New DualShock 4 With Possible Different Battery and Wireless Certified by the FCC: Label Discovered

We recently reported about the new PS4 model CUH-11xxA, and apparently there’s also a revised DualShock 4 controller incoming, as made apparent by a new Federal Communications Commission certification published recently. According to the documentation provided, the revised controller will have the same code as the old ones (CUH-ZCT1U, the last letter varies as it indicates the region), while the FCC ID changes  from AK8CUHZCT1 to AK8CUHZCT1F1. You can see the new label below:

DualShock4 Label

The use of the same model code mirrors what was done with the DualShock 3, which retained the same model code CECH-ZC2x (with just an addition for different colors) for the whole lifetime of the PS3, even if it went through several revisions.

Studying the documentation more in depth, we do see some interesting changes (you can see the spec sheet of the original model at the bottom of the post for the sake of comparison):

DualShock4 NewThe changes in the data provided are the battery supply, which has been slightly reduced from 3.7V to 3.65V, indicating a possible change in the battery. Unfortunately this doesn’t tell us what most would like to know, which is whether the battery capacity has been increased. It’s worth mentioning that a 0.05V difference is not enough to fully confirm a battery change with absolute certainty, while it hints to it.

The antenna type has also been changed, from a PWB pattern antenna to an IFA antenna, which incidentally matches the new antenna introduced with the new model of the PS4. Differently from the battery supply, this is a definite confirmation of a change in the controller’s internals.

There may be other variations in design, but since the FCC only certifies radio connectivity, they wouldn’t appear in its documentation.

One thing is pretty much certain: Sony is definitely ramping up to sell a revision of the PS4, with a revised controller. The full extent of the changes is still a mystery, but maybe we’ll hear more at E3.

DualShock4 Old

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  • dranzer1

    Probably Chinese controller.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The old ones were made in China too. If you mean a controller FOR china, that’s not the case, as the “U” at the end of the code means it’s for the US market. Europe has E, Japan has J and so forth.

  • dranzer1

    It is the Chinese console controller most likely.

  • Mr_JtowN

    Great if it has a better battery capacity, but I’m sure others want priority of it having a color other than black in appearance

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s not another color, as differently colored controllers have a code added at the back of the main product code. IE: CUH-ZCT1J 01 and 02 for blue and red. (J means Japan, the Euro ones have a E). So the blue and red controllers for the US would be CUH-ZCT1U 01 and CUH-ZCT1U 02

      • Mr_JtowN

        makes sense, thanks for the reply!

  • Alter

    i want one which last for a whole month XD

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      sure you do. 😀

    • theodor70941

      But… You’d have to pay a lot for a controller with a months battery.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        More than that, it would have an enormous bulge at the bottom lol.

        • Alter

          d’oh.. obviously we need next-gen battery techs Xd

  • RealityCheck2013

    I got 4 pads already 😀 But if there is going to be a one with a better battery life then i might buy that as my main one + My original pads left stick started to peel away :-/ I swapped it for free but my newer one seems to be doing the same but slowly so hopefully SONY can sort that out to(+ i haven’t got long nails or anything to) 😀

  • Porcu Peth

    personally i’m fine with the battery life. never play for 6 hours straight, so i just charge it after a session and the battery never goes empty

    • cozomel

      Seriously, would i prefer more battery life? sure, but its not that necessary, especially since i can charge the controller with my phone charger.

  • Dagi

    I just hope they improve the thumpsticks. I really hate the rubber on that sticks.

    • stx007

      Buy some cheap caps on eBay.

    • cozomel

      My first 2 controllers rubber was no good, but the replacements i got from Sony havent worn out yet and its been around 7 months now. And you dont hear complaining about it now, so it really was just some of the first batch.

      • Dagi

        Good to hear. I didn’t knew that. I hope, the next time I buy a new controller, that would not be a problem anymore.

      • Cry_Zero

        I got one replacement from sony and even that controllers stick is no good… I hope they do something about it

        • cozomel

          Yeah, i didnt believe that any of them were any good when i had that happen to mine, but here i am 7 month-ish later and its still good. So there is hope.

      • Caleb E. Rees

        You must have needed to replace the thumb-sticks on the controllers the day you got the PS4 because the console itself has BARELY been on the market for 7 months….

        • cozomel

          The controller that came with the system took 6-7 days to fall apart. I kid you not. The second one not much longer.

      • Mário Henrique Oliveira

        Any way to tell one from another? Unit code, model code or something like that?

        I’m itching to buy a DS4, but I’d like to be sure I’m buying a revised unit. Guess it’s impossible to know as of now…

    • The Real Rick Grimes

      Not only the rubber but they break easy I’ve had to replace my controller twice already.

      • ipot_04

        A good way to protect the rubber of the analog sticks is to use grips, they cost about $10-$15 or less.

        • Martin Steele

          indeed, i bought some cheap kelux ones from amazon u.k. due to the rubber starting to split on the sticks, you get 8 grips, 2 high convex with dimples, 2 high concave, and the same but low, only cost around £3-£4, wouldnt pay the higher price for 2 kontrol freeks lol

          • ipot_04

            higher price but still cheap enough if there are no other options.

          • Riz

            I got 2 controllers on launch day 1 with ps4 and 1 separate, 1 controller thumb stick rubber came off and the other controller R1 button started to stick – Sony have replaced them with new ones, which they have changed the materials on the controller

      • wallo

        Damn you play rough!

    • matt671

      I had no problems with mine

    • ipot_04

      I didn’t hate the rubber on the analog sticks until one day I noticed that it’s starting to torn off so I bought and used analog grips (KontrolFreek – Ultra).
      Out of frustration I broke my first DS4 so I bought a new DS4 which is the blue one and ever since that I use my grips just to prevent the rubber to torn.

      • Brandon Joseph Kelly

        They replaced the rubber on the grips in like february or march

        • ipot_04

          Didn’t notice the difference between the rubber of my blue DS4 and the DS4 that came with my PS4.
          I still recommend Analog Grip covers for those who’ll buy PS4 or at least use DS4, it’s just to protect the rubber from tearing.

    • NoNeedToArgue

      This. This. This again. This one more time.

      (in case you didn’t hear me, THIS)

  • Killaxx214

    I just need two more controllers, my R2 button is broke on both controllers ( damn shooting games)

    • BlackestNight63

      You need to ease up on how hard you push R2.

    • megablast16

      There is a video on YouTube that shows a DIY fix for broken triggers on the Dualshock 4. It involves taking the controller apart and removing a spring from behind the trigger, it’s a bit fiddly but does make the DS4 usable again.

      • ipot_04

        Nope. I removed the spring and it just made it stuck there without doing anything, it actually made it worst. I did that before I bought a new DS4.

      • Killaxx214

        I have a warranty for both just hate waiting

  • Geotherma

    Switching out parts in the PS4/DS4, price drop incoming to compete even better with MS 🙂 Then bundle Ps Vita for an even better value. E3 awaits.

    • BlackestNight63

      Why would they drop the price right now? The system’s been out for 7 months, and maximizing profits is the main purpose for Sony right now. Dropping price wouldn’t help.

      • Geotherma

        Because they are already profiting off the system alone. If they dropped off $50 and/or added a game to the $399 like Watchdogs or inFamous they would get an even larger leap ahead. You have to remember that in order to sell games they need consoles in gamers hands. So anything to further that 8 Million solds is good. It is best to be proactive rather than reactive, but we will see at E3 if I’m right or wrong or close.

        • BlackestNight63

          You’re making very little sense right now.

          1. You don’t know how much profit they’re making.
          2. Products that are selling well don’t drop in price until sales start to slow down.
          3. They don’t need to based their movements on what MS are doing; MS are trying to follow in PS4s footsteps now.

          I’ll gladly admit that I’m wrong if they happen to do this at E3, but it makes very little sense to me, and I don’t need a business degree to calculate what moves are best for them at this moment.

          • Geotherma

            Actually I do. I have a stream of every gaming website sent directly to my page, which I then read through and sort based on what mentions things I can post to my community. Sony has said they are making profit on “console alone” in those words from over 10 articles.

            2. Xbox one is selling “well” but they dropped price within 6 months through deals and combos, now they drop kinect dropping the price by $100.

            3. Even though they are ahead economically you still try to outpace your competitor. I own my own business and I would do the same if the two companies offered generally the same thing, which at this point they pretty much do, to a point of course.

            More consoles= more game sales, more PS Plus subs, more service subs, more digital sales.

            I could be wrong, but it was just an opinion and a guess based on everything I’ve read and personal knowledge. But yes, we will see at E3.

          • BlackestNight63

            I’m aware of Kaz saying that the hardware is profiting alone, but how much wasn’t disclosed, so dropping $50 still doesn’t make sense to me.

            2. Again, Sony doesn’t need to follow everything that MS is doing; they’re trying to play catch up bc they know that PS4 is outpacing XB1.

            3. Owning your own business is commendable, and I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m saying you’re wrong at this point in time. They need to get every last dollar they can off of the $399 price point until they’re comfortable enough to drop price, and 7 months isn’t good enough to me.

            Either one of us could be wrong, but I like the discussion, and hearing your points.

          • Geotherma

            I agree they do need money (Sony) as a whole and I could be wrong about the drop. But if you factor everything in- PS Plus has grown like crazy which is required for online play now, PS Now will have a subscription probably as well as renting which means more income, and the sooner more PS4’s ship the sooner people start using these services which means profit quicker. So that revenue this early would be great for them, making up for the small change in profit from the console itself.

            A bonus the PS4 has is that it has so many services like games, movies, apps, PS Now. All those come with more income which is great fro Sony all around.

            I see it as an option like I said a small drop or including a game edition at the same price or a PS4/PS Vita for around $499+. Again, I could be wrong but it does seem like a plausible option if you think about the potential revenue from subs, renting, etc.

            My thinking in this was, 8 million sold, 4 million PS Plus subs at $50 yearly, ???$ from PS Now, ???$ from digital sales. Of course the numbers are speculation, but that is how I came to that consensus.

            They have a new SKU for the PS3 as well as the PS4 and the DS4. This could mean they found a cost cutting method.

          • GodGamerDerp

            They’ll bundle a free game at best. No price drop until next year at earliest.

          • Boerewors

            I believe a pricedrop would be a terrific business decision, but not now. The PS4 is still going strong and there is still more demand than what they can produce. But in the next few months we”ll see a little drop in demand as usual, and Sony will have had time to produce some extra stock… And then, right before the holiday season they should give MS the neckshot by cutting $50 of the already cheap price! And I think that’s exactly what they’re planning to do. They have increased manufacturing and already know that bundling extra games or ps+ isn’t the way to go: the lower the base price, the more you’ll sell. This is the new reality where MS and Nintendo really cut theirselves in their fingers, by not offering the cheapest console, but arguably offering the best bang for your buck. A $350 ps4 will sell twice as many as a $400 ps4 bundled with 2 games. The last one is better value, the first is nowadays the better perceived value.

        • megablast16

          But it’s already selling extremely well, they simply don’t need to announce a price cut for at least another year. It’s games that will continue to sell the console in the medium term.

          • Geotherma

            The problem there is those games for the most part aren’t coming out this year… Most the big titles are hitting in 2015-2016. Granted there are lots of great indies ,but in order to get them notices they need even more numbers. Exclusives are definitely what they need first and foremost, but those take a lot of time to push out. Hopefully E3 will give us some hints.

    • stx007

      Nah, no PS4 price drop at E3. No need for it when PS4 is selling so well. But expect Sony to introduce bundles with “added value”.

  • Jason arango

    I already model my ds4, it has X2 thumbs ticks and feels amazing

    • ipot_04

      mine has 3 thumb sticks. 😮

  • Mus1ckFPS

    still waiting for the Wave Blue, & Magma Red Controllers to be released in the US

    • Might be what this is for

    • Ollie H

      Still waiting for more to be shipped anywhere, last I check they were near imposibble to get hold of regardless of where you are living!

  • superkarma

    I would be interested in this…if I wasn’t already getting a SCUF 4PS soon…


  • Gamingboy 321

    I have never had a single issue with my DS4, I love the controller. The rubber hasn’t come out even a bit after 4 months of use. I figured out that if you have highly moisturized hands you will have issues and always try to keep your hands as dry as possible. Coming to battery life I am fine with it but of course I would want more. I love the PS4! Can’t wait till E3 !

  • Jamal

    good news, but the DS4 battery life is horrible.

  • The Real Rick Grimes

    God I hope we get a new DS4 because I have been killing my controller in one play session lately! Whatever happened to the different color DS4’s?

    • ipot_04

      you mean the red and blue ones?
      both of those are already available in Asia, at least.

  • Temjin001

    Thank goodness. The DS4’s battery just blows big time.

  • MTM2

    The only complaint I have with the Dualshock 4 is the battery, it’s not Wii U-gamepad bad, but only getting around 10 hours from a full charge is a bit irritating.

    Luckily I just plug it into my laptop I always have nearby when the battery is low so I can keep playing, but stretching the battery life to 20+ hours would be great, Dualshock 3 levels would be fantastic.

    • Batnut1992

      There is the new power battery pack Gamestop is selling.

    • Stranger On The Road

      in my case I just plug it into my phone’s charger when it complains of low battery. This is why I love standard USB chargers, they work with any USB port or charger 🙂

    • Caleb E. Rees

      10 hours from a full charge? That’s a lie, the Dualshock 4 lasts me 5 hours max while gaming. Not idle, gaming.

      • MTM2

        “That’s a lie”

        Not really, it’s my experience – 10 hours per charge.

  • CervantesPR

    they should put different rubber on on the controllers,dont get me wrong the rubber is great but it peels off over time, battery life and the rubber on the thumbsticks is whats stopping this controller from being perfect.

    • Kamille

      ^ this is something that the sony fanboys will never admit though. lol

      • CervantesPR

        good thing im not a sony fanboy, im just a sony fan,the rubber on my controller has peeled off a bit but its far from being torn off, but i understand its more severe for others, so sony should defenetly change it and improve battery life, once they fix those issues,the dualshock 4 is aromatically the best controller ever made.

      • Delsin Rowe

        Why so butthurt?

  • Anthony Tyson

    Battery NEEDS to be increased. so tired of charging this damn controller

  • DAS692

    I bought these.
    Gel Tabz. They have worked very nicely for me. I don’t play roughly but the people that I let play my PS4 do.

  • The reduction from 3.7 to 3.65V indicates that the mAh for the battery has increased from the current 800mAh to either 1000mAh or 2000mAh.
    That’s usually the voltage those batteries charge at best for prolonged used over time and I can tell you, as I have said battery (the 2000mAh), that is the voltage it needs.

  • Guest

    in the image of the ps4/vita ultimate gamer bundle it looks as if the controller is longer near at the handles! I said this a couple days ago but figured I remention it again.. idk if its a definitive thing but it is a slight change

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’ll notice that the whole image is stretched. The Vita isn’t that tall 😀

  • PhantomVash808

    Just release the red and blue DS4 in the West already Sony.

  • RjK311jR

    I already stated this before but if you look at the ps4/vita bundle package the dualshock 4 controller has longer grips or handles… check it out below…Is that the new controller whatcha think.. my controller doesnt look like that

  • Nihelus Aurenis

    I really hope the battery life is longer. Compared to the PS3 controllers, the battery life is incredibly short. If I use my PS3 controller to watch Netflix the battery lasts an extremely long time. If I use my PS4 controller to watch Netflix the thing dies almost as fast as it does if I were instead playing video games…

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  • Aaron

    I cant find the post date, dont you hate that!!