Sony Partners with Shanghai Oriental Pearl to Launch PlayStation in China

After Microsoft disclosed its plans to launch the Xbox One in China, Sony is following suit, having signed a deal with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to launch PlayStation in the country, as it was announced today by the Chinese company:

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Sony (China) Co., Ltd., a wholly owned Chinese subsidiary of Sony Corporation, signed a joint venture agreement in the Chinese (Shanghai) free trade zone and jointly funded a joint venture responsible for the production, marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation hardware, software and related services business in China. 

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Sony (China) Co., Ltd. have agreed to jointly set up two companies to be responsible for hardware and software products and services.

The two companies formed will be Shanghai Oriental Pearl Solatube Culture Development Co., Ltd., the capital of which will be formed by a 51% investment from Shanghai Oriental Pearl (RMB 5.1 million) and a 49% investment from Sony China (RMB 4.9 million). Sony will invest 70% of the capital of the second company (RMB 3,066 million), which will be named Sony Computer Entertainment ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd., while Shanghai Oriental Pearl will pinch in the remaining 30% (RMB 1,314 million).

The total investment for Sony Corporation in the joint venture is RMB 1318.9 million, which translates into slightly south of $211.5 million.

The announcement did not disclose the specific PlayStation consoles that will launch in China, but it did include the mention that the operation will involve local game developers in order to fuel the production of original games for PlayStation platforms and to promote the growth of the Chinese video game industry.

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  • Антон Иванов

    Oh my God, I am really glad for Sony, I wish Chinese gamers were able to play best Sony exclusives)))

  • aldnoahzero


  • JP

    Pearl Harbor…never forget.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      very inappropriate. The next comment like this will result in a ban.

      • Goodgrief

        Do you really think you should wait for the next comment? I think he pretty much earned it with this one.

        The moron even upvoted his own comment. Pathetic.

        • Negi Springfield

          What he said lol ?

      • Huseyin Unsal

        Was going to replay with hiroshima and nagasaki never forget.

  • Matt Doria

    Awesome news for the Chinese dudes eager to play PS games! Here’s hoping they do well 😀

  • neko working

    Meanwhile in Japan: Knack >>> Mario Kart 8 (children). I could understand that, Knack is more kid oriented than the middle-aged man, Mario.
    I guess Sony need more appeals to children too, widening their market share.
    With that said, Sony, please make next Crash Bandicoot, CTR, Knack 2, or Knack Kart ?? 😉

    • N2O1990

      Actually Knack bundle with PS4 in Japan,that’s why it get high sales.

  • Redd

    Can’t imagine a Japanese brand will do well in China.

    • YazmineWiltshireoan321

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    • MTM2

      With the tight restrictions on the content of games in China, the only console I could see doing very well would be the Wii U.

      • HawaiianDread

        Not only that I read a article before saying that the most pirated game in China was the MH series, and guess who have rights to that series at the moment….Nintendo will make bank in china if they decide to release their consoles over there.

    • There are Japanese brand clothing stores in China and they have been successful. During the whole ordeal with hatred with Japan over the islands, there were people in one store buying clothes while a big protest had happened just hours ago outside. We went inside and my wife bought clothes not knowing it was a Japanese store.

      We felt a little worried carrying around a bag that showed it was from a Japanese store considering all the hate toward Japan was happening. Just outside there was at least a hundred police men standing and sitting around in different groups. It was a crazy time to be in China.

      EDIT: They weren’t protesting the store. It was in a square where protests typical would happen.

      • Redd

        Yea Japanese brands that aren’t known to be Japanese have success..Sony is well known to be Japanese however.

        I think China will be India pt. 2. There’s a huge population but most are in poverty.

        • It is known to be Japanese. Its clear as day when you go inside the store. The bags even state its Japanese. My wife said right away when we went in that its a Japanese store but she was like whatever. There was a lot of other people in anyways.

          • Redd


            There’s a LOT of articles like that which say that known Japanese brands are not doing well..

          • Jecht_Sin

            Wait. There have been tensions between China and Japan recently (two years ago)? My fault, I didn’t know about that. Yes, that counts. It is like when the yankees refused to buy French wine (and some apparently even the french fries!! lol) when the French showed Mr. W. the finger about going to war in Iraq. Too bad that the French were right. I would’t be surprised if they are the same people buying the XBones…

        • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

          Dude, i know you are trying to sound relevant and i knew you are entitled to your opinion and all…..but please stop your nonsense about china. I’m a Chinese and talks and links to articles just reeks of American’s perspective of China (and it’s wrong). Let me ask your 1 question…….who will have a more accurate view of China? An American that ‘visits’ China or a Chinese? Case closed.

          • James Darkly

            I think outside perspective will be more objective, also there are tons of “facts” of hatred toward japan.

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            ?? So now me as a chinese, don’t know who i ‘hate’? I have to rely on outsider’s perspective to tell me that? How can ‘hate’ be even ‘objective’ as ‘hate’ is an emotion that is subjective by nature?

            so from my perspective of americans….americans hate canada and think of themselves as the only ‘first class’ country in the world, the rest of the world are uncivilised 3rd world countries…my perspective of americans, coming from an outside perspective, must be true then…..

            typical Americans……..

          • Sucka Free

            Except for the part about Canada, you pretty much nailed it

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            nope…i think i am right about canada too……as a non-american and outsider, i think i know who americans hate more than americans knew it themselves (using james darkly logic that is)

          • Sucka Free

            I’m not going to indulge that logic, you really shouldn’t either, lol.

            Pretty much they are up there and we are down here. We’re too busy hating everybody else, especially our own poor and minorities…or poor minorities.

          • Molihua_8088

            Americans really like Canadians or don’t think about them at all (arrogant, I know, but true). I have never met an American who hates Canadians. I’ve met lots of Chinese who vociferously hate Japanese. Mr. Cai, your words are dripping with anti-American bias, even hatred. What did they do to you? – Signed, an American who has been in China and Taiwan for over 8 years

          • James Darkly

            First of all I’m not American, as you see my English is bad.
            second, I’m not talking about “emotion” I’m talking about “real problem” what “we” people, outside of china see, well ofcourse you know better what fundamentally Chinese people really feel, is it hatred or love, but from my and whole world’s perspective of view we see real hatred and agression, is it based on TV or Internet, you can’t ignore all those facts, is it articles or news, about senkaku island, street protests, Chinese air space border incident and so on, also I have some friends who live in China or been in China and they also were talking about these problems.
            I’m not trying to debate with you or something, I was just saying that sometimes outside of view is more objective, for me I see that situation more of political issue than hatred of people.
            Also I’m not Japanese, not Chinese, not American and not Russian 🙂 I’m from lil third rate country in Europe that you never heard about, but anyway I’ve read lots of articles about that problem and I’m kinda interested in it.
            Anyway I just hope that there will be a Playstation for everyone.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Yeah.. like the myth that the Japanese don’t buy American electronics. Then we discover the iPhone is the top seller in Japan. The Market doesn’t care about nationalities (outside the fact if it is an internal product), it cares about what is perceived of good quality and/or trendy.

      • Redd

        They do tho, that truly is a myth because American organizations like the NBA are huge in China. Chinese love Americans despite the myth.

        • Jecht_Sin

          The Dutch may not like much the Germans for what they did to them in WWII. but sure they don’t renounce to buy their lovely BMW and Mercedes..

          • Redd

            Not the same example at all..

          • Jecht_Sin

            Because you derailed first. We were talking about not buying because of the nationality. Anyway NBA is very popular all around the world. Why? Because it has the best players. Thus for the quality. It’s popular in Italy as well, but people over here also tell McDonald’s to stick its garbage where he well knows.

          • Redd

            FIFAB is actually big in Europe, CFL big in Canada.

            It’s simply so that the NBA’s second market by large is China.

          • Jecht_Sin

            And yet that would mean little. Only that the Chinese like basketball. What about MLB then? is that popular as well? I doubt. Still I never wrote that the Chinese don’t like the American products. I wrote that there is the myth the Japanese don’t buy the Xbone because the Japanese buy only Japanese products, while the iPhone success in Japan proves otherwise.

          • Redd

            Did you? That’s my bad, I thought you said Chinese. Multi-tasking is not my strong suit.

            Well if Sony had a full fledged or successful Phone Line I’m sure they may choose it. But honestly this is pretty irrelevant lol. We’re discussing Japanese products in China with regards to American products in China not American products in Japan. It’s irrelevant because there’s no myth of American products not selling in china (root of discord).

          • Jecht_Sin

            Yeah, that’s why I said you derailed first, 😉

            In more general terms I was talking about some Countries not buying a product due to historical nationalism. Hence the Dutch with the German cars, the Japanese with the iPhone as counter examples. But yes, I do agree it does happen when some tensions are due between two Countries.

          • Dennis Djoenz

            Haha true man!

    • MTM2

      Who knows, it’s clear from the last paragraph Sony is really pushing to give the PS4 an identity in China and a close association with Chinese developers.

      Selling it as a ‘Japanese’ console may be a bad idea, but pushing it as the ‘most popular console to the China development scene with the most Chinese-built games’ may be successful.

      • Redd

        They can’t sell it any other’s a Japanese console.

        (hey DS I love the recent comment thing u guys have, it’s awesome!)

        • MTM2

          For sure, but like I said – give it a close identity within the local community and fans will be open to it.

          Gaming is a new industry in China, getting PS4 as the ‘leading’ console for this new development scene may be enough for the Chinese to look past their dislike of Japan and accept PS4.

          • Redd

            I don’t believe it to be plausible & if Chinese government wanted to (would not be surprising) they could easily put their weight behind X1.

          • MTM2

            I’d expect China to develop their own games console company before they back any singular company.

            Would certainly make sense for these to keep gaming localised considering how tight their restrictions are.

    • EpicFail

      Chinese love the PS4 much more than the Xbox. The only reason the 360 was more popular from the get go is that it was cracked quite quickly and could play burned games.

      The hate is really only directed towards the people, not the products.

      • Redd

        They love the PS4? Is there any numbers to back that despite it not being officially there yet?

        It’s towards products as well, I posted a link backing it up.

        • incendy is dumbass

          so you think they will love xbox chines hates the usa so its the same thing

          • Redd

            Hates? Where’d u get that assumption? Being that I been to China I can tell you that’s false.

          • incendy is dumbass

            dude every country hates us

          • extermin8or2

            lol can you honestly blame them? 😛

          • incendy is dumbass

            lol well no even americans hates americans

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            Abit out of topic but i’ve encountered some americans during my travels that literally thought that the world centers around America. Been to Vatican City where a pair of americans was trying to enter a praying service where only catholics can enter. When a priest is trying to stop the pair, they replied: “We should be able to enter! We are Americans!”…………..LOL, i’m rolling my eyes just looking at that scene.

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            dude, i’m a chinese. Though the China doesn’t really loves Japan, China got a lot more problems with US. Plus, the Xbox One is just TOO BIG for asian taste. Take a look at your fastfood portion versus Asian’s. Both console are not official launched in China yet but if i can take a guess (coming from a real asian instead of a ‘visitor’), the PS4 is gonna be more popular than Xbone. But ultimately, the PC will rule the roost due to easy piracy and Free2Play.

    • skratchy

      HA! And the Xbone will just fly off the shelves, right? Pull your head out.

    • Crunk

      I’m living in Shanghai. It’s been 6 years now. I guarantee you that
      1/ Sony is not investing billions for nothing in China
      2/ Chinese people targeted by sony for their playstation products, don’t really care if it’s japanese or not. They’ve bought Sony’s products on the grey market for years now

  • Carl

    It must be about the potential launch of PS4 in China. Free to play (along with mobile gaming) is widespread in China, and PS4 already supports numerous F2P games. PS3 is just not so suitable for F2P, so I can’t imagine the whole story is about the older console.

    Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if a Japanese brand can perform successfully in China, due to those nations’ traditional hostilities. Not to mention that the regime will always “protect” local companies instead of foreigners. My guess is that if PS4 is to be released in China (and not just imported in Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone), it will be manufactured locally, and in return provide a gateway for chinese F2P games in the West.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Manufactured locally as in “Made in China”? Isn’t that the case already for 90% or so of the consoles? ^_^

      • Carl

        Yes you ‘re right, but I believe devices are being assembled in Hong Kong or Taiwan, too.

  • Forest Law

    Welcome to the world of gaming, China.

  • MTM2

    Big news, who knows how home console’s will turn out in this new market – smartphones and handhelds may be the dominant platform here so who knows.

    Still, it’s a bold change in gaming.

  • Alrightylol

    Ohh come on, i was at China and saw few stores who sold Ps3/x360 and games was like 2 year ago.

  • superkarma

    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

    Personally, I don’t think any console will survive the Chinese market. Not only do you have knock-offs that already exist and essentially rule the market, but it’s China…good luck making sales for any of the popular games that help move units. Just about all the popular games that move units will either be banned outright or censored to the point of not being worth it.

    In any case, I’m glad Sony didn’t just play it safe and let Microsoft go in there without competition. Like I said, I doubt either one will do well in that market, but we shall see.

  • Jecht_Sin

    This will be very interesting indeed. Currently the Chinese middle class should count 150 million (and growing):

    And apparently Apple sold 1 million iPhones in the first month:

    Thus the cost of the HW and the games shouldn’t really be an issue. It’s left to be seen if the console games will satisfy the Chinese tastes. Maybe it would be the right time to add some sweet and sour flavor to that. ^_^

    • MTM2

      Hmm, It’s a strange one. The population may be large but the market’s only marginally larger than Japan and half the USA.

      And all this iPhone success makes me think they may be a handheld/phone kind of gaming community (especially since that market’s already been established for them). Who knows how home consoles will turn out, it will be interesting.

      I doubt any of the big 3 are going have ‘game changing’ success there.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Well, it would be 1 million iPhones in one month out of 150 million potential customers. How much did the iPhones sell at launch in USA or Japan? Oh, and I don’t believe in that handheld theory. People around the world buy the iPhone simply because.. it is cool.

        Regarding the consoles, who knows. As i wrote it must be seen if the console games fit with the Chinese gaming tastes.

  • TristanPR77

    Well, I am a gamer and when I choose the console I want it is not based from where the console is but rather if it satisfies my needs. It could be a console even from north Korea and if it’s good I will have it.

  • Mikail

    China full of piracy, they should fix first there policy.

  • SkinnyAssGamer

    I really hope Sony allows other gamers to import those chinese games that are made by Chinese Developers. Or at least make a Sony Chinese Studio like “Sony China” or whatever and develop the game and release it in all regions to give gamers EVEN more variety then what they already do.

    • Matt Dickinson

      That would be great

  • Ritsujun

    Don’t give up, MS!!!