PlayStation Network Currently Holding a Rayman Sale

Although he isn’t as well known as some others, Rayman is one of the classic platforming characters. The core Rayman games are always good with providing a solid an enjoyable experience. Now, people who may not have played games that feature the limbless wonder can have a chance to do so thanks to the latest PlayStation Network sale.

The games included in this sale are:

Rayman (PSP/PS3/PSV) – $1.49, regular price $5.99
Rayman 2: Revolution (PS3) – $2.49, regular price $9.99
Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PSP/PS3/PSV) – $1.49, regular price $5.99
Rayman 3 HD (PS3) – $2.49, regular price $9.99
Rayman Arena (PS3) – $2.49, regular price $9.99
Rayman Legends (PS3) – $29.99, regular price $59.99
Rayman Origins (PS3) – $9.99, regular price $19.99
Rayman Origins (PSV) – $13.49, regular price $26.99

To buy any of these games, follow this link or log into the PSN store via your PS3 or PSV.

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  • MrFinalgamer

    No Vita Legends? That’s odd =/

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    First Rayman game for $1.50?? im buying it

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Rayman! 😀

    • Josh Melton

      Wow, it’s you the Science Guy

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • Josh Melton

      Why don’t you come to PS4 or Xbox Daily anymore ):

  • skratchy

    But not for PS4, I see. What a lovely new tradition.

    • Matt Doria

      To be fair, it wouldn’t make sense to have a “Rayman sale” on PS4 and only have one game on offer XD

    • Yisa Yussuf

      yep this pisses me off too.. feel like im being punished for supporting the new console.. more expensive games even though its on both platforms, less in ps+ offerings and a lack of discounts and sales… bullsh!t