhat of a narrative journey, you may not connect with that kind of narrative, but you have to recognize the subtle unfolding of events that even requires multiple playthroughs to see all that it has to offer in the narrative side. I don’t know if this is the case with Drakengard 3 since I haven’t played it, but taking into account that it is the same team I hope for the best.

    On the topic of the sex being too much upfront from the characters that was something that was announced a long ago since it is supposed that having sex with her is the sole job they really have, since she has a very high sexual desire. So it was expected in a way (not that you have to like it, mind you). Which goes to a point that I really want to make about this review, and because everyone wants to critizice your work, but I wanted to give you a thought that may help for future game reviews you have to do, and that is, if you don’t know anything about a series of games and you’re going to do a review for reasons like being the one that has the time, at least take the time to do some research about what is that make those games popular among its fans, since that will help to inform your playthrough and what to expect, and also, what points of what made that series outstanding is missing or what flaws were improved, since that may inform the people reading said review to decide wether or not that game is valuable to them, and that is in the end the point of a review. And by judging from the sex comment on the review, you didn’t even did research on this game.

    The last point I want to make is that even though you said a game should stand on its own, the fact is that you yourself have proved that that’s not always the case, and that being informed on a series more often that not change your experience on how you play a game, just by reading your lightning returns review you realize that you understood the strong points about the XIII series, even though that as an RPG, gameplay and story wise, is really subpar compared to other recent Japanese RPGs (an argument you used to say that Drakengard 3 is bad, that is not like DMC, could be said from the XIII saga that is not as clever and well designed as for example Xillia or ni no kuni). So In the end even though you don’t have the time to play the older games, reading reviews for the older games, comments on discussion forums and some other related activites would have helped inform on what you needed to inform, since most of the people that cares about this game knew that technicaly it was not going to be a AAA game since it does not have the budget of one and even though it is still interesting to know the issues you experienced since informs about a part that might bother some people, you really missed on some important points that most people would like to know about the game.

    I hope you understand that I’m not here to trash your work since after all you took the time to play the game even if it wasn’t of your liking. I just wanted to let you know on why this review wasn’t really well done and how you can improve that, since it’s obvious that because of time constraints, it won’t be the last time you face a situation like this.

    Cheers and thanks

    • Tony Polanco

      THANK YOU for the well thought out response. This is the type of stuff I love.

      Anywhoo, let’s get into it.

      1. It’s not a matter of me reviewing any particular game being a bad idea or not. The game needed to be reviewed by someone and I volunteered. Could I have passed it up? Of course, but then the game wouldn’t have gotten reviewed by anyone and that would have been far worse. Remember that we’re an independent site and as such we all have to help as best we can.

      2. I have my biases for games of this type for sure but I definitely gave this game every opportunity possible to communicate whatever message it had to give me. As a matter of fact, that is the main thing I try to think about when reviewing a game: what is the underlying message here? What this game communicated to me was that it was a generic, hack n slasher which wanted to be shocking by throwing as much gore and profanity at the player as possible. That isn’t a message I particularly cared for

      3. This is my opinion. I COULD have been more objective review but that would have been disingenuous and, quite frankly, boring. The best reviews, whether they be positive or negative, are the ones where the reviewer’s voice shines through. This is something else that I strive for when I write. I don’t want to sound like I’m phoning it in. This is my opinion. Every good reviewer shares his opinion of whatever game they are reviewing.

      4. I did as much research as I needed to. Like I said before, any game worth it’s weight in [select thing] should stand on its own. With some exceptions, each game should be enjoyable to anyone who has never played a game in the series. Look at my review for Escha & Logy. I’ve never played any of those games yet that game was good enough for newcomers to pick up and I ended up really enjoying it. It was a solid game in and of itself.

      5. I never said Drakengard 3 was bad because it wasn’t like DMC. I used DMC and Ninja Gaiden to prove that I don’t dislike games in this genre. I was not making a direct comparison. That would be wrong. I personally don’t like it when reviews say that a game is not good because it isn’t like another. That’s madness and I wasn’t doing that. Just using them to say I don’t dislike every game in the genre.

      6. I wasn’t expecting a AAA game but just because a game doesn’t have a mega budget doesn’t mean I should lower my standards for it or expect less.

      Again, thanks for replying. I hope I was able to make my points a bit clearer. 🙂

  • ragnathebloodedge

    Bought the game today and am enjoying it so far.

  • Rahxephon91

    I’ve been a fan of the Drakengard series since I saw the commercial for the fist one while watching Comedy Central. I never thought there would be a three and after two I really wanted another one.

    Drakengard 3 is not what I wanted.

    A prequel was already a worrisome move if you ask me. As two ends with both routes presenting a possible big war coming. Yet now we get something else.

    I hate Zero. Her dialogue is so over done and annoying that every time she opens her mouth I want to turn off this game. It is crude for the sake of crude and seems to be some childs way of trying to make a character sound edgy. It dosen’t help that her sisters seem to be every annoying anime female cliche that I hate.

    The gameplay seems even more dumbed down, since it’s hardly the big open field of the other two games were you can freely mount your dragon.

    Which I guess is a good thing because the game dosen’t seem like it could handle it. This game is pathetic on a technical level. So much so that it does effect the combat and makes it feel choopy.

    I haven’t finished the game yet, but so far this seems like a complete disappointment. I’d rather we not have a three.

    • SamJakobs

      I think you hit the nail on the head. This game IS dumbed down, and it’s insulting to have something this bad in the 21st century. Where is the challenge? To try and kill guys when the camera angle is all messed up? pffft

      The crude jokes and stuff could have worked… if it wasn’t overdone to death. To death! Booorrriing.

  • Victor Strang

    I tought the normal combat and plot are really cool. I really like crazy characters, and the overall idea is very original. Maybe you don’t like evil stuff. Controlling a character that want to kill their own sister and have lots of twisted followers its probably uncomfortable for most people.
    I’m not really found of Dynasty Warriors but I overall interested in Hack’n slash games. And I really had lots of fun with Drakengard 3 combat.
    But all other things are really a problem. The dragon combat is not good at all. And graphics looks like it could be one of the first games released for ps3. Not that I change my opinion due to graphics, but it could be much better. The world is very repetitive and your friends are useless in combat.
    Overall I liked it. More for the characters and plot and also for the combat. But it really have lots of flaws. Anyway I dont agree with the 4, what you say about combat and history.

  • From the mind of Nier/Drakengard’s creator and Deadly Premonition’s developer.

  • themugen

    Thanks for the honest review. I was on the fence as this isn’t my favorite genre either, though the trailers had piqued my interest. If its in the Dynasty Warrias camp gameplay wise though, I’ll pass.

  • Tien neiT

    Read a bunch of comments and i have to say : A good game should make people become fan , not require being a fan before hand in other to enjoy it . If it fail to do so then it’s not a very good game .
    And tbh , i haven’t once seen a game with Dynasty combat style that have ever given high-praise .

    • Rickowned

      The repetitive combat in them really kills them

      • Budgiecat

        thats why Kingdom Under Fire II looks like a breath of fresh air

  • Rahan

    I think a key point that you may be missing as a reviewer is a lack of familiarity with the franchise. Drakengard is a game full of terrible people doing terrible things — it’s known for being a kind of shitty video game but an amazing experience to just see how horrible things get. Read TheDarkId’s Let’s Play of the first game to get a feel for what you got into. The “I only liked Mikhail, and he’s not even human!” isn’t surprising, because people in the world of Drakengard are the worst elements. Hell, in the first game, you get a pedophile and a woman who ate her children as your allies, and the main character is a mute psychopath that just really, really enjoys killing.

    Saying you play Drakengard for likable characters is like saying you read Game of Thrones for the hopeful atmosphere and reverence for the goodwill of men.

    • MrTyrant

      but I found the cast very likeable myself. I love how twisted they are lol

    • SamJakobs

      It’s a shitty video game, all right!

  • Eric Irving

    This isn’t necessarily a jab at the review itself. However, the best reviews usually come from a person who is passionate about the genre and knows in detail if that said genre is performing well within it’s own territory. Not talking about the reviewer, but just giving a general example, I don’t expect someone who plays only FPS’s and sports game to understand the depth of a hack and slash game. Sure on the outside it may feel repetitive, but I know people who love the Dynasty Warriors type games and tell me why it is really more in depth than you think. When you say, “I had to do it because no one else could.” and the way you describe your knowledge of the genre, its no disrespect, but I cannot take the review seriously. I won’t pretend to know how DualShockers works, but I think it would be a good idea to make sure the games are distributed to the reviewers who have a good idea of what they are getting themselves into.

    If people are comparing the game to Nier, then I think I will purchase this after I am done with a few games. While Nier was by no means perfect and definitely had it’s issues, it was an incredible experience none-the-less.

  • Bobbbbby5

    Game has waifus in it, the low score is unjustified and the review is garbage.
    Only 9s and 10s for the waifus and the story is automatically a masterpiece.

    With that out of the way it is a little odd to review games you know you probably won’t like to begin with.

  • Bruce Gant

    Im going to try and read this review(because im more into video reviews) but ignore the hate. i dont care if you like the game or not it only matters to me that you give a honest review. even if you hate the game(or genre) i can still learn something about the game before buying

  • Geo

    To be fair he wasn’t that off the mark. IGN gave this a 4.8, Game Informer gave it a 6/10, GameRankings gave it a 57.92% and Metacritic gave it 59/100 and most of them are paid to review games. Only Famitsu and Destructoid gave it around a 8.5 so he’s still in the majority of reviewers who thought the game wasn’t that great as the fans think it is. Taking a mark off for bad camera controls may seem harsh but remember bad camera controls can ruin an otherwise competent action game (Killer is Dead).

    • Josh Melton

      Based, my opinion on buyers who actually purchase the game, from retailers. Like Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, Game U.K, etc, and read their reviews as they’ve nothing to gain. unlike some sites that are paid by publishers..

  • Heropon

    Honestly , after playing the game , i have to agree with this review . This game is terrible =.=

  • Emir Gacevic

    You cant give a game a 4 :s 5 should be minimum…for just being a game it deserves a 5 -.-
    and this is far above a 4…maybe a 7. And you should be open minded for reviews.

    • SamJakobs

      You’re right, they should not have given this game a 4, that is being way to generous. It should get a 2 out of 10 just for those rotten graphics. This game is awful on so many levels…

      Saying a game should be a 5 just because it’s a game doesn’t make any sense!