Watch_Dogs Pre-load Won’t Be Available on PS4; Feature Will Start With Destiny

The addition of a pre-load feature for pre-ordered games on the Sony Entertainment Network with PS4 firmware 1.7 made many assume that the option would debut with Watch_Dogs, but apparently that won’t be the case.

Sony Computer Entertainment just updated its Knowledge Center page mentioning that only certain titles will take advantage of the option, and that Destiny in September will be the first to offer it.

I contacted PlayStation support to ask for confirmation, and I was told that this is indeed true, and that Watch_Dogs won’t be available for pre-load because the developer doesn’t allow it.

Unfortunately it’s a fact that pre-load opportunities do indeed need to be negotiated with a game’s publisher, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for September in order to enjoy pre-loading our games on PS4.

Below you can see the Knowledge Center page before and after the update, and a chat log of my conversation with Sony’s rep.







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  • superkarma

    Well, that’s certainly unfortunate. Luckily it’s not gigantic like those 40-50GB games, but still…this blows. I was expecting to play the game at 12:01am…guess I’ll have to wait a little while longer.

    I never understood why publishers have a problem with this. All games on all platforms should be allowed to preload, especially nowadays. I guess it’s because they run the risk of leaks happening, but as we have seen time and time again…leaks happen anyway.

    • H Karlsson

      It does, especially with some retailers.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      you can preload it on steam if you get it from there!!

      • Jecht_Sin

        You can preload it on PS3 as well!! So what?!

        • Jeff Maxwell

          just saying…

      • Raven Nafariea

        Where can you do that? I pre-ordered it and see no option to pre-download it?

        • Jeff Maxwell

          Won’t be active yet maybe 2 days before prolly so the crackers cant crack the the game and put it on torrents before

          • Raven Nafariea

            Oh okay, gotcha.

          • Raven Nafariea

            By the way, everyone of my PC games on Steam has Achievements. Not just Skyrim. They are not shiny tho… =(

          • Jeff Maxwell

            I wouldn’t worry about it I rarely see the end credits of most games so your doing a lot better than me!!!

            Prolly wont overclock unless a program can do it for me but it doesn’t really place much stress on the components unless your pushing it way past what the highest chips are clocked to do so would be mostly fine

      • spartan warrio

        can we pre load destiny on pc??

        • Jeff Maxwell

          is that a joke?

          • incendy is dumbass

            no you cant there is non destiny on pc

  • Placebo

    Well that’s really crap. IMO all digital games should have pre-load on the PS4 and they should certainly do it in a better way than MLB14 The Show which did it in the stupidly lame way of downloading 4.9gb first and then you have to start the game and sit in the menus for 8+ hours downloading and installing the remaining 35gb or whatever it was, so much for the vaunted download “chip” which lets you download and install stuff whilst in standby thus saving electricity, or download and install stuff whilst playing something else, thus saving boredom!

    • superkarma

      To be fair, the secondary chip that allows background downloading does still come in handy quite a lot. That really doesn’t have much, if anything, to do with preloading.

      But I do agree, it really is crap. Like with a lot of other things, publishers/developers are really holding the industry back in quite a few areas.

  • ipot_04

    I was planning to get EA UFC to try the pre-loading on PSN then i saw this and now i’ll just buy the physical copy.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Theory: the advantage of buying a downloadable copy of the game is that you get to play it as soon as it is released; 00:01am of the release day….. without ‘pre-load’, then this would indicate the ‘start of the download time’!

    Reality: many retailers ship or make available the physical copy before the release date –accidental or to make sure you get the game on release date-, resulting in the physical copy arriving before the official release date.

    To be honest, without pre-load I don’t see any advantage to ‘downloadable’ game, unless you consider not having to change disc as an advantage.

    • Chris H

      Well for me as a Brit, I buy all my games from the US store as they are a lot cheaper… For me that is the only reason I do it. Example, Watchdogs standard edition on the us store works out at £35 and gold with all extras and DLC will cost me £46…. the standard retail disc here in the UK £44 on amazon

      • Jecht_Sin

        Does it still work? On PS4 as well? What about Paypal? Would it do the trick?

        • Chris H

          Yes it still works fine… Paypal from the UK does not work, however buying your cards from with a US address works just fine.

        • Timothy Huddleston

          The only issue you would run into is if it were an MMO and you needed to go buy a timecard a UK one wouldn’t work because of it being a US account. But for games like this it’s fine…also fine as long as you always have a credit/debit card/ paypal.

  • Craig Sloan

    That before and after part about the pre loading is exactly the same. I’m confused.

    Either way physical is still best.

    • Stranger On The Road

      The ‘After’ now have extra text specifying Destiny as the first game to use ‘pre-load’ and stating that the game must support ‘pre-load’ for the functionality to be available.

      • Craig Sloan

        I think the only games I would buy digital anyway and have done are indie games.

  • r4yN

    People complaining about not being able to preload pre-ordered games…

    Let me tell you something: In Europe we can’t even pre-order(!) PS4 games >.<'

    • Craig Sloan

      Are you sure? I have never tried because buying physical has many more benefits. However I’m sure I seen the option on the store myself.

      • r4yN

        I live in Germany and you can definitely not pre-order PS4 games here… neither in the PSN store nor in the SEN store….

        You can pre-order PS3 games ‘though

        • Craig Sloan

          You’re correct I just checked my PS4 and we can’t. That’s pretty poor for those who want to do that kind of thing.

        • Jecht_Sin

          BTW If you like it digital why don’t you make an US PSN ID? I have one and I bought in the past games from it with my Italian credit card. You get them sooner, and you get them CHEAPER. Hopefully it still works.

          The only drawback is that German language in some games may not be supported. But for a 30-40% discount I sure don’t care. Just choose a State were there is no sales tax and make a fake address using a zip code taken from the Internet.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Not true. I just checked in the web. You can pre-order
      Murdered: Soul Suspect for example. Not Watch Dogs, though.

      PS: Italian PS Store.

      • r4yN

        Ok then it’s just the german (and not the whole european) store… we can’t pre-order ps4 games, only ps3 games :/

        • Jecht_Sin

          Bizarre. I don’t see any reason for that. Unless it is some crazy legal crap.

  • Necro

    Why did they say it could in the first place? I mean they said it was going to be the first game to do so….

  • megablast16

    Not bothered at all. I don’t think I’ll ever pre-download a digital title anyway because I prefer to see what a game is like before I commit to it, at least if you pre-order a physical copy you can cancel it if it sucks. Besides where I pre-order my boxed games from they almost always get them to me the day before release, so I don’t really see any advantage to pre-downloading.

  • Jayden Kost

    Does anybody know how big watch dogs dl will be on playstation store? If it not like nba 2k14 and 40 odd gb might get from playstation store thanks

  • NoNeedToArgue

    this removes the option of digital for me because it’s around a 50GB download and id rather just get the disc.

    • Jayden Kost

      How do you know it 50gb..?

      • NoNeedToArgue

        i remember reading it was around 40-50GB. but i just saw that the install size is 20GB so maybe it’s only 20GB

        • Jayden Kost

          It is 21gb on my psn store that’s why I was like wtf

  • The Real Rick Grimes

    I don’t think a ton of people will ever buy digitally just because you can trade-in and practically get games half off if not more from Gamestop. They need to offer far better incentives for gamers to buy digitally.

    • superkarma

      For me, I’d much rather buy digitally than have to deal with the constant up-selling from GameStop employees. Not to mention, the game trade-in program is an absolute joke. You get next to nothing for your game. I never understood why people trade-in games, rather than just selling them on eBay or the likes. I guess it’s just a matter of convenience, since you can do it right then and there…but still, you’re losing out on a lot of money doing it that way.

      In my opinion, the only advantage over digital is the ability to resell your games. That’s why I loved physical copies last gen. I reluctantly switched to digital only for current gen and I’m loving it. Not being able to resell the games sucks, but it’s nice not having to deal with discs anymore, playing the game as soon as it releases, being able to share my game library with a buddy across the country, etc.

      • Gamist

        I, too, am starting to get spoiled with whole ability to select a game and play on the fly without having to get up and switch discs. But, I still love the feeling of ripping the plastic package apart and taking a quick sniff of the new smell (yeah, I’m weird) of the disc. It’s that smell and physical feel of ownership, lol.

        • superkarma

          Yeah, true. I can definitely understand that. Some people just prefer having something tangible. Just like those who collect games and don’t even resell them.

          Different strokes for different folks 🙂

        • SZaidH

          The moment when you buy a game from a store , admire it throughout the way home and smelling the case when the Game installs is just priceless !

          • Raven Nafariea

            mmmm, New Game Smell!!!

        • They Call Me Senpai

          I do the same thing. I smelled my nephew (dat new baby smell!!), The Last of Us and my Vita as soon as I got them home/in my arms – I do it with everything that I’m excited for.

  • Well, mine just finished preloading on ps4, now has a timer saying available to play at midnight, so I guess Sony changed something since this article was published

  • Andreas Persson Fondell

    Quick note for people in the EU (and perhaps elsewhere outside of the US) who have already downloaded and installed the game on PS3: the release date is according to US time zone, not European time zones. Even though you downloaded and installed the game, you CAN NOT play it until it’s released in the US.

    As of this comment it’s about 2 hours left until US release.

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