The Stomping Land Gets Prehistoric on Steam Early Access, More Dinosaurs to Come

on May 31, 2014 10:52 AM

If you ever wondered what it would be like living with dinosaurs now is your chance. The Stomping Land, the multiplayer survival game developed by SuperCrit is available on Steam Early Access.

In The Stomping Land, players take on the role of a hunter living amongst the gigantic creatures. As players obtain expertise by discovering the joys of staying alive they can take on the island’s inhabitants.

According to the game’s description,

You are a hunter and a scavenger. You survive in a world with dinosaurs, and if any one of them catch you, they will end you in an instant. In fact, you can’t kill most dinosaurs with ease, and the ones that you can don’t provide plentiful amounts of food. It’s the large ones that matter. The ones with bone crushing jaws and skull smashing tails that roam the island and fight each other, who provide the food you want.

The alpha is currently available for $24.99 and SuperCrit has stated that more features to “enable player creativity” are planned, along with more dinosaurs.

Check out the gallery below for what can be expected in the game.

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