Homefront 2 Won’t Be Xbox One Exclusive, Good Things Coming for Dead Rising 3 Fans – Rumor

on May 31, 2014 5:36 PM

With the widespread rumor that Microsoft is going to announce a major third party exclusive at E3, theories are raining like men for the Weather Girls, and one of said theories indicates Homefront 2.

Industry insider Shinobi602, who already demonstrated multiple times to be quite reliable with his sources, took to Twitter to debunk the possibility.

It’s been making the rounds a lot for some reason but Homefront 2 isn’t exclusive to Xbox One.

Shinobi also mentioned that “good stuff” is coming soon for Dead Rising 3 fans, specifying that it’s not a PS4 version, but just some “really nice content.”

Of course we should take what insiders like Shinobi share with the customary grain of salt, as it’s not official information coming straight from the publishers.

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