Report: Bungie’s Destiny to Get Public Alpha on PS4; Launching on June 3rd (UPDATED)

Update: Bungie clarified the situation in a blog post, mentioning that the alpha is only available to employees. That’s unfortunate, but understandable. They also mentioned that they’re “making great headaway”

You can read the original post below:

For those that are hungry for Destiny news, there might be something coming quite soon, in the form of a “First Look” public alpha. Reddit users SPUTZNiKZ and scz used their PlayStation stalker skills to track down lead UI designer David Candland up to a PSN store page for the alpha, that marks a release date on June 3rd.

The alpha also appears on Candland’s activities as “Destiny Public Alpha” as you can see below.

Bungie itself mentioned in its latest weekly updateIt’s going to be your turn soon. Perhaps even sooner than some of you might think. We’re starting to feel like we’re finally ready for you,” even if “public” alpha probably doesn’t mean that everyone will be allowed in, as much it being open to part of the public for the first time. 

Of course this should be considered a rumor until Bungie makes an official announcement, as this kind of things are always prone to last minute changes. One thing is for sure: the time to finally try the game is drawing near.



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  • superkarma

    Whaaaaaat…that would be crazy. I’m not holding my breath, but it would definitely be awesome if it turns out to be true.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      Would be awesome. I been getting cravings for a shooter recently.

      • superkarma

        Yeah, same here. Every once in a while I’ll load up COD, but then quickly realize why I stopped playing it in the first place, lol.

        • H Karlsson

          I kinda do the same, but with BF4. Even though it looks pretty awesome, it´ll stand and cry in a corner when this game drops =)

    • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

      Hey Karma, do ya know TheTrooper1998? Playstation Defense Force on IGN?

      • superkarma

        Yup, I remember him from IGN. I’ve been IP banned from commenting on IGN for about 5-6 months, though lol

  • Dennis

    Super excited for this. I wonder how many GB it will take on the Hard Drive.

    • Bert Malcom

      Just upgrade the hard drive to a 2tb .

  • MTM2

    45 trophies… pfft… 😉

    Great news on the alpha!

  • JustGaming

    I’m just stoked that they guy’s ID is Evil Otto lol 🙂 I used to love Bezerk and Frenzy back in the day.

  • Delsin Rowe

    Awesome, can’t wait ! this is the best thing we can’t get before halo comes to xbox one .

  • Sumyung


    Stop posting every obvious fake that comes along for cheap hits.

    You are quickly losing my respect.

    • Solid Snake

      how do you know this is fake? they even provided screenshots.

      • Sumyung

        1. Its pre e3, never believe anything crazy coming out now.
        2. The off screen shot is a good.indicator of a fake (ps4 has a screenshot function so why off screen unless to hide the Photoshop?)
        3. The second pic just looks fake and photo shopped with that presser shot stuck on it like that.
        4. June 3rd is too soon with nothing yet announced.
        5. Why would bungie not save this to blow everyone away with at e3? Why not come on stage and say “beta this week! Boom!”?
        6. Bungie are calling this the public beta, not alpha.
        7. No professional company calls an alpha a “first look” when its not the first time we’ve seen the game.
        8. The copy from the first pic just sounds really fake and amateurish. “A sampling of the activities you can expect”? No professional pr writes in the first person like that.

        You want me to go on or is that enough?

        • finalform11 .

          >.> these are valid points but let us dream a little : (

    • SkinnyAssGamer

      so you would rather trust IGN or Gamespot? two of the most heavily Xbox biased media supporters?

      • Sumyung

        If I think this is a fake therefore I love ign? Go look up “non sequitur”…

  • spartan warrio

    ps4 the KING is back

  • The Real Rick Grimes

    I try all the time and never catch an invite to any beta’s, no love for the Grimes. To make it to the Alpha would be even better.