Unreal Engine 4 PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets New Artwork, Info and an Official Website

We’ve reported in the past about the upcoming Unreal Engine 4-based PS4 exclusive Without Memory by Russian studio Dinosaurum Games. The developer finally opened an official website today, which can be reached here, even if it’s in Russian. An English version is planned for a future update.

The project, a “third person interactive thriller” openly inspired by Quantic Dream’s work, is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2016, and according to Dinosaurum Games it has left the concept phase and entered the active development phase a week ago. We also learn that that there won’t be any multiplayer.

Here’s a list of descriptive bullet points:

  • Modern realistic graphics and awesome facial animation. The quality of the game’s picture will be photorealistic.
  • A unique, exciting and interactive storyline with multiple endings.
  • Heartbreaking Scenes and investigations.
  • Extensive use of the DualShock 4.
  • Lots of puzzles and tasks during the game.

As we already knew, Without Memory will be divided in exploration of the world, interactive sequences with quicktime events (described as “modernized” and implemented in a way that hasn’t been done before) and branching dialogue, puzzles and sidequests. There will also be stealth segments, and whether the player will manage to remain undetected or not will influence the outcome of the plot.

The ability of the player to influence radically the course of events with his decisions in controlling the protagonist Anna is described as the main focus of the title.

We also learn that the studio, founded by Arkadiy Kulikov, Anton Slashchov, Dmitriy Tsyplakov, Denis Fomenko and Dmitriy Tkachuk now counts over 50 developers, most of which have experience on PC games. A motion capture studio with 50 Vicon cameras (Quantic Dream uses 64) will be used to create the game’s animation.

Below you can see a few new pieces of artwork released today, even if Dinosaurum Games specifies that those are just concepts, and do not represent the final graphics style of the game, which will be photorealistic. The first screenshots will be released in the Summer and the first teaser trailer will debut at GDC Europe in August.

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  • SkinnyAssGamer

    Looks great. Can’t wait to see what this game is truly about when i get this. #GreatnessAwaits

  • BlackestNight63

    I’m interested to see where this project goes. Artwork looks good though.

  • eternal_napalm

    I want to know more about the N166A hand gun

    • They Call Me Senpai

      It has blacksight.

  • Solid Snake

    looks very interesting, and sounds like its going to be more like heavy rain rather than beyond 2 souls. which is a good thing.

    • SkinnyAssGamer

      whats wrong with Beyond Two Souls? IT was a very under rated game. But yeah Heavy Rain is great/amazing.

      • Solid Snake

        Beyond two souls was a step backwards from heavy rain. in the sense that your actions didn’t affect the games story in anyway, and the fact that you played it in a random timeline only re-enforced that fact.

        • Dr. Manhattan

          I think the issue that you expected it to be more like Heavy Rain is why you have a negative few of it’s outcome. I don’t think Beyond was meant to have the same decision orientated results style game play that Heavy Rain did. If you ask me, both were excellent titles!

  • Mikail

    More Exclusive? Greatness awaits indeed

  • MrRandom

    Holy shit… Fix your capitalization in these news item titles. I had to read it 3 times before I could make sense of it. You gotta agree that … PS4 exclusive “Without Memory” gets new… Is much better readable than What You Guys Do All The Time.

    • themugen

      Doesn’t make sense to fix what isn’t broken.

    • Orichalon Hades

      that’s how a title works, you put a capital letter on each word.
      So yea, there’s nothing wrong with the capitalization.

    • James

      “Is much better readable than”

      I’d focus on your own writing before criticising others, mate.

      And besides, there’s nothing wrong with capitalising headlines like this. In fact, it’s very popular way of doing it.

      • MrRandom

        Oh I’m sorry. I shall never criticise anyone on their writing ever again.

        And you are right. As it turns out, many US journalists tend to do this. I don’t live in the US though and using capital letters like this is not allowed in my language, nor any other language in Europe (at least that I know of). Please forgive me for assuming it was wrong just because it looks wrong.

  • ThrashMatt

    Is there a publisher attached yet?

  • Mozef Kaddas

    I’m very excited for what Unreal Engine 4 can provide the gvideo games industry.

    • Orichalon Hades

      iirc Batman : Dark Knight uses UE4. Could be wrong though.

      • Mozef Kaddas

        I have seen quite few videos running in Unreal Engine 4, and were breathtaking, but those videos rendered, I wonder how a real game could look in it.

      • Mozef Kaddas

        By the way many games uses unreal engines, i havent seen that many with cryengine!!! I’m just wonder.

      • shurik

        Batman : Arkham Knight uses UE3

  • Trioptical

    Not hating here, but I hope their modelers are better than their concept artists if they’re going for photorealistic.

  • Ivan Sergeev

    developers – russian schoolchildren

  • phar0ahad3

    i think alot of people havent played beyond two souls,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • I still think it’s a joke

  • Jecht_Sin

    The drawings are all foggy! Obviously the artist must have an underpowered wrist. lol

  • Dr. Manhattan

    Seem interesting, I’m a big fan of QD’s style of games so I’m all in for this.

  • DarthDiggler

    Pretty much every game can claim…

    Extensive use of the DualShock 4.

    LOL @ This guy! Looks like a dude that ended up on the cutting room floor for Dazed and Confused.


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