“All” PS4 Games to Get Pre-Load on PSN After Destiny: Sony Changes Policy; Watch_Dogs Available at 12:01 AM EST

on May 24, 2014 1:24 PM

A few days ago we reported that Sony changed its official Knowledge Center page to explain that only “certain pre-ordered titles” would benefit from a pre-load option starting with Destiny.

Looks like the tune has changed again, but this time for the better, as reported by Reddit user Louie455, that received a notification on his PlayStation App.

Not only the note mentioned that Watch_Dogs will be available to North American PSN customers at 12:01 AM (a minute after midnight) EST, but it also explained that “all” games pre-ordered after Destiny will have  a pre-load option.

We went to check the Knowledge Center page, and indeed it was changed to match. So there you have it, straight from the lion’s mouth: from Destiny onward, you’ll be able to pre-download every single PS4 game you’ll pre-order on the PSN. Better late than never.

Below you can check out the two different versions of the Knowledge Center page, before and after the change.

Current Version


Obsolete Version


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