Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 Version Gets Fantastic Gameplay Sneak Peek Ahead of E3 (UPDATED)

As part of episode 11 of the webcast Kojima Station legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima presented a new video sneak peek on the PS4 version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The video was brief, but it looked absolutely fantastic, showing a return of the old beloved cardboard box (that for the occasion got a new paint job as a camo box).

You can can check it out just below, while we wait to see the rest at E3 next week.

Update: replaced the video with a better quality version.

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  • Solid Snake

    Is it me or did the AI seem dumber than they do in Ground Zeros?
    Even if your head stuck out of cover a little bit, it would be seen by the AI’s in ground zeros. But in this video snake was literally in front of the enemy and they did nothing….

    • Rower

      Put the settings to the hardest and maybe the box will become useless.

    • Dr. Manhattan

      I do think they should have shot to make this one more realistic in the sense of not using the box at all. It was great in prior MG’s but if your shooting for realism a box that magically disappears when your no longer using it doesn’t really fit. lol

      • James

        Yeah I thought the same when watching the video but the box as such a following I guess they felt like they had to throw it in for the fans.

      • Boerewors

        I personally feel that’s the charm of the game: that insanely complex political complot theory narrative and adult theme’s on the one side, bit these goofy little things on the other side. That’s what sets them apart from all the rest.

  • They Call Me Senpai

    That was far from brief, but it did look fantastic. I may pick it up when the price drops to $40 or below.

  • Mikail

    Definitely going to buy this, i am skipping Ground Zeros. I think this game worth for the full price unlike the prolog ground zeros which should have around $20 for the price.

    • Dr. Manhattan

      Ground Zeroes was pointless, a friend of mine let me borrow it and I was still disappointed. Not that it was bad it just wasn’t needed at all pure cash grab. Should have just been a free demo.

      • Mikail

        Or maybe they could just put it inside the Phantom pain as VR training 🙂

        • Cameron McNeil

          Yall just don’t understand Phantom Pain or Ground Zeroes. TPP is way too big to include and GZ was perfect the way it was, you need to play both to get the whole MGSV story. So many fake fans here.

          • Mikail

            fake??? Or maybe wise in spending money

        • Dan Harvey

          They couldn’t put it in TPP, that was why it was released separately. It’s all how you look at it IMO. I don’t see GZ as a rip off or too expensive because firstly I’ve had more hours of fun out of it than I have from Watch Dogs, secondly when you look at the size of TPP map and the price that’s currently pre-ordering at, I consider TPP to be a huge bargain.

      • Darrius

        I bought Ground Zeroes after being hesitant from all the reviews, and I a pleased with it.

    • Boerewors

      Loved GZ! But I am absolutely positive we”ll see it for free on both Gold and Plus 2 or 3 months for the release of PP.

    • MoeGunz

      Well I paid $20 due to a coupon I had, but if I paid $30 I still will be pleased. I put in so many hours in that game. More than I did for some games that I pain $64 for. I think value is dependent on the gamer. It got me use to the new features, got clues from the tapes, and had fun with the easter eggs.

      For me it was worth it. For others not so much. I like Trials Fusion, but for me $20 will be too much for that. Value depends on the gamer.

  • Dr. Manhattan

    Game looks fantastic and it wouldn’t be a MGS game without a box! Not sure why one would think this was brief, it seemed they showed more than Ready at Dawn did. Day one buy without a doubt!

    • They Call Me Senpai

      They showed only a little more than R@D, not that it really matters since we’ll likely be seeing both at E3.

    • albatrosMyster

      I am fine with not playing a real life simulator, escapism is great!

    • WTF

      The box has a Camel on it and some Palm Trees. The location must be in the Middle East somewhere, def. not Afghanistan

  • Michael Balchunas

    I like how you can hold people up by pointing a gun at them, I couldn’t get it to work on ground zeros though. They would just risk their life and sound the alarms every time lol.

  • JustGaming

    Hurry up E3! Quick, someone freeze me!!

  • RealityCheck2013

    Looks brilliant(of course) Shame it’s not PS4 only tho 🙁 Oh well.

    • ManagedCorn

      Muh plastic exclusivity

    • Mikail

      well at least Playstation will have a better graphic then its rival

      • AlexH

        Sony fanboys love the Playstation platform because most of its games are SINGLE PLAYER. Since the typical Sony Fanboy does not go out, or have many friends, they don’t like the multiplayer games.

        Sony Fanboys are really just hermits.

        Hermits who love their singleplayer games and plainly just enjoy singlehood for that matter.

        • MTM2

          Just go away, you’re embarrassing yourself.

        • Mikail

          thanks for the compliment 🙂

        • Guest

          Pure evil.

    • albatrosMyster

      The XB1 is better, you can say XBOX ON, so I prefer playing on it!

      And you know it’s a scientific fact that nobody can tell the difference anyway, my living room is 5 miles long and I play on a 3inch TV, I can’t even tell if it’s actually on or off, so resolution really makes no difference for me!

    • Nordu

      Why is it a shame that its on PS4 only? does it being on the Xbone affect the quality of the PS4 version in any way? Its good that its multi-platform, the more people that play it the more people will appreciate the game.

      • Mikail

        Well exclusivity is benefit for console, the games design will be focus on single hardware and the graphic will be optimize with out balancing the other console limit.

      • TimVD

        Sometimes it does effect the quality. Like Mikail says, it’s better to focus on 1 console instead of going all “it has to work on all devices” like they did with watch_dogs, where the graphics are not 100% of the capability of any of the platforms it was released on.

        Being released on XBone isn’t a big issue to me, what worries me is that it will also be released on PS3 and XBox 360. I’m afraid they will make design decisions to provide compatibility to last-gen consoles.

    • wrestlefan01

      yeah such a shame that many others will get to enjoy a great game..smh

  • Delsin Rowe

    Awesome. Can’t wait for the actual Show 😀

  • Stranger On The Road

    hummm…. The XB1 version is missing at the end of the video….. this might be because the XB1 would be released in Japan in September…. could it be missing from the video because the game would be released before the XB1 is available in Japan?

    nah, early 2015 still sounds about right, but I do want the game earlier.

  • Looks awesome!

  • Craig Sloan

    Looks cool, The cardboard box is always awesome ( even if in the context of a desert it seems silly lol ) MGS is one of my favorite game series of all time. Open world will be a real nice change of pace.

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    wow ….man all this teasing crap starting to really grind my gears lmao, all that was shown in this trailer is just two stealth cover mechanic’s which were not added to that Ground Zeroes demo that played me like a damn Fiddle!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      One of the worst expensive demos I’ve ever played, terribly reviewed, made worse by how it’s entirely last gen… For someone else “plays like a fiddle”. Seems legit :/

      • Averix

        I found it unimpressive and terribly boring. I won’t be buying the full version because of it.

      • You are flat out wrong

        And yet it’s still a candidate for GOTY, and far better than the turds on the Xbone this year.

  • TristanPR77

    Ground zeroes was good for those who care about the history of the game and wanted to hear vital information about the events plus getting to know the new mechanisms of the game was good. I have no complaints.

  • supersungin

    the e3 demo is better

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    That was some pretty neat footage…I expect more of it at E3 Kojima!

  • NoNeedToArgue

    Ground Zeroes secure my $60 purchase of this game

  • Nicholas Perry

    Carboard box! YES

  • Nordu

    MGS:GZ was a very short game for casual gamers who don’t truly understand the story behind the series, but for those who have played the previous games and enjoyed the story I am sure that GZ was an prequel to TPP setting up a great story and allowing us a taste of the great gameplay to come. I also hope they add the the cardboard variants like the ones they had in peace walker.

  • eternaldragonx

    I’m not gonna lie, I think this direction is awful for this type of game. + for sneaking in an open world game in the box tho.

  • EdwardJamesKenwayACIV

    Goddammit the people in the background. It’s in Japanese 🙁

  • Emmanuel Beddewela


  • Emmanuel Beddewela