Review: Watch_Dogs – Open World Playground Redefined

Watch_Dogs took a pretty long time to finally reach our consoles and PCs. Initially announced at E3 2012 and scheduled to be a launch title for this new generation, it was then delayed to today, and it’s pretty much demonstrates the validity of the famous quote attributed to Shigeru Miyamoto “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” 

I guess I just spoiled the ending of my review, didn’t I? But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to say about Ubisoft’s latest labor of love.

The game puts us in the shoes and iconic trench coat of Aiden Pearce, a rather gloomy and not exactly likable hacker turned vigilante who tries a bit too hard to sound like Batman. Aiden is seeking revenge for the death of his six year old niece Lena, and he’s not afraid to wreak havoc across the whole city of Chicago in order to catch the murderer, and especially those who sent him.

I won’t describe the story in more depth for two reasons: First of all, it’s really not that great. You could easily define it the biggest weak point of the game, with slightly flat characters and a plot that never manages to truly engross. Secondly, it’s not that relevant. Watch_Dogs‘ story is pretty much a good excuse to send  Aiden out in the city to cause trouble, hack everything in sight, and provide us with a whole metric ton of open world fun.


The graphics of the game are extremely solid, with crisp high resolution textures, detailed models and a lovely art direction, topped by a lighting engine and a set of weather effects that really brings up the best of of the virtual Chicago at our fingertips.

The only weak real point are the buildings that often look a little boxy, even if the interior mapping effect that lets you see the interiors in motion when they aren’t accessible (or even really rendered) adds a nice level of immersion to the picture.

Effects are probably the most charming element overall, with some of the best explosions and rendering of flames, sparks and smoke I’ve seen in a long time. Add to that an absolutely stunning reflection effect on the wet asphalt, and you’ll find yourself staring at the screen in awe on quite a few occasions.

Consoles, especially last-generation ones, suffer a little bit from the weaker hardware compared to the PC version, but the visuals PS4 and Xbox One are able to provide still hold up very well, despite some visible aliasing and a slightly weak ambient occlusion solution that makes some of the environments look a bit flat.

The astonishing visual glitz coming with the PC version unfortunately comes packaged with a price. The 3GB video RAM soft requirement (it’s not strictly “required” per se, but if you have less than that performance will be hindered massively) for ultra textures doesn’t seem justified, and unfortunately optimization seems direly insufficient.


If your PC isn’t extremely powerful chances are that you’ll have to deal with a long struggle against the game’s visual settings before you can play the game without horrible swapping and frame rate issues, as I experienced first-hand myself. This normally gets fixed in follow-up patches, but that’s really not an excuse to ship a game with these kinds of widespread problems.

Ultimately, if you look at single elements, the visuals won’t be quite as pretty as what we’ve seen in inFAMOUS: Second Son, but taking in consideration the overall picture and at the fact that there is usually a lot more going on around the player in Watch_Dogs, we can see that the two open world games are placed pretty much on an even playing field.

Audio is a bit of a mixed bag. Voice acting is very well performed and convincing, helping a bit in making the otherwise slightly sub-par story more entertaining and enjoyable. Unfortunately music isn’t exactly the best we’ve seen for an open world game, with a limited selection of not exactly inspiring tracks.

Yet graphics, performance and audio be damned, gameplay is where Watch_Dogs really shines. Shooting and stealth gameplay are extremely tight and precise even if mouse control might require fidgeting with the configuration file to disable hardware acceleration (I really wonder why developers keep enabling it by default, only to force gamers to invariably yank it off their configuration files). Driving shows a few more loose ends, with the cornering performance of most cars a little stiff.


Hacking is obviously the real king: there are so many things you can hack in Watch_Dogs’ virtual Chicago and so many ways to interact with all of them, that it’s very easy to just lose yourself as you roam around the city exploring and having a whole load of fun wreaking havoc and playing pranks on the passer-bys. I can easily say that few games have made me feel like some sort of “god” like Watch_Dogs does. It’s fun, it’s engrossing, and it’s extremely addictive, especially considering the complex and extensive progression system which will keep you grinding to perfect your skills.

The ability to profile your fellow citizens is simply a stroke of genius: most open world games tend to feature the flaw of limiting the interaction with random NPCs to shooting them and driving over their corpses. While you can’t have a chat with most inhabitants of the virtual Chicago, you can still discover a lot about every single one of them, and deeper interactions like the prevention of crimes add a further layer to the whole thing. NPCs aren’t simply soulless walkers to protect or to use as bowling pins, but they’ll tempt you to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get to know them better.

Interaction with NPCs is also tied to a very well done morality system, and while it’s not overly complex, the way you deal with them definitely influences the way they’ll act towards you, and adds to the immersion, turning the city into a more lively and dynamic environment.

Ubisoft Montreal also did a great job in scattering elements of local color across the city, with street performers, rappers and fun little Easter eggs that keep the player coming back for more exploration. There’s just too much to discover, and it definitely causes the main story to take a back seat to roaming.


If that wasn’t enough, there are plenty of minigames to enjoy, ranging from simple ones like poker and chess (even if the chess challenges tend to be a lot less interesting than a full blown game), to Digital Trips that could almost pass as whole games, such as throwing you in a carmageddon-like ride against hordes of zombies or putting you at the controls of a monstrous spider tank wreaking havoc in a limited portion of the city.

The spider tank digital trip itself is probably one of the most addictive minigames I’ve seen in a game of this genre, especially thanks to the progression system similar to Aiden’s, which seems absolutely unnecessary for this kind of side activity at first sight, but really pulls you back for more every time you get a moment of respite from the protagonist’s hacking romps.

If that wasn’t enough, the extensive online modes add even more content and longevity. While roaming the city freely with friends or shooting at each other in the most classic team deathmatch is fun, invading someone else’s single player game is not only an original idea (or better, semi-original, as you could say it’s somewhat inspired by the Souls series) but it’s very appropriate to the game’s theme and unexpectedly extremely fun.

You can drop unnoticed into someone else’s world and let loose the creeper inside you, following him around and just observing what he does or trying to hack him while remaining under cover of your false passer-by identity. Of course it’s not at all easy to remain hidden, as you have to actually behave like a NPC, and there are a whole lot of things that can give you away, from alerting the “other” NPCs with sudden moves (and they’re quite sensitive), to leaving the headlights of your car turned on when everyone else around you has them off.


Being the victim is just as fun, mostly because you don’t really know when someone might invade your game, causing you to observe your surroundings and your fellow citizesn with a much greater level of attention. I jumped on my chair quite a few times as something happened that made me think I was being invaded, and of course the tension caused by the feature made me think it was happening many times, in which there was actually nothing wrong around me.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the strongest point of Watch_Dogs is the inordinate wealth of content it includes. There’s simply no way to run out of things to do before you’ve spent at least a hundred hours traveling across Chicago while hustling, stealing, playing games, invading, hacking, running people over and simply having a whole lot of fun.

And that’s exactly what Watch_Dogs is all about: fun. You can sit in front of your TV for ten hours straight or just fire up your console for a ten minute spider tank trip, and you’ll leave satisfied. Watch_Dogs may not have the best story out there and certain elements may not be 100% perfect, but things mesh together in a beautifully large open world playground that will leave you wanting more, and will pretty much always provide what you’re looking for.

Watch_Dogs is a gift that keeps on giving. Only, you have to pay for it.

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  • tunde

    the initial announcement was at E3 2012

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      typo, thanks for helping me notice it 😀

  • MGX

    The digital trips are awesome definitely one of my favorite things on the game

  • William Nugroho

    It’s too bad the story is the weak point of this game, i found the background story might stir up a good story.

    • Delsin Rowe

      play the game dude, the story is good. something that keeps you going on 😉

      • William Nugroho

        Sure, i will definitely play the game. Actually i already pre-ordered ps4 version of WD since last month 😀

  • superkarma

    I’m still in the very early stages of the game, but I can see just how deep the gameplay runs. It actually almost seemed a little overwhelming at first.

    From the very little driving I’ve done, I really don’t see what everyone was complaining about. The cars are definitely more heavy than you’re used to, but I wouldn’t say it’s terrible/awful like some have claimed. I imagine I’ll get used to it within the next few minutes of playing.

    Anyways, very nice and well-rounded review. I’m definitely looking forward to playing this game. I can tell it’ll have great replay value, at least for me.

    • SZaidH

      Hey SuperKarma , as you have started playing this game , i wanted to ask a couple of questions 🙂 . Does this game contain those wind effects as shown in the 2012 trailer ( @ 5:38 Mark ) ? And is there variety in the Main Campaign missions ? Your answers will be appreciated 😀

      • superkarma

        I really haven’t gotten that far into the game yet. I couldn’t stay awake any longer last night. I played some more earlier today before work, but that was just some more free roam and whatnot, getting familiar with the game and such.

        So far, I haven’t seen those wind effects. I’ve seen trees moving and the likes, but not that gust of wind seen in the E3 demo. Not sure if it simply doesn’t exist in the retail version or I just haven’t experienced that type of weather yet. My gameplay has only taken place during clear daytime. I also can’t tell you much about the story missions yet.

        I’ll be able to give you more info tonight when I plan to go much further into the game 🙂

        • SZaidH

          Okie dokie . Thanks for the useful insight of the Game 🙂 .

          • superkarma

            Played for a few more hours tonight. I still haven’t noticed that gust of wind effect. When it was raining, the trees were blowing and there were things (papers, cans, garbage) rolling around in the streets, but haven’t seen that gust of wind. It was likely taken out of the game, like a few other things from the E3 demo. The rain effects are really amazing, though. The world really comes alive during the night, most specifically during the rainy nights. The reflections off the wet pavement, the shiny wet reflections off the top of your car, which really shows the detail of the rain, etc.

            As far as the mission variety, I’d say you have nothing to worry about there. I haven’t really gone far into the main story (still at Act 1, Part 4…of 9) but between the side missions and free roam activities, there’s a whole slew of things to do. The main story missions, the 4 that I did so far, were varied…mixing stealth on the ground tactics with stealth driving tactics.

            I would think you would get the most variety from the side missions. There’s fixer contracts, gang hideouts, criminal convoys, and crimes detected. Fixer contracts are varying driving challenges — the faster you complete them, the more money you get. Gang hideouts is exactly what it sounds like — you basically have to go to the hideout and wipe them all out. I haven’t done that one yet, though. Criminal convoys are when you have to intercept a package before it reaches its destination. Crimes detected is what we’ve all seen from previous gameplays…you stopping a crime from happening throughout the city.

            You also have the online portion, obviously. I haven’t done any online contracts/games yet, as I just want to get some more weapons/skills before I jump into online. I did have some noob invade me, but he screwed up by speeding too fast in his car, so I ended up spotting and destroying him pretty quickly…he only got about 12% lol.

            You also have 4 digital trips, 6 or 7 minigames, and investigations…which are semi-side missions. Basically, if you’re looking for content, I really don’t see you being disappointed with this game. I keep getting distracted from the main story with all these side missions that pop up, lol. I’ll be playing more tomorrow, so if you have any other questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best in answering them. Hopefully you got the info you wanted from the questions you asked earlier 🙂

          • SZaidH

            I would like to really thank you for this gigantic amount of details and for spending your time writing this 😀 .

            Well yes those rain effects looks real good in the game play trailers 🙂 . Sad to know that those gust effect are removed :/ .

            Well great to know that there are a variety of missions 😀 . I just hope it’s not like AC IV , in which there is a plethora of missions , but they just become repetitive .

            Thanks again for using your precious time to write this all out 😀 I really appreciate it 🙂 . Man you should really start writing reviews !

  • Craig Sloan

    Will be playing this game very soon. I do like that it’s an open world game but also has interesting things to do in that world. The mini games and side missions sound fun to me. Also the online MP and hacking into their games sounds really fun and interesting. Stealth and action mixed gameplay is always a plus for me. It’s a shame that the story doesn’t seem to be better as I do love characters and stories in games.

    Good review.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    i can’t say much about gameplay and story since i’ve not played it yet but after playing Infamous SS, all other openworld game’s graphics seems ‘last gen’……….

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Everything is “last gen” with a time machine.

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        “Days of Future Past”

        After using time machine

        “Days of Our Lives”

    • Clifton Walton

      I have Infamous SS and Watch Dogs on PC and I think Watch Dogs looks better overall.

      • The Real Rick Grimes

        Looking better is one thing but Infamous SS world was just so damn realistic. I haven’t seen Watch Dogs yet so I’m not sure which is better but SS set the bar really high.

      • Richard Attila

        I see Watch Dogs on ultra high and look like ps4 and xbox one version,and by the way Infamous and The Order1886 look better than Watch Dogs,but PC fanboys don’t want to admit it….

        • Redinferno124

          I love Infamous, but It always comes down to more than graphics and in this case with all the content, Watch Dogs in definitely better.

      • mooshroom

        I think the fabric and lighting effects in Watch_Dogs look better from what I’ve seen, but the overall environment looked a bit better in Second Son.

    • Sexy Mcgee

      I have to agree. Infamous raised the bar. After playing that game pretty much everything else went down a couple notches. Games that I used to think were amazing looking now just seem good and games I used to think were good looking now look dated.

    • Rower

      Metal gear?

      • Phantom Pain will smoke them all 🙂

    • Sexy Mcgee

      So, I played an hour of this game on PS4 and it feels as bad as it looks. Infamous SS this ain’t.

      • Then play another hour, because You Are Wrong.

        • Sexy Mcgee

          Nah, I’m right.

          • Deadpool Senpai

            I love the game, I’m in Act 2 and it’s one of my personal favorites, bad driving controls aside.

          • sackgirl102

            I actually suck at driving but since playing this game, i am nearly at the end i think. I am on Act IV my driving skills have improved. It’s so much fun this game. Love it.

  • superkarma

    I think it was GameSpot that said Ubisoft can easily release the Spider Tank as its own game and sell it for $5 or $10. I definitely believe that. It’s crazy how much time they put into that mini-game.

  • DemonFenton

    The few hours I’ve played tonight, I had a blast doing it. Just need to unlock the online parts via doing missions. After that the fun really starts.

  • Delsin Rowe

    thanks giuseppe. watch dogs is awesome. the review is also awesome.
    my times with this game is awesome.right now, i give it a 9.5 😀

    • Clifton Walton

      Yeah, I’d give it something like that too. I can’t get enough of this game.

  • Saxhleel

    Nice review.

    Let’s hope Watch Dogs will build on its strengths and deliver a sequel improving upon the story. Perhaps some illuminati conspiracies for the sequel with the whole big brother vibe.

    You guys should be part of the metacritics ratings too 🙂

  • Jecht_Sin

    According to many user reviews for PC in Metacritic (I know. It is a cesspool. Still..) the game on PC can stutter to hell. So much for the Ultimate Experience.

    • Clifton Walton

      Doesn’t stutter for me. I cap the framerate at 30fps and it’s perfectly consistent. 30fps feels smoother in this game than in most for some reason (probably a good motion blur and tight frame interval timings). I would prefer 60fps obviously, but 30fps isn’t bad. Using TXAA and downsampling the game looks really clean and just amazing.

      • Jecht_Sin

        Well, fair enough.

  • wrestlefan01

    just need 10 am to get here so i can pick up my pre order

  • Gamingboy 321

    A very good review ! I am currently playing it and I love it so far !!

  • SZaidH

    This game got banned in the country in which i’m currently residing -_-

    • Dennis Djoenz

      Wahaha really?? Why? AU or GER?????

      • SZaidH

        Somewhere in the Middle East >_>

        • Dennis Djoenz

          That sucks bro. What about importing?

          • SZaidH

            It really does suck :/ . Well yes that’s my only option now . Will import one if people say the game is really good !

      • Jecht_Sin

        No, that was Wolfenstein. It is illegal in Germany to show nazi symbols. Still it is perfectly fine over there to send a new-nazi MP to the European Parliament. Things like this drive me ballistic!

        • NeOmega

          It’s illegal to show nazi symbols in country that invented nazi symbols.
          Seems legit.

          • Mark Pon

            The swastika origin was thought to be in Sumeria 3000 B.C. Read a book or two

  • The Real Rick Grimes

    Going to pick this up at launch for sure, still have at least 5-8 hours left on Wolfenstein so it’s going to be hard not jumping on it right away but Wolfenstein is too much fun anyway!

  • Rower

    This doesn’t deserve a 9. And I remember that time infamous ss got a 10. Reviews at psu are ridiculous over 9000 and the reviewer is a suck up.

    • superkarma

      Many others disagree with you. 14 reviews that are 9.0 or higher.

      • Rower

        I could care less. I’m content with my opinion and that of others. I was just a bit out of control today.

        • superkarma

          It’s all good. Happens to the best of us 🙂

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’m sure you’re very angry about the fact that someone dares have a different view of the game than yours, but here’s a suggestion. Learn to live with the idea, because it’s not the last time it happens.

      • Rower

        I’m not angry and you don’t have to state the obvious. Certainly, do not assume my perception of things. lastly, I was just “kidding” ( I have a horrible way of joking). I was just looking for a fun argument. Since I’ve noticed you have a tendency to be a smart ass towards a certain few.

  • It looks pretty good on my Xbox One.

  • CervantesPR

    its going to take me a lot of researching and recommendations for me to drop $60 it dosent even look that great to me, the only thing that has me remotely interested is the multiplayer, invading might be fun, i will ask one of my friends if the game is good and worth the $60. not in a rush to buy some game that will probably milked to no end like call of duty and assasins creed.

  • Arnold Stallone

    I would say everybody will give a few extra points to watchdogs, and forgive any eventual flaws or issues that normally would contribute to down scoring the game, as a big clap for rockstar for not having released gta5 on PC, and as a little kiss to ubisoft, for releasing it on PC.

    There are at least 15-25 million PC gamers that hate rockstar because they didn’t release gta5 on PC, and of course, among these million gamers, there are plenty of guys that will write the watchdogs reviews…and a good way to say ‘rockstar, fuk you, you ignored millions of PC fans’, is giving a great score to watchdogs.

    I’ve read dozens and dozens of watchdogs reviews, and most 7/10, 3/5 scores, they all talk about the same issues. And then, when there are some reviews with big scores, we can easily notice that 90% of the negative things were ‘forgiven’, by the reviewer, and the few good things on the game are used , over and over,and alone, justify those big scores. Why? Because we want it to have a great score, so rockstar think twice, next time they make a gta6, before deciding to not make a of version.

    *gets a warning for such negative comment*

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Or maybe I just don’t share your opinion.

      By the way, the “PC vs Console” talk doesn’t make the slightest sense.

      Watch_Dogs is simply a very, very good game, regardless of platform, with an enormous amount of very, very good content.

      If my review doesn’t fit your taste, you’re very free to go find one that does.

      As a matter of fact, I think a lot of reviewers forgave Rockstar quite a lot of very evident issues with GTA5, but that’s their opinion, and they’re entitled to it.

      • Jack Joyce

        Every review you read you’re going to find people forgiving the developer for short comings because they delivered strong on other experiences. I found the same with Last of Us and GTA V.

        I’ve beaten Watch Dogs and have been blown away, so far my Game of the year.

        Since Quantum break and The Order have been pushed back the only games I’m looking forward to playing to see if they do better is Arkham Knight and Destiny.

        Personally I’m looking forward to them continuing the Watch Dogs franchise and building on it like they did with Assassins Creed, it’s an amazing first game in the series.

        • superkarma

          Finally, something I can agree with you on. Although, there’s a few other games I’m really looking forward to by the end of the year. Destiny is definitely my most anticipated, though.

          • Jack Joyce

            Well at the end of the day we’re all gamers, and gamers have different tastes. I own an X1/PS4/Wii U/PC but I prefer X1…While you may prefer PS4, the important thing to realize is not to blindly follow Reviews like they’re your god. (No offense Nelva)

            I’m really pumped for E3 and can’t wait to see what I’m going to see, I expect EA to even hold my interest if they have any news on any Star Wars games.

            Titanfall was a pretty solid shooter, but Destiny will hopefully have good replay value. Bungie has a lot of hype to live up to, and I imagine reviewers will be tearing it apart for that reason alone. I can’t wait for the Destiny beta.

            Watch Dogs will keep me distracted until E3 hits.

      • Arnold Stallone

        Don’t get frustrated if 1 guy in 100000 only agrees with 98% of what you said in one of your reviews, OK boss?

        Just imagine someone prepares you a dish of pasta, explains how it was made, and tells why she thinks it is one of the best she did, and you have a sheet of paper where you can give your opinion(disqus comments)and you say ‘ohh, today, I think the pasta aren’t 100% aldente like the last time you did’, and she comes and say ‘so then, testa di cazzo, go fck yourself, next time, you prepare it yourself, or gtfo and go eat at your sister’s”.

        That’s your behaviour. If we don’t agree, then we can gtfo. ‘If you aren’t my friend, then, you are my enemie.’

        With all your reviews you’ve written, you should by now know how internet works, right? If you post something and allow people to comment and have that top banner show up hundreds thousands times per day, you should be able to control your blood temperature without letting it boil because one comment doesn’t fit you.

        I know what frustation means. For example, at 14, I was frustated because I hadn’t been with a girl, yet, and didn’t know how the skin of a girl felt like. Man, that was frustrating. But one year later, I got to know that, and everything else, from the top to bottom, and did all my job really well done. And my frustration went away.
        So, really, I understand those things that can frustrate a guy.I remember reading some comment on the subject, a few months ago, some guys got banned, we all wonder what truth they may have spoiled, but the truth is they got banned. Let’s invent and say they didn’t like the podcast, that week.

        So if you are frustrated and stressed and your patience towards commentators like me or other guys is at a low level, because of your own legit reasons only you know,only you, alone, and that creates quick reactions like yours and your answer, maybe it’s time to go out and breath a little, and meet people that won’t talk about games.huh?

        The gaming industry is really tough, but each year, more females penetrate this ‘almost 100% of people are men’ world.

        I’ve been posting here since a while now, and I always contributed to the discussions, with my own opinions and feelings that aren’t necessarily the same as yours. Getting a comment like yours denotes some inner troubles, I think. If you can’t stand people with different opinions from yours, just write a disclaimer and display it above the discus div. ” stranger, be careful with all you’re gonna write. I make my job well done, and if you don’t agree with what I say, be free to not post and go find another website where the content and reviews fit your opinion, otherwise, I won’t tolerate it and the ban hammer will drop, because I’m not here to lose my time with under-average people like you that can’t understand the point of my comments, reviews, articles. If you aren’t enough smart, nor you’re a professional translator, to agree with me, then, don’t lose your time posting, I will moderate your comments and will ban you, because I own a slice of the whole internet”

        With such disclaimer, I wouldn’t ever have written hundreds of comments during dozens of hours, huh, boss?

        But fortunately, I never overreact, even when I am asked to leave something, or some places. I’m a tolerating adult, I forgive everything and everyone, and I remain polite. And my 14 years old, it’s well behind me.

        Boss, do you know a website where I can read a watchdogs review that would fit my tastes, just like you told me to do? Because dualshockers is my start page on tablets, computers, laptops, consoles, smart phones, and I really don’t know other serious websites.

        Thank you. And my apologies for not agreeing 100%. There was a risk a visitor out of 100’000 could appear and would not agree with something that could have been written on a slate, on the Sinai hill, right next the other 10 ‘reviews’.

  • IncognitosX

    Pre-ordered this from Futureshop because I had a GC from a previous trade in. I wanted to get the pre-order bonus but it was only available on-line. That being said, Canada Post has my copy of Watch Dogs and it’s driving me nuts. I expected this but it seemed like a better idea at the time lol.

  • Somebodyissilent

    Been playing all night and loving it.

  • Michael Balchunas

    I started up Watch Dogs when I went home for lunch and only had enough time to get through the first cut scene… Sitting here at work waiting is killing me!

  • Michael Ellis

    After hearing about the driving I was worried. Instead of buying it I rented it and I have to say I am loving it! I will be buying this game. I actually like the driving as I use the in car view most of the time. Its the little things that keep me wanting more of this game.

  • Michael Balchunas

    GOD this game is so fun and gorgeous! Everyone on Steam is down voting it because they can’t log in but I’ve had 0 issues… I’m going to be playing this game for a long.. long time.

  • Gamer_Tech

    I am still in the early stages of the campaign mode and i should say that the graphics are very impressive but the gameplay still needs some polishing. I really didn’t like the way it introduces you to certain features of the game, it should have been a little more detailed. Especially, for beginners. Last but not the least…. Let the patches begin!!!

  • Gamer_Tech

    I like how ppl are comparing it to GTA V but still ignore the fact that it took GTA 5-6 months to stabilize after the release. Including the patches that prob improved the handling and increased the number of NPC’s walking around in the city. These were just a few changes made after the release and Watch Dogs just released yesterday… So, let’s look forward to the patches and see how far Ubisoft can go wid this one. Patience is the key my friends… 🙂

  • Gamer_Tech

    I am still in the early stages of the campaign mode and i should say that the graphics are very impressive but the gameplay still needs some polishing. I really didn’t like the way it introduces you to certain features of the game, it should have been a little more detailed. Especially, for beginners. Last but not the least…. Let the patches begin!!!

  • Gamer_Tech

    For those who really don’t wanna drop $60 on it can get it for half the price at games**p if you trade a game towards it, you can get 40% off and if you are a pro member that will give u an extra 10% off which will drop the price down to ~ $30

  • Mr_JtowN

    I’ve put in about 10 hours into the story and many retries(wish I had known I could’ve just ran over the target in the convoy instead of just taking him down), and I’ve got to say that I love the story. I just can’t stand the transition from going from one mission to the next. Otherwise, I think this a great game and worth the buy.

    • Carlos Alfagem

      IS there a reaon why its M with sexual content

      • Mr_JtowN

        Honestly I don’t really see why it’s there. If there is any sexual content it’s when you hack into a room and you’ll hear it happening, but won’t really see it since everything is just outlines.

  • Played it for 13 hours straight with a party of 6-7 people yesterday. This game is so so fun and I haven’t even tried online yet. The only issue I’m having is with the White Hacker Suit, I’ve downloaded it but it’s not in my wardrobe :-(.

    All in all, good review + I’d give it the same score. Can’t wait to get out of work to play some more lol

    • superkarma

      Stupid question, but are you sure the suit (“exclusive missions”) installed? What if you go to addition content from the main menu and select acquired content…does it show up there?

      Personally, I think the white hacker suit is ugly, at least compared to the default. Once I stock up on a couple more weapons/cars, I plan to buy some better outfits.

      • Yep it shows up but when I look in my wardrobe its not there, pretty annoying. Plus I got the season pass but I can’t seem to find anything that was supposed to come with it. Apart from those 2 problems I love the game.

        • Raven Nafariea

          I had the same problem with a DLC for inFamous with Cole’s Jacket not showing up even though I had the DLC installed. I contacted Sony about it and the guy that helped me didn’t even act like he ever saw a PS4 before in his life. lol Finally he said I had to Initialize my PS4 which pretty much just reformats it then when I did I downloaded the DLC again and it worked finally. Not sure if you want to go through all that trouble though. I am sorry to hear that it is not working for you. =(

          • ” lol Finally he said I had to Initialize my PS4 which pretty much just reformats it then when I did I downloaded the DLC again and it worked finally. Not sure if you want to go through all that trouble though.” – Explain in more detail lol.

            Does that reset everything?

          • superkarma

            Yeah, it reformats and sets the system back to factory settings.

          • Na I can’t be doing that lol. I’ll just call the free Ubisoft number if it doesn’t work today

          • Carlos Alfagem

            UUUUmmm i was wondering if any of you guys knew why thee is sexual content in the M rating if you guys answer that would be really really awseme:D

          • superkarma

            I’m guessing it’s because sex is implied in the game. It’s never actually shown, but it’s implied.

            For example, one of the citizen hacks I did brought me to a webcam in some apartment. The woman had a repair guy over and was talking in euphemisms. You never actually see anything, but you get the idea of what’s going on.

          • Carlos Alfagem

            Thabks for answering reakky helped me 🙂

          • Raven Nafariea

            It will basically take your PS4 back to brand new. Like you just bought it. It will erase all your profiles you have. All your saved game files and everything off of your hard drive. If you do that just make sure to back up all your saved game files to PS Plus or on a USB drive. All your saved screenshots and gameplay videos as well. The option to Initialize is located under Setting and scroll all the way down to the bottom. It will give you two options. One, to do a quick format or Two to do a full format which will take a couple hours to make sure it erases everything off the drive.

          • Erm.

            I wont be doing that lol

          • Raven Nafariea

            Yeah, it takes a bit of work. I wish I knew of another way to help you out. Sony really needs to add the option to delete and re-install DLC. That is like my biggest disappointments so far with the PS4.

          • I just want the option to re-install the f*cking thing. Ah well

          • Raven Nafariea

            Well like superkarma just said they might add the option in a future update but who knows. They really need too that is for sure.

          • superkarma

            You could try deleting the entire game from your system and redownload everything again. That doesn’t sound all that appealing either, though lol

          • After 13 hours in campain. No, that doesn’t sound to appealing haha

            I’m having fun with what I have.

          • superkarma

            Well, you could upload your save files to the cloud or store them on a USB drive, so you wouldn’t lose any actual game progress. But yeah, I would just give Sony/Ubisoft a call and see what they say first.

          • Raven Nafariea

            That might be worth a try but I tried that with inFamous. They only let me delete the actual game and not the DLC. I really do not see why Sony doesn’t let you do that.

          • superkarma

            Yeah, I was just going through the menus to see if I could find the actual DLC, but all I saw were the save files and the game. I just assumed if you deleted all traces of the game, the DLC would go with it. I guess not. If that’s the case, yeah, doesn’t make much sense.

          • Raven Nafariea

            You can find the DLC I believe in the Library. Or else go to the game and scroll down to… heh, I shut my PS4 down for the night so I can’t remember what it is called but it is the last option when you scroll down on the right. It will list the DLC and even have little download arrows next to them but there is no option to delete or re-install.

          • superkarma

            Yup, I just remembered that and went to check it out as you were typing lol. Yeah, that’s pretty disappointing. Hopefully they fix these quirks in future updates.

          • Raven Nafariea

            Yeah they really need to. I hated taking my PS down and reinstalling all my games again but I had to because I have OCD and have to have everything working right or I go nuts. haha

            All that work just for Cole’s Jacket. lol

      • Raven Nafariea

        I really am not that into the white outfit either. I never use it. I just went clothes shopping and found way better outfits in the store. I am amazed at how fast and easy you get money in this game. lol

        So far I am having a blast! =D

        • superkarma

          Yeah, they definitely made it easy to get money, that’s for sure. Whenever I go to the gun store, I just rob the guy afterwards and either get back half of what I spent or close to the full amount lol. Not to mention all the money you can get from hacking people’s bank accounts off the street. 🙂

          • Raven Nafariea

            Tell me about it, I can walk just one block down the street and grab 10,000 grand. I hope they don’t nerf the payouts like Rockstar did with GTAV. lol

          • superkarma

            I was thinking the same thing. I don’t really think they will, because money doesn’t seem to be THAT important in this game, whereas GTA greatly relies on money.

            I do think we’ll see some other nerfs though, more specifically…for the grenade launcher. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it for when some noob invaded me. But I tested it out on some criminal and wow…I can definitely see everyone just abusing that for online invasions. I hope they don’t, because it’s incredibly fun…at least when you’re the one using it lol

          • Raven Nafariea

            Ha! I need to buy me one of those. I usually like sneaking so I have just been using the 1911 with silencer mostly but that sounds like to much fun to pass up!

          • superkarma

            Yeah, when the guy invaded me, he screwed up by driving too fast in his shiny sports car. He saw me spot him, so he got out and tried to shotgun me from a distance…lol. Needless to say, I owned him in the face with my AR and he only got up to about 11 or 12%. I really wish I would’ve had the nade launcher for that…it would have been hilarious.

          • Raven Nafariea

            Lmao, nice! I had a guy hack me but I couldn’t find him to save my life just about. He actually got up to 75% until I shot in the air and all the people started running away but they didn’t. They tried to take cover but I head shot him with my pistol. lol

          • superkarma

            Lol, nicely done 🙂

          • Raven Nafariea

            Thanks, you too! =D

  • Craig Sloan

    The game is great. I actually like the main story and I like Aiden. The side quests are actually worth doing and they’re interesting. Finding out who the serial killer is and hunting them down as a side mission shows that. The online stuff is really good, I hacked into someone’s game when they where in the middle of a police shoot out and there were helicopters after them. So I just hacked him while he tried to find me and fight off the police at the same time.

    The driving is not great but you can get used to it. Hacking is fun, scouting out a base with cameras and using things like exploding vents and gas tanks to kill people and making their grenades explode and all the other stuff to take out an entire base of people without even entering it is awesome. Shooting mechanics are good also, and stealth works really well.

    There are varied missions and the world is pretty good to explore. I’d easily give it a 9/10 for the PS4. Granted I have yet to complete the game.

    • superkarma

      I drove up to my hideout (one that was in between the alleys) because I was about to get off for the night…when I suddenly get invaded. I casually walk around profiling (not many to profile, since I’m in an alley) when this noob comes walking toward me. I pull out my nade launcher and blow his face off instantly, lol. He was so pissed. It was glorious. I wish I had remembered to save the clip, but I setup my PS4 to only record the last 3 minutes…and I got into a cop chase right after that incident, so I lost that 3 minutes.

      But yeah, I completely agree. Everything about this game is incredibly fun. You get used to the driving after a little bit of time, so that’s no big deal. I haven’t even done the online portion of the game yet (aside from myself being invaded) just because I’m having a lot of fun doing everything else. I came into a lot of cash last night, so I finally bought myself some of the top guns (AK, ACR, Vector, D40, etc) and some good outfits. I won’t need to use the nade launcher anymore, unless I really wanna have a good laugh or screw with someone 🙂

  • WD could easily be a 10 if there was an ummm actual story. Thumbs up if you agree.

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    I haven’t played this too much but I’ve tried it a bit on PS4. BTW, Excellent review there. Keep it up brother.


  • gud review… keep it up..

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